October 28, 2002

Roma VS Lazio: Great game. Last year's derby was just as good, maybe better. This is one of my favorite annual games... along with Liverpool VS Manchester United... Did anyone actually see this game? For some reason, FOXSPORTSWORLD no longer carries the Serie A. And boy do I miss it!

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I was at the stadium yesterday, StarFucker. Despite living here for four years, it was the first time I've been to the stadium for the derby. Considering past derbies I've seen on TV, I couldn't have asked for a better match. (well, it would have been nicer if Mihajlovic hadn't fubared the rigore). I'll be writing about it on my blog later today. Can't wait for the next one.

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OH MY GOD!! You were at the game!?! You are so lucky! So what are you doing living there? Are you Italian? Are you visiting? Are you a ROMA or LAZIO fan? Oh wait, i just saw your name...Romakimmy...nevermind. Heh heh...I like Lazio better but hey, I would have had such a great time...even if i could have just WATCHED the game on tv. Do you remember last year's game when Castroman tied it up with a 30 yard screamer in injury time? Thats when i actually became a Lazio fan. So tell me more!

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I'm an american girl who's been living in Roma for over 4 years now. I'm actually a Juve fan (when I first began to follow calcio, Zidane was awe inspiring to watch. When he left for Real Madrid, it was too late to switch loyalties ;-) I root first of all for gli Azzurri, followed by Juve, then Lazio. AS Roma and their fans, as a rule, tend to chafe my hide. Castroman's goal that game was amazing. Mancini should have brought him out sooner yesterday (I'm fond of the little guy) Am writing my blog update right now, and it should be up later tonight. Check my profile for the link. (It'd be up sooner, but I *do* have to get some work done.) Roma merda/ alè alè alè/ Roma merda alè! ;-)

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I just tried to go to your weblog...its seems to be down for the moment. So how did you get so lucky to be able to live in Italy? I have been trying to move to Europe for a few years now, but I don't even know how to get started. Did you get transferred through work? Is gli Azzurri the Italian National team? Anyway...Lazio better win the Scudetto this year!

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Mm. Sorry, should have mentioned that my weblog loads horrendously slow as I'm on a free host. Anywho, direct links to Saturday's and today's posts: Il Derby Il Derby-Pt. II Yes, gli Azzurri are the National Squad. Inter and Milan are looking *very* strong this year; Lazio will need to really pull themselves together to win the scudetto. I, of course, am hoping for a second consecutive victory for Juve. As for how I managed to live here, that's another story entirely and one that's not completely finished ;-)

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I was at the derby two years ago, and got into a fight with some Romanistas (because of my stupid Lazili (sp?) friends). The game was pretty good, but the action after the game was even better. We even made the highlights show that night! Too bad it featured me taking a sucker puch from behind. Anyone else have cool stories from a Roma-lazio derby? Forza Roma, Sempre!

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Forza Roma, Sempre! Verme siete e verme rimanete. Il tricolore non cancella l'odore. ;-P Bag Man, was that the derby where Negro f***ed up and made an autogol? He's still getting hissed at by the laziale for that one.

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(this has nothing to do with the game but...) My folks were in Rome this summer (chaparoning a student trip), and my father had to change shirts in a hurry (due to a bird with very good aim) so he went into a store and bought a Roma t-shirt. Later that day a man came up to him on the street and shook his hand just for having the Roma shirt on.

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Your blog is damn funny Romakimmy... I look forward to reading more when i get home from work. Too bad there aren't any pics of you in the profile :)

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