October 01, 2002

Female sports reporter suspended for 'frolicking' with team in the locker room.: [More here (1, 2)]
When the Minnesota Twins clinched the ALC Championship, reporter Anne Hutchinson was caught on camera spraying players with champagne, and being chased around the locker room "squealing with delight". Of course the local media is having a field day with this.

posted by patrickje to culture at 05:59 PM - 9 comments

Yeah, she was the only reason to watch that channels newscast. Pretty lady talking sports. We're going to miss you while you're gone.

posted by emoeby at 06:06 PM on October 01, 2002

Hey, anyone who thinks that sports journalism, especially the TV variety, is serious journalism, is kidding themselves. That said, her alleged actions were wildly inappropriate.

And with that said, I've worked in the TV sports industry, and women in the TV sports industry face plenty of mixed messages. Men at the station don't think they should be there. Meanwhile, TV producers hire them for sex appeal, then tell them how to do their hair. And the second there's even a hint that they might get along with the players, gossip columnists start insinuating that they are sleeping with players.

It's easy to see how this kind of thing can happen.

posted by Conquistador at 10:06 PM on October 01, 2002

Right or wrong, would they be focusing on what the reporter was wearing if it had been a male reporter? The first linked column is a hatchet job. I wonder if Bob Ryan had any idea he was being used to add credibility to a otherwise worthless, misogynistic column.

posted by yerfatma at 08:58 AM on October 02, 2002

Alright, so C..J. is a woman. I stand by everything but "misogynistic," and I'm not sure still isn't accurate.

posted by yerfatma at 08:59 AM on October 02, 2002

C.J. is the Star Tribune's Gossip Columnist. Pretty worthless except for her weekly Prince sightings!

posted by emoeby at 10:28 AM on October 02, 2002

I heard there was video of this floating around the internet. Anyone seen it?

posted by McBain at 02:34 PM on October 02, 2002

Yeah, queue me up for a download too.

posted by ShinyKnows at 01:36 PM on October 03, 2002

One of the papers linked above has some Real video...

posted by Conquistador at 05:07 PM on October 03, 2002

There was a funny excerpt on Channel 5 recently of Melissa Stark, intrepid touchline reporter for ABC's Monday Night Football, getting her makeup and 'do touched up in the background. Sadly, the female on-the-spot reporter is deemed to be there because she is blonde and pretty, and not much else, so it's a little rich for Ms Hutchinson to be suspended for following the script.

posted by etagloh at 05:27 PM on October 03, 2002

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