June 22, 2005

4 teams left in the CWS.: Is Texas going to take another?

posted by HOE.O.K. to baseball at 04:28 PM - 9 comments

ASU just beat Florida in game 11.Texas and Baylor rematch in an hour and a half.Great action lastnight for the CWS,two of the best games i have ever seen,pro or ncaa.

posted by HOE.O.K. at 04:31 PM on June 22, 2005

For Texas (ugh... being a Sooner boy myself) it pains me to say it doesn't count until the CWS anyway. Look at the Baylor game hadn't beat them all year until they had too! It hurts but they are likely gonna win it.

posted by Rob at 05:15 PM on June 22, 2005

Saw the last 5 or 6 innings of ASU-Nebraska. That was amazing. I'm glad Tulane got knocked out since they beat Oregon State on a bum play (runner's interference in the middle of a double play was missed). Is it awful I was rooting for Oregon State simply because the Sox #1 draft pick plays centerfield? I suppose I should have been rooting against them so he could sign.

posted by yerfatma at 05:40 PM on June 22, 2005

Come on now, Rob...you always have football season to take us...oh wait...you'll probably get horned this fall too. Just kidding...it wouldn't be a great rivalry without OU. I think Texas will win it again this year...not that I'm biased or anything...

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 06:46 PM on June 22, 2005

It'd be nice to see Baylor take it so that I'd have yet *another* way to try to quiet those that maintain they don't belong in the Big XII, but I know, it's a football conference. I'll admit, though, that it took the Bears' current run to get me to watch anything but the championship game in the CWS. Sic 'em...

posted by Ufez Jones at 07:30 PM on June 22, 2005

Go Horns!!!

posted by Rage Rod 74 at 07:50 PM on June 22, 2005

Hook'em!!!.....rob dont worry man those last 5 years your sooners have been killing my horns on the grid iron.

posted by HOE.O.K. at 09:16 AM on June 23, 2005

Baylor definitely belongs in the big XII.I am personally a Horns fan,but after Baylor won the ncaa womens b-ball tourney,and their base ball team making the CWS,Plus a few upsets last football season,it really seems like they belong.They only have room to get better on the football feild.

posted by HOE.O.K. at 09:21 AM on June 23, 2005

make that 3,and soon to be 2 at around 9:00 pm central on espn or espn2.

posted by HOE.O.K. at 09:27 AM on June 23, 2005

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