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A Humble Reply: Hey,Black Hand.Try one with onions and peppers. Football,basketball,baseball,American football,track, hockey,and,lacroose at one time or another..."dano". Oh,jersygirl.Thanks,again...Woman. Texan lost in NY...Will send rescue party. lil brown bat...Keep on swinging.

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Bonds Bashers Are Babies: Kreamers5 and even lesser interllecturals kill me with the constant attacks on a uniquely talented athlete.Sure he is no angel.Most athletes(including me)are not.Just maybe nicer than others at given times.Steroids or not.Bad attitude or not.We are fortunate to have witnessed such a force in Baseball.

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The Designated Hitter harming MLB

All in favor of dropping the DH,say I. It is only a cheap way to generate runs to attract casual fans. A real protest by true live and die baseball fans would put to death this blot on the honor of the game. I have sent letters to AL team front offices over the years with my irritating pose. It has not changed a thing. But they know my feelins'. Now let us aii join hands to end pitch counts and percentage ,overusing of relievers. Amen.

posted by clarencesmmns at 10:34 AM on July 18, 2005

Manny Ramirez does not care this season.

Another example to why I sometimes do not blame athletes for certain behavior toward fans and media. Manny Ramirez is still having a season 60% of Baseball is wishing to have.So he is having for his talent a slow run. But come July,August,and September everybody better duck as yerfatma hints to.

posted by clarencesmmns at 11:18 AM on June 21, 2005

Japan first in to 2006 World Cup.

As the final qualifying to Germany 2006 comes to a end.I was right in my picks to go in 70% of my choices.Still needs some improvement.Something I will work on for 2010. Bravo to the lads from the Risng Sun.My best pick in their group.Rounds all 'round to them.Lets hope our good next door neighbor and us will meet again in a crucial Cup match.

posted by clarencesmmns at 01:05 PM on June 09, 2005

Wife: A-Rod wasn't mentally ready for NYC

Com'on,folks.Be real.Is Cynthia Rodriguez adjusting to "The Big Rotten Apple" such a big deal.Sure concern from her star husband may distract him a little.Though I really don't think it is affecting his game.A-Rod is well into another MVP year. The kind i wish he was doing in Camden Yards not Yankee Stadium.So to Sport Talk Geeks like dbleR.A-Rod is either leading or close(as usual) in offensive categories.His glove is a little off,but not damaging.And,by the way.Baseball is a team game.There are 23 others that must contribute to win a title.Sure some "Greats have done it.But not many. To Marla Singer and jbou.He is doing the job.Just check out my man,grum@work.You too,dbleR.Wife or not,the "Man" is on fire.

posted by clarencesmmns at 02:49 PM on June 07, 2005

Lets get it going.USA back to the qualies.

The big game with Costa Rica has a bit of tint.Not only will most not see it,too many more will not care. Fans at the match with England gave more attention to themselves in borish taunts than real cheers.It is time for USA Football(not saw-ker)to mature in World standing in the stands and off the pitch.Advertisers and network execs reading this take note.Style commercials to fit the sport. No more ads on screen corners.Please limit them to fewest ads for beer,bad food and where it's served,and just piain overconsumption.Do show them 30 minutes before the match with pre-game dribble.Then during half-time followed by showings with the post-game noise. Fellow FANS.Please refrain from undue taunting.Come up with clever songs and oaths.Not oafs.

posted by clarencesmmns at 02:28 PM on June 06, 2005

The closer is not always automatic

I have said this before.Overglorifing players not good enough to make the rotation is what we got here.The results of neverending specialization which has finally reached the bottom.A spot once filled by crafty,aging veterans or deep team arms is the domain now of many who should still be in instructional league.Insults such as a award that is a promotion for a anacid,then awarding Cy Youngs should be giving us all stomach distress.

posted by clarencesmmns at 03:52 PM on June 02, 2005

Canaries to host "Balco be Gone Night"

Mike Veck iike his "Pop"has the same since of irony.who might have went further with free Balco products to the first 30,000.Maybe even a drawing to share dinner out with muscle headed sluggers who lied or stonewalled before Congress.

posted by clarencesmmns at 02:35 PM on May 24, 2005

The Czech Republic shuts out Canada for the World Title.

The Czech Republic's victory received less notice than the dreadful NHL situation.A clear reminder that everything is not "bout the Benjamins".Wish I was in Prague to give a hefty toast.

posted by clarencesmmns at 02:06 PM on May 16, 2005

Rocker: I'm like Jackie, Hank

Come on,folks.Give John Rocker a break.Just like you and me he is human.A case of "Foot In Mouth"is a normal thing ,right.Let's be real!If he get's his groove back!!Your're going to have him on your fantasy team!!! We have had many athletes say things in quick encounters with the media.Once after a reporter asked me a sensitve ,legimate question involving a racial issue.I misunderstood and replied he should update his Klan membership. Like Rocker,I apoligized.I was forgiven.So should he.

posted by clarencesmmns at 02:42 PM on May 13, 2005

8 Ways To Improve The NFL

The No Fun League needs to return to it's past. First,eliminate In The Grasp and other protect the quarterback nonsense beyond established rules.It's full contact like it's mother,rugby.Next to go is over-long games and overtime.Games should be 60-75 minutes.Too many injuries from fatigue and exhaustion. Overtime should only in play-offs for the same reason. Celebrations should be celebrations,not penalties. Within rule and common sense it adds to the game That is my quarter.Make the call.

posted by clarencesmmns at 01:31 PM on May 11, 2005