September 25, 2003

Goldorak masquerading as Garth Snow: ...or so says Marty Brodeur, referring to the ever increasing net coverage of the Islander tender. Marty criticizes the complaints he's heard from goalies about the new regulations of their equipment. Now if only his sister in-law could've attached plastic foils to close the space between her....

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Hey, great post. I didn't know he writes. I might buy the Tuesday, er, mardi, Journal de Montreal for his articles. One television pundit showed footage of Patrick Roy as a rookie and then as two years ago with bigger equipment but he didn't mention that Patrick Roy was listed as 174 in the eighties and was listed as 190 a year or so ago. That being said, another pundit on a different station showed an NHL catching mitt; it was larger than said pundit's head and shoulders. I would prefer smaller equipment to larger nets. Tell it like it is, Martin. "Now, with the new composite sticks, he (Mats Sundin) can fire a bullet from the blue-line - and beat me from time to time." That's what we like to hear!

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I'm an Isles fan but yes - smaller equipment, like it was back in the 80s would be nice. it was fine then and would be fine now for good goalies. This may be the best solution to the low scoring yet... since there will always be ways to clutch,g rab, and trap and get away with it.

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If goalies could play the game without masks, they must be able to stop the puck with slightly smaller armor. I think Marty doesn't do the actual writing, but rather a reporter writes what he says. Either way, does Le Journal get translated? I'd like to keep up on Marty's musings.

posted by garfield at 10:42 AM on September 25, 2003

Marty shoots so well from his own crease, you have to figure that once he set up in the slot, with the way he handles his stick he was almost guaranteed to score five-hole before his sister-in-law could close it down.

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SpoFi: Scoring Five-hole before your sister-in-law can close it down.

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I might have posted this story here once or twice before, but what the fits the thread...

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MeatSaber - that was goddamned funny, thanks.

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Goddamned funny indeed! If anyone is thinking of skipping Saber's link, I beg you to reconsider.

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Garth Snow gets slammed for having big pads. Sheesh. I remember this coming up back in 1997 when the Flyers made it to the finals. But yeah, pads should be used for protection primarily, not superfluous net obscuring.

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scoring five-hole - bad Hoser lexicon for getting laid. Other bad Hoserisms - going to my room to "pull the goalie'.

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....which usually involves icing.

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Here's a link for anyone else who didn't get the Goldorak reference. Hilarious.

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I remember spitting Coke all over my monitor when I read that story back then...and it still brings out a hearty chuckle now...glad to share... Now, the biggest double-entendre in hockey history is "he's gonna spend 2 minutes in the box for holding the stick"

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Oh the wit. Basketball is also chalk full of 'going hard to the hole', 'taking it to the rim' 'serving up a facial'. Or another double entendre - "2 minutes in the box for closing the hand on the puck." Ha, ha.. uh, wait a minute.

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a good friend of mine once quipped how porn could be set to sports commentary....i think it'd be the funniest porn ever.

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Yeah, I know that kid, Garf. MeatSaber, that link was fantastic.

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There's always the classic Rizzuto voice over during Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light...

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Also, Meatsaber, your screen name is very disturbing. Very.

posted by Samsonov14 at 07:19 PM on September 25, 2003

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