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Michelle Wie to turn pro at 15

WAIT! What about HS and college? Oh that right she can now pay everyone around her to read and write and make legal decision and all she needed to be able to do is add up a scorecard from the golf course. Damn! I wish I had paid more attention to my golf coach and not my Math teacher now!!!!! what a country and they wonder why these kids blow-up in the end!

posted by Rob at 09:05 PM on September 21, 2005

Skip Bayless denounces Stoops's punishment of Peterson

Skip Bayless is a hypocrit! Here he points out that Barry Switzer handle a team incorrectly and says it was a mistake to play player who brought down the name of the University's Atheletic Porgram. Now he think Bob Stoop's should do the same. Skip Consider this. Adrian Peterson has a tender shoulder that could affect the future of his NFL career. Bob see's this problem and says, "Adrian you might need a education too." So he disicplines him to go to class. Is Bob WRONG? NO! To say he is interferring with the offensive where he doesn't belong in doing this because Chuck Long is the Offensive Coach and play caller is stupid. Chuck has the job at Bob's liesure, he is his BOSS! He, in fact, IS Long's boss. So is he interferring? I applaud Bob. Kejuan Jones is not a incapible back..... Peterson get thru the hole the linemen make for him and so can Kejuan. He insult Kejuan saying you are not good enough to play? NO! As for Bomar, Bob understands one thing. This was not something that 99% of all the other students are doing drinking underage. This isn't a school issue. Dusty Devorchak was suspend for one YEAR! His problem was not a normal problem. Bob said get help and behave an you can come back. Again the right approach! Skip you fail to see a difference because you a Oklahoma fan. I am too! He points out he was born and lived in Oklahoma City. Well Skip I was raised in Norman! You can honestly say that because you are raised in Oklahoma City that well you like football and have business in Norman. Sorry Skip! You are a fan I was a resident. Shut up! You go bitch about Oklahoma City problems not football problem. Leave it to people who live in Norman to bitch about our city problems and for that much OUR University which I attended. You went to Vanderbilt. Obviously you don't see the nose in frount of your face if all you think about is football. Bob see the more important aspect of college to and that is education. It makes you a hypocritic to critize Switzer for doing what happened then and now say Bob Stoops should ignore the same thing. We don't need writers like him in the world. Hey Skip can you say. "I want fries with that." That is about where you intelligence lies whether you went to school at Vanderbilt or not you didn't learn a damn thing about education!

posted by Rob at 10:40 AM on September 16, 2005

Another KC Chief behind bars

I disagree completely with daddisamm the NFL has a specific policy related to use of "pot" ask Ricky William, he can attest to that. Does the court see a difference in domestic violence? They are starting to finally! They may let them walk on "pot" use in the court but less and less does domestic violence go un-notice and that's the way it should be! There also are laws enforced on DUI or DWI depending what you state calls it. OK NFL, time to keep in lock step with the law...... If you are convicted of DUI where I worked before retiring it was a felony and any felony conviction at were I work meant you lost your job period. Same with domestic violence. So why doesn't the NFL practice what they preach - it is call the bottom line of making the playoffs. HMMMMM...... Ok does the loss of Larry Johnson affect the playoffs chances of KC..... no Holmes can take up the slack easy and likely would be fine doing that. Does making players just as accountable as regular people make a difference? Yes! Just because they are an athelete doesn't mean they are more important than an engineer who builds a bridge you drive your car on. How would you feel if you knew that person was a drunk that built that bridge you drove your car accross a little less safe maybe? How do you feel as a parent to see atheletes continue to get a way with crimes you can't... a little pissed.... and you wonder why children grow up wondering why atheletes get away with things mom and dad wouldn't...... Make the black and white stand (not on race) on right and wrong...... a crime is a crime there is no excuse you just lost your job period it is that way in the real world. Treat these guys like regular people and this crap will stop! Beat up your wife you don't get 8 or 9 million a year go flip burgers dude. If you get a DUI go flip burgers..... there isn't a stable of unlimited talent and if there is then cut it back to where they don't make that much money. The same rule applies if anyone can flip a burger and anyone can take their place (and they can) replace them and let them flip burgers. They were supposed to have gotten an education anyway weren't they?

