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October 31, 2002

Combine Tanned-In-Tack cowhide,: Ultra Pebble design features, two layers of standard polyurethane, another secret layer of something-or-other and extended polyvinyl chloride lacing and you end up with a pigskin. Read about the evolution of the football.

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The Dallas Observer reports that former five-time Pro Bowler and two-time Super Bowl champion lineman Mark Stepnoski has come out of his smoke filled closet to take charge as President of the Texas chapter of NORML (the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws). Stepnoski states that he smoked marijuana through out his career, quitting 4-6 weeks before the season started to pass drug tests without incident.

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Yao-ch!: Life in the NBA begins for Yao Ming. 11 minutes of playing time. 0 points. 2 rebounds. Pacers win! And it seems that The Quick is working out nicely (if you can judge a new offense by one game). Any other NBA reports?

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Act of kindness speaks volumes about football’s spirit. Jake Porter, a mentally-handicapped high-school senior, scored a touchdown on his first play.

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Green Bay Packers running back Najeh Davenport has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors after being charged with felony burglary and mischief for allegedly breaking in to an apartment and crapping in a woman's clothes hamper at Barry University in Miami on April 1.

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October 30, 2002

Champions League Tonight!: Liverpool VS Valencia...If Liverpool win they will have 10 points, a share of the group lead and a foot in the last 16. With Jerzy Dudek in goal and Michael Owen in attack, I would say Liverpool should win tonight. Other matches tonight include: Dortmund VS Arsenal and Real Madrid VS Roma. All of you living in Europe, you really have no idea how lame it is here in the US. Maybe you do, I don't know...but if I don't move out there soon I am going to freak out!

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October 29, 2002

Dear Seahawks Fans: Your team is in trouble. You signed Jeff George. That Jeff George. Yeah, him. That guy. There he goes again. I like to call him "cancer man". Is the Walrus experiment over with? Continued proof that coaches shouldn't be GMs?

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The NBA season starts tonight. Who you got this year?

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Click for Cans.: Go to the link, click on your favorite team's helmet, and Campbells Chunky will donate one can of food (up to 5 million) to the hungry. You can do it once per day. Right now, the total is almost three million, so there's still plenty of clicks to go. And no, they don't ask for any information from you. (via AnilDash).

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October 28, 2002

Drinks with the Don:: Some competing NBA team scout saw Mavericks coach Don Nelson in the same room with Yugoslav center Darko Milicic and turned him in. As a result, he's been suspended for the first two games of the season for illegal contact. "I'm not talkin' about it," Nelson says in this preseason interview with The Sports Page, a Dallas weekly. "Wait’ll I get a couple Dewar’s scotches in me at night some time, and I’ll probably tell ya, but not now."

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Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?: Now in New Orleans, with enthusiastic fans and the arena deal they wanted, the Hornets 'took the uncharacteristic step of locking up the franchise's most valuable commodity for the next six years.'

Interesting article putting an objectively positive spin on a lot of Hornets' personnel decisions that looked really bad at the time.

I lived in Charlotte for six years during Shinn's residency, and we thought he was cheap (financially and personally). He destroyed a wealth of good will in the center of basketball heaven. What do you think, is this a new leaf?

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Roma VS Lazio: Great game. Last year's derby was just as good, maybe better. This is one of my favorite annual games... along with Liverpool VS Manchester United... Did anyone actually see this game? For some reason, FOXSPORTSWORLD no longer carries the Serie A. And boy do I miss it!

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Sports and the subculture of sex:
A quick survey of the groupie culture in the big four pro sports leagues: Orlando Magic GM Pat Williams calls the NBA All-Star Game the "Super Bowl of sports sex".

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October 27, 2002

Congratulations, Anaheim Angels, 2002 World Champions!:

Much like my own New England Patriots this January, the Angels completed an Impossible Dream season by downing the Giants 4-1 in the deciding Game 7 of the World Series to win their first ever World Series. The Angels have shocked the world by not only beating out the heavily favored M's in the AL West this season, but going further than anyone outside of the Anaheim thought possible.

The Giants had the championship in their grasp last night, but let it slip away needing only 6 outs to take the crown. After that heartbreak on Saturday, they never really showed up to play tonight, and it's a shame the Big Guy didn't get a ring in what was probably his best and only chance to get that elusive championship- although he should have put to rest any doubts about his ability to perform on the biggest stage.

