July 29, 2005

And yet another CFB poll...: I wish D1 would go to a play-off system and drop all of the polls and BCS garbage. They could still generate big $$ by having sponsors. (ie: The Car Quest Western Semifinal Round).

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I wonder how many of those coaches are friends. My friends and I sit around almost every Saturday night near the end of some bar and do this. One of them has two T.V.s and if I'm lucky enough I get to control the remote and decide when to stop watching the Irish get their ass kicked. We should be able to produce our own rankings as well.

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I think a playoff system with the current bowls could be put in place. If you went with an 8 team pool seeded 1 thru 8. Round one would be 4 games, rd 2 would be 2 and rd 3 would be the championship. There are now 4 bowls in the BCS. Each of them would rotate as the championship like now. Two others would be the semi's. You might even make the 4th a 3rd place game. Then 4 other bowls would be in the mix as the first round games. There would then be 7 or 8 games in the BCS series. The rest of the bowls would still be for the teams out of the top 8.

posted by scottypup at 10:26 AM on July 29, 2005

I personally do not think there will ever be a complete playoff system other than maybe the top two in the polls like now. I don't see this for many reasons most of all recruiting. My thoughts are that it is easier to recruit if coaches can go to preps and say hey we should have been there because there is always a case for other teams to have been. The coaches like that and the NCAA realise this fact and it help make a little pariody. Now my favorite team aside the Univ. of Oklahoma wow have been in the title game 3 of the last 4 years winning only one of them and looking like a sad puppy in the others leaving me the doubt they should have been there all three of those time. Other teams have gotten that boost by watching that dribbling title game by the fact they can say were should have been their. In fact, Pete Carroll at USC did a great job recruiting based on the OU performance again LSU. No one what to name a real champion in the NCAA and the more poles the better as far as the schools are concerned it helps them. That said I would like to see a real playoff but don't hold your breath on it.The usual reasons will be given and even though es they could make a lot of money off it,I think it would likely stunt the tickets sales at certain schools to have one. I know people like me are gonna stay with my Sooners but their are the band wagoners that would jump to school to school based on the winner leaving teams in less attended games which is a loss of more money than to be gained for schools. Like Dennis Miller says, "that is just my opinion I could be wrong!"

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To some extent, I think that arguing about who the real champion is and bitching about how bad the system is are integral parts of the college football experience. A playoff system might wreck that. Or, more likely, people would just complain about how the playoff seeding screwed their team, who should really be the champ. Also, I'm disappointed to see that Congressman Tom Osborne (R-NE) wasn't on the poll panel.

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Why is there so much flack over cfb polls anyways ? You don't hear people moan over any other poll except college football . Reason why .... people take these far too seriously . The bowls have teams in mind anyways of who they want , only the championship game teams are forced on a bowl . They want teams first and foremost that will generate the allmighty dollar and picking by rankings falls a distant second . There is not now a true championship game till a tourney can be created anyways like basketball , baseball , hockey , lacrosse , volleyball , wrestling , tennis , bowling .... ect . all sports which have polls . Everyone will always have an opinion who's number 1 but until theres a tourney to prove it then it's all just that , someones opinion .

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EE, you said it yourself why all the flack--because there is no real way to settle the question as in all other NCAA sports. No need to moan over the bball (base and basket) since they play each other in the end.

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