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June 30, 2005

Like a goddess rising from the waves. : Playing like the old days and then some, Venus Williams drops Maria Sharapova like a bad habit in the Wimbledon semifinals, 7-6 (7-2), 6-1.

That'll shut 'em up.

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Smith and Carlos' 1968 protest will be immortalized in statue: "The real legacy of Tommie Smith and John Carlos in this statue is that they provided a point of focus to pose their enduring questions to a free society. What is the role of protest and patriotism in challenging times? To have this statue on a college campus, it's so appropriate. These questions will be debated as long as America is a free society."

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What the Foulke?: "(The fans) aren't going to make it any harder for me to look in the mirror,'' Foulke said, "or more embarrassing for me to walk into this clubhouse and look into the faces of my teammates, then I am to walk out and see Johnny from Burger King booing me."

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June 29, 2005

The Gambler goes all in.: Kenny Rogers loses his shit and attacks two TV cameramen, shoving one camera to the ground and kicking it, while cursing at and threatening other cameramen. This comes a day after Kenny refused to start claiming he had a broken bone in one hand after punching a water cooler, causing a lot of ciriticism from the local media due to the fact that this was a major game against the AL West leading Anaheim Angels. (there's the option to watch a video of the aftermath in the first link after sitting through a Crest commercial!?).

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Clueless Lakers: First the Lakers trade Shaquille O'Neal, the best player in the NBA, and get rid of the 2nd best coach of all-time, Phil Jackson. Now they bring Phil back, and say they're going the right way. Then comes the NBA Draft, and with the 10th pick, they draft a high schooler with Sean May, Rashad McCants, Hakim Warrick etc. available.

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College Hockey goalie Jordan Sigalet has been nominated for an ESPY as "Best Comeback Athlete" for 2004-05.: Why? He's been diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis, and still went on to become Bowling Green's all-time leader in SV%, as well posting the second-best ever GAA. New England Hockey Journal has a nice little article on him here.

I wish the best for the guy, and it would make a great story if he ever made it to the NHL. How many athletes have managed to make it to the pros while battling a degenerative disease like this?

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The Confederations Cup is over: for a rather meaningless cup, there was some fantastic football in both the final (Brazil v. Argentina) and the third place game (Germany v. Mexico). If you haven't seen either game yet, the third place game is on Fox Soccer Channel at 8pm et, and the final is on at 11pm et. (More inside - I don't want to spoil it for anyone.)

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There they go again!: House panel approves steroids testing bill for professional sports leagues and creation of national boxing commission.

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Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ... Robert Kraft's on the phone: During a recent meeting between American business leaders and Russian president Vladmir Putin, Putin pocketed Kraft's 2005 Super Bowl ring. Did Kraft mean for Putin to have it? Did Putin think it was a gift? And how does ask a president for a ring back? Bling bling inside.

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"He's lightened up. : He was able to say, after the Hewitt match, 'he's a better player than I am,' which is progress for the man but fatal for the competitor; in life, in everything but sports, it's best to know your limits." Nice piece by S.L. Price on the winding down of a career.

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"You must let the young elephants into the tent." : George Steinbrenner names son-in-law Steve Swindal as his successor, but refrains from naming a date when he'll pack it in.

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June 28, 2005

The Ballad of Wendell Scott:: On December 1, 1963, Wendell Scott, a taxi driver and part-time bootleg liquor runner from the backwoods of Virginia, won his only NASCAR race. Unfortunately, it took two months of back-and-forth before NASCAR actually recognized his achievement, because Wendell Scott was an African-American, the first to ever compete in a Grand National race, let alone win one.

He raced on the Grand National circuit for years, starting 495 races, finishing in the top ten 147 times, often working at significant financial disadvantage to the rest of the field. He was elected to the International Motorsports Hall Of Fame in 1999. (Admittedly, I first heard his name from a Mojo Nixon song.)