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Emmitt Smith sweetest accomplishment: breaking Payton's rushing record: Walter Payton's rushing record has fallen in the thrid quarter of Dallas' game against Seattle. The question now is how much longer will Emmitt play in the Cowboys' backfield?

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October 26, 2002

Is Notre Dame for real?: The "experts" at ESPN give their opinion. After their victory over Florida State, what are your thoughts on the Fighting Irish?

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October 25, 2002

Memories on Melody Lane: An ode to the sports played in my backyard in my youth

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Race and sportswriting: On one hand, as a colleague said, "it would make things a lot easier on everyone if Bonds weren't such a d-+k." At the same time, Bonds wouldn't be the first, and the treatment of black athletes versus white athletes is more the point of this article.

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The Gospel According to ESPN: Saints, Saviors, and Sinners.: Has anyone read this book? It looks interesting, but is it worth buying? Recommendations? Reviews?

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Is Rose banned from the game or isn't he?: Is Rose a pariah except when a major sponsor decides he isn't? Did we miss the clause in Rose's agreement with baseball that grants him temporary citizenship when big money is involved?

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October 24, 2002

My team just won the US Open Cup! : More inside.

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Former NFL player Esera Tuaolo has told interviewers for Real Sports and ESPN the Magazine that he is gay, becoming one of the first former NFL players to out himself.

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Fantasy B-Ballers Pay Attention!: Even though the SportsFilter basketball league has drafted, there are many people out there still looking for those tidbits of information to put them over the top in their league this year. Here is an interesting look at how the players stack up.

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The Boston Expos?: Someone's thinking of putting the Expos in Fenway next season. A little kooky, I think. I'm not against adding a team to a market that has one (ie a 3rd NY team) but sharing a stadium, moving on short notice, and many other things make this particular idea a bad one. Plus, I don't think Expos attendance would go up very much anyway, even at Fenway. I mean, can you really picture large amounts of the diehard Red Sox nation thinking "hey, let's go catch the Expos-Pirates game tonight?"

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Managerial shuffle: : In the midst of a nailbiting World Series, it sounds like it's been decided: Lou Piniella will leave Seattle for his home in Tampa Bay (wow, it really was about playing closer to home), while A's manager Art Howe will head for the Big Apple to manage the Mets. Who will replace these men in their respective cities- and would even a World Series championship not be enough to heal the rift between Dusty Baker and Peter MacGowan?

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Kile in the Hall?: Darryl Kile will be on the 2003 Hall of Fame ballot. Although he was a great pitcher and his death was tragic, his stats just don't add up to enshrinement among baseball’s best. This was a wonderful symbolic gesture, but does Kile deserve to be in the Hall? Or even on the ballot?

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The V8 Supercars roar again!: This time, with support races from the CART Indy cars. The Honda Indy 300 is my second favourite race of the season, being held in my home town and the only round where I have a real chance to see them in action. I won't make it this year, but will be watching the TV with all my windows open to try and hear some of that lovely noise. The off-track action provides something for everyone as well.

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October 23, 2002

Ripken's streak is the most memorable moment in baseball history? : It is, according to us fans. Does anyone else find it hard to believe that 'the shot heard 'round the world' didn't make the list?

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Kent for goat?: World Series analysis

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Dallas Cowboys First Round Draft Pick?:
After being busted with 7 1/2 pounds of pot and over $16,000 in cash he is uniquely qualified to step into a veterans role on America's Team . . .

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McCovey Cove: Jim Caple writes this fine article about the boating-and-baseball community that has arisen since the opening of Pac Bell Park. I'd love to "attend" a baseball game in such a way -- maybe even more than sitting atop one of those buildings across the street from Wrigley.

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October 22, 2002

Play this devilishly difficult football game.: Thats football as in the real version. This game is very cool and even has up to date premier league squads. Trouble is I am crap at it. If football is too sophisticated and subtle for you, there is also jet racers.

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Should TWolves trade Kevin Garnett?:

This writer thinks so. I'm not so sure. Their history of being knocked out in the first round has been well documented. They had draft picks revoked due to the Joe Smith fiasco. They can't seem to yield a continually healthy team. They have problems attracting top talent to Minnesota.

