May 27, 2005

Mark Cuban is Getting Jobbed: $7.9 million for Tariq Abdul-Wahad in 2006. $7.8 million for Shawn Bradley in 2008. $13.1 million for Erick Dampier in 2010. A Dallas Mavericks fan has compiled an unofficial list of all future contractual obligations, providing an intriguing (and horrifying) glimpse into the basketkabalistic world of capology.

posted by rcade to basketball at 08:44 AM - 17 comments

Keith Van Horn - $15,694,250 if he doesn't opt-out in 2005. There is something hilarious (and insane) about that.

posted by 86 at 08:49 AM on May 27, 2005

Fuck that - How in the hell did Tariq abdul-Wahad get that fucking contract?!? That's insane. Is he even still in the country? Something in this new CBA has got to change - the amounts are bad enough for middling players, but the fact that they seem to dictate where/when they'll play (cough, Mourning, cough) coupled with the fortunes recieved for obstenibly merely practicing makes this league look a little silly.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 11:50 AM on May 27, 2005

The Knicks are oh so much worse. Houston makes $39,843,750 over the next two years, Hardaway $30,375,000, that almost makes the Blazer's moronic spending look reasonable. In general it seems that the marquee players of yesteryear have nice fat contracts to warm the bench with.

posted by togdon at 02:23 PM on May 27, 2005

I'll play bench for what they get paid.

posted by dbt302 at 03:10 PM on May 27, 2005

Josh Howard $873,880 If anyone's getting jobbed, it's Josh Howard. A starter, and probably the second best player on the team.

posted by graymatters at 03:14 PM on May 27, 2005

He'll get his, graymatters, but I agree - that's really unfair at the moment.

posted by dusted at 03:40 PM on May 27, 2005

Well, as unfair as getting $873,880.00/year USD to play basketball can possibly be.

posted by dusted at 03:41 PM on May 27, 2005

Hey, give San Jose State a break.......I attend all their home games (and you gotta be a REAL fan to do that).....Tariq Abdul-Wahad is our ONLY NBA claim to fame. OK, probably didn't deserve the contract. Our only other possible bonafide NBA guy was named Ricky Berry; he was the 13th player taken by Sacramento 14 or 15 years ago. He played one year, did quite well, then blew his brains out over his wife. (sheez, Rickey!!! they ain't worth it!!!!)

posted by robslob at 04:10 PM on May 27, 2005

OUCH, it's worse than you thought, sports fans. I just looked on"Tariq Abdul-Wahad is on injured reserve and has missed 291 of 358 games since 2001 because of injury." Yeah, how DID he get that contract?????????

posted by robslob at 04:22 PM on May 27, 2005

Wouldn't you know, Tariq has a site. I don't speak french but from a cursory glance at Google's translation, it appears that the Mav's (from Tariq's perspective) are just going to eat his contract, and he will be opting out this summer. It appears that he feels that he is/has been healthy enough to play, but that the Mavs don't want him back.

posted by lilnemo at 04:48 PM on May 27, 2005

I don't think the Mavs gave Tariq his contract. They assumed it as part of a trade several years ago. One of those typical NBA deals where when you trade for somebody you want, you have to take a bunch of bad contracts with it to make the dollars even out. So, at least the Mavs did not give him that contract. They just got stuck with it.

posted by graymatters at 05:13 PM on May 27, 2005

why yes, the Tariq page provided by Patricia says: Acquired from Denver 2/21/02 with Raef LaFrentz, Nick Van Exel, and Avery Johnson for Juwan Howard, Tim Hardaway, Donnell Harvey, a 2002 1st round draft pick, and $1 million.

posted by gspm at 05:16 PM on May 27, 2005

Here's one blogger's take on four of the multi-player trades the Mavs did, the second of which included Abdul-Wahad. This doesn't catch up to the present, but it shows some of Cuban's thinking. It's easy to look at these deals as the blogger did, and say that Cuban's a genius because the players at the end were much better than the players at the beginning. But you also have to factor in the money. Think about how Cuban justified the decision not to beat the Suns' six-year, $66 million deal for Nash -- the money, the years, the risk of injury -- and consider that he took on Abdul-Wahad's seven-year, $43.3 million contract signed in 2000. The difference between what Cuban wanted to pay Nash, and what he got in Phoenix, is a lot less than the dead money being shoveled to Abdul-Wahad.

posted by rcade at 06:02 PM on May 27, 2005

Very interesting, and thanks everyone for all the info on Abdul-Wahad. It sounds to me like Mark Cuban has a lot more money than basketball and/or business sense. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20 after someone has an MVP year. That said, Cuban must be weeping every night after how Nash trashed his team in the playoffs.

posted by robslob at 08:59 AM on May 28, 2005

It sounds to me like Mark Cuban has a lot more money than basketball and/or business sense. @robslob: Come on back when you make your second or third billion, much less control a pro sports franchise, and let us know if you still agree with this ridiculous statement, okay?

posted by billsaysthis at 04:39 PM on May 28, 2005

Cuban can't be weeping that much, with the Suns down 3-0 to the Spurs; the Suns aren't looking to get any further with Nash than the Mavericks did. I don't understand that series- how does a Spurs team that was pushed hard by a Sonics team that many felt was so inferior, and yet was only a foul call or two from having pushed it to a game 7, turn around in the next series and thrash a league-best Suns team 3 straight games? One thing's for certain: I really hate that fucking Ginobli flopping fuck. If that's what European style, fundamentals basketball looks like, no thanks. You have the gold medals you scuzball big-nosed freak.

posted by hincandenza at 02:04 AM on May 30, 2005

Mark Cuban is a job.

posted by mayerkyl at 11:41 AM on May 31, 2005

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