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May 31, 2005

Hall of Fame Linesman John D'Amico dead at 67:: In a discipline populated more and more by skating security guard knuckleheads and preening attention whores, D'Amico was always a perfect mix of wisdom and brawn.

There was no one who could break up a fight like him. No one.

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Last one in: West Ham!: The Hammers beat Preston 1-0 to claim the final promotion spot from League 1 to the Premier League. With the promotion, the stand to gain 30m pounds, the same amount that Liverpool got for winning the Champions League just last week.

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Don't look back: "I still want to play in Boston. I'll go to Pawtucket for a couple hours, and then let's go get the Yankees. The powerful Yankees. Hell, yeah."

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May 30, 2005

Rolling Rangers!: Can I get just a little love for my Texas Rangers?

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May 29, 2005

London 'Knighted' as best junior team in Canada.:
Ranked #1 at the start of the season and every week afterwards, including the playoffs and the Memorial Cup, London completes the dream season by winning it all in front of the home fans.

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May 28, 2005

Who's rooting for Danica tomorrow?: The 2005 Indy 500 coverage starts at 10am PST/1pm EST on ABC tomorrow (pre-race coverage starts an hour before)! This is the first time I'll actually be interested in watching a car race. Vrrrrooooom!

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Fatemeh Angela Harkness: has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates on a U.S. warrant. Followup to this post.

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National Hockey Night on Thin Ice: The Los Angeles Times reports that ESPN will drop its $60-million option to keep the NHL's American broadcasting rights next season. Three sponsors -- Molson Coors, Ford and Sony Canada -- also may dump their deals unless the league's labor dispute ends by mid-June. Meanwhile in an alternate universe where the NHL and NHLPA aren't run by total hosers, the Calgary Flames are on the verge of winning their first Stanley Cup since 1989 after defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs to take a 3-2 lead in the finals.

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Manchester United's new logo.: To celebrate their treble season -- where they finished third in the league, lost an FA Cup final that they completely dominated, and were saddled in millions of debt by their new owner -- Manchester United goes for the quadruple play with a new insignia. Or something like that.

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Prospective Olympic Sports Test Their Medal: The World Games are an every-four-year event that features several dozen sports that haven't made it to the Summer Olympics yet, including fin swimming, korfball, sumo wrestling, and tug of war. This year's event begins July 14 in Duisburg, Germany. Nine of its competitions have become Olympic sports since the event was founded in 1980.

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May 27, 2005

Rafael Benitez, you've just won the Champions League. What are you going to do?: "Break up my team." Mr. Miracle named only six "key" players: Gerrard, Alonso, Garcia, Morientes, Jamie Carragher and Sami Hyypia. Who's he going to add to these? (I'm a Liverpool fan so humor me for just this one post. It's like the BoSox winning the World Series, k?)

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When playing football, you forget about your problems. It opens your spirit: A story about the third Homeless World Cup, to be held in Britain this year. Sport for social change, anyone?

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Advertising on NBA uniforms: Would advertisers pay more for the slow guys on the perimeter because it would be easier to read their logo?

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Women Will Box in 2008: The AIBA and IOC have "agreed in principle" that women's boxing will be part of the next Olympic Games in 2008. On closer examination, it isn't clear exactly what has been "agreed" to here, if anything. Maybe there will be more details forthcoming.

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Mark Cuban is Getting Jobbed: $7.9 million for Tariq Abdul-Wahad in 2006. $7.8 million for Shawn Bradley in 2008. $13.1 million for Erick Dampier in 2010. A Dallas Mavericks fan has compiled an unofficial list of all future contractual obligations, providing an intriguing (and horrifying) glimpse into the basketkabalistic world of capology.

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Rickey Henderson is OLD: But not as old as Julio Franco. Julio Franco is REALLY OLD.

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May 26, 2005

"All these people that you mention, yes, I know them, they're quite lame. I had to rearrange their faces, and give them all another name.": Why Retrosheet matters: the memory you save might be your own. Or some addled teenage drunk.

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Man Crushes in Sports: Have you ever wondered what itís like for Dick Vitale to sit courtside at a Duke Basketball game?

Imagine being a teenage boy and sitting just a few feet away from Lindsay Lohan. And Iím talking red hair, big jugged Lindsay, not freakishly skinny, slowly decomposing in front of our very eyes, Lindsay.

