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September 30, 2003

Mariner Fans, the team has made a move.: After 4 years of refusing to bring in someone, anyone at the trade deadline to push the Mariners into the post-season Mr. Gillick has resigned. Post-mortems are welcome. Personally I'd like to see a "Whos who of deals that should have been, but never were"...
God knows there were enough...

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Twins stun Yankees, 3-1,: with solid pitching and a great catch at the wall in the bottom of the ninth.

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Wrong time to ask Dad for a car: - especially if your Dad takes those college games hard. And is totally nucking futs.

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Team al Qaeda

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Kurt Warner's wife Brenda, who has her own radio show in St. Louis, made news yesterday by saying that he's open to being traded. "There is something utterly Machiavellian about all of this," says columnist Bryan Burwell.

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OutSports columnist Todd Heustess offers the solution to college football's current woes -- Cocks. "South Carolina may be the only place in the nation, where a stadium full of 80,000 rabid, gun-loviní fans will yell 'Go Cocks!' without any hint of irony or shame."

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"I'm out because I no longer, in good conscience, choose to ignore the unabashed homophobia that is so cavalierly tolerated within the world of sports." -- Ed Gray, a sportswriter who covers the Patriots for the Boston Herald (via MetaFilter)

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The day Jay apologizes for his recklessness,: Atlanta Thrashers' Dany Heatley, with teammate Dan Snyder riding shotgun, slices his black Ferrari in two while doing 80 mph. Heatley busted his jaw, but Snyder wasn't so lucky, having suffered a skull fracture.

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September 29, 2003

Gimme that clicker: Ten sports Americans don't like very much. I'm sure the top three--dogfighting, pro wrestling, and bullfighting--are, to most Americans, not sports, so the list should probably start with pro boxing. After the bloodsports, though, come three entries for golf: the PGA tour, the PGA Senior Tour, and the LPGA tour. There's a freshman composition paper in there somewhere. (Full list inside.)

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Romo calling it quits?: Apparently Romo has taken one too many to the head. Literally. This season he has suffered an unreported number of concussions that seriously have him contemplating retirement. He hasn't made it official, he's still getting opinions from doctors. Is it time? Will he retire? Will he continue to play if the results indicate he shoudn't? Where does he rate with the fans, or the HOF for that matter if it all ends here?

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Pat Riley has lost his mind.: That is the only way I can explain the signing of 34 year old Isaac Austin. Say what you will about the dearth of quality big men in today's NBA. But Ike is just Ike; a 6'-10" 288 lb(though probably closer to 300) stiff. He had a chance to be a stabilizing factor for the Heat, but opted for a trade to the Clippers! You know what? I'm too depressed to finish up here.
Yeah, there's more inside...

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Shades of Tom Osborne: The Texans/Jaguars game Sunday ended with one of the gutsiest calls an NFL coach could ever make. Fourth-and-six-inches. Two seconds left. Down by three. At home. Go for the touchdown.

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R.I.P.: Althea Gibson, 76.: First black entrant and champion at Wimbledon and the U.S. national tournament ... also the first black player on the LPGA Tour, helped pave the way for later stars such as Arthur Ashe, Venus and Serena Williams, and Tiger Woods.

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Tigers win! Tigers win! Tigers win!

A 119 loss season it is then.

In other news Pujols wins the batting title by 0.000223 and Clemens is 1 and 0 as a manager.

And your postseason matchups: NL - Cubs vs Braves, Marlins vs Giants and AL - Red Sox vs A's, Twins vs Yankees. Play Ball.

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September 28, 2003

A tale of two brains this weekend from AP reporter Tim Dahlberg: Boxing has left Gerald McClellan with such devastating head injuries his friend Roy Jones Jr. won't visit until his career is over. DaVarryl Williamson, a 35-year-old with a master's degree, is pursuing a career in the ring.

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September 26, 2003

Let's talk about the Women's World Cup.: I watched the US-Nigeria match last night, and I went to Canada-Germany and Japan Argentina last week in Columbus. I haven't seen any matches in the other groups, but this US team looks to me to be a notch or two above the rest of the field. Can they be beat? They are playing out of their minds right now. Are they the greatest team the US has ever fielded in international sports? I think they might be.

