October 17, 2002

This is a sport that I would love to know the orgin of.: It seems like anything can become sport and that is great.

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Well, according to one doubtless dubious account: "The origin of the competition is based in Finnish history. A 19th century notorious character, Rankainen the Robber imposed strong physical standards on men he considered for his band. To qualify, the men had to complete a difficult course with a heavy sack on their backs. It was also not uncommon for men to steal women from neighboring villages."

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A bit off topic, but I remember hearing about the Brazilian sport of Auto-Ball. It is basically soccer, but played in cars and a really big ball - it sounds like a fabulous game, but I don't believe it's played anymore (possibly outlawed) and I can't seem to google any information about it. The best thing about the game was that the referee was a normal referee - he didn't have a car. If he makes a bad decision, well... Does anyone know if there is any information on the internet about this?

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"It's Chinat--, er, Maine, Jake." Try not to think about it too much. The origin is that some packy in Bath was offering 50% off coffeee brandy (the extra e is for "wicked") and the guy's wife wasn't keeping up (being that they'd both racked up a couple deweys an' weren't in no state to drive anyhoo), so he carried her. Birth of a sport.

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Either I am oversensitive; the term paky, as it is being used here, does not mean the same as it would in the UK , or this is a chuffin racist post.

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Well, it's Friday, and it's sport, so why not arm wrestle Freud?

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Sorry, I always forget not to use that on the web. "Packy" in New England = "Package Store" = "Liquor Store" everywhere else. Now you help me out with "chuffin" and you've got a china for life.

posted by yerfatma at 03:06 PM on October 18, 2002

Aah, it makes perfect sense now, this is why I could never be a translator, sorry for jumping in. Chuffing can mean anything you like really. To be chuffed is to be mightily pleased, but aside from that it is used mainly as a euphemism for fuck and its derivatives; in a sort of friendly, cuddly, non aggressive sense though.

posted by Fat Buddha at 03:31 PM on October 18, 2002

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