Since then, Randy Bethea, Willy T. Ribbs and Bill Lester have built NASCAR careers, and many others have found in Mr. Scott a real hero who succeded despite an often huge disadvantage in funding and support, and perhaps a bigger gap in ignorance, which is only now beginning to fade.

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2005 NBA DRAFT.: Follow along as your favorite NBA team makes rash decisions, and pins its hopes to someone you've never heard of before.

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Remember Kyle Denney, the Cleveland pitcher who was saved from a career-ending bullet wound to the leg when a cheerleading go-go boot saved him? Last night while pitching for the AAA Buffalo Bisons, he was struck just above his right ear by a line-drive, suffering "a ruptured ear drum and a cerebral contusion, which is more severe than a concussion. The contusion was caused by the brain jarring against the skull" (emphasis mine). I can't figure out if he's super lucky or extremely cursed.

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The Problem of Manu's Skin.: David Stern is doing his best to "globalize" the game. But some players aren't too happy about it.
via kottke

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A preview of Beer League, : a half-hour comedy about a men's rec hockey team. The creator would like you to sign a petition so they can get this thing on the air. Check it out. From what I know, online petitions always work.

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June 27, 2005

Minor League Baseball: Home of the No-Look Pass: "Today we had our drug test, but was it supervised? No . . . " said Lowell manager Luis Alicea, whose club underwent the same test on two occasions last season. "It was no different than last year except last year we had a guy there looking. This year there was nobody looking."

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Paid sports propagandist.: Tony Blair's former spin-meister Alistair Campbell -- the man who "sexes up" dodgy dossiers, is now on the payroll of the British Lions rugby team, where it appears he's getting rewarded handsomely for his expertise. On Saturday, in the biggest rugby game since the last World Cup, the New Zealand All Blacks humiliated the Lions in the First Test 21-3, so Alistair goes into full swing deflecting criticism of coach Clive Woodward and re-directing it with multiple midnight press conferences accusing the All Blacks of being thugs. British fans are becoming unglued, but ex-Lions aren't buying it.

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Arturo Gatti drops his gloves.: Appealing to the referee, Arturo Gatti makes an amateur mistake, gifts Floyd Mayweather a free shot and pays for it. "I guess you have to protect yourself at all times. I learned that lesson the hard way."

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Message to Major League Baseball owners:: Don't sell the Nationals to George Soros. If you do, the Republican Congress cannot be held responsible for any revenge legislation which may occur. Free enterprise, my ass.

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Message to high school football players:: Don't tackle anybody too hard this fall. If you do, make sure your team doesn't win. Otherwise, you might be deemed a criminal.

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Texas Takes it All: The Texas Longhorns came to Omaha unranked and Took it home to Austin

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Even More Empty Seats in Tampa: The Devil Rays have added a furniture showroom in Tropicana Field. Ottomans cost $599, area rugs $199, and Owner Vince Naimoli will throw in the last shred of dignity belonging to Manager Lou Piniella and everyone else associated with the franchise at no extra cost.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Two: Also results from Week One. Rouges inside.

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Sleeping through the 2005 NBA Draft: Sportsfilter member lilnemo guesses the 2005 NBA Draft's Lottery Picks.

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June 26, 2005

Three and done. : Serena Williams took another big step in her campagn to establish herself as Queen of the Unforced Error, exiting Wimbledon in the third round by losing to 85th-ranked Jill Craybas, 6-3, 7-6 (7-4).

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15-year-old has chance to win U.S. Women's Open.: Going into the final round today, Michelle Wie is in second place, two strokes behind the leader. And four strokes ahead of undisputed women's champ Anika Sorenstam. Actually makes me consider watching golf. Maybe. Think she can pull it off?

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June 25, 2005

You always hurt the one you love: Check out a quickie list of strange sports injuries (it's from FOX Sports, so don't expect much), and then chime in with your weirdest injury of all-time, sports-related or not.

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June 24, 2005

Sleeping through the 2005 NBA Draft: lilnemo guesses the 2005 NBA Draft's Lottery Picks

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NCAA closes door on Baylor men's basketball fiasco: With this finally behind them (to the extent you can say it is behind them), maybe they will be able to focus on the good things with Baylor athletics (women's basketball as national champions, men's baseball making CWS final four).