That said, if trading KG is the only way, what is the best deal? What team could come up with enough contract dollars to match his? What trade would make sense?

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Have you seen this yet? Apparently being on the cover of Sports Illustrated leads to bad things for a lot of athletes. I'm hoping either Eric Lindros or Barry Bonds are on the cover next. And maybe my first grade teacher Mrs. Seminara for some reason. (Link horked from

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October 21, 2002

BCS Standings are out.: And Oklahoma is out in front by a comfortable margin, while Notre Dame is third (!) with the nation's toughest schedule. According to the computers anyway. Does anyone here think that Oklahoma or ND would even stand a chance against Miami? As usual, I'm having a hard time with this stupid system, for a variety of reasons that I'll discuss later, but I wanted to get the topic started...

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Is Favre indestructible?:
Favre may be hurt (it's only a sprain), but it brings up his incredible streak of starting 164 strait games. Michael Wilbon calls it "Ripkenesque" and writes that it's "maybe even more impressive than that, to take the beating he's taken without ever missing a start in all that time."

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Why watch the games? : Yahoo! Sports' computer simulation picks the Giants in six.

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So if you happen to be in Delaware this weekend,: why not check it out. This may be the year that a team can crack the mile mark.

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October 20, 2002

Intentionally walking Barry Bonds is Dumb.: As great as Barry is, he makes an out nearly 50% of his plate appearances. He was just intentionally walked in an inning where the Giants scored two runs with two outs; it's a great example of what this article is talking about.

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In Defense of Defense.: "Surprisingly, fielding statistics have been a much better predictor of playoff success over the last three decades than perhaps any other aspect of the game." (SpoFi NY Times may have missed this because it was in Week in Review rather than Sports, for some reason.)

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October 19, 2002

Arsenal defeated.: History. Drama. Tragedy. A latter-day David and Goliath battle. The 30-match unbeaten record of Arsenal, reigning Premier League champions, was ended today by Everton. Arsenal's first Premier League loss this year came courtesy of a last-minute goal scored by the youngest player in the League, 16-year-old Wayne Rooney. David Seaman, the Arsenal and England goalkeeper, found himself beaten yet again by a long range effort, although this one was a 30-yard crackshot that flew over him and dipped down before richoceting in off the underside of the crossbar. Most important, my team Liverpool (who are Everton's city rivals) moved to the top of the League. God bless Wayne Rooney and Everton.

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How bad are the Bengals?: "Hamilton County's three commissioners want to know if the Bengals' failure to field a competitive team violates the lease. The commissioners unanimously voted Wednesday to ask county prosecutor Michael Allen for a legal opinion on the subject." The Ickey Shuffle. So long ago.

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No, Virginia, the Wild Card doesn't suck.: Jayson Stark argues that the Wild Card has not diluted the quality of MLB postseason play, despite the insistence by the traditionalists that a Wild Card would result in, among other things, some team getting into the postseason with an 85-77 record and winning it all. (Never mind that the 1987 Twins did precisely that....) Stark also gives an interesting suggestion on how to improve the Wild Card....

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Planes toting ads to fly at World Series: This makes me a little bit nervous. But...whatta ya gonna do? Life must go on, right?

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October 18, 2002

"White men can't dance.": Terrell Owens asserts that since African-American players are inherently more "expressive" than their fellow white players, African-American players are being punished by the NFL for just being themselves. Is this a legitimate complaint or is Owens just being himself by griping for the sake of griping?

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MLB to Washington D.C.: No MLB baseball for you! (At least for the time being): According to ESPN the Expos are going to stay north of the boarder for at least one more year. If the Expos move, the team will likely move to San Juan or Portland. But, is it good idea to move a team so close to San Francisco and Seattle? In the alternative, I think it would be cool to have a MLB team in Puerto Rico.

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Premier League live matches FREE! For the English football fan who resides in the US, it is a personal challenge to enjoy a live match without shelling out the bucks for cable or pay-per-view TV. For the cheapskate fan, our best alternative is Internet radio commentary. You could go via Yahoo's live commentary page but why bother with the unpredictable quality of those links? I've visited every one of the Premier League team sites and present herein, the SpoFi English Premier League (mostly) FREE Internet Radio Commentary List (SEPLFIRCL). See more inside and bookmark it!

