May 25, 2005

LIVERPOOL vs A.C. MILAN!!: Can't believe there isn't a thread about this already... Shevchenko and Hyppia are ready to go! I'm BBQing with friends at the house, we'll be watching it LIVE! I'm FREAKING OUT!!!

posted by StarFucker to soccer at 11:53 AM - 25 comments

hope you missed the first minute..

posted by blarp at 02:05 PM on May 25, 2005

Crap lad, that was a great game!

posted by kingosiris at 04:36 PM on May 25, 2005

WOW OMG wow. I hate hate hate that penalty kicks are used to decide anything but that was quite the game.

posted by gspm at 04:45 PM on May 25, 2005

I doff my cap in the direction of Liverpool this evening, it gives the rest of us hope.

posted by BigCalm at 04:53 PM on May 25, 2005

I can see now why so many Americans mark the game down as boring. Gerrard dodged the question about staying at the club quite nicely. Of course, it's good news/bad news too - as they have five wins so they get to cup the cup, but also, right now, the rules say they aren't allowed in next year's competition.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 05:24 PM on May 25, 2005

I don't see how anyone can deem that boring. My gosh. I think there's zero chance UEFA won't let them back in next year - after all, they'll be asking them to represent Europe in the World Club cup in Tokyo and the World Club Championship in December!

posted by Mossy at 05:44 PM on May 25, 2005

Congrats all you Reds fans (wc2k2 and SF I'm looking at you). For one day (and one day only), I was a Red singing You'll Never Walk Alone at the Brewhouse Cafe in the ATL. Fantastic match.

posted by trox at 05:50 PM on May 25, 2005

And hey, why no FA Cup thread while I'm thinking about it. Go Arsenal!

posted by trox at 05:51 PM on May 25, 2005

I think there's 99.5% chance that Liverpool won't be allowed to defend their 'title'. Liverpool will not be in next season's champions league. The two other cups you just mentioned are meaningless. On Preview: Bah, even though I hate Manchester Soccerballs Buccaneers, they deserved to win the FA Cup.

posted by BigCalm at 05:53 PM on May 25, 2005

Liverpool Rules! That was an amazing game, I don't see how anyone who's a regular here can see it otherwise. The comeback from down three in less than 10 minutes, the double save near the end fom Dudek--you know in an EPL match the bounce would have been different and the ball'd go in to cost us the match. Gerrard stays or goes, we get to defend or not, this was a great day for the club.

posted by billsaysthis at 05:58 PM on May 25, 2005

What and incredible game! My girlfriend was all ready to leave the pub at halftime, and she decided to stay just long enough to finish her pint. By the time it was done, it was 3-2. Mian definitely had the better chances and more of the game, but Liverpool still wins. Wow.

posted by sauril at 06:42 PM on May 25, 2005

Boring? I guess you didn't see the FA cup then.

posted by gspm at 06:56 PM on May 25, 2005

How bout shuttin up and boyyinn a round!

posted by volfire at 07:52 PM on May 25, 2005

I can see now why so many Americans mark the game down as boring. You sir, are on drugs!! Dudek, MAN OF THE MATCH!! What say you NOW, bill?!? Holy shit, i was drunk by 3pm!! What a great game!! What a fantastic decision i made to go home and watch the game!! Liverpool baby, Liverpool...

posted by StarFucker at 07:54 PM on May 25, 2005

The best game EVAR! I was watching it at work, in the Yahoo! Sports editor's bullpen, (thanks, guys!), choking down my tacos at half-time. I mean, AC Milan scored goal #3 while I was in the cafeteria buying lunch. I thought my colleagues were playing a cruel joke when I got back to find out about it. Just wanted it to not get any more embarrassing. Then those six minutes in the second half, I couldn't believe my eyes. When Alonso shanked that penalty, then followed up with a thumper into the roof of the net, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone. What the? Then, best of all, had to miss second period of extra-time because of a meeting (priorities, guys!), and had to track the frickin' progress on BBC's site. So, missed the double-save, and the penalties. Man. Probably a good thing. I would've had a heart attack or something. Whooooooooo! Prediction: New Kop cheer for next season will be "Have you won the Champions League, Chelsea?"