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EPL 2005-06 fixtures posted.: Not like August 13 is going to get here any sooner, but hey ... Newly promoted teams all start with home matches: play-off winners Wigan kick off against defending champions Chelsea; West Ham host Blackburn; and Championship winners Sunderland play Charlton.

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Life as a Big League Mascot: Interesting interview with the MN Twins' TC Bear. Is he an off spring of the Hamm's Beer Bear?

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June 23, 2005

Hello, Larry: The San Antonio Spurs win their third basket in seven years, defeating the Detroit Pistons, 81-74, in a classic game 7.

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Murderball: is a new documentary about Quad Rugby, a brutal sport played in wheelchairs on a regulation basketball court. It's gotten rave reviews from many different critics, and today on Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviewed director Dana Adam Shapiro and Murderball bigshot Mark Zupan. The NPR link also has the trailer to the movie and a video clip of Zupan in action.

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Shot Put Tragedy: An elderly track official was fatally wounded by a shot during practice for national track and field championships this weekend in Southern California Wednesday night.

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How to Throw a No-Hitter on Acid: And other lessons from the career of baseball legend Dock Ellis. [Brazenly pilfered from MetaFilter.]

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Allan Houston. CBA casualty?: Apparently there is a clause in the new NBA CBA which allows a team to cut one player from its roster without paying the luxury tax for that players salary, ever. Unless Houston retires, in which case he doesn't count against the cap and the Knicks are free to cut someone else without incurring the luxury tax. Funny this turns up amongst rumors of a Q. Richardson/ Kurt Thomas trade.
forgive me, 2nd link is a Lupica column.

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A petition I just can't sign.:
As a Blue Jay fan, I'm tempted to start a petition to ignore this petition.

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Dallas Maverick's center Shawn Bradley to retire after 12 years in the game.:
7' 6" Dallas Mavericks center Shawn Bradley will call it quits after 12 years. Many in the game may question this long-fabled warrior's decision to bow out of the game, on the precipice of immortality. Bradley retires just 31,635 points shy of Jabbar's scoring record, and a mere 18,656 rebounds shy of Chamberlain's long-standing record.

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Scientific Football 2005.: Sports Illustrated's Dr. Z introduces the world to The Football Scientist, KC Joyner. How long before this guy is an assitant GM with the Raiders?

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Dodgers on road to nowhere: See, I told you guys. The Los Angeles Angels are the best Los Angeles team to play in Los Angeles.

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Is That Your Intangibles, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?: The home plate embrace has never looked more intimate than this shot of Gary Sheffield and Derek Jeter.

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June 22, 2005

s/Fantasy/Reality/: Two innings of minor league game to be played by fans on Xbox. "Everybody in the world is going to want to do this after us" [via via]

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Vegetables as foreign substances.: The South Korean baseball league has banned Park Myung-Hwan from wearing frozen cabbage leaves under his hat, a tactic once used by Babe Ruth, among other olde-tyme players, to beat the heat.

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Porter gets his walking papers.: Despite overachieving with a mediocre squad, and having the #1 pick in the draft in hand, the Bucks have fired Terry Porter with 1 year left on his contract.

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4 teams left in the CWS.: Is Texas going to take another?

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No chance for Armstrong:: Richard Williams argues that the game is probably up for Lance Armstrong and that he is about to embark upon a tour too many. He may or may not have a point, but his query as to whether Armsrong will battle on behalf of his team if he struggles, or hot foot it to Texas is interesting; he reckons a true patron would always help a better placed team mate out and I agree. Viva Basso! No British riders! Would we notice if there had been any? I doubt it.