Very simply put, Dick Vitale has a man-crush.

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Liverpool: might have won the right to defend title!

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Introducing, Sherif Shaq.: And no, it isn't another terrible movie.

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The Pest: Who says steals aren't important? Reinventing the art of theft, Scott Podsednik helps makes the White Sox a winner

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All-new, all-female, all-punk Roller Derby: Another Steven Wells column for you all.

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May 25, 2005

The balls have spoken!: The Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA draft lottery. They can credit the lucky fishing lure, and will hope to not catch one worth throwing back.

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$1 billion offer for New Orleans Saints: Man, how much is a good team worth?

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LIVERPOOL vs A.C. MILAN!!: Can't believe there isn't a thread about this already... Shevchenko and Hyppia are ready to go! I'm BBQing with friends at the house, we'll be watching it LIVE! I'm FREAKING OUT!!!

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May 24, 2005

"What you talkin bout Wallace"?: Wade sa going on here?

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Despite constant innovation, golf scores remain unchanged.: Interesting expose in the NY Times about golfers--pro and amateur--whose relentless pursuit of distance and technology hasn't cumulatively lowered handicaps.

Choice pull quote: "'They watch golf on TV and then they all want to hit it far, like Tiger Woods,' said Dr. Bob Rotella, golf's best-known psychologist and a best-selling author. 'Well, good luck. They should be going to their teacher and saying, "I want to hit it like Fred Funk." Physically, they are much more like him. That would make a lot more sense.' Mr. Funk is a 5-foot-8, 48-year-old PGA Tour pro who ranks first in driving accuracy and 186th in driving distance. He is also seventh on the PGA money list this season with more than $1.9 million in earnings."

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Canaries to host "Balco be Gone Night": Here is a neat twist to the whole Steroid issue!

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Want to Sponsor an Olympic Athlete?: Shotput silver medallist Adam Nelson is selling one month of his services as a corporate shill ... on eBay. Current bid is $6000 and rising.

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May 23, 2005

"Mo is family. Mo bleeds 76ers. He bleeds Philadelphia," : And with that, Mo Cheeks comes home to Philly. At the expense of Jim O'Brien, but he's comin' home none the less.

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May 22, 2005

Rangers win SPL championship: It looked almost impossible, but amazingly Rangers clinched their 51st Scottish Premier League title on Sunday after rivals Celtic blew a 1-goal lead in the last 3 minutes to lose 2-1 away to Motherwell. Celtic had led the race in the last few months, but just as they started their celebratory singing, they were drowned out by the mocking tones of The Fat Lady. Rangers' one goal victory was enough for them to secure 3 points and leap-frog their bitter rivals to snatch the trophy at the death. Nacho Novo struck for Rangers against Hibs, and Aussie hitman Scott MacDonald killed Celtic's challenge with two superb late goals.

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But is it a sport, dammit??? : Warmup events, including the Beard Olympics in Leogang, Austria, are now under way for the 2005 World Beard and Mustache Championships in October.

Great photos. I like the guys in the freestyle mustache category.

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A Whole Golota Nothing: In the first heavyweight boxing championship in Chicago in a quarter-century, Lamon Brewster scored a 53-second TKO on Andrew Golota in front of 20,000 spectators who paid as much as $9.43 a second. "Maybe it's time for me to think about leaving boxing," said Golota.

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May 21, 2005

He's Back! Paul Shirley on the Playoffs: Our favorite benchwarmer is back writing about the Suns' playoff run: I went to the game in something of a malaise. I will admit that our games begin to run together for me as I have not played in so long that I have begun to consider neglecting to wear a uniform beneath my warm-up gear.

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Agent says Williams likes Saban, seeks return: Ricky Williams' strong rapport with new Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban is part of the reason the retired running back is contemplating a return, his agent said Friday. That, and he ran out of weed money.

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May 20, 2005

Collins drops appeal, accepts 4-year ban. : Michelle Collins, a former world champion sprinter who got busted in the BALCO scandal, dropped her appeal after USADA lowered the period of suspension from eight years to four.

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The Picture is getting Clearer : day by day.Who is gunna take it home?Will there be a repeat in Detroit?Will the Heat sweep again?Are the Spurs the fav's despite being 2nd in the West?Will the Suns wreck shop on Dallas tonight and take it home for PHX? Only time will tell

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That's a whole 'nother type of racing!: What? No thread on this one? Danica Patrick to start in fourth position in Indy 500.

