October 18, 2002

A nude-but-for-his-socks streaker leapt onto the ice during last night's Flames-Bruins game, fell down and was knocked unconscious, according to Canoe and the Calgary Herald.

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Oh, where is David Niven when we really need him? "Ladies and gentlemen, that was bound to happen. Just think, the only laugh that man will probably ever get is for stripping and showing off his shortcomings." -- David Niven after a streaker ran across the Oscar stage, 1974

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Here's what the Boston Herald said: Thomas and the rest of the spectators at the Saddledome got an eyeful with five minutes left in the third period, when a young male disrobed, climbed to the top of the glass and proceeded to crash headfirst down to the ice. He suffered a head injury and had to be taken off on a stretcher, presumably heading for the hospital and, later, jail. ``I saw him taking down his pants,'' said Bruins captain Joe Thornton, who was visibly amused by the weird scene. ``I'm saying, `What is this guy doing?' And then right from the top of the boards down to the ice. Oh man, it's not very nice falling from up there. I hope he's all right, the poor guy. He gave the crowd what they wanted to see. He's an entertainer, that's for sure.''

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Pic of nude dude, post-streak, is here. (Safe for work; unless hosers giving the devil's horn "rock on!" sign in a neck brace is verboten in your workplace.)

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There's a really really great photo in the Globe and Mail, but it doesn't seem to be online. There is a small version of it here: the star

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On second thought, apparently the photo that I was looking for was "digitally altered at the source" and has since been pulled from the wire. Was still a good shot either way...

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