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Erstad Gets Dirty...: Darin Erstad, the Angel’s first baseman and only MLB player to ever win a gold glove in both the outfield and at first base, plays the game like it should be played, with passion. If Johnny Estrada wants to play in the "bigs", he should expect to get knocked on his ass whenever he blocks the plate. Unlike most other first basemen who usually chit chat with the opposing team’s players who land on their base, Erstad rarely if ever talks to other team players. I know about the boys needing to have their fun and all of that, but with today’s inflated ticket prices needed to support the player’s high salaries, I’d like to see more intensity and passion for the game like Erstad shows.

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Martina Navratilova is hating on Maria Sharapova: Of course, Martina also picked Justine Henin-Hardenne (One and Done) as the favorite to win.

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Desperation 1, Expiration 0.: The Pistons beat the Spurs to force Game 7.

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Who's up for some football (picks)?: It's been a long spring without hockey playoff picks, and for some reason we forgot to do anything semi-organized with the NBA playoff picks (Suns over Heat in 4!). So I figured that despite my ability to name only four players on the Argos' roster, I'd start the summer off right by offering up a chance to make your picks for the CFL's opening week.

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One and done. : Less than three weeks after winning the French Open, Henin-Hardenne exits Wimbledon in the first round.

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Gagne Done For Season: What was hoping wouldn't happen just became a reality as Eric Gagne will undergo Tommy John surgery; which will take him out for th rest of he season. Gagne didn't play much this season, and it's a shame. Expect him to come back next season and be better than last season.

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June 21, 2005

When the going gets rough, the parents just teach their kids to quit.: In Columbus, Ohio, competition is dead and a bunch of pansies has hijacked the National Pasttime. Remember, when faced by superior talent, just quit. Better yet, get them disqualified for being better than you!

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Pistons know how to climb out of holes.: A quick review of the Piston's chances in game 6 and in the series over-all. They could still Win.

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Espn is reporting that NBA labor agreement is close.: The agreement would include an age limit of 19 among other items.

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June 20, 2005

Bangladesh beat world champions: and the Australian cricket team are more than a little embarrassed. Described as the greatest upset in the sport's history. Sheer joy for a nation of 140 million that have been waiting a while for this.

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Hatin' on Tiger: I don't know that another one of Cold Pizza's finest could have lamented the fact that Michael Campbell won yesterday's US Open (and Tiger Woods did not) any better than Skip Bayless does here.

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Horry's big shot wins Game 5: "Robert Horry hit a 3-pointer with 5.8 seconds left in overtime to give the Spurs a 96-95 victory over the Detroit Pistons in Game 5 of the NBA Finals."

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June 19, 2005

USGP SNAFU: Michael Schumacher earned his fourth United States Grand Prix victory, leading 51 of 73 laps in his Ferrari on June 19 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The victory came in a six-car starting field after seven of the 10 Formula One teams – representing 14 cars – elected not to race after Michelin, the tire supplier for the seven teams, advised against using its tire due to safety concerns.

Wow, I bet that was exciting.


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Takanohana vs. Wakanohana: This Time It's Personal: Legendary sumo yokozuna Takanohana and Wakanohana are feuding publicly over who got to be "chief mourner" at the recent funeral of their father, yokozuna Futagoyama. "They have quarrelled over his corpse, at his funeral and in interviews," according to another report. For those unfamiliar with the strange, timeless. fascinating sport of sumo, this is like Peyton Manning cold-cocking Eli at a memorial to pry Archie Manning's Pro Bowl rings from his cold dead fingers. The brothers fought each other only once, a 1995 playoff in which Wakanohana beat the shitatenage out of him.

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June 18, 2005

Robert Horry... Fraud?: Slate's Felix Gillette asks whether Robert Horry is the NBA's best clutch shooter or its best con man?

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Too urban?: "........ everyone is agreed that US soccer is - to use Greg Dyke's phrase - hideously white". Just thought I'd mention it!

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June 17, 2005

You're Out!: tracks gay & lesbian community days at MLB ballparks. [via MonkeyFilter]

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June 16, 2005

Playing While White: Steve Nash's MVP selection reaffirms that race has everything to do with sports at every juncture, not just when a white guy wins an award.