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Talks between NBA and players'union collapse: Is the NBA headed for a lock out? Will it be as bad as the NHL?

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Goodbye,Reggie Miller.Goodbye,"Miller Time": "It wouldn't have seemed right, especially after the 39-year-old sharpshooter made a teary-eyed retreat to the bench in the final seconds Thursday night."Miller,a miracle maker,always shooting at the absolutely vital moment is now leaving his glamorous career,his enthusiastic basketball career...

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She struck out everybody: Eleven-year-old Katie Brownell, the only girl on her Little League team, pitched a perfect game by striking out every opposing player, yielding no more than two balls to any batter. And she's batting .714.

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May 19, 2005

U.S. to face Canada next year: U.S. is to face Canada in the championships next year

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They're actually doing it. : Representatives Tom Davis, R-VA, Tom Waxman, D-CA, and John McCain, R-AZ are drafting legislation to "create a uniform testing standard for the four major U.S. professional sports leagues." The purpose, according to Waxman, is to bring the Big Four in line with the sort of standards used by the IOC.

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May 18, 2005

My Team's Redder Than Your Team: A red uniform can give athletes a competitive advantage, according to researchers at UK's Durham University. This will come as a shock to fans of the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Hawks.

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Honest, officer, I thought this was the Brickyard!: contributor and freelance racing reporter Bruce Martin flees from police after a drunken hit-and-run in a loaner pace car and gets tasered for his trouble. Weird question -- what sort of punishment should Martin receive from his employers for this?

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May 17, 2005

Albom probe shows no pattern of deception.: A Free Press review of more than 600 columns by Mitch Albom has found no evidence of problems similar to an April 3 column in which Albom, with an editor's knowledge, misled readers by writing about events that never occurred at a basketball game. However, the inquiry found that Albom at times has used quotes from newspapers, TV programs or other publications without indicating that he did not gather the material himself, in violation of Free Press rules on crediting sources.

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Chapman: 'Most preferred that I keep it confidential': Former Kentucky star Rex Chapman told a newspaper that school officials tried to stop him from dating black women or at least "hide it" rather than inflame fans.

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"Is this a joke? He's in the draft?" : LSU has lost another basketball player to the NBA draft. First Brandon Bass, and now Curtis Heroman. Actually, Heroman declared first, back on April 15. Only Heroman never played basketball at LSU.

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Anyone going to the USA v England B Team game in Chicago?: My wife and I will be there with 20 of the English/Scotch/Irish guys I used to coach in Houston. I think we're sitting in section 354 so if you see a big guy with a goatee and a small dark-haired beauty...that's us (that's me w/the goatee...) We'll be wearing the US 1950 World Cup commemorative shirts....and no, we're not one of those couples who dress know the ones...

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May 16, 2005

Lady Iranian racedriver kicks ass. (NYT via Boing Boing): "Ms. Seddigh loves speed. She also loves a challenge. Last fall, she petitioned the national auto racing federation in this male-dominated society for permission to compete against men. When it was granted, she became not only the first woman in Iran to race cars against the opposite sex, but also the first woman since the Islamic Revolution here to compete against men in any sport. What's more, she beat them."

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Yahoo! EPL Fantasy League '04-05 Finish: Not close, not close at all. Interesting to compare the unlimited trade/no subs rules to the EPL's own setup.

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The Swastikadome: In which sharp-eyed, clear-headed, and entirely rational citizens spot the Nazi emblem hidden in the Metrodome by devious German architects. Can American democracy survive two decades of Nazi propaganda at Twins and Vikings games?

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The Czech Republic shuts out Canada for the World Title.: The Czechs win their first Ice Hockey World Championship since 2001 by shutting out Canada 3-0. The last time Canada was shut out in a World Championship game was way back in 1987. Russia clobbers Sweden to take the bronze. The final power rankings if you care.

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EPL Fantasy Football Winner - Squealy!: Congratulations to all who took part, and I'll see you all again next season.

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May 15, 2005

Don't drink and drive go to the ballpark: : A's fan who threw beer at Jason Giambi faces charges.

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The Olymperials.: 2500 Olympic posters online: Olympic games, other Olympic events, Olympic movies and candidate cities' efforts.

