October 29, 2002

The NBA season starts tonight. Who you got this year?

posted by corpse to basketball at 10:49 AM - 12 comments

Does the East even count, or should we just pay attention to the West again this year? That said, we had a Yankee-free World Series, and I would love it if we could have a Lakers free Championship. I'd like to see the Mavs go all the way, but I don't really see it happening. The Kings would be fine with me, so long as they play the Mavs again in the playoffs, b/c last year's was probably my favorite NBA playoff series ever.

posted by Ufez Jones at 01:46 PM on October 29, 2002

Here's my predictions, they will certainly not happen: Eastern Conference Playoff Teams Nets Hornets Celtics Pacers (Eastern Champs) Hawks Whizzies Magic 76ers Western Conference Playoff Teams Lakers Kings Spurs (Western Champs) Mavs Rockets Clippers T-Wolves Suns Spurs over the Pacers in the finals. MVP: Tracy McGrady ROY: Drew Gooden

posted by corpse at 02:14 PM on October 29, 2002


posted by djacobs at 02:36 PM on October 29, 2002

This will be the T-Wolves year because they added...oh wait.

posted by emoeby at 02:48 PM on October 29, 2002

Go C-Train! The Celtics...this train is bound for glory!

posted by Conquistador at 04:42 PM on October 29, 2002

Wizards. Because I believe in 23.

posted by owillis at 05:14 PM on October 29, 2002

My heart hopes for a Lakers-free championship, my head says the Lakers will win. I like the Kings, and they're the closest decent team geographically. (Sure there's the Golden State Warriors, but I lived in San Francisco for five years before I realized the Warriors are in Oakland. But then I'm not a big basketball fan.)

posted by kirkaracha at 09:15 PM on October 29, 2002

I like corpse's prediction: Pacers win the East.

posted by jacknose at 11:07 PM on October 29, 2002

Jersey wins the East, The Kings win the West, and fun is had by all because Shaq's mumbling ass is home.

posted by jbou at 11:42 AM on October 30, 2002

No love for the Raptors? *cricket cricket* Guess not. But I gotta root root root for the home team nonetheless.

posted by grum@work at 01:36 PM on October 30, 2002

What's not to love in Raptorland, grum? "Chip on my shoulder" Vince & "Looking for my contract" Mo-Pete gonna lead us to the promised land... ...which, sadly, is the 7 or 8 spot in the east if we're lucky and a first round exit unless someone steps up and really surprises like Jelani...or Nate... or Mamadou or ...oh never mind.

posted by WilberT at 03:37 PM on October 30, 2002

All I know is that the Celtics are DONE for the next few years due to the dumbest trade in the history of the NBA: Vin Baker.

posted by McBain at 03:39 PM on October 30, 2002

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