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Carl Everett opens his pie hole for Maxim: About homosexuals, Everett said "Gays being gay is wrong. Two women can't produce a baby, two men can't produce a baby, so it's not how it's supposed to be. ... I don't believe in gay marriages. I don't believe in being gay." For the record, he doesn't believe in dinosaurs either.

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this guy's teammates suck: I'm referring the attackmen who gets ZERO love from the other 9 players in his color on the field. The other team displays the...proper love for their goalie. [via]

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Guillen Talks Trash: Jose Guillen called Mike Scioscia a "piece of garbage"! How arrogant can he be? If any of us out here would have treated our bosses like Guillen treated Scioscia, we would have been summarily fired not just suspended.

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Find This Tosser: British bobbies are looking for an arsehole who tossed a lit flare onto the pitch at a Man U football match on 12 March. (American translation: Police seek asshat who threw flare onto field of soccer game March 12.)

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June 15, 2005

Sentence handed down in Cavagnoud death. : After three and a half years and a fair amount of finger-pointing, a French team coach and a course official were fined and given three-month suspended sentences by a French court for their roles in the the death of Regine Cavagnoud, a member of the French ski team. Cavagnoud died in 2001 following an accident during a preseason downhill training run in which she collided with German coach Markus Anwander. At the time of her death, Cavagnoud was the most successful and most promising racer on the French women's team.

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Who's qualified for World Cup 2006?: Asia has got 4 in (they're allocated 4.5 - intercontinental playoffs are involved) already: Japan (the first one in), Iran, Korea and Saudi Arabia. Europe has 1 (they're allocated 14 spots): Germany, hosts, auto-qualified. South America also has 1 (allocation 4.5): Argentina. Brazil, current champions, have to play their way in, auto-qualification for champions having been removed after 2002. Africa (5), CONCACAF (3.5 - Go USA!) and Oceania (0.5) have no qualifiers yet.

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Elvis Costello is a Liverpool fan.: Costello describes how he delayed a recent concert so he could watch Liverpool's Champions League final triumph. I tried my best to keep my eyes from the TV screen over the bar at the back of the room but the words "Oh s***, he’s missed" might have accidentally crept into the lyrics of Good Year for the Roses. I've never been a Costello fan, but I might be now.

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Boom -- Madden Joins NBC: John Madden is reported to be announcing that he is Joining NBC in 2006 to do Sunday Night Football. News Conference scheduled foR this afternoon.

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Bonnarooed - : hallucinogen- induced "I am God" syndrome strikes again.

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Two fiery managers,: a pitcher with pine tar, and a volatile player returning to his old team's stadium to deliver the shot that leads his new team to victory.

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Detroit Rebounds: The key factor in the newly competitive NBA Finals may not be Manu y La Mancha but the hair of Ben Wallace, who unleashed the best 'fro in sports and a 15-point, 11-board performance in a 96-79 victory for the Detroit Pistons over the San Antonio Spurs. "Makes me feel lighter on my feet," explained el jugador de pelo gigante.

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June 14, 2005

Episode II: Return of the Zen Master: Phil Jackson returns to the Lakers. An official announcement is expected at 2 pm PST.

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England women receiving manly kudos: "Women's football is as red-blooded and passionate as the men's game. It's physical, it's aggressive. The players are very skilful at the top levels and their commitment to the cause is 100% just as it is in the men's game. They don't worry about getting muddy, chipping nail varnish or sweating buckets for the cause." It's beyond comprehension to me that there are still men in this world who can't enjoy women playing a "man" game. John Nic is the best; I'm hoping the editor on this article was just stoned, explaining the typos.

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Ashes to Ashes: - "To be precise, it was a Twenty20 international, the first played in this country [England], and England beat Australia . . . hang on, let’s have that again, only slowly. England . . . beat . . . Australia . . . by . . . 100 . . . runs."

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June 13, 2005

It's in the Game: Two days before he won the Pocono 500, NASCAR rookie Carl Edwards had never seen one of the Nextel Cup's most difficult tracks -- driving it only in a videogame. "It's a NASCAR game that you can buy on the shelf,'' he said.