posted by Rob at 11:24 AM on September 14, 2005

Another KC Chief behind bars

I thought Vermeil said it was time to take the diapers off last year..... isn't it time to start punishing now to Dick! As soon as is took the diapers off my kids I told them if they get in trouble the could be punished too.... so Dick send him to his room for a year! Maybe then you will not have all of this going on with players on your team. They will know it is time to straighten up or it is time to get suspended from the team and stop saying no this doesn't affect his standing with the team..... I thought Dick was serious the first time.... guess not Johnson still has the diaper on and Vermeil should go to work for Huggies Diapers and do commercial for them since he doesn't really take them off the player like he says. Here is your chance Dick for extra money..... it might pay more than playoffs anyways beside you are gonna need a job if you don't get control of your team DICK!

posted by Rob at 05:01 PM on September 13, 2005

Notre Dame #10 in AP poll!

Honestly, I could care less about what Notre Dame has done and how much better they are. They play a few teams and then pad the schedule with teams that they should beat to top off a winning schedule. Are they fixed I don't care. What is broken is the Div 1 system of doing exactly Notre Dame is doing. Every team... llittle to no exception does the same thing. Notre Dame what is the schedule the rest of the year and should they be playing the teams they have on their schedule. NO! They should be forced to join a conference (NOT THE BIG EAST) shez. A real Conference. The Big 10 has 11 teams ok plug them in there. Cut down Div. 1 teams and say play each other damn it. Don't wait until the end of the season to decide the national championship! Texas at Ohio State this weekend now there is something that counted! Notre Dame will dissappear into the obscure when conference play starts playing no one. Until USC if it is on the schedule (likely) gear towards that and say we are a great team when it comes to that game. My point? Get rid of half the Div 1 and tell teams we will penalize you if you don't play other teams and start making a difference by padding the schedule. My point is made easily...... Did anyone have the thought that Boise State had a change to beat Georgia even though they were Div 1. NO! It was a come down here and be paid to die gracefully ranked in the top 25 to make us look good! You get money we get to say we play a Top 25 team that wasn't in Athens. Instead, Georgia could have played USC instead or another Top 25 team that should have been Top 25. Cut down the Div. 1 teams and play ball...... ok Notre Dame beat Michigan can they take Ohio St and Iowa or the rest of the Big 10 and meaningful three or four games leading up to that. My hat goes off to Texas and Ohio State what they did counts. Now other teams follow suit and decide the national championship for real!

posted by Rob at 11:11 AM on September 12, 2005

RIP, Double Duty Radcliffe.

This to me proves one thing, I certainly am a baseball purist. Mr. Radcliffe, I say with certainty Mister to a man that deserves the title and likely never heard it due to the times he played in, leaves behind a large legacy. Pausing for a moment to think today about his passing, I came to the realization he was a true ball player. He played it because he loved the game. His nickname is surely one you could not pencil to the name of a player today. To think of a player today doing what he did to earn his nickname is so far fetched these days. He was a ball player! My love of the game would be exemplified by Mr. Radcliffe not by those players of today. Today you have players that complain about how much they make more than how much they give back to the game. Sure there are great players today but the best players are dying off. When a pitcher hits 100 pitches today well everyone looks to the bullpen to start warming up. I can promise this, Gaylord Perry's record will stand for a lifetime. He threw 346 pitches in one game pitching a complete game, oh and it went 16 innings. Batting records will fall by the wayside with the longevity of players and the steriod era will fall. I would just say one important thing, "Will we ever hear those nicknames like Mr. Radcliffe's again?" It is not just the passing of a man and ballplayer today.... today an era died again! Thank you Double Duty for what you made our game you deserve the 103 years of life and I hope you enjoyed everyone of them.

