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Cycling loses a rising star.: Andrei Kivilev becomes one of a very few cyclists to die in a race. This is bad news for many reasons, not least because the guy was turning into a legitimate Grand Tour contender. A sad day for the wheelmen.

posted by ahhgrr to other at 09:46 AM on March 12, 2003 - 3 comments

The agony of victory.: Great article about why suffering is so important to Lance Armstrong's victories. More opinion in this Q and A bit. Oh, and US Postal took second today in the Team Time Trial, just a hair behind ONCE.

posted by ahhgrr to other at 02:18 PM on July 10, 2002 - 3 comments

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Connecticut has lost, finally.

The UConn women's team is pretty cool. Back when the winning started for real, in the 93-94 season, I was in grad school there, and eating in the same meal halls as they did. Women's team ate real food for breakfast (bagels, fruit, juices), whereas the men's team tended towards one box per player of sugary cereal. Seemed to work for both teams that year, though.

posted by ahhgrr at 09:50 AM on March 12, 2003

As if we needed more evidence of the true lack of "guru-ness" possessed by Mr. Holmgren. Where's your Favre now? Ehhh?

posted by ahhgrr at 11:25 AM on October 30, 2002

Coors Light. And these ads -- no matter how purty those twins are -- make me want to throw my TV out the window. Grrrr.

posted by ahhgrr at 03:38 PM on October 07, 2002

Is Tice Toast?

Every time I've seen Moss play this year, he's been wimpy around the ball, lackadaisical in his routes, and petulant on the sideline. That is not the play of a 70-million-dollar player, nor does it inspire confidence from his teammates, no matter what platitudes they spew forth to the media. Culpepper looked good but inexperienced last year, but looks confused this year. No leadership on the field, no leadership on the sideline. Hosed season, coming right up.

posted by ahhgrr at 03:58 PM on September 30, 2002

America's Cup action begins.

I've been getting primed for this all summer, since it's going to be on TV, live. Those of you with digital cable or dishes can whip over to Outdoor Life Network to see the coverage (link to Louis Vuitton Cup portion of their site). I was at the St. Francis years and years ago for something or other with my father (we weren't members, I think a friend of his was, though). I was a kid, but I recall it being very swank indeed.

posted by ahhgrr at 03:51 PM on September 30, 2002

Lance Armstrong wins his fourth straight Tour de France.

After the doping allegations emerged, Tour director Jean-Marie Leblanc said he was a "bit surprised'' by Rumsas' performance. "He didn't have the reputation as a rider so outstanding that he could climb the Tour de France podium,'' Leblanc told LCI television. Gee, thanks J-M. Folks who pay attention to cycling have been eyeing Rumsas for years, waiting for him to get into the Tour, due to the obvious talent he's been displaying. But it's gotta be the drugs. Maybe the Tour staff was jealous that they didn't have all the main contenders tossed out mid-race like the Giro? But yes, avogadro, *sigh*.

posted by ahhgrr at 01:31 PM on July 29, 2002

Lance Armstrong wins his fourth straight Tour de France.

I found that I generated excitement in myself by screaming at the TV watching ONCE essentially cower in fear in the mountains. I was expecting more of a battle for the top, really. Sigh. Next year, though, I'm already hoping for a really interesting race: Simoni in, Hamilton focusing on the Tour, Leipheimer focusing on the Tour, Ullrich back and (hopefully, please!) focusing on beating Lance. Beloki coming back stronger, more ready to attack. Rumsas coming even more into his own. Azevedo as a big threat. Sevilla in better shape. Especially Rumsas and Azevedo -- those two guys were real eye-openers, although Rumsas has been knocking on the door (and denied entry by his own freaking team!) for two years. And I will not forget Santi Botero, one of my favorite riders in the peloton. If he didn't crack on Ventoux, the entire Alpine section would have been vastly different.

posted by ahhgrr at 09:08 AM on July 29, 2002

Is Lance Armstrong An Athelete?

Upon further reflection, and the fact that there's a weak "Lance is the best" counterpoint article, I've decided that The Onion's editors have taken over MSNBC Sports, since the comparison between the two articles is much like some classic Onion Point/Counterpoint sections. (Such as Air Conditioning vs. Heater.)

posted by ahhgrr at 01:55 PM on July 26, 2002

Is Lance Armstrong An Athelete?

Good responses to Borges' patent idiocy can be seen here. Including the key question, found at the bottom, "Is Ron Borges really a sports journalist?" Obviously not.

posted by ahhgrr at 08:49 PM on July 25, 2002

I'm in (well, soon anyway). Why wait two months? Pre-pre-pre-season!

posted by ahhgrr at 05:08 PM on July 19, 2002

This years Tour de France

Looks to be even more in the bag after today. At least Botero was performing more like he should be today. (Great rider, but I think he managed to lose some climbing greatness in becoming a superlative time-trialist.)

posted by ahhgrr at 05:06 PM on July 19, 2002

This years Tour de France

Looked like Botero had a mechanical at the critical part of today's stage, which sucked. I'd love to see him up there with Beloki, challenging Armstrong.

posted by ahhgrr at 02:52 PM on July 18, 2002

[ spoiler! spoiler! ]

For us Americans lucky enough to have the tiny (but cool) Outdoor Life Network on their cable systems, and the time flexibility to stay home all morning, Le Tour is LIVE, every day, as it unfolds. I, of course, have both of those things, and watched the whole thing unfold. BTW, in the post-race interviews, Lance said that if it weren't for time bonuses and the presence of Beloki, he was going to give Heras the win -- he even said wors to the effect of "I consider this Roberto's win anyway, he was incredible today." And it is too bad about Jaja not taking it all today, but it was great to see him out there giving it his all. Tomorrow's hillier, longer stage should be even more fun.

posted by ahhgrr at 02:50 PM on July 18, 2002

"Celebrity adventurer" first solo balloonist to circle the world

It's a durned nifty activity, but I have a tough time thinking of solo ballooning -- without competition -- as a sport.

posted by ahhgrr at 08:44 AM on July 03, 2002

salmacis, the expulsion-ridden Giro this year, and the big bust last year aren't enough? Cycling has a problem, but it's so far ahead of any other sport, it's not even funny. What would happen to major sports in the US if even a shadow of the testing that occurs in pro cycling hit baseball, US football, basketball, or hell, even soccer? And I do think that more riders are clean now than in recent years. I also don't hold the past years under any glorious light -- they were riddled with strange substances, going back to the earliest days of the sport.

posted by ahhgrr at 08:43 AM on July 03, 2002