October 25, 2002

Is Rose banned from the game or isn't he?: Is Rose a pariah except when a major sponsor decides he isn't? Did we miss the clause in Rose's agreement with baseball that grants him temporary citizenship when big money is involved?

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Good point. MLB's pretty busted on this one, but when is the MLB not... As the HOF goes (because it's almost a companion topic when it comes to Rose), I wonder if there's a way to formally recognized the guy's accomplishments (good and bad) without making him an actual member to the hall. What he did -- or allowed the possibility of doing -- was tantamount to saying that baseball is WWF (or WWE) and that precludes him being getting inducted. At the same time, he's one of those players without whom you can't write the history of the sport. (Borrowing from the pro-Terrell Davis arguments, sorry.) Who knows, they may be doing that already.

posted by jackhererra at 09:48 AM on October 25, 2002

The WWF comparison is not apt -- no one has ever accused Rose of fixing games. Even if he's guilty of betting on the team he was managing, he's done enough time in baseball purgatory, as evidenced by the huge fan support he received at the Series.

posted by rcade at 10:32 AM on October 25, 2002

The slippery-slope connection is remote between WWF shenanigans and betting on the MLB team you manage, but the intention of the penalty was to help eliminate it. Rose's greatest crime may have been getting caught. But of all the crap sports leagues let go, they're pretty clear on what they don't and are no less clear on the consequences when folks don't tow the line. Do dope, do assault, but do not bet on baseball unless you don't want to be a part of that sport. It's not that hard. If the fans don't like it, they can build their own hall. Some of the stuff MLB does to tweak Rose is goofy, but purgatory is a bit much, especially when he's allowed to participate in that MasterCard ceremony before World Series and All-Star games.

posted by jackhererra at 11:23 AM on October 25, 2002

Man, the author of this piece seemed awfully bitter, although it's not without reason. I didn't watch the game when Rose was "paraded out like a circus elephant" (or any other WS game for that matter), but I can totally see where this guy is coming from. The double-speak that MLB spews concerning Pete is disturbing to say the least. He's either "one of the greatest ever, and we should honor him" or "a disgrace to major league baseball that gave the sport a black eye". It is very convenient the way they switch from one to another.

posted by Ufez Jones at 11:25 AM on October 25, 2002

you'd be bitter too if you reported on sports in Cincinnati. Although he gets happy during college basketball season, as do we all

posted by mick at 12:23 PM on October 25, 2002

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