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March 31, 2003

It's not as big a story as Iraq, but Derek Jeter suffers a shoulder injury crashing into Catcher Ken Huckaby of the Toronto Blue Jays. Early reports indicate it could be season-ending. I thought you could do worse than dislocate a shoulder? Any Orthopedic Surgeons here? This is the N.Y. Times Link in case the first one dies.

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Michelle Kwan wins fifth world title.: Y'all laughed at me when I said she's the Michael Jordan of figure skating, but she's one title away from six, a Jordanesque number. True, she fails at the Olympics, but what other skater is as driven by the love of competition as she is? Maybe she's more like the Ric Flair of figure skating--getting jobbed out at big moments, but consistently awesome.

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Toronto Blue Jays tell fans to boo Matsui.: I have two (obvious) problems with this--one, is this the way any major-league team should treat its peers, especially a newcomer from another continent? And two, is this the message the Jays want to give their fans, that there is really no other reason to go to the Skydome?

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Controversy rocks the Inane Eight: .   Perhaps you're aware of Mike & Mike's weekly award, Just Shut Up. But did you know, a counting controversy, could have propelled Mike Vanderjagt over Bud Selig? Vanderjagt actually beat down Selig, but Mike Greenberg (who himself is in a matchup against Mark Madden tomorrow) had already blown the whistle (see note below bracket). It's sort of a moot point, as Vanderjagt stood even less of a chance against the Randy Moss juggernaut than Selig. Still, people, please don't leave your chad hanging next time you vote.

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March 30, 2003

The "English disease" rears it's ugly head once more.: In this case the English disease of being shot or stabbed before a football game. And it's clear that the police are fearful of the hooligan response to the England vs Turkey match on Wednesday in retaliation for the deaths of two Leeds fans in Turkey. Did it ever go away (PDF)? Or has the media just turned to other, more topical scare stories?

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Today: is opening day!!! Check out ESPN's 2003 preview or play a bit of Supreme Court baseball. Will the Angles repeat? When will Sosa hit number 500? Is David Wells done? What about that Cone guy? What is to become of the Yankees and the Braves? Will Godzilla destory America? So many stories, only 162 games. Remeber, it's baseball and you're an American. (Ok, well not everyone here is a American and not all American's like baseball, today is one of my favorite days of the year and can't help but to love bunting.) There is always cricket, but today is the day for baseball.

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March 28, 2003

The International Pasttime: "Every pro sport wants to conquer the world. For many years football, basketball and baseball have boasted about their ambitions to develop a true international identity. Who thought that baseball, so backward at times and blockheaded at others, would establish itself as such an exemplary international sport?"

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LPGA Commissioner trying to eradicate lesbian image one player at a time?: not a women's golf fan by any means, but I know the commissioner wanted to make efforts to have players look sexier and eradicate illusions of lesbian players....I guess he is doing his part

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March 27, 2003

The 19 Commandments of Baseball:
Heed them well! This is the best collection of modern baseball wisdom that I have seen in a while. It covers all the major aspects of the sport: hitting, pitching, fielding and managing. Red Sox fans will have to hold their nose while reading as it comes from a member of the Evil Empire.

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"Pedro Martinez pitching in New York,'' he said. "I don't even want to think about that.'': Me neither Pedro, me neither. There's no word on whether or not a deal is in the works, but the deadline is Monday. Come on Theo, get something done! I couldn't stand seeing Pedro in Pinstripes.

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Screw Augusta, Martha, we need the publicity.: Disclife's Joe THE requests in his newest column that Martha Burk shift her efforts to more noble causes, like getting more women out into the parks for some Disc Golf. Any other SpoFi disc golfers out there?

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While looking for an annual report for a company profile I'm working on, I stumbled upon a bizarre shockwave game that's supposed to combine the fun of bowling with the pressure of a hockey penalty shot. You play the part of a tiger on ice skates.

Somebody at Kellogg's smokes a lot of pot.

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The Ancient Game of Baseball:: Is seker-hemat baseball? An Egyptologist suggests that Thutmose III, ruler of Egypt during the 15th century B.C, can be seen holding a ball and bat on a wall relief at the shrine of Hathor. The hieroglyphic over the scene reads: "Batting the ball for Hathor, who is foremost in Thebes." The date is circa 1475 B.C. Is baseball the oldest sport? Well, unless someone can show me a Pharaoh kicking a ball into a goal-like contraption, I'll have to say that baseball wins.

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March 26, 2003

Emmitt Smith goes to Arizona.: Will Arizona be better? Was this a good career move? How much will Emmitt make? Will we be seeing him in more commercials?

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Becks to move South?: Real Madrid's "managing director Jorge Valdano has described the Manchester United star as looking 'like the next big project for us.'" On top of that, Owen considering Italian switch!

I understand the whole 'grass is greener' aspect but why would these two native Brits, both of whom have only played for their current clubs, even consider going? Owen, especially, needs to bring CL and Premiership titles to Anfield first.

