October 11, 2002

The Texas Rangers are one step closer to a World Series title with the hiring of Buck Showalter as manager. Now all they have to do is fire him and hire a broadcaster.

posted by rcade to baseball at 12:00 PM - 3 comments

Damn, I was so hoping the Brewers might open their eyes and snag him and maybe enjoy a break-even season next year. Maybe I should pull my head out of the clouds?

posted by evixir at 09:20 PM on October 11, 2002

A lot of teams seemed to want Showalter, which is a bit surprising considering that he's been out for several years now. There was a lot of interest from the Mets and the media in New York. I wonder how well his old-school attitude will go over with the Rangers' veterans. For reasons I've never understood, the team has had a bad lockerroom vibe for most of the last decade. The only time they seemed to pull together as a team was when Will Clark was the most visible leader and they reached the playoffs for the first time ever.

posted by rcade at 12:00 PM on October 12, 2002

How well is A-Rod liked in that lockerroom? Can't help but think his fat-wad paycheck has raised a few more hackles thereabouts.

posted by evixir at 01:31 AM on October 13, 2002

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