October 03, 2002

"I.. love: Playing two hand touch, eating way too much, and watching my team win... with The Twins"

posted by owillis to culture at 01:28 AM - 13 comments

Thank you for that link! That is the best!

posted by carbs at 07:26 AM on October 03, 2002

The world is only big enough for one set of hot twins....I propose a tag team mud wrestling match to determine the victors. Enter the Costello twins from The Man Show.

posted by mbd1 at 09:37 AM on October 03, 2002

Tears, tears, in my eyes. What a way to start my morning. Have to take my meds to get my heartbeat down to normal again.

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:44 AM on October 03, 2002

Maybe we should just have a cage match free-for-all and include the Dahm Triplets (Warning: Pay site, may not be appropriate for work setting!)

posted by rebeuthl at 09:46 AM on October 03, 2002

I guess this is what the Olsen twins have to look forward to.

posted by ShinyKnows at 01:34 PM on October 03, 2002

Brings a whole new meaning to sisterly bonding.

posted by mediaman at 05:01 PM on October 03, 2002

Greatest commericals...ever. I love those songs.

posted by Conquistador at 05:06 PM on October 03, 2002

I am buying whatever it is they're selling.

posted by kirkaracha at 01:32 AM on October 04, 2002

sometimes i wonder why oliver posts what he does. Oliver, was the idea to share with the community that you think these women are beautiful? or something else.

posted by djacobs at 01:11 PM on October 04, 2002

Well geez. I was just curious who the twins in the commercials were - did some research and voila. Is there some kind of problem?

posted by owillis at 11:45 PM on October 04, 2002

God forbid we should ever combine sex appeal and sports.

posted by ShinyKnows at 10:41 AM on October 05, 2002

Who/what do these ladies advertise, for the benefit of us foreign types?

posted by etagloh at 07:23 PM on October 05, 2002

Coors Light. And these ads -- no matter how purty those twins are -- make me want to throw my TV out the window. Grrrr.

posted by ahhgrr at 03:38 PM on October 07, 2002

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