posted by Rob at 10:17 PM on August 12, 2005

Terry Bowden's NCAA top 16 predictions

Texas and Oklahoma playing home and away? I had heard the rumor of this coming. I grew up in one of those cities and simply can add this: To Texan_lost_in_NY, I am not sure the cities are ready for the mess they are getting into. Dallas was about the only place that could handle it and is really why they played there! To gbottlerocket: The color is not Orange! It is Burnt Orange offically and there is a reason for that. As much as there is a reason for Oklahoma not being RED and White but offically Crimson and Cream. You see Burnt Orange comes from the fact that they have been burnt by Oklahoma so many times in Dallas that they have to admit it with their color. To the North Texas Sunbelt fans: Any time that North Texas would like to take Baylors place in the Big 12 South would be fine with me. They are just about as dangerous to the powerhouse schools in the south as Baylor and there would not have to even be a change in the Big 12 banner of colors! I will say in their defense they do play as well as Baylor. Hmmmm... was that a compliment even. I DON'T KNOW! Texas winning a National Championship? With the schedule they have put themselves into..... NO! The Red River Shootout? Well look for that Orange to get a little more burnt. See Texas wins when OU is on a downslide.... Like after Switzer left and the multitude of know nothings followed. Bobby has the Longhorns number! and yeah it belongs down there around #20 where Mac desires it to be... After all he could have had the Oklahoma job at one point being a member of Barry's staff that certainly would have been tagged the next Oklahoma coach but chose to be impatient and head east to hone his skills. Which didn't include learning a winning tradition! Yeah I said that I grew up in one of the cities of the two teams! With little hope of even getting to the National Championship Game this year, with a youthful team - Let the Red River celebration begin! On Lindsey Street where Bob Stoops and the rest of the Sooner nation knows it will be again! God Help Longhorn fans walking down Lindsey Street in a home and away type situation. I wouldn't expect Norman PD to be nice enough to let people out in time for the game nor would I expect it in Austin either! Sounds like the good old days will be gone for good Texan after this year! Lord Help Bevo and Johnny Appleseed, who knows what will happen to either of them! There was a reason to play in Dallas!

posted by Rob at 12:20 PM on August 06, 2005

And yet another CFB poll...

I personally do not think there will ever be a complete playoff system other than maybe the top two in the polls like now. I don't see this for many reasons most of all recruiting. My thoughts are that it is easier to recruit if coaches can go to preps and say hey we should have been there because there is always a case for other teams to have been. The coaches like that and the NCAA realise this fact and it help make a little pariody. Now my favorite team aside the Univ. of Oklahoma wow have been in the title game 3 of the last 4 years winning only one of them and looking like a sad puppy in the others leaving me the doubt they should have been there all three of those time. Other teams have gotten that boost by watching that dribbling title game by the fact they can say were should have been their. In fact, Pete Carroll at USC did a great job recruiting based on the OU performance again LSU. No one what to name a real champion in the NCAA and the more poles the better as far as the schools are concerned it helps them. That said I would like to see a real playoff but don't hold your breath on it.The usual reasons will be given and even though es they could make a lot of money off it,I think it would likely stunt the tickets sales at certain schools to have one. I know people like me are gonna stay with my Sooners but their are the band wagoners that would jump to school to school based on the winner leaving teams in less attended games which is a loss of more money than to be gained for schools. Like Dennis Miller says, "that is just my opinion I could be wrong!"

posted by Rob at 01:42 PM on July 29, 2005

Lance Armstrong wins seventh straight Tour de France

Goin back to the weeks before the race. Their were more people saying he was not going to win on here.... course likely the mouthy minority Chicobangs. Those are the people who need the egg wiped off their face. As for the Lance extracting my face from his ass comment... I think that applies to the bandwagoners and Sheryl can do that surgery for them. However, I do think a bit of amazement and respect is due Dusted. Yeah it was over early it seemed. However, in the life of road cycling finishing is always at risk. An accident is always around the corner. Would it have been funny to see him pile into the Discovery Team fall in todays final stage and be out and unable to finish? NO! So saying it was over early is the luxury we have of saving Lance rode safely the rest of the way. It was and always is never over until it was over! I do wonder and am sure tucked away archived here why those who said NO WAY.... or he had "implants in his kidney's," to filter out steriods for the testing.... don't come out and say we were wrong and shame on us! I said then don't bet against him people and don't believe the rumors because he is always the first to play down his conditioning and he did leaving people look like the fools they always are to believe and beat against him.