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Twenty years ago today, the longest winning streak in the history of sports was ended when "Australia II" won the America's Cup. The event is celebrated in Australia and marked a monumental change in the premier event of the sport of sailing. I still remember where I was. (some consider it all to be a myth)

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George Plimpton, the author whose participatory journalism stunts included boxing with Archie Moore, pitching to Willie Mays, and playing quarterback for the Detroit Lions, has died at age 76. For me, his biggest claim to fame was Intellivision spokesperson.

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September 25, 2003

Week Four NFL Picks: NFL picks more accurate than Jimmy Kimmel's, but that's not much of a bragging point.

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Getting better by goin' back.: Darren Eliot figures that the best thing the NHL can do to make the game more entertaining (read: increase scoring) is to revisit some old rules. Some of his ideas make sense (re-introduce the tag-up rule), some seem crazy (no limit on stick curvature!??!) . Do you agree with his ideas? What would you change?

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UEFA blast big spending Abramovich.: UEFA chief executive Gerhard Aigner has ... criticised the Russian oil tycoon for his attempts to accumulate a superstar side that could stifle the development of homegrown youngsters and has demanded action be taken to prevent it from happening elsewhere. Erm, isn't this too little too late? Haven't the likes of Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid been doing this for several years now? Did Aigner tire of getting complaints from them about the new boy on the block? Is any real good to come of this? Besides, what can UEFA do? Spending caps? Ha!

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Goldorak masquerading as Garth Snow: ...or so says Marty Brodeur, referring to the ever increasing net coverage of the Islander tender. Marty criticizes the complaints he's heard from goalies about the new regulations of their equipment. Now if only his sister in-law could've attached plastic foils to close the space between her....

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Has Pat Gillick lost his Midas touch? Or is he doing exactly what the owners are paying him to do? My dictionary defines inevitability as what happens to the Seattle Mariners in the second half of every season.

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September 24, 2003

Is Antonio Davis on his way out?: It's been awhile since an above-average player demanded a trade. Will it be Antonio? Dikembe? KMart maybe? Do Canuckle-heads side with Davis? Or would they rather be rid of him (and his cap heavy $12 Million salary)?

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He's been called "Mean old uncle Frank" here at SportsFilter, but I really enjoy Frank Deford's bits on NPR's Morning Edition. Today's piece was on baseball curses. I'd never heard of the "Curse of the Colonel," but Deford thinks Osaka's fate is tied into Boston's and Chicago's. So here's the good news for Red Sox fans and Yankee haters everywhere.

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September 23, 2003

What's Iverson worth?: Apparently $77 million over four years ($19.25 mil a year). The extension is expected to be announced Wednesday.

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Last week, Sports Illustrated writer Peter King watched an NFL game from the stands for the first time in 20 years, learning what a chore it is to slog through endless TV timeouts: "three minutes of downtime after a punt, then three minutes of downtime five minutes later after another punt ... four times a quarter. ... they were absolute killers." (Via the recently mocked King Kaufman)

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The Oregon Ducks' new roadside-prisoner football uniforms have met their match: The school's marching band has also received Nike duds, and they look like the least ferocious troops of Gran Mof Tarkin.

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September 22, 2003

Bob Costas proposes a new playoff system for baseball: (sorry, registration required), suggesting that there should be more incentives to teams to make the push to win their divisions instead of settling for the wild card. His system (which he acknowledges is just a tweak of someone else's proposal) basically works like this -- the top two teams that are not division winners in each league are wild cards that play in a best of three series, with the winner to play the division champ with the best record in the next round. In that round, the wild card team still standing plays a best of 7 with the top divisional winner (while the other divisional winners play each other in a best of 7), but 5 of 7 games (games 1-3, 6 and 7) are played at the leading divisional winner's home (whereas for the other divisional series, it's the classic 4 home games for the team with the better record). And the season would have to be shortened by a week to allow for the expanded playoffs.

The motivating factor behind this, as mentioned above, is to create a greater disincentive to finish as a wild card team. In this respect, it would be more like the NFL system, whereby the top teams are rewarded for finishing at the top by getting a bye and it is very difficult for wild cards to make it to the Super Bowl.