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New Cincy Ballpark: Thoughts/criticisms on the post-Camden parks......

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March 25, 2003

Graduation rates among the Sweet 16: range from god-awful (0%!) to pretty good (86%).

"A study released Monday showed that 10 of the schools in this week's round of 16 have failed to graduate even half of their players in recent years. Black players are less likely than whites to finish their careers with degrees, according to the study of NCAA graduation rates."

Do we care? Should we care? Besides Butler, which is not a traditional basketball powerhouse and is the proud institution boasting the high graduation rate anyway, can we concede that the primary concerns of the other programs are either to prepare college players to have professional basketball careers or careers in related fields? (More on the last thought inside)

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March 24, 2003

Should Tiger get injured more?: He plays with a knee problem and wins. He comes back from the knee operation and wins. He pukes his guts out (est. 20-30 times) and wins by 11 strokes. Let the vomit jokes begin.

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Winner-takes-all in the Rugby 6 Nations.: Next Sunday, Ireland and England will play in Dublin to decide the 6 Nations Championship. Both countries have 4 wins and 0 losses, so the winner will get a Grand Slam (a perfect record.) Ireland haven't won a Grand Slam since 1948, while England have managed to throw away a Grand Slam for the last three years. Ireland kept the dream alive with a thrilling 25-24 win over Wales in Cardiff. Meanwhile England scored a routine 40-9 win over Scotland at Twickenham. If this game was at Twickenham, England would be clear favourites. In Dublin, I'm not so sure. Who do you think will win? I'm going to go for a narrow English victory.

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EPL REPORT WEEK 32: Man Utd kings for a day. (More inside!)

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March 23, 2003

NCAA Hockey Tournament Seedings.: Cornell is #1 in the country! (I still can't believe it!) But we got screwed sort of, because no conference matchups can happen in the first round, so the toughest 4 seed will be the opponent in Providence. That is going to make things a bit harder, but I really think they can get to the Frozen Four. Even though they dropped from the top spot (overall), I think Colorado College has to be the favorite here. Is this the first ever college hockey post?

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Ten years have passed...: ...since what may have been the formative experience, sadly, of the fine Cleveland Indians teams of the mid-1990s: the boating accident that killed Steve Olin and Tim Crews. Jayson Stark writes a fine article about it.

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March 22, 2003

Dodger Blues celebrates the futility, disappointment, and humor of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Being a Dodger fan I can appreciate classic Dodger brawls and Dodger look-alikes. Do any other teams have websites like this dedicated to them?

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To sing or not to sing.: Is it really an isolated incident, or is it going to degrade further? I personally rely on sports to be an escape from all the politics of the day, and I find these incidents to be quite sad.

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Barry Bonds and Intentional Walks: A very interesting solution for all the Intentional Walks given to Barry Bonds. I'm for it.

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March 21, 2003

Sports Movies.: In honor of the Oscars (and Friday), I think we should have a special post on sports movies. Which do you think are the best? The worst? Why? Please bring your movies (and show us where we can buy or rent them, too!). I want as wide a variety of sports as possible.

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El Tel leaves Leeds. : Ex-Sunderland manager Peter Reid, is reported to haven take over as caretaker manager for the rest of the season, which many would argue will see Leeds survive. Tabloid speculation also, that Mark McGhee, manager of First Division Millwall, will quit soon if results don't improve.

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March 20, 2003

Who's for the Premiership?: As the English football season hits the final stretch, BBC takes a look at the teams that are battling for promotion from the First Division to the EPL, as well as the EPL laggards who are in the scrap for Premiership survival.

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UEFA Cup LIVE!: Liverpool vs Celtic (805pm GMT/305pm EST). Liverpool host Celtic in the second leg of this UEFA Cup quarterfinal. Liverpool holds a slight advantage (due to the away-goals rule) after securing a 1-1 draw in the first leg. Outside the stadium, the crowd will experience an increased police presence due to allegations of rampant ticket forgery. Inside the stadium, they will witness the resurgence of Michael Owen, who attributes his recent slumps and current hot form to pumping iron.

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March 19, 2003

Unanimous choice for ACC player of the year: goes out on a limb in the Winston-Salem Journal by taking a stand against the Iraq invasion. Avoid the politics, if you prefer, and check the photo gallery for lots of admiring quotes about "the best all-around player hardly anybody ever mentions."

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Champions League LIVE! Valencia v Arsenal (745GMT/245EST) or Newcastle v Barcelona (740GMT/240EST)? Two English-Spanish must-win battles to spice up your day. Can Arsenal and Newcastle make it through to the next round?

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Atlanta Falcons unveil new logo. I assume updated uniforms won't be far behind. Are the Falcons, after adding Peerless Price as a target for Mick Vick, trying the uniform upgrade tactic that worked so well recently for Denver and Tampa? Or is this more like the new unis sported by the Redskins part time last year.