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Sean Casey, Conan O'Brien and a priest walk into a bar . . . : how a meeting during his Cape League days led to Sean Casey working with LabelsAreForJars in the fight against hunger.

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Ginobili Metio 27 Puntos y Los Spurs Aplastaron a Los Pistons: In Game 2 of the Needs-a-Better-Name Finals, the San Antonio Spurs edged the Detroit Pistons 97-76 on a dramatic last-second 22-point shot by Manu Ginobli, un candidato firme a ser el jugador mas valioso. "It's the good old boys versus the bad boys," Rasheed Wallace told AP, and the badness of the Pistons was evident all night long.

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June 12, 2005

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: On his last game, Ryan Belflower, an 18-year-old developmentally disabled student who eats, sleeps, and breathes school basketball, gets his shot. "Suddenly, he had it unguarded out beyond the 3-point line. As he launched the shot, everyone in the gym froze. On the sideline, his teammates rose as one."

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More Than He Could Chew: Declaring that he doesn't want to "embarrass the sport," Mike Tyson retired after his seventh-round TKO against Irish boxer Kevin McBride. Tyson's parting gift: $5 million dollars, all but $250,000 going to bankruptcy creditors.

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June 11, 2005

Mitch Albom is a terrible writer.: Documenting the ways Mr. Albom stinks, by Morrie Schwarzenegger.

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U.S. under-20's beat four time Youth World Champion Argentina 1-0: This was a great game for the U.S. Freddy Adu, Chad Barrett, Jonathon Spector, Quenti Westberg and Marvell Wynne...a player I've never seen...had terrific games. Wynne is a brilliant player and if you haven't seen this kid, have a look soon. He's 19 and in school at UCLA. Next up for the Americans: Germany.

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SF Canaries host Pat O'Brien Bobblehead givaway 6/11/05.: This Independant Northern league team is hosting special promotion to honor native son, O'brien. Obviously this was scheduled prior to his troubles of late. O'Brien is scheduled to be on hand at the event and will honor all requests for autographs. Another famous Talking head from South Dakota, Mary Hart, had a simalar promotion one week ago. Reports have it that O'Brien is looking forward to showing people that he is recovered from his little set-back. Hopefully this goes better then the Dr. Phil interview.

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June 10, 2005

Pistons Step in Pile of Manu: The Spurs beat the Pistons 84-69 in the opening game of the needs-a-better-name NBA Finals. The real winner of the graceless defensive struggle may have been the CSI repeat on CBS. The Spurs need three more wins to get their hands on Larry's Basket.

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They're in : After much talk and UEFA apparently disagreeing with itself, Liverpool have been granted a special exemption to play in next year's Champions League.

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June 09, 2005

Rockies rookie shortstop clarifies how he was injured: Clint Barnes, at first, said he tripped with a bag of groceries while going up a flight of stairs. Now he says that he was carrying a gift package of deer meat he recieved after an afternoon of riding 4-wheelers.

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Facing The Blonde Unit: ESPN columnist Gene Wojciechowski tries what Albert Pujols, Mike Piazza and Mike Cameron have sworn to never attempt again: stepping up to the plate to face Jennie Finch.

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IOC Gives NYC Chance to Modify Games Plan : But this deadline, they really really mean! Looks like another opportunity to shove the stadium plan down the city's collective throat. Maybe the USOC should have picked one of the other seven candidates, instead of the sentimental choice back in 2002.

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Almost Danish: "You go to your local gym to play basketball. Some enormous foreigners arrive. They play very well. So do you. They tell you they are professional basketball players from Denmark, and that you should fly to Copenhagen for a tryout."

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Hope Springs eternal.: A major hurdle was overcome as the NHL owners and NHLPA agree to a per-team salary cap...something I was calling, crying, nay SCREAMING for a year or better ago...