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"The Big Three And a Half.": If you ask most basketball fans about the Championship Celtic teams of the 80's they will identify the Big 3: Bird, McHale, and Parish. Some true Celtic fans (somewhere along the line) will also remind you of Cedric Maxwell who's number will be retired Dec. 15 against McHale's T'Wolves. How big was Cornbread's contribution to the Celtics' success?
Retell, reminisce, rejoice...

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"The guy [McGrady] was expressionless after I asked him something, or he was two seconds away from hitting me. I couldn't tell. I'm hoping Tracy takes it with a sense of humor.": Tracy McGrady asserts that 5% of the NBA is gay in Stuff Magazine. ( I don't read it so it doesn't get a link.) Why 5%? Isn't that kind of a round (read arbitrary) number? That would basically mean that the 12th and sometimes 11th man on your favorite team's roster is gay. We've discussed gay atheletes ad infinitum. What's interesting to me is that McGrady puts it out there and then refuses to discuss anything else about the issue. Was this a lark? Anyone have a read on this, an aside or enlightening anecdote?

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A-Rod for MVP?: Have we debated this yet? The issue is should A-Rod be the AL MVP this year. I say no, although I have a feeling that his huge contract is unfairly prejudicing the voters against him.

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Frank Bruno taken to hospital by police.: Speculation, and it is just speculation, is that Big Frank has been "sectioned" to avoid causing harm to himself or anyone around him. Apparently he's been depressed and behaving "oddly" according to boxing insiders. This all makes me very sad as I love Big Frank. Anyone have any more info?

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Fan violence in America?: At least over the pond you get stabbed or beat the f up.

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Glenn Hoddle wins the sack race!: Despite being the 3rd biggest spending club over the summer (after Chelsea and Manchester United), Tottenham have had a bad start to the season and have parted company with manager Glenn Hoddle after only 6 games.

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September 21, 2003

Gregg Easterbrook at his best is one of the most insightful and funny NFL writers on the planet. Gregg Easterbrook at his worst is Salon columnist King Kaufman.

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September 20, 2003

Kansas City 1-4 San Jose: Landon Donovan is the greatest American soccer player ever. Perhaps not the highest bar to hurdle but he did score the first hat trick in SJ Earthquakes history tonight. The first two, especially, were real beauties. I wonder if he'll be playing in Germany next year, make another deal to stay in San Jose, or get sold in the next wave of Chelsea purchases.

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September 19, 2003

Sports cars: ...whats YOUR favorite. I have many...but i came across this one and became inspired to post, the Mercedes SLR McLaren AMG. With a 5.5 Liter, 600 Horsepower V8 Engine. This should be a fun thread.

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After much hem-hawing, the Stars finally re-sign goalie Marty Turco to a 3-year $12 million contract. Where does Turco fit in with the current crop of goalies in the NHL today? Is $4mil a year plus playoff incentives a fair price?

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NFL Week 3 Picks: These ain't your grandmother's NFL picks ... although they might be your aunt's.

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A Fortune magazine profile of the Dallas Cowboys may provide the definitive answer on why two of the biggest egos in sports are now working together: Jerry Jones was desperate after "years of bad press, bad coaching, bad management -- his own bad management -- and embarrassing losses," so he ordered the Tuna.

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I left my wallet in El segundo....: I mean my bag of $3 million in cash. The Kobe thing has been thankfully ignored here for a while, but this story is too tempting to omit. Patrick Graber is nabbed when he reaches for the loot in a sting, set-up after he approached Bryant's security detail with an offer to off the accuser. Can this get anymore Hollywood?

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It's Friday! The Rugby World Cup is but three weeks away. Wet your appetite with three rugby conversion kicking games - kick. KICK. KICK!

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September 18, 2003

14 Tiger Scenarios:'s Jim Baker looked at 14 possible outcomes for the Detroit Tigers' last 14 games, basing each possible outcome on a past 14-game NFL season, from the 14-0 1972 Miami Dolphins to the 0-14 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [more inside]

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cracksmokers of the NBA: exhaustive, dare i say, comprehensive compendium of the usual cast of characters.

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Lance Armstrong: Soccer Dad & Superstar: Yet another (recent) interview with Lance...

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A Dream at what cost?: We've discussed buyouts in all sports. This article delves into the subject and raises some interesting questions. A lot of "prospects" are poor, young men in developing nations who like basketball and are signed by teams to miniscule long-term contracts. These young men get drafted by the NBA and their "owner" requests 3 to 5 times the worth of their current contract plus bonuses. Admittedly, not everyone can be like these kids.
More inside...