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:20 PM on May 25, 2005

I think Dudek was out of position for the third Milan goal, the fist nobody stops (that is, blame to the defenders for not covering on a free kick) and the second more fault to Dudek but not all. Brilliant stop against Shevchenko near the end of extra time and great job on the second and fourth PKs. Still, I don't expect him back in August. Having said that, I am completely psyched over today's victory and fuck UEFA if they don't make a spot for us in the next CL. Looking over the list of who gets what spots, there are several leagues (Israel, Switzerland) where I could see dropping the runner up for LFC, otherwise I think we're SOL.

posted by billsaysthis at 10:25 PM on May 25, 2005

btw, I can't believe Benitez started Kewell, had Hamann on the bench, and put Stevie in the holding role. That was not genius. We had no width, barely got up the field, and gave AC Milan a highway down the middle of the park (Crespo's two goals resulted from breaks down the center). The genius (or luck) was that Kewell got injured, and Finnan got injured, and Benitez rectified his mistake in time for the 2nd half. Then there was more passing, actual spreading of the ball, opening up the game, and taking the ball to AC Milan. Still, he's won the Champions League in his first season. I'm just the yob who bites his nails while watching TV. And, if Gerrard ultimately goes, thanks for all the hard work and loyalty, Stevie. With the Champs League winnings and the transfer fees, we should have enough to buy a new midfield.

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:27 PM on May 25, 2005

You sir, are on drugs!! It's just possible I may have been joking. I can put bananas in my posts if it'll help. I was saying to all and sundry - 'Dida'll save this penalty', when it was 3-2, as I just had a feeling. But I was up off my feet when it went in - especially as we're back to playing proper extra time now, with none of this golden goal nonsense. I thought Jamie Carragher was immense and his performance in extra time, when he seemed to have lost all energy, was superb. Well done to Liverpool and to the Arse and Chelsea... a year in which those three win pots and Man U win a ginger American. Nice.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 12:58 AM on May 26, 2005

Didn't manage to catch it live, but the rerun just ended. WOW. That was fucking amazing. Liverpooooooooooooooooooooooool! Whoo!

posted by juv3nal at 01:37 AM on May 26, 2005

I am spent. Watched it live. At halftime, ESPN had a poll question: Do you think Liverpool can come back to win? with a web address. I ran to my computer to answer YES, but their stupid website doesn't have a poll on the front page, and as if I am going to waste my time searching for it on their website while the game is playing, bugger-off morons. I still believed. For the first half it was amateur stuff, boys-against-men. But they were one goal away from making a test of it. Gerrard's goal was sweet. The next ten minutes was one-way traffic - what a difference a goal makes!!! I am a lifelong Reds fan since before Kevin Keegan, and this year was one of destiny. I mean, look at their form in the EPL -- dreadful, shameful, embarrassing!! But their Champions League form has been fantastic. They beat the Serie A and EPL champions over two legs apiece, then gave away three goals to start a final - Greatest. Final. Ever. Team of Destiny. Well done Liverpool, you have done my heart proud. Elvis Costello was singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" last night. Somewhere in heaven, John Peel is sobbing like a baby. UEFA wants to rain on the parade and prevent the Reds from defending their title, but in a move of utter genius Welsh champions TNS have offered Liverpool an unlikely opportunity to defend their Champions League title.

posted by the red terror at 07:56 AM on May 26, 2005

biz, i got it.

posted by garfield at 08:02 AM on May 26, 2005

Alas UEFA thinks otherwise

posted by kokaku at 09:03 AM on May 26, 2005

Welsh FA sound like idiots from TRT's link, how could they not prefer the publicity, cash and goodwill that would come from such a play-in?

posted by billsaysthis at 08:32 PM on May 26, 2005

Why do they put their dicks in sheep? Stop trying to understand the Welsh. I left the pub at half-time in a huff. Luckily, I stopped in on a friend on my way home just in time for Gerrard's goal. I smoked my first cigarette in two and a half years whilst watching the penalties through the window from my mate's back garden. I wonder when the last time man of the match was given to a goalie who had let in three goals in the match...

posted by JJ at 07:21 AM on May 31, 2005

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