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The Washington Redskins are the team I love. I bleed and sweat and cry burgundy and gold. It has not been easy as of late. I long for the days of Joe Gibbs and The Hogs. We now have the Ballcoach, so there is "a gleam". For now, I like to reflect on the last play of Troy Aikman's football career:

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NFL Arbitrator who ruled for Redskins...: is a 'Skins season ticket holder. The Redskins were surprisingly awarded KR Chad Morton, the fourth Jets player to be picked up by the Redskins this offseason. The Jets are not happy. The first game of the season is Washington vs. NYJ.

posted by owillis to football at 08:44 PM on April 08, 2003 - 8 comments

Junior Seau Out In San Diego?: "While refusing to say if the team was unhappy with the 34-year-old Seau, coach Marty Schottenheimer said Friday that letting the player and his agent pursue a trade was best for both sides." I know that the Chargers defense wasn't hot, but when they went 1-15 one of the only bright spots was Say-Ow and it doesn't even look like salary cap was the issue at hand here.

posted by owillis to football at 06:27 PM on March 14, 2003 - 4 comments

NASCAR's Rise: "Consider, 4 out of 5 NBA players are African American, 67 percent of NFL players are minorities, and last season, 23 percent of major league baseball players were born in Spanish-speaking countries (an increase of 40 percent from 1989). All of those sports, except football, are experiencing a dip in popularity. Meanwhile, the conspicuously white NASCAR is on an unprecedented run up the profit chart."

posted by owillis to other at 11:32 AM on March 09, 2003 - 4 comments

NFL flirts with L.A. again.: Seems like the Chargers exercised their escape clause with Qualcomm Stadium, and the same old folks in L.A. are trying to woo them north. Never mind that people in Los Angeles could either care less about NFL football or root for an out-of-town team.

posted by owillis to football at 11:56 PM on March 04, 2003 - 6 comments

Is LeBron James doomed to fail?: I think it's kind of ridiculous for a high school basketball player to be featured on national television, with the sort of hype he's generating. What next - televised one on one from the playground of St. Francis Pre-School?

posted by owillis to basketball at 11:10 PM on December 12, 2002 - 9 comments

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According to former player Bimbo Coles, the Cleveland Cavaliers are tanking games

This explains the Bengals.

posted by owillis at 11:57 PM on March 04, 2003

Can anyone tell me how come Dennis Green wasn't in the running? He seems like a lock for a situation like this. Still, Dennis Erickson? Weird.

posted by owillis at 03:26 AM on February 12, 2003

Hell freezes over!

Note to Bill Callahan: You might want to throw to Jerry Rice sometime. Congrats to the Bucs for bringing the Lombardi back to its proper home in the NFC.

posted by owillis at 09:55 PM on January 26, 2003

NFL issues warning on heels of Beightol comments. Man, what's wrong with the Packers' coaching staff? Whine, whine...

posted by owillis at 08:34 PM on November 26, 2002

Sapp didn't need to level the guy Don't want to get hit - don't play football

posted by owillis at 04:33 PM on November 25, 2002

I wrote it after the first kick. The second kick warranted a: Holy. Freaking. Crap. Mike Sherman thing, hats off for picking a fight with Sapp Gimme a break. When the ball changes hands, the offense is now the defense. If you're a quarterback, you're going to get nailed - much less an offensive lineman. Sapp's move was totally legal, and its a sissy move for a coach to bitch out an opposing player - especially in the manner Sherman did it.

posted by owillis at 01:48 PM on November 25, 2002

For the record, I would just like to add... Mike Vanderjagt: Holy. Crap.

posted by owillis at 10:40 PM on November 24, 2002

Dear Ballcoach, I know you're happy. That was a great win. I lost my voice during the game. I'm sure you threw out a wrinkle or two with all that grimacing - hazard of the job and all. Look, I understand you like to throw the ball. Your sense of disappointment oozes right down from the Direct TV satellite and into my house. But we don't have the guys for it. Not the quarterback, not the wide receivers. But we have one of the best running backs in the league. He ran for three touchdowns on Sunday. I'm asking you this. Don't abandon the run. You have to beat Dallas. It has been nine games since the Redskins beat the Cowboys - Emmitt Smith's shoes often turn red from the way he runs all over the Skins. If you beat Dallas, you will be crowned King of D.C. We might even allow you to launch a missile or two at Bobby Bowden (as long as you save the big one for Jerry Jones). Do this for me, and then you can throw the ball to your heart's content. I beg of you. Happy Turkey Day, owillis

posted by owillis at 10:08 PM on November 24, 2002

Quarterback Drought?

I think the '91 Redskins offense was a little more than just competent, outscoring teams 485-224. during the regular season

posted by owillis at 02:02 PM on November 23, 2002

10 Things Owillis Screamed At The Top Of His Lungs While The Giants Beat The Redskins 1. Joe Gibbs would never have done that! 2. Run the ball 3. Run the ball 4. Run the g-d ball 5. Mr. Matthews, your time is up. Please return the quaterback position to its locked and upright position and grab that clipboard 6. Michael Strahan's sack record is still a big, stinky fraud! 7. Jerome Shockey should team with the Iron Sheik in a cage match 8. Jerome Shockey is my enemy 9. Marvin Lewis, why aren't we covering Jerome Shockey? 10. At least Dallas lost too. (two weeks to go, sucka!)

posted by owillis at 10:30 AM on November 18, 2002

Methinks Sunday nite/monday is the best time for an NFL update - since everything more or less happens on Sundays unlike the other sports...

posted by owillis at 07:01 PM on November 15, 2002

I'll take the NFL beat...

posted by owillis at 12:53 PM on November 14, 2002

Yeah, and let me guess ... Marty Shottenheimer is a lousy coach and the Chargers will go nowhere with him. Afterall, that is the reason the Skins sucked last year. ;) Actually, Marty is a good coach. But he is an abysmal GM, which is why Snyder fired him. Don't let the facts get in the way.

posted by owillis at 01:29 PM on October 31, 2002

Wizards. Because I believe in 23.

posted by owillis at 05:14 PM on October 29, 2002

Dallas Cowboys First Round Draft Pick?

He just moved up Jerry's draft board.

posted by owillis at 07:24 PM on October 24, 2002