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A nude-but-for-his-socks streaker leapt onto the ice during last night's Flames-Bruins game, fell down and was knocked unconscious, according to Canoe and the Calgary Herald.

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How much are they making?: "USA TODAY's baseball salaries database contains year-by-year listings of salaries for Major League Baseball players on opening day rosters, 1988 through the current season." Man, thats a lot of money to be outta the playoffs so quick... hehe

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October 17, 2002

Navy Sniper Fitted Cap:
According to Matt Drudge the Washington Capitals are going to ask the NHL to stop sales of this ball cap.
I would think that putting sales on hiatus would be enough . . .

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This is a sport that I would love to know the orgin of.: It seems like anything can become sport and that is great.

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Terrell Owens is an amateur.: Mr Owens said his post-goal ball-signing was an attempt to be "creative." Compared to Facundo Sava of Fulham, Mr Owens is a latecomer Philistine when it comes to goal-scoring celebration sock-props. Why, only last weekend, after scoring the solitary goal over Charlton, Mr Sava pulled a Zorro mask out of his sock and put it on before racing to his team bench. And that's nothing compared to his days with Gimnasia la Plata in Argentina, when he celebrated his goals by wearing wolf masks. Now, that's creativity.

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Why College Football stinks.: I don't entirely agree with the thrust of this article -- while the college game isn't much fun to watch, really, until late October when the bowl season starts shaping up -- I have to grant a lot of the points made, especially the maddening lack of what any casual NFL fan would consider the fundamentals of the game.

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October 16, 2002

CriminalSports: Like a police blotter for the athletic set

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Give Bill Buckner a break!: I've always maintained that Mookie would have beaten him to the bag anyway. Finally, someone agrees!

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The Helmet Project: shows us pretty much every football helmet ever, collegiate and pro. Pick a conference (agian, collegiate or pro) and you're shown the current helmets for all teams in said conference, and all of the past helmets for those teams, some with special explanations. Very cool stuff, even though I'm not a big football fan.

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October 15, 2002

Soccamatic.: I know it's not Friday but this is good for any day. Nick Parks marries two of my favorite diversions: soccer and animation (via Wallace and Gromit's first new show in ages).

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Just give me the damn ball!: So I can sign it. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Terrell Owens catches a touchdown pass, reaches into his sock, and pulls out a Sharpie and signs the ball. Page 2 wonders what else is in there.

posted by patrickje to football at 05:45 PM - 9 comments : is (you guessed it!) all about ugly footballers.

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Who do I cheer for?:
Is your favourite baseball team not in the World Series? Let the fellas at Baseball Prospectus help you decide who to cheer for in the Fall Classic.

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Cards Pitcher Strikes SF Fan:
A great win is slightly tarred by a jerk who "was pounding on the bus, making obscene gestures and yelling profanities at players and their families."

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October 14, 2002

Offside: Soccer and American Exceptionalism (or Why soccer ain't big in America) [Amazon link].: While I've been tilting at windmills on SpoFi, attempting to raise interest in the beautiful game in this small corner of a yet un-futbol-fanatical land, one man published a book last year explaining why my quest shall ultimately be quixotic. Andy Markowits, big-time American sports fan, explains that it ain't coz US fans love high-scoring games or that soccer is just un-American (I'm paraphrasing a review by someone who actually read the book). It's all about the sports franchising system and the mass-marketing of sports. Looks like the soccerheads messed up big-time and let football, baseball, basketball and hockey get away with the goods. Anyone read this book? Agree? Disagree?

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McDyess goes down.: Antonio McDyess went down with a fractured kneecap Saturday night -- the same knee that he had surgery on last year. He came to New York to be the low-post presence the Knicks had been lacking since Patrick Ewing was good.

Are the Knicks cursed? Do they stand a chance of making the playoffs? Or is this just punishment for making the rest of the league watch boring 82-79 games where Kurt Thomas is treated like a Hall of Famer?

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October 13, 2002

Angels reach the promised land! Make World Series for first time in 42 years!: Who would have thought at the beginning of this season that Anaheim would be in the Fall Classic? Not me, that's for sure!

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October 12, 2002

Red River Battle: No spoilers until you get inside.

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Wide Left I: Florida State placekicker Xavier Beitia, the fourth Seminole kicker to miss a game-deciding field goal against Miami, is making news for inconsolable sobbing. "I haven't seen a player take anything worse than him," says team chaplain Clint Purvis.