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"If we have a great musician here ... and he or she decides to leave to play in an orchestra, nothing is said. Hockey players have left school early. For generations in this country, baseball players have gone right from high school to professional baseball, and no one ever mentions, 'What about their education?' And yet we take a different attitude about basketball and football players, and I find that unusual. We've moved closer to professional sports my entire coaching career. Maybe it's about money." -- Indiana University football coach Gerry DiNardo

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Though the WUSA folded, the prospects for the WNBA appear more solid with a new bargaining agreement and a record-setting 22,000 fans at Game 3 of the finals this week, writes Mechelle Voepel. "Pessimism can shut up and sit down for at least a little while after this great game."

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Don't bother the usher - I'll get it: Natural selection? Tragedy? And is Staci related to the Sargeant, or Enos? The only question left is: Whom do they sue?

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Season cancelled? : How about prosecution?! A few NYPD coppers didn't think to use pine cones or golf balls, but were resourceful enough to think of the old trusty broom handle. This story made my stomach turn and my soul impatient for justice.

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Follow up on the Kelli White incident: Some surprising facts about Kelli's narcolepsy perscription. Apparently its so good at promoting 'hyper-focus and alertness' the Pentagon is even taking a fancy. (I'll bite my tongue on that friendly bombing incident in Afghanistan) This drug is so not performance enhancing that after 54 hours being awake, one taking Modafinilóbetter known as Provigil-can function normally: the cramming college student's best friend of the future. Good try Kelli, but better try and win without uppers before crying wolf.

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Where art thou, Stumpy?: Mr. Clutch-when-it-matters is sitting at home while the rest of the NHL goes through training camp. Huh? Did everyone forget what this guy can do? Apparently, and those decision makers should be embarassed.

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September 17, 2003

Taking one for the team.: Pat Riley and everyone else in the Miami Heat's front office is taking a 10% paycut. Read that again. A 10% paycut in order to stem the need for further layoffs in the organization. Great leadership or has Riles been out in the sun too long?
More inside...

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Power to the (old) people. Who should win NL manager of the year? Atlanta's Bobby Cox (62), San Francisco's Felipe Alou (68), or Florida's Jack McKeon (72), whose Marlins have the best record since late May?

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The Atlanta Falcons bought an ad that ran in Monday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution congratulating Dan Reeves on achieving his 200th victory in a win Sunday over the Washington Redskins.

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September 16, 2003

Tony Parker through with the French NT?: We discussed the notion of Steve Nash stepping down from the Canadian NT. But that was a seperate issue. Nash has played for his country in numerous tournaments. Parker is younger, and could stand to participate in more NT tournaments. What does this mean for the French NT?
More inside...

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September 15, 2003

AOL pulls out of deal with David McDavid.: The Hawks have been in ownership limbo since the end of the 2001-2002 season. Texas Businessman David McDavid was going to ride in on a white horse with his group of investors and save the day. Even pal Mike Dunleavy Sr. was going to join the posse as they resurrected the franchise. None of this happened. Instead it appears AOL has shifted gears and agreed to sell to Boston businessman Steve Belkin and a group of Atlantan investors. Are the Hawks in the clear now? Are good things ahead? Or is this more of the old 'same old same old'?

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WUSA calls it quits.: After just three seasons in business, women's professional soccer is gone in the United States. Is this another blow to footy's popularity in America, or is it more indicative of the financial times?

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Not funny at all.: I beg to differ

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Picking on the big boys....: Since the 'Shine Incident', critique of mass media has become the flavor du jour. The linked article is factually atrocious. See how many errors you can find. Supposedly, Lacroix did 3 years of work 'last season.'

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September 14, 2003

The 100 Mile-per-hour fastball...: The year 2003 may go down as the year the stat geeks won over organized baseball, converting the evaluation of talent from art into science. But there are still some things about the game that don't yield so easily to cold calculus, and chief among them is the mystique of the fire-balling pitcher, the guy who pitches close to and can break the 100-mile-per-hour mark. According to Robert Adair, a physicist and professor emeritus at Yale University and the author of ''The Physics of Baseball,'' throwing a ball this hard transcends the ordinary parameters of the game. ''It's really at the edge of what human beings can do,'' Adair told me. N.Y. Times Link...