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Ice Cold in Wimbledon: - "They called him the ice man, but there was so much more to Björn Borg than cool detachment and a wispy beard. Twenty-five years after the Swede's last and greatest Wimbledon triumph, award-winning novelist Tim Pears offers a remarkable portrait of the rebellious teenager who became an accidental Nordic mystic - and an all-time great."

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June 08, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.: Is he worth $30M a year?

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Earlier 49er training tape found: Channel 4 gets an exclusive copy oof earlier niners training field. Once again Mr. Reynelds is in the spot light.

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Panama could be key for U.S. entry: plus the U-20 start the W.Y.C. on saturday.

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Japan first in to 2006 World Cup.: Japan beat N. Korea 2-0 today to grab the first place in next year's World Cup (along with hosts Germany who get an automatic spot). Kim Jong-Il was not amused and cut off rations to another village. Meanwhile, the US can pretty much lock up a World Cup berth with a victory against Panama tonight (830p EST/530p PST). Who else will qualify today?

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And you thought Oakland's line-up sucked this year: FOX Sports puts together the all-time worst offensive nine in baseball history, using one year from each player's career. Hello, Brooks Robinson and Wee Willie Keeler!

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June 07, 2005

Soccer legend Pele admits: that his 35 year old son Edihno was one of roughly 50 people recently arrested in Sao Paulo under suspicion of ties with a cocaine trafficking gang. The Hindustan Times also reports that this particular gang is suspected of involvement with the kidnapping of the mother of Brazilian superstar Robhino. As a followup to the thread, Robhino's mother was freed late in December after a ransom of some $200,000 was paid.

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Where'd all the home runs go?: If anyone out there has seen a hundred home runs wandering around looking kind of lost, call the FBI. They're missing.

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Australians find inspiration in France : The Ashes is arguably the biggest sporting event of the summer for England and Australia. There is so much history between the two countries and the biannual competition means so much to cricket fans in both countries. There's a lot riding on it for both teams, the Australians are aging but still awesome whilst the English have beaten all comers recently but haven't yet been tested by the best. This article shows an interesting way for the Australian cricket team to prepare for the contest and very different to anything you might see in the shallow world of football. If you've never watched cricket before, the Ashes is an excellent starting point.

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Whos it gunna be?: A repeat for Mo-town?A third time for S.A.?

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Paris appears to have taken the lead: in the bid for the 2012 Olympics. The IOC recently took tours of the five finalist cities and released their evaluation report, a nice summary of which can be found in today's Telegraph. With the proposed stadium in Manhattan failing to clear it's final poliitical hurdle for the fourth time, many now contend that this is just a two horse race.

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Wife: A-Rod wasn't mentally ready for NYC: Alex Rodriguez's wife says her husband was so uncomfortable when he first joined the New York Yankees last year that at times she barely recognized him.

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The Big Dilema.: Heat fans. Would you do it? Two years at $30 million? Lakers fans. Which superstar would you rather have now?

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June 06, 2005

"I'm an athlete, I can walk up the stairs": or so thought rookie sensation Clint Barmes. He's out for 3 months, with a broken clavicle. No word about the state of his groceries.

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Craig Biggio - Beanball king.: As he closes in on the all time record for HBP he offers some insight - "I think the best place to get hit is with a curveball at about sixty-two miles an hour, probably right in the butt".

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Proof that pitch counts don't matter.: Or maybe just proof that there is at least one cyborg playing baseball.

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June 05, 2005

Rafael Nadal the new tennis king?: Nineteen-year-old Spaniard Rafael Nadal won the French Open today, on his first try. He beat No. 1 Federer in the semis. He's on a 24-win streak, which includes four championships. He also plays left-handed even though he's a natural right-hander. And, btw, nice green sleeveless shirt and knee-length pipe shorts (from Nike). I might actually start paying attention to tennis again (just to see what he wears at Wimbledon).

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June 04, 2005

Lets get it going.USA back to the qualies.: Will the'Ticos stay floating in Salt Lake?

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Sports Legends in the Wrong Uniforms: Willy Mays on the Mets, Joe Namath on the Rams, and more.