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May 14, 2005

Prejuding the race.: The awkward fact remains that nearly two years after the first federal raid on Balco, Jones has yet to be charged with doping by any agency, government or governing body. Her reputation is in shreds, her present and future earning power drastically curtailed, and all without any formal allegations from the organizations that police performance-enhancing drug use.

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May 13, 2005

Tiger has the weekend off.: For the first time since 1998, Tiger Woods misses the cut.

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"It's pretty disrespectful": said Jesse Mish, 14, who's won several state wrestling awards. But is it discrimination? If so, is it discrimination against the girls or the boys?

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May 12, 2005

Whats Next?: Hopefully An Offsides Scanner slash Robot Judge Machine or something like that.

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Holy Sports Batman. Jesus was your coach too?!?: Very Unique Outlook On say the least.

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Mal Glazer 1 Man Utd 0: Tampa Bay Bucs owner has secured 70% of Red Devils shares, enough to take over the club. Fans wage war. Everybody else laughing their asses off.

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Three For All: | Russ Bengston, the former Editor-in-Chief for SLAM magazine, has started his own weblog as of Tuesday. He is already posting quite a bit on the media and the NBA.

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Run, Rickey, Run!: Rickey Henderson should keep playing ball until his legs fall off, argues SportsFilter columnist wfrazerjr. "Even during the twilight of his career, when Rickey was posting batting averages of .233, .227, .223 in near-full seasons, he was still getting on base more than 36% of the time."

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May 11, 2005

EPL Fantasy League Week 37: Prep the honour guard for squealy?

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Whizz Kid: Vikings RB (and league substance abuse policy violator) Onterrio Smith caught in airport with the Whizzinator, a device used to foil drug tests that "includes a prosthetic penis attached to a jockstrap and plastic bag." But he was transporting it for his cousin, so we're all cool.

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Arsenal (#2) 7, Everton (#4) 0.: wtf? These are two of the top four teams in the EPL. This score is more reminiscent of a match between the top and bottom clubs, or a Cup tie between an EPL team and a lower division team. Did Everton even get off the bus? If this doesn't speak of the gulf between the top 3 and the rest of the league, or why Everton will be an embarrassment in Europe next season, I don't know what does. I know neither team had anything to play for but 7-0? The only good that came out of this was my fantasy points.

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Funny Shot Guy (Marion), Too Much Gear Guy (Rip) and Quick Foul Guy (Reggie Miller).: Identifying the pickup ball archetypes in the NBA playoffs.

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Rocker: I'm like Jackie, Hank: No, he's not talking about Jackie Stallone and Hank Hill. "I've taken a lot of crap from a lot of people," the lefthanded relief pitcher for the Long Island Ducks told "Probably more than anybody in the history of the sport."

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40 greatest moments in tennis : in the last 40 years, from Tennis magazine. Why 40? That's how old the magazine is, and the article is a bit self-celebratory, but it's still worth a read. Less "greatest moments" than moments that highlight the changes in the sport, the article catches a lot of the development of the last 40 years. The first steel racket, league play, the development of tennis superstars, the green ball, kiddie tennis prodigies, and "You cannot be serious!" -- it's all in there.

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May 10, 2005

Run Rickey Run!: Praise Rickey for taking another shot at the bigs -- he will himself anyway.

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NHL Lockout Clock: If you have OS X Tiger installed on your Mac, here's a daily/hourly/minutely/secondly reminder that there is no NHL. Yep, this widget is counting how long the lockout lasts. Technology that actually works for you instead of against you. For once.

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Giambi considering Yankees' request to go to minors: If the Yankees send Giambi to the minors outright, they would save $37,470.73 in luxury tax for each day his $17,142,857 average salary isnít included on the payroll of their 40-man roster, which is taxed at 40 percent over the 183-day regular season.

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Lampley Comes Out Swinging: One of the famous names blogging for Arianna Huffington turns out to be boxing sportscaster Jim Lampley, who begins with a pugnacious take on the 2004 presidential election: We wuz robbed!

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Mark Cuban has a bad hair day: The Mavericks owner got his panties in a bunch when ESPN Page 2's Eric Neel did a parody of what NBA commissioner David Stern's blog might look like. Neel mentioned going to Cuban's web site and posting "Nice hair" in every possible place. Apparently, lots of people did. Have a read of Cuban's response, but don't bother trying to get your own opinion in -- they've already shut down the comments section.