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Who owns pro sports? This will be serious and funny. I envision this to be a group reporting assignment, perhaps the first 20 comments list the team and the owner, how much they control, their level of involvement, how long they've been owner, is this their main job, any inside dirt, etc. (Corroborating links are important.) Then the comments following will analyze any patterns we see. I'll start with the sport closest to my heart: Soccer. Specifically, the English Premier League. Who owns each EPL team? What do they do? Are they a family that has controlled the team over several generations? Or is it one man, a mysterious Russian billionaire and politician? Or a Venezuelan oil and Coca-Cola tycoon? Or a trio of porn barons? Shall we begin? [Next up: NFL, MLB, NHL, etc. Take it and run!]

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Injury Time for Reds: Milan Baros and Jamie Carragher are both out until after the New Year after breaking their legs in yesterday's first half, Stephan Henchoz aggravated an existing injury playing for Switzerland, and backup goalie Chris Kirkland is out for another six weeks as well. While Carragher's break gets Riise back into the starting XI and Igor Biscan is proving decent in central defense, not to mention a good start scoring by Owen and Kewell, will all this add up to another UEFA Cup finish or worse for LFC?

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September 13, 2003

Fourth times a charm?: The Jazz took three mighty swings at Clipper free agents Elton Brand, Andre Miller, and Corey Maggette and struck out. And so, with no experienced guard in the fold Miller and Co. signed Jason Terry to an offer sheet, hoping to capitalize on Atlanta's inability to move in lieu of the possible sale of the franchise. Do Jazz fans like the signing? Do they like the moves their management have attempted? Are they receptive to the situation?

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Reunited and it feels so good(?).: Van Exel to the Knicks for Charlie Ward and Kurt Thomas was a pipe dream when Nick was in Dallas. Cuban didn't think either Ward or Thomas were enough to turn the tide here in the West (which is true). Now that Nick is in GS the rumormill is churning again. If the Warriors trade Nick, (and right now it's all speculation) do the fans just give up at this point? Is there any hope for NoCal basketball aside from Sacramento (though their talent level and depth have taken a hit this offseason)?

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De La Hoya vs. Mosley II.: This is a nice summary of a wide-open bout. I've heard the local prognosticators here in L.A. lining up behind Oscar (surprise, surprise). Though the fight itself may be more competitive than most, what does that say for the sport? Is Boxing in a down-cycle? Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win?

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September 12, 2003

Chelski 2: Aston Villa?: Two potential buyers from South America, including Venezuelan billionaire, Gustavo Cisneros, who was publicly named by Villa as one of the suitors. Cisneros is reported to be worth more than Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's free-spending new owner, who's already spent more than 100mil pounds since the summer just to buy players. BigCalm, are you salivating at the prospect of untold millions at Villa's disposal? Fat Buddha, what about Birmingham City?

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Week Two NFL Picks: Where to go when you have nowhere else to go for NFL info.

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Play table football.: Er, does what it says on the tin, as it were.

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Is baseball the ultimate bloggers' sport?: columnist King Kaufman seems to think so. He contrasts the plethora of baseball blogs with the dearth of smiliar sites devoted to football, a sport which (we're repeatedly told) enjoys far more numerous and more passionate adherents than the summer game.

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No CFL for Clarett: "I'm a true believer that all players should try to get their college education," Poop said Thursday

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Best Pitching Performance.: Using this web site to compare Ron Guidry in 1978 and Dwight Gooden in 1985 I was amazed at how similar the stat lines are. Any other candidates for best pitching performance in a single season?

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Cleveland Indians' prospect had gay pr0n 'mistake'.: Jim Rome says "but a baseball clubhouse is one of the last bastions of bigotry and intolerance. Thatís not going to fly. You wait and see what happens when he gets to the Majors. Not all of us have made gay porn and there are more Todd Jonesí and John Rockers than Mark Graces in big league clubhouses. More so than anyone wants to admit." Is there any way at all this guy can tolerate what is likely inevitable in a Major League Clubhouse?

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New York Rangers star Pavel Bure fails his physical.: Bad knees may keep him off the ice this year. Is retirement next? If he doesn't play the Rangers get $8 million....

