May 07, 2005

Round up the usual suspects!: The best fifty sports books according to Observer readers.

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There are some winners in here -- also some clunkers. And, unfortunately, only one about women, or rather girls. Little Girls in Pretty Boxes is an important book, and arguably a force behind some of the changes that have at least diminished the abuse in "women's" gymnastics and figure skating, but it is a shame that the only book about women that made this list is a story of anorexia and abuse. There are others out there, although, granted, not that many that aren't either exposes or godawful ghostwritten "autobiographies". Still, a couple do stand out: The Girls of Summer , In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle...and that's about it. Sadly, while there are more and more great stories about women in sports, they just haven't been told in anything but the most superficial fashion.

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shoulda had a semicolon in there. The Girls of Summer; In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle. Two titles.

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Uncommon Waters, stories and essays by women about women fishing. Great book on how women look at fish and fishing.

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Fever Pitch!?!?!? There is no way Nick Hornby wrote the greatest sports book of all time. He's not a bad writer, but there is no way. I would've like to seen some more Feinstein on there and David Maraniss' Vince Lombardi book.

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I didn't see Eight Men Out on the list.

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Samsonov, Eight Men Out is No. 30. We discussed this in January when the Observer was asking for suggestions for this list.

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Here's the link:

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No Mordecai Richler. No chance too flimsy to mention this, from On Snooker: Bill Werbeniuk "suffered from a hereditary disorder that made his cue arm tremble - a disability that could only be suppressed by a measured intake of lager, sometimes running to forty pints a day." Two novels. Richler's Barney's Version ("That bastard Savard should never have traded Chelios") and Mark Anthony Jarman's Salvage King, Ya! (about a worn-out AHL/IHL grinder who had a few cups of coffee in the NHL).

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Look, I'm Australian and know nothing about baseball but can't believe Bernard Malamud's 'The Natural' isn't on the list. However I'm pleased that De Lillo's 'Underworld' is. Though it's pretty marginal call to say it's a sports book. Also SI journo Steve Rushin's 'Road Swing' is one of the funniest things I've ever read. It's not there either, although I got my copy in The Observer's heartland of a bookshop in Charing Cross Road, but that's another story.

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I didn't see any sailing books on the list (unless I missed them in my quick scan), so I'll highly recommend A Voyage for Madmen and The Long Way. Madmen is about the first solo non-stop circumnavigation race in 1968; the other is Bernard Moitessier's story of the race (one of the competitors).

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I like English lists about sport...

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I was very pleased to see This Sporting Life by David Storey make the top ten. A great book and imho one of the best sports movies ever made.

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I'm embarrased to say I've only read three books on the list (1,9,45). Great link, thanks FB.

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There are some good ones on there...many that I have read. The Ali book by Hauser is IMHO far superior to Remnick's. Mailers is probably the best though. I was very disappointed that "Ball Four" by Jim Bouton wasn't on there, to me it is the definitive baseball book. I'm glad Seabiscuit made it. Another two that should have been there are Halberstam's "The Breaks of the Game", a year spent following the Portland Trail Blazers, and "Teammates".

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what about the new best seller "My Poop on the Side of the Road" by Thaddeus Kelly. Its a reflection into the dirty world of endurance athletes.

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