posted by Rob at 03:16 PM on July 24, 2005

Lance Armstrong wins seventh straight Tour de France

You know it is my turn.... Where were you people! NO ONE believed... I heard you! He is out of shape... his time-trial speed was down. He would go out on top. Many people on this very form before the race started counted him out. The yellow for you is the eggs you need to wipe off your face. I said don't believe the rumor! It will happen! He will win! He will go out on top! Yeah his time-trial time was down just ask Jan Ullrich in the beginning as he caught him. Of course there was yesterday winning the TT. Sure it was his only stage win but hmmm... didn't George win one... and Popo... He went out with the style of a champion paying back his team makes letting then go for the glory. He could have slipped by Basso easy in one stage to win. Lance was there to win the race but in total could have take as many stages if not more than any other time before. A champion is a gracious winner! Now it is the people turn to be gracious to him! He changed a sport! Training hard fighting back what was less pain the cancer he had faced. So what he is an American and it is a race out of his country! Those that wrote the nasty things should sit back and retract the nasty things they wrote. It's time to salute a hero and let him ride his bike off into the sunset respected for what, who and how he managed his character under the BS stories of Jan hating him, steriods and stupid idea like implants in his kidney to filter out steriods. Point to this! He looked like a man that had ridden three weeks on a bike again the best. Tired, hollow cheeked and satisfied! Lance, There are people who believed! There are people impressed! There are people who think this world could use a few more atheletes like you who go out on their terms! A winner! A champion! A man of character! A man who loves his children enough to say it their turn now! A man who fights for the inflected with cancer when so many walk away from that experience bitter and self pitied for life... you gave back stood tall.... A hero!

posted by Rob at 01:50 PM on July 24, 2005

2005 Tour de France

Ok! Wait! Where were you guys the last few weeks when so much of the following was said: 1. He is not in good shape! 2. His TT time are down! 3. He can't do it again! I was ONE of a few who said don't bet against him. Cycling is as much a head game as a phyiscal race. That don't believe what you read. They said the same thing last year! Lance downplays his conditioning. He doesn't get into the verbal barbs with Ullrich just says, "we'll see in July." Hmmm... smooth water runs deep...sound familar to the old saying doesn't it. Again down by 2 seconds, tested over and over, (impants that is a good one..what next!) what make Lance win? Lance! Training! Heart! Quiet confidence! Anything could happen it's only the end of stage two. I has been saying for over a month,"Don't bet against him." I still wouldn't! I didn't fall for the stories before I won't now. You have to beat him! He is not going to beat himself. So far, he is right out in front cruising along patiently just as he always is at this time. My suggestion? Enjoy this race.... watch it... it is the last one.... savor it.... and by all means barring a horrify accident look for him in Paris counting to SEVEN on his fingers this year!

posted by Rob at 01:02 PM on July 03, 2005

No chance for Armstrong:

Every year Armstrong is out of shape.. too old.. to down on time.. ever make you wonder? It should! The pre-race hype is never Armstrong is in the best shape of his life! Course why would it be. Cycling is a game of the mind as well as the race. Last year, the same questions circled him. I am not making a call on this yet. Give me 5 days into it and let the head games go away that is when you will know. The Prolog is Saturday. The real quest is in the first week this year with the route. If Lance is really not up to it you will know then but if he is close it is over after week one. Lance will know and everyone else will too! Just don't bet on it.... It is far to close to call with the same rumors floating this year as last.

posted by Rob at 11:02 AM on June 29, 2005

"You must let the young elephants into the tent."

Swindal sounds like a perfect name to run the Yankees. Might as make it the name on the top as the actions of the ownership too.

posted by Rob at 10:46 AM on June 29, 2005

"You know I've got one of those wonderful ideas ... women should be dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances."

Ok, Danica hasn't won yet. Seems to me F1 has a problem in itself.... look at how long it takes for a F1 driver to adjust to Indy Car racing. Eddie Cheever took forever. Mario, blast from Indy cars and won the F1 title. As far as the comments made? Danica can race with the big boys in white or any other color. I only wish my appliances looked that good. All I have to say is good lord when she wins is the F1 director gonna be happy. No! She is racing Indy Cars! F1 should have such a smart and good looking driver maybe then people would watch the races. If all the drivers would start a race. Just who are the girly-girls as it is! Go Danica! Your the cutest little bug since Herbie the Love Bug! Wonder if F1 is afraid of Herbie too!

posted by Rob at 05:36 PM on June 22, 2005

4 teams left in the CWS.

For Texas (ugh... being a Sooner boy myself) it pains me to say it doesn't count until the CWS anyway. Look at the Baylor game hadn't beat them all year until they had too! It hurts but they are likely gonna win it.

posted by Rob at 05:15 PM on June 22, 2005