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September 11, 2003

Cinderella? : Italy pulls off another upset by downing Greece. France survives Russia. Lithuania beats up on the Peja-less Serbia. Spain ends Israel's run. Who will advance to the Championship?
My picks and more inside...

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Things not to say to former teammates you might be chatting to during warm-ups: "I'll see you guys after this practice."

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"Hey, it's Coach Torre. Just calling to let you know I'm giving you today's game off." What sport's voice would you like to erroneously hear on your voice mail?

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"Sports are watched differently than they were during the era of the three-network universe," according to a New York Times report on falling ratings for major sporting events.

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September 10, 2003

The Lessons We Learned...: in touring all 30 MLB ballparks (separate thread on that below). This article distills, in eleven easy rules, the things that made PNC and Pac Bell great and what made Qualcomm and the Vet lousy. I was a bit surprised that they want to bring back the posts in the lower decks, cursed by some, in order to bring the upper decks down closer to the action, and the idea of letting someone in the cheap seats pony up a few extra $$ to move into a closer, and empty, seat sounds good too.

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Can a coach give a player heart?: Lamar Odom says that the Heat will help him realize his potential. Can any coach provide the heart that a player lacks? Can Riley help Odom realize his potential? Does anyone else remember the game winners that Odom hit at URI, that Odom was the early leader for ROY over Brand and Francis back in 99', the way that Odom took over the Rookie/Soph game in 99' scoring every big bucket? Odom was one of a handful of guys who could take care of bizzness at crunch time; T-Mac's equal back in High School. What happened? How good can he be in Miami? How good (or bad) will he be in Miami?

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Argentine League Suspended: What is it with the rest of the world? Other than the occasional nutter jumping from the stands in Chicago, fan on fan violence is extremely rare in the US. But Argentina is calling off a week's matches and UEFA has summoned the English and Turkish NT leadership ahead of next month's qualifier. What's different in ROW that so much of this happens there?

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2.2 pounds of Cocaine. Wiretaps. Broken Leg.: A sad ending to a sadly more familiar story. Is the NFL to blame?

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A trip to visit Old Man River.: Jim Caple, one of the two guys to do the ballpark rankings below, is now endavouring to travel down the Mighty Mississippi River, documenting various sports-related stories along the way. What a great job this bastard guy has. (via byzantium's shores)

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A story that should be getting more attention: Keith Greer, a football player for the Idaho Vandals in the mighty Sun Belt Conference, is fighting for his life after surgery for a broken tibia and fibula suffered in a game Aug. 31.

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September 09, 2003

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is being sued for discriminating against white male applicants in its sports department. "The PD has not hired a white male sports writer -- full-time, from outside The PD -- since 1989," claims Marty Gitlin.

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Test positive for a banned substance: and it takes an international delegation lobbying arbitrators years after the fact to maybe strip you of your medal. This is the current plight of Russia's Olga Danilova, who is the current Salt Lake gold medalist of the 5km free pursuit (cross country skiing). If this needs the arbitration process to decide, what does testing positive entail? Single event elimination. That makes sense.

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Final Page 2: rankings of the MLB ballparks after touring them all this summer. PNC came out first and Olympic Stadium the worst. Pretty interesting to read assessments of different facets (beer selection and prices, fan knowledge, trading up seats, 7th inning stretch routines, etc.) around the league.

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September 08, 2003

"'Alitalia' flies on to it's next destination, the quarter final against Greece in Stockholm.: For 'Lufthansa' it is only a matter of flying home to Germany." The Italian NT takes down the vaunted Germans 86-84.
(More inside..)

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Maurice Clarett to Grambling?: Why not straight to the league? (By way of a federal courthouse, that is.) Why not Youngstown State? Any of you Ohio SpoFiers have any idea what's going on with this kid?

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NCAA penalty strips UH of volleyball title: "The NCAA ruled that Costas Theocharidis, who was raised in Greece, played in 22 matches for a professional team in Europe before enrolling at UH in August 1999. Although UH officials said the accused player did not receive a salary or sign a contract, a player forfeits his amateur status by being a member of a professional team, according to NCAA rules." Truly, a bitter pill for local fans, though (as the latter link points out) it doesn't answer questions about " how come college volleyball players can play pro two-man beach volleyball without losing their eligibility."

