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Dallas Cowboys Coach Smells a Rat

It looks like T.O. isn't the only one who is angry about how much he gets the ball...

posted by kingosiris at 01:09 PM on October 27, 2006

Braves Beef up Bullpen with Baez

Yea but it's too bad they had to get rid of a top prospect in Either (who isn't even 20 yet) in the process for a 26 year old who has never played a full season.

posted by kingosiris at 02:15 AM on July 30, 2006

Nash again, allegedly.

Of course, he took a team that didn't have any great players and took them to the playoffs unlike LeBron James and Kobe Bryant with all the superstars that surround them. So you are telling me that Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion aren't great players? What superstars play for the Lakers and Cavs? Because Lamar Odom is no superstar, and neither is Alan Hughes. If Nash did get the MVP, then Kobe got screwed. I didn't see Nash get 81 points in a game, or get 50+ points in 5 games.

posted by kingosiris at 03:40 AM on April 27, 2006

How to win your playoff hockey pool

This year, it's a toss up. Anyone has a chance to win it (with the exception of the Habs). I'll pick one, cross my fingers and pray.

posted by kingosiris at 12:19 PM on April 19, 2006

Vikings deal Culpepper to Dolphins

I say Breese to New Orleans. New Orleans drafts Mario Williams (or a new FIMA director) and Lion Heart to Tennessee to reunite with Norm Chow.

posted by kingosiris at 12:45 PM on March 14, 2006

Board shortage

Well it's about time someone did something about those surfers. All they want to do is destroy the environment with all of that foam inside their boards! I think it's kind of ironic that surfers, who are some of the most environmentally conscious people in the world, are getting shafted by the same local activists that are being sued for contaminating the water supply of over 10 orange county cities.

posted by kingosiris at 12:51 PM on December 09, 2005

Eagles Give T.O. a Season-Ending Timeout

Good move by the Eagles sitting him for 4 games without pay. Probably mark him as inactive after I would drop him from my fantasy team.

posted by kingosiris at 05:02 PM on November 07, 2005

The NBA's ugliest Uniforms

That is just horrid!

posted by kingosiris at 01:18 PM on October 31, 2005

Saints to LA?

Keep that poor excuse for a football team out of here! No one supported the Rams or the Raiders because neither one of the owners were interested in putting a good football team toghether. They didn't care who was on the field, as long as people came to see them. When people wised up and stoped going to the games, they went somewhere else to start over again. If they bring the Saints to LA, then everyone here will be forced to watch their games on TV every week, instead of being able to watch interesting games.

posted by kingosiris at 05:17 PM on October 27, 2005


Pierce is a stud now, and was a stud in Washington. You trust a guy enough to start him at an important position every game, he gets over 100 tackles (individual and assisted) a couple of pics, a fumble and TD. For Christ sake, give him the money because he earns it! In Arrington's best season, he had less tackles that Pierce did, granted he had more forced fumbles, but 2 knee opperations, and 1 inflated ego later, he is the most expensive (un-injured) bench warmer ever! As long as Snyder is owner of the Skins, they have NO shot at the Super Bowl.

posted by kingosiris at 04:28 PM on October 17, 2005


There is no way to trade him by tuesday with a salary cap that is up to their eyes. I don't see Arrington giving any of his signing bonus back to free up some cap room just to be traded. They're going to have to wait untill the offseason to trade him, and will probably get low-balled. I bet the Skins are kicking themselves in the ass for not giving Antonio Pierce the money that he deserves.

posted by kingosiris at 02:41 PM on October 17, 2005


Someone's a Cowboy fan. I do agree though. I was expecting to see something interesting, and instead I get a recap of what I just watched on TV.

posted by kingosiris at 03:14 AM on September 20, 2005

Laveranues Coles Shares a Secret

So that was the reason he didn't like Dan Snyder.

posted by kingosiris at 01:31 PM on September 19, 2005

Another KC Chief behind bars

Damn it!!! I had him on my fantacy team!

posted by kingosiris at 03:46 PM on September 13, 2005

Kayaks Return to McCovey Cove

How is one of the bes moments of the year when an angry old man almost hits a homerun? Maby if he had some juice, he would have actually gotten the ball out.

posted by kingosiris at 12:08 PM on September 13, 2005