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One more and he's done: Lance Armstrong is competing in only one more race after tomorrow's start of the Dauphiné Libéré: the 2005 Tour de France. The Dauphiné is a one week race through the French Alps that includes several difficult climbing stages, including the infamous Mont Ventoux.

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Confederations Cup starts June 18.: Given the summer break in the pro leagues, thought I'd point to something to tide us over, at least for the last two weeks in June. The champions of the various FIFA continental tournaments will head to Germany this month for a mini-tournament, a championship of champions if you will, and a warm-up for the 2006 World Cup. Fans in the US will be able to watch the matches live (mostly) and free (if you have cable), thanks to Univision.

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Larry Brown is no Dean Smith: After winning that NBA title a season ago, Brown had a chance to reshape his legacy for the history books. He had a chance to end his career with far more dignity and grace than he had conducted it. But Brown showed once again that he's the most selfish and disingenuous coach the profession has ever spawned.

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June 03, 2005

NCAA restores Georgia scholarships: As part of rules violation sanctions, NCAA had stripped Georgia basketball of three scholarships. It now has restored those scholarships. However, the question I have is why is stripping scholarships even considered as part of a sanction. These are supposed to be student-athletes, some of whom may need scholarships just to attend. Why not make the university award additional non-athletic scholarships instead?

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When women's soccer was better than men's.: Read how women workers in a 1920s English guns'n'ammo factory (and from elsewhere) played soccer, drew large crowds, beat men's teams, raised money for charities, then got "shut down" by the (men's) FA.

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June 02, 2005

England 2, The Colonies 1: Decked in his 1950 commemorative U.S.A. jersey, SportsFilter member Texan_lost_in_NY attended the friendly between the U.S. and England held in Chicago. Things got a bit unfriendly with the favorite chants of the official U.S. supporters group, which included the cringe-inducing "it's called saw-ker!"

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Shane Hmiel has been suspended: from NASCAR's Busch series, again, for violating the sanctioning body's substance abuse policy. No word on whether Dale Jarrett was the one that turned him in.

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U.S.A. vs. England in Chicago: A True American Experience

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George Mikan dies at age 80: The first dominant big man in the history of the NBA has died. As the leader of the first dynasty in league history, he forced the rules to be modified, so teams would stand a chance against him and his Minneapolis Lakers, and it still just barely worked. R.I.P.

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Baseball Books That Will Never Be Written:
A very funny list of fake book titles, although some of them are references to obscure jokes. Example: "I Gave Larry Bowa Whiplash" by Eric Milton.

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The Rocket to the Rangers?: It might put the Rangers over the top, but that sure is a high price to pay for half a season with the likelihood that he would not come back next year. Live for today and ignore the future?

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June 01, 2005

Jessica Simpson's husband gives his 2 cents?: Do celebrities always submit articles on how they feel about their beloved teams? Dont get me wrong, we love seeing Nick wear UC, Bengals, and Reds jerseys on TV all the time, but getting an editorial printed in the sports page may be a bit much.

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The closer is not always automatic: the Twins are thankful to have Joe Nathan!

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We all knew the 2004 49ers were a joke,: but I bet you didn't know they were a truly tasteless joke.™ Public relations director Kirk Reynolds reminds players "what you do is not only a reflection of yourself. It's a reflection of the San Francisco 49ers."

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Behind the scenes with one of baseball's official scorers.: A nice article about the trials and tribulations of being and official scorer during a baseball game... Especially for a team that has never had a no-hitter thrown by one of their own pitchers.

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Hit the Road Jack?: Jack Nicklaus shows his softer side. Is now the right time to bow out? Or should he play on? Champions Tour anyone?

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Rudy a hero, again?: He sanitized NYC, and some people didn't like him too much for that. Then he was the face of bravery and poise for a city, and maybe even a nation, that needed it. Now he might save N.A. pro hockey. I know nothing beyond what the article provides, but count me as optimistically curious based on one fact: the man knows how to come out on top at a time of crisis.

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