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The Top Ten Conspiracies in Sports: Time to put on your tinfoil courtesy of my Dad!

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"Giacomo (50-1), Closing Argument (72-1), Afleet Alex (4.5-1), and Don't Get Mad (30-1), in that order -- and stop snickering": Seven $1 tickets paid off in the Kentucky Derby superfecta, picking the first four finishers and winning the highest payout in race history -- $864,253.50. "Right after they put the numbers up, my mouth was open for a while," said one overnight hundredthousandaire.

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NFL to Coach: "Look Like Belichick, Not Landry": The NFL has told Mike Nolan they want him pimping licensed gear on the field, not wearing suits.

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May 09, 2005

A glimpse into the future. Possibly?: The ever changing world of round ball.

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No Nash! No!: Swedes want tournament co-leading scorer out despite no complaint from game officials.

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May 08, 2005

Repeat!: (for the first time in 14 years, no less!)

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May 07, 2005

Round up the usual suspects!: The best fifty sports books according to Observer readers.

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So whose lithuanian is better?: The Euroleague's final four tournament already provided one huge surprise when the heavily favorite host team CSKA Moscow got eliminated in the semifinals. Can the Spaniards make it two surprises in a row and defeat the reigning champs in the finals? (I hope not!) Tune in tomorrow to find out.

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May 06, 2005

Hot Hand in Sports. : Get yer minds out the gutter! Hot hand research deals with the phenomenon of sports streaks, and specifically, with whether the phenomenon is connected with an athlete's or team's ability to perform in streaks, or whether streaks are simply chance occurrences. Lots of links to research and sports statistics sites, and also a page describing how to conduct your own analyses.

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Raw, unadulterated, unashamed hype.: The Derby was born from hype. Once upon a time, the Kentucky Derby was just another horse race. Then Col. Matt Winn arrived in Louisville. When Winn took over the reins at Churchill Downs in 1902, the Kentucky Derby was merely a rich stakes race. By 1915, through glad-handing, glib talk, and a gargantuan effort at publicity, he had turned it into the premier horse-racing event in the world, a distinction the Derby has held ever since.

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Without A Trace Star Anthony La Paglia: buys into Sydney FC. And turns up at the launch of the new Australian Leage side wearing boots and gloves. A real passion for the game, although he was a goalkeeper...

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Steve Nash is the MVP: He's only the third point guard in 40 years to win the award.

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8 Ways To Improve The NFL: It seems like everybody can suggest 8 ways to improve the NFL, and about 6 of these ways are always the same ideas.

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Avery Johnson's minor meltdown: Includes a not-so-subtle dig at Van Gundy's support of Yao and the whole Mark Cuban/moving screen debate. After you click on the link, click on the "Postgame" link after Game 6 under "Series Schedule And Results." Johnson comes on the video at the 6 minute, 20 second mark and starts to lose it a bit at the 7:50 mark. I met Avery years ago and he's a really good guy but completely off-base here by implying his team isn't getting the credit they deserve in the Houston Chronicle. For those who haven't been watching, this has been a great series and I'm sure AA Arena will be rocking tomorrow night for Game 7.

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May 05, 2005

Champions League Football is over: And I won. Of course the only other active player was Trox. Forget the table, the score was 301-245.

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Buy yourself a one-day pro baseball contract: with the River City Rascals of the independent Frontier League One at-bat and a half-inning in the outfield guaranteed. Bring your own shoes and glove!

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From Hits to Pits: Mechanics with a spare tire around the middle are getting muscled out from some NASCAR pit crews. Some teams are hiring former NFL pros and other athletes, according to the Florida Times-Union. "The time they save during routine stops can be the difference in a team's success."

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Hitting the Beech: A Sporting News scoop: Around 30 Major Leaguers are experimenting with a new substance that improves their hitting -- European beech wood bats harvested from an undisclosed location by Louisville Slugger. "[B]ecause only beech that is at least 80 years old is used, the billets occasionally contain shrapnel and bullets from World War II, which can damage processing machines."

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Shiki Masaoka: was a 19th century Japanese poet and baseball fan. His baseball tanka and haiku is pretty cool and was written to garner more interest in baseball in Japan (at the time).

If you would like to know more about Japanese baseball, I would suggest catching up on their terminology, and learning a little about the history at the Japanese Baseball HOF.