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Man Utd on the decline? Becks to Real. Then the Southampton loss just a week ago, leaving them trailing unbeaten Arsenal. Scholes out for a month, new buy Kleberson crocked with a dislocated shoulder, overpriced defender Ferdinand battling a kidney infection. Now, CEO Kenyon is off to Chelski. What's next, Ferguson and Keane to Man City?

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Driven man.: Enormous great interview with Lance Armstrong, for your delectation.

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September 07, 2003

For the Tigers, historic disgrace now looks inevitable.: With 104 losses and 21 games left to play, the Detroit Tigers are on a pace to lose the most games and post the lowest winning percentage in their 103-year history and surpass the post-1900 record of 120 losses by the 1962 New York Mets. They have the first pitcher to lose 20 games in 23 years and they benched another pitcher with 18 losses. They suck so bad they're a topic on an NHL discussion board. Sports Illustrated looks at their competition for Worst Team Ever. Me, I'm rooting for them to lose at least 121. If you're going to be this bad, why not just be the Worst Ever?

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September 06, 2003

Brave Henin-Hardenne Lifts U.S. Open Title: This article confused me, being a Reuters post and not from a high school newspaper: "But Henin-Hardenne is hewn from tougher stuff than that...Her sublime God-given talent is backed by a steely temperament and a deep determination." And more of the same. Can we pile on and poke fun at writer Ossian Shine?

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September 05, 2003

Justin Venable, a frequently injured lineman in the mighty Sun Belt Conference, may be the first college football athlete to ever receive eight years of eligibility, according to USA Today. "Venable, who got his degree in general studies, is starting graduate school this fall, studying for an MBA. He says he even might try for a doctorate before his football career is up."

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Now that's what I call: "a reprehensible example of journalism."

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Alexandre "Hollywood" Daigle ends up in another training camp. From Ottawa to Philadelphia to Tampa Bay to the Rangers to a retirement at age 25 in California only to come back last season with the Penguins... is he now going to make it with the Wild?

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What do Rex "The Wonder Dog" Hudler and Damon Stoudamire have in common? This.

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September 04, 2003

Another roll of the Dice.: Antonio McDyess may be ready for training camp. The Knicks are keeping mum so far. They say they'll have more info in late September. At least all parties agree that McDyess is to stay out of preseason games (Hopefully no one raises a fuss over that issue). So here's a piece by the NY Daily News to torture all the Knick fans. Again.

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Eurobasket 2003. Best Qualifying Tournament.: The PanAm qualifier had a nice level of talent, but it was over before it started. Eurobasket looks to have better competitive balance. Even the friendlies are spirited. Who's your favorite in the draw?(More inside...)

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If at first you don't succeed,: skydiving is not for you. Fortunately, predicting the NFL has less serious consequences. It's time again to predict the NFL winners, and to help us, TMQ, ESPN's talking heads, and Dr. Z all weigh in. Who do you think will be going to Disney World this year?

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FIFA Women's World Cup 2003.: This hastily-rescheduled tournament (thanks, SARS!) comprising the 16 top women's national teams kicks off Sep 20. Who will win it all? Who do you want to win it? Who's your player to watch? Will you even be watching?

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Are you ready for some Limbaugh?: ESPN fumbles by adding partisan blowhard to pre-game show

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Play at the Plate.: Last night the Angels led the Twins 5-4 in the bottom of the ninth, with 2 outs and the tying run on first. The Twins batter hits a grounder down the third base line. They send the runner home. Here's the throw--here's the play at the plate--

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The Olympics open and close with hope and dignity. The NFL opens and closes with Mariah Carey. Anyone else pist that they have to sit through an hour o' crap before the game (I'm sure owillis is in heaven; Britney and the 'skins, two great tastes that taste great together)?

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New Logo: for the Pheonix coyotes. I know unis are a favorite topic around here, so chime in and lets see what peeps think.

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Free Jell-O Pops!!!: Bill 'I like to drink too much and touch kids' Cosby's freebie pep rally for the Baylor community is a nice idea. Free Jell-O will be provided, with a hint of an extra special ingredient to further grease the socializing gears. I hear they are also taking a field trip next term to further raise spirits, all on Bill's tab of course.