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October 11, 2002

Lennox Lewis' Next Opponent: WWE Champ Brock Lesnar?:
A british tabloid is reporting that Lewis has had a secret meeting with wrestling impresario Vince McMahon and will face off against Lesnar, the current WWE champ, at an event next February. The price tag? $5 million. Lewis' camp is not commenting.

Stranger things have happened. Muhammed Ali and Japanese wrestling star Antonio Inoki met in the ring in 1978. Lawrence Taylor stepped in the ring with Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania XI. And Mike Tyson spent some time promoting Wrestlemania XIV in 1998 and appeared as a "guest enforcer", but did not wrestle.

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Two teams to play next UEFA games in empty stadiums.: The Dutch team Utrecht and the Georgian team Dinamo Tbilisi have been punished for two seperate incidents of violence and racist banter from fans. UEFA, who is trying to cut back on race-related incidents at games has sent a ten-point plan to clubs whose grounds have seen racist behaviour in recent European club competition matches, calling on them to take "all necessary action" to implement measures to combat racism. I can't find that letter or the ten point plan anywhere, but is it fair for a governing body hold the clubs responsible for the behavior of their fans?

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The Texas Rangers are one step closer to a World Series title with the hiring of Buck Showalter as manager. Now all they have to do is fire him and hire a broadcaster.

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October 10, 2002

Wide Receivers: Jerks.: "Moss is an NFL wide receiver, and NFL wide receivers, by and large, are jerks. Not dirty players, mind you, or murderous off-field thugs—just your basic, run-of-the-mill jerks. At no other position will you find such a Rolodex of malcontents." I hear Jeff George and Ryan Leaf are starting a movement to get equal time for quarterbacks.

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Suh-weet!: Say what you want; I like Zeke. Isaiah Thomas does not want to be your average "former superstar" coach (btw, he SHOULD have been on the dream team); he wants to be legendary. He wants to innovate. So he spent the summer devising a new offense (called the "Quick Offense") that may very well be unstoppable (stop laughing) and change the way basketball is played. It looks like it may already be working. So long Triangle.

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Barry Easily Outslugs the Babe: "Babe Ruth played before integration. It has always bothered me that, given the obvious impact of African-American and Latino ballplayers, we somehow manage to place pre-integration major-leaguers on the same accomplishment platforms as the post-Jackie Robinson players. Babe, Ty Cobb, Josh Gibson and all the rest don't deserve it.... Barry rules the world. Babe ruled White America."

It's nice to see someone, at ESPN no less (even if it's on Page 2), finally stepping off the Babe Ruth bandwagon and acknowledging a point I've been trying to make for years...

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This pisses me off.: I've come to accept, if not love, the wild card (especially after it helped the Mets), the excess of homers, and other features of modern baseball. (Not the DH, though -- one reason I'm an NL fan.) But the fact that batters are such sissies they charge the mound on an inside pitch, and pitchers are now afraid to throw them -- that destroys the balance of the game (and is one reason for the glut of homers.)

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Former Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall, imprisoned 70 months for defrauding financial institutions of more than $200 million, was an invited guest at the retirement of Wayne Gretzky's Kings jersey last night. Gretzky visited McNall several times in prison. "For him to maintain the friendship and loyalty that he did, it was just amazing," McNall told Toronto Sun hockey columnist Al Strachan.

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October 09, 2002

Nominate players: for the all-Whiner NBA team.

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Deford dislikes fantasy sports.: Mean old uncle Frank (isn't he creepy looking?) is very cranky in his latest column for CNNSI, ranting against the effects fantasy sports and video games are having on real sports. Looks like I'll drop him from my fantasy sportswriter team and pick up Ray Ratto.

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In Games 2 and 3 of the Angels series, Yankees pitchers got to 0-and-2 on 16 different hitters -- and gave up eight hits in those at-bats (versus only four strikeouts). This and other useless trivia about this post-season from ESPN's Jayson Stark. (via Byzantiums Shores)

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October 08, 2002

What's going on with Theo Fleury? First he misses practice, and everyone assumes he's back on the juice. Then we find out he was with his ailing father because the old man had a tumor in his prostate. Man, what a bunch of jerks we turned out to be! But now, the NHl has suspended him for violating his aftercare program. Well, is he or isn't he getting messed up again? Am I the only one who's hoping that little bastard gets his act together so he can continue to entertain us? Who else can score like he does and still find the time to beat up mascots on the side?