And yes terrapin, they have baseball cards.

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Greater Good? Greeley's Galaxy? Giacomo?: The 2005 Kentucky Derby is upon us and it's time to pony up and pick a winner. Who do you like in the Run For the Roses?

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"Give me a list!": said Juan Rincon, the newest MLB player to be suspended due to stricter drug policies. Rincon wants a list of banned substances posted in the club house so he and other players know what they can and cannot use. Apparently, there is a list of banned substances. It was given to players during spring training. Apparently, none of them thought enough of it to bring it north and post it in the clubhouse.

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Texas Cheerleaders not to Shake It anymore: Cheerleaders not told to shake it when state says NO

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EPL Fantasy League Week 36: 2 Weeks to go.

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Injuries, age finally catching up to Yankees: How did the Yankees go from being the greatest on-paper team of the Joe Torre era to the division's cesspool? It's been a perfect storm of injuries and age, which is precisely how the '65 Yankees ushered in an 11-year dark age in the Bronx.

Of course, we've heard all this before, but just in case, maybe we can help Steinbrenner with a few suggestions.

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May 04, 2005

Fire 'em in there, parents!: Alternatively: Why Johnny Can't Hit.

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One shot on goal in two games? Chelsea never deserved to win: Mourinho makes a 3 year old look like a wise, old grandpa...when do the diapers with Jose's mug emblazoned across the business end go on sale???

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The Almost Palpable Presence of the Past: Baseball Memory and Nostalgia at the End of the Century.

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Sidebar ad - L.A. Quitters: And if you recognize those two models, you're a perverted degenerate

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May 03, 2005

Student sues, left off volleyball team: A female senior at Grand Junction High School who can't play volleyball because she didn't make the varsity team filed a lawsuit Monday alleging the school treats girls differently than boys. Unlike boys who play football, girls don't have the option of playing on the junior varsity volleyball team if they fail to make the varsity team, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court.

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Liverpool Put the lid down on Chelsea.: Woulda never knew they where trained

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The pitcher has two mommies: Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Joe Valentine is the son of two gay women, and he's not afraid to talk about a subject that's taboo in the clubhouse. "It's not a big deal to me," Valentine says. "Why should it be? ... I don't see myself as an activist for gay rights, although I will speak up if I need to. I'm a baseball player who was raised by two wonderful, loving mothers. How can anyone criticize that?

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Kwame Brown suspended for remainder of playoffs.: While Kwame Brown hasn't exactly been a huge contributor in the Wizards' series against Chicago, it's this kind of distraction that never helps a team, especially one with no playoff experience. Can Brown be considered the biggest NBA #1 overall bust now?

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"We were doing steroids they wouldn't give to horses": , "We didn't get beat, we got out-milligrammed" and other choice quotes from Tom House

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Marz Attacks!: Former Red Sox backup backstop and current Phillies analyst John Marzano has a blog. The inital posts seem a little weak, but he's actually getting on the entire organization in his most recent. Probably not conducting any post-game interviews soon. [via]

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The Star blogs the game.: The Canada-Slovenia game is being blogged (albeit primitively so) by Chris Young for all of us saps at work. Registration sadly required.

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Striking Out with Six Balls: Ken Griffey Jr. and several Cincinnati Reds teammates blew $1,000 on tickets for the Ohio Lottery's Mega Millions drawing on April 19, which was $168 million. Harmless fun or another Rick Neuheisel situation?

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May 02, 2005

Van Gundy: Refs†are anti-Yao: Rockets coach blames Mavs owner Cuban for bias.

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Same old formula keeps real stories in the shadows : An excellent article from everyone's favourite US-based English rabble rouser. As usual, amidst the exaggeration there are some pearls of wisdom from the boy Swells.

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This is Your Brain on Sports: On ESPN2 tonight at 7:30 p.m., SportsFilter regular Jim Daly of Sports Links Central will be attempting to Stump the Schwab, defeating ESPN's in-house trivia expert.

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May 01, 2005

Is the English Premiership the best in the world?: With two teams in the Champions League semi-finals, Oliver Holt thinks so. The EuroFootsie rankings seem to tell a different story. With 12 Spanish teams in their top 22, their model shows Spain to be the best.

Does England deserve a fifth Champions League place if Liverpool can't finish fourth in the EPL, but win the European Cup?

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