June 01, 2005

The closer is not always automatic: the Twins are thankful to have Joe Nathan!

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Sorry about going "homey", but I thought this article would be interesting to others!

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Closing has gotten a lot tougher in the era of the homerun; it's no wonder that fewer and fewer closers are automatic for long stretches. This being said, they're still paid an awfully large amount of money for 60+ innings per year, considering that the majority are not automatic anymore.

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Unfortunately, closers of the present may be hurting the Hall of Fame chances for some of the great closers of the past (Bruce Sutter, Goose Gossage). At times, it almost seems like closers now get half their saves from throwing to one or two batters. Though it's great when they can close out the game and get the save, at times it almost seems cheap. Hey, but I'm not complaining, the Rangers' closer (Coco Cordero) is leading the league, one ahead of your Joe Nathan at this time.

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As many teams have proven, you don't have to pay ridiculous sums of money for a guy who can pitch 60 innings a year. There's alwasys a Dan Kolb (the Milwaukee version), Derrick Turnbow, Joe Nathan, Coco Cordero, Miguel Batista, Dustin Hermanson, or Brandon Lyon available on the scrap heap. Who among these was "groomed" as a closer? And then there's the whole Moneyball argument of "Why is the ninth inning more important than any other inning?" Any team that wastes millions on a "proven" closer is doing just that - wasting money that could be spent on a slugger or at least a pitcher who will give them 150 good innings.

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Some saves are indeed cheep. You dont see alot of closers go more than one inning. Many go less than 1 for a save.

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I have said this before.Overglorifing players not good enough to make the rotation is what we got here.The results of neverending specialization which has finally reached the bottom.A spot once filled by crafty,aging veterans or deep team arms is the domain now of many who should still be in instructional league.Insults such as a award that is a promotion for a anacid,then awarding Cy Youngs should be giving us all stomach distress.

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