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The Free Akili petition: is swinging into full gear. Show the SpoFi spirit and get Akili a starting job -- even if it's in the CFL. :)

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English FA clubs in crisis.: A multiple-report dossier from the Guardian outlines the impact of ITV Digital's bankruptcy, and the dissolution of the UKpound 300-million TV contract, on First Division clubs (and below). 30 clubs may be on the verge of bankruptcy, some of which may have to stop playing in the middle of this season. Also, there's talk of pay cuts for players and layoffs. Anyone have a local perspective? Solutions?

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MLS Players to form union? : Failing to secure a court appeal for their class action lawsuit against the league, some MLS players are now talking about forming a player's union to collectively bargain about salaries, transfer rights, and other hot topics. Will this help or destroy the league's chances of becoming successful?

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I was walking home from a soccer game in San Francisco around 9:20 tonight. When I'd peeked in at bar's TV on the way to my game, the Giants were leading the Braves in the sixth, and I was really curious how the game was going. (A guy at the soccer game had a radio, but all he told us was that the game was in the ninth, and he didn't know the score.) As I got to a block with a couple of bars, I heard explosions of cheering from bars on both sides of the street, and that's how I learned the Giants won.

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October 07, 2002

Good loser,: bad loser. The Diamondbacks' Bob Brenly has praise and hope for the Cardinals who defeated him, while George Steinbrenner passes the buck and prognosticates poor ratings for a World Series that doesn't include the Yankees. Go Angels.

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"So why is it that sex still counts? Suzy Whaley recently qualified to become the first women to play in a Professional Golf Association Tour event. Tennis star Venus Williams's serves have been clocked at around 190 kilometres per hour, about the same as Andre Agassi's. And women can match men in long-distance running and swimming marathons." After four years of court challenges, Justine Blainey took her battle for the right to play on boys' hockey teams to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1987 -- and won. Now a married chiropractor with a daughter, Justine Blainey-Broker reflects on the gender gap in sports.

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October 06, 2002

Hockey blogs galore: I was surfing around and I finally found some decent hockey blogs, Off Wing, The Hockey Pundits, and Puckhog. Just bring on the season!

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Twins win! Twins win!: Bud Selig must be having ulcers right about now. The Twins hold off a rally by the Oakland A's in the ninth to advance to the ALCS.

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Tennessee outlasts Arkansas in six overtimes: This is why the NCAA tie-breaking system is so good. A great game made even better by an exciting overtime. If the NFL doesn't adapt this system, then they are idiots.

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October 05, 2002

Coastal Expansion: Should the Atlantic Coast Conference expand to 12 teams?

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Angels Win! Angels Win!: Putting on one of the most impressive offensive displays in post-season history, the Angels battered an aging Yankees pitching staff and showed that 2002 was no fluke. Congrats to the Angels for winning their first ever post-season series in franchise history- and doing it against the team with the most championships in sports history.

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Nowinski Learning Ropes in WWE: A former Harvard football player and MTV "Tough Enough" runner-up, Chris Nowinski made the jump from college football stand-out to professional wrestling. He's regarded as one of wrestling's up and coming stars, and his gimmick is simple but effective for being a hated villain.

He went to Harvard and you didn't.

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Baseball ratings climb thanks to nailbiting games: The American national pastime continues its resurgence thanks to exciting playoff games. Wasn't there talk about a players' strike six weeks ago?

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Free Akili!: A cause everyone can get behind. Except Jon Kitna. Or Gus Frerotte. Or even Akili Smith, because he probably really does suck.

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Sox skipper drops ax on coaching staff.: In always exciting off-season Red Sox news... Bench coach Mike Stanley quits. Hitting coach Dwight Evans fired. First base coach, Bullpen coach: out and out, Charlie Manuel... in?

I don't know how I feel about this one. I had fond 80s childhood memories about my father raving about the great #24 as a great right fielder. Well, I'm sure as hell glad I got Dewey to autograph my baseball this year while he was here.

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October 04, 2002

Wacky radio D.J. Beau Duran prank called the widow of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile and asked if she had a date to Thursday night's game, the Arizona Republic reported. The station, KUPD in Tempe, Ariz., has subsequently apologized and lists Duran as suspended on its Web site.