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September 03, 2003

Week One NFL Picks: Where to go when you really want to lose this month's mortgage payment.

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"The truth is, Mike is so passionate about certain music that I would argue that he's on the top-10 list of real music fans that a band might circulate their unreleased stuff to. Piazza's a riot. He's as passionate as they come." Mike Piazza leaked a new Guns N' Roses track to radio. Passionate and riotous indeed.

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New York Rangers legend-to-be Mike Richter to retire. Too bad that his career kind of ended with a whimper due to injuries.

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"I am a 5-8, 165-pound Jewish guy from Highland Park, Ill. -- where am I going?'' Deutsch cracks. "My career is when I was 11. But this has enabled me to rekindle this passion.'' Just one of the happy campers that have tossed down $15,000 to be coached by the likes of Mike Krzyzewski and Larry Brown at Michael Jordan's Fantasy Camp.

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Is Tennis going down for the count?: Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News thinks so. On the one hand, this year's US Open has been a wash, in more ways than one. The weather delays really hurt the weekend schedule, and with neither Williams sister competing, the woman's side seems like a tournament to determine who's #3 (regardless of the actual rankings). It's really a shame, because the US Open is by far the most prestigious tounament played on a surface that doesn't overly favor one style of game over another.

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September 02, 2003

Who needs a good Lawyer?: Can you believe the Patriots released Lawyer Milloy today? Wow. The NFL is a strange league sometimes...I just hope they know what they're doing; they've just released the team captain and leader. Mr. Belichick, you may be a defensive mastermind, but do you still think you're smarter than the rest of the league? Meanwhile, in all likelyhood, Milloy may just make it to Buffalo for New England's Week 1 tilt -- only he'd be playing for the Bills. Drew and Co. are definitely interested.

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When I read this piece: the first thing I thought of was this. I don't want to discuss Karl's views, but the issue of upper level management. Is there any rhyme or reason to it? Are yesterday's stars more apt to receive positions (coach, GM, etc.) based on their playing days than an assistant on a consistent playoff team? Which is more apt to fail? Who is more qualified? More inside...

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Will Nash Walk?: According to the Winnepeg Sun, he just might. With the Canadian National Team coming up short in Puerto Rico, there will be no Olympic berth for those crazy canucks. So I ask you, is 10 out of 12 years of possible service enough? Should Nash take part in (meaningless) NT friendlies? Does he try to bring Canada back to the Olympics in 2008? As an aside, I hope he does. He's an all-around fascinating player to watch. Not to mention Canada's basketball savior, and only chance at qualifying.

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Washington Redskins Vs. Dallas Cowboys:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Raiders may have played in the last Super Bowl, but in the playoffs for payoff, nobody beats the Redskins and Cowboys. The two teams are worth more than any other American sports team (our most recent evaluation of baseball's New York Yankees in April had the Bombers at $849 million, just a sliver less than the Cowboys), according to our valuations (which don't deduct team debt).

In America's richest sport, the Indians beat the cowboys, with Washington's $952 million value outpacing Dallas' $851 million. The Redskins pulled in more money than the Cowboys last year ($227 million in revenue versus $198 million), and enjoyed a higher operating income ($87.8 million versus $52.3 million).

[via SpoFite-made-good Oliver Willis]

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My once-proud alma mater changed it's name: and then promptly got massacred, by a girl, no less.
(No offense ladies, but this is football, not some durn sewing circle!)

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Move over, Barry: "Welcome to the official website of Kevin Witt, the former 1994 first-round draft pick and high school All-American who has gone on to become one of professional baseball's most feared power hitters. "

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Pay the man!: I've been a fan of Risebrough since being a tyke Flames fan, but this current situation for the Wild is not helping me bring back fond memories. I appreciate the good team vs. good player aargument, to a point. Marian Gaborik is the next big thing, and he's even lucky enough to have been taught how to play D by Lemaire. A point per game in the playoffs for a third year player with practically zero offensive support, less Zholtok. Give the man his money, because he's made more for you than you've paid him.

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Former Olympic 400m hurdles legend Moses announces comeback.: Aged 48. Now thats commitment - given the state of the event, I wouldn't be surprised to see him qualify for the Olympics next year either. Which comebacks stick out most vividly to you? Oldtimers still proving they can mix it with the young uns?

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