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U-Washington hoops program cops to 26 violations: "Bottom line, I blew it," said assistant coach Cameron Dollar, a former UCLA player who took responsibility for the violations - mostly illegal contact with recruits. Dollar is being fined more than $13,000, barred from off-campus recruiting until July 2003 and the school also has to stop recruiting two of the top high school juniors in the state.

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How important was last night's Clemson game to Florida State? The university president abruptly cancelled classes on Thursday and Friday. "It's obvious now that FSU has a university the football team can be proud of," writes Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi.

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October 03, 2002

Why put it like this?:
This is from a Packers' press release:

The Green Bay Packers have signed wide receiver Corey Parchman to the practice squad, GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman announced Thursday. The 6-foot, 191-pound Parchman replaces wide receiver Devin Lewis, who has been terminated.
"Terminated?" What, did Mike Sherman off him and dump the body into the Fox River? Couldn't they just say Lewis was cut from the practice squad?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have become the first NFL team with their own team psychologists, the Florida Times-Union reports. "If something bad happens on one play, you want to think about something good happening on the next play so you don't dwell on the negative," says offensive lineman Todd Fordham. Future team injury report: "Questionable: Stacey Mack (low self-esteem), Marcus Stroud (anxiety)."

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African-American head coaches in the NFL average 1.1 more wins per year and 28 percent more playoff seasons as their counterparts, yet they are the "last hired and first fired," according to Black Coaches in the National Football League: Superior Performance, Inferior Opportunities, a report by attorneys Johnnie Cochran and Cyrus Mehri. The NFL should award draft picks for diversity in hiring, recommends Cochran, who may take the issue to court. Overall, 27 percent of all NFL assistants and other coaches are African-American, according to the Miami Herald.

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"I.. love: Playing two hand touch, eating way too much, and watching my team win... with The Twins"

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October 02, 2002

It's Pinstripe Season.: What is it about October and the Yanks? (Okay, okay, okay, we all know that George spends money.) The above link is to a blog dedicated to baseball and the Yankees. It might be an interesting blog to follow during the playoffs.

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realgrass.: "it was like playing on a soft natural grass pitch, easy to stop sharply and shoot or cross the ball at speed. i'd have happily played on it for hours non-stop..." curtis fleming - middlesbrough fc & republic of ireland international soccer player

the dallas cowboys are the first nfl installation. for us amateurs, you can try it out at several different locations. has anyone played or seen this surface?

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There ain't no Lions fans in Europe,: and other things you needed NFLers to tell you.

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First and 10.5: For three years, two Helena, Mont., high schools and a college team have been using yardage chains that were six inches too long.

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October 01, 2002

Female sports reporter suspended for 'frolicking' with team in the locker room.: [More here (1, 2)]
When the Minnesota Twins clinched the ALC Championship, reporter Anne Hutchinson was caught on camera spraying players with champagne, and being chased around the locker room "squealing with delight". Of course the local media is having a field day with this.

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Maddox or Kordell?: Yes, Tommy, that XFL guy, has become a contender in Pittsburgh. Unbelievable. I remember seeing his face on NBC under some wacko helmet. Does the coach need to stop favoring Kordell, or is he still the future of the Steelers? Corky predicted this would happen.

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Strike? What Strike?: The magic of baseball's September makes fans forget the dark days of late August

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Bobby V out as Mets manager.: Since 1996, New York baseball writers have been obsessed with the contrast between the manic Valentine and the laconic Torre. Is this the right response to a miserable season, a pot scandal, and a detached clubhouse? Or will this cast of characters continue to underachieve for a new skipper in '03?

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Giving hope to "Wait 'til next year": The search for Babe Ruth's piano in a Sudbury, Mass. pond is going high-tech, with an expert being brought in to hopefully find the dumped instrument and end the deviled curse over Red Sox nation.

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"Underachieving in the postseason is...what makes them the Braves, kind of like how that hoochie-coochie thing is what makes Charo Charo," : says Salon's King Kaufman in making his picks for the playoffs (hint: the National League teams can't win, and the American League teams can't lose). ESPN's Jason Stark says the playoffs are wide open. CNNSI's John Donovan breaks it down. Who are your postseason picks?

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