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"If Slime Was Sugar, : these would be the sweetest 16 teams in the NCAA would only be fitting to offer a bracket to the true spirit of March, honoring the delinquents, hypocrites and time tested screw ups in college sports. "

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March 18, 2003

Six Degrees of Separation:: "Philly has won 14 of 16 while Indy has dropped 13 of 15. Detroit lost seven consecutive games while New Orleans won eight straight. And after fast starts, New Jersey and Boston are playing .500 ball. The result? Six teams in the East within four and half games of one another, and a race for first that will come down to the final matchups of the year."

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War fallout begins: Baseball scuttles Mariners-A's series in Japan.: "The season-opening series in Japan between the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics, scheduled March 25-26, has been canceled by Major League Baseball because of the tense world situation. ... Selig said the 2003 season opener will now feature the World Series champion Anaheim Angels against the Texas Rangers on Sunday, March 30."

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What's Opera, Dom?:
I hope there's an aria about what Marc Crawford was thinking when he sent Joe Nieuwendyk out for the shootout instead of Gretzky.

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Diouf escapes with two-match UEFA ban for spitting at Celtic supporters.: Brian Reade a tabloid journalist clearly believes it isn't enough. Lorenzo Amouroso of Glasgow Rangers picks up a four match ban for a similar offence, whilst Christophe Dugarry appears likely to be banned for spitting soon. A worrying trend in British football but nothing new as this history of misconduct reveals. Personally, I can think of little that is more disgusting than spitting at your opponent. Are these bans enough and does this happen in other sports?

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"Is Barry Sanders an Asshole or Just a Typical Kansan? : Now I know there are oodles and oodles of Barry Sanders fans, even some who remain in the Detroit area, who would like to smack me upside the head and dunk me in a big smelly vat of yak piss for impugning the saintly reputation of their hero." Includes links to "Websites Created by Brainwashed Numbskulls Refuse to Accept the Truth."

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March 17, 2003

If war begins this week, NCAA might postpone games: You know, I really could care less about this whole Iraq thing, but now I'm pissed. I've got the US as a One Seed over the Sixteenth Seeded Iraq, but France may pull the upset in the Old Europe bracket. The Kentucky Wildcats should make short work of baghdad by raining threes. I just don't know about the Middle East division this year.

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Brazil a lock for 2014 World Cup.: Brazil looks to be almost a certain lock to host the 2014 World Cup after the South American Football Federation (CSF), the continent's governing body, backed the country's bid to host soccer's biggest tournament. After FIFA decided South America would host the 2014 competition last month, today's meeting of the 10 country federations from the continent produced an unanimous vote on behalf of Brazil to hold the World Cup. Like they need more of an advantage.

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CNN/World Soccer Top 10.: The CNN/World Soccer Top 10 is a unique ranking of football clubs determined each Monday through voting by correspondents from CNN Sports and World Soccer magazine.

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Aberdeen manager admits drink problem.: Which caused him to miss his team's weekend match with Dundee. His bosses have decided to support him in his struggle with his drink problem. He's not the first football manager with a taste for the hard stuff, Brian Clough being possibly the most famous example, and rumours abounding about Bryan Robson in his spell at charge of Boro. Is it any wonder given British football's drink culture? Did Aberdeen do the right thing, standing by their manager, and more importantly, any other interesting tales of managers (in any sport) on the booze?

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The Ten EASIEST Things To Do In Sports:
National Post writer Joe O'Connor counters the USA Today list with things that almost anybody can do in professional sports. Obviously to be taken as a joke, there are a couple on there that I've always wondered about (kick holder).

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A review of Web NCAA bracket interfaces : lets you scratch your web design and b-ball itches at the same time.

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March 16, 2003

EPL REPORT WEEK 31: Rovers shock Arsenal, allowing Man Utd to close the gap to 2. (Much more inside!)

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Who is Texas paying? And who did Kentucky, Arizona and Kansas forget to pay?: and other complaints about the brackets.
I know it's not really a link, but let's discuss.

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Sportsmanship 101: The Cavaliers Ricky Davis was close to his first triple double, needing just one rebound. Then, the whole brain fart thing comes into play...

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March 14, 2003

Junior Seau Out In San Diego?: "While refusing to say if the team was unhappy with the 34-year-old Seau, coach Marty Schottenheimer said Friday that letting the player and his agent pursue a trade was best for both sides." I know that the Chargers defense wasn't hot, but when they went 1-15 one of the only bright spots was Say-Ow and it doesn't even look like salary cap was the issue at hand here.

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"In an NPR world, sophistication and motherfucker no longer mix.": Flak Magazine's Kick Out the Sports column marks the cleaning up of the column's name by listing "the seven most infamous uses of profanity in sports history."

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Mogilny skips out ...: and we don't know why. We all hope that it's nothing serious, but even if it is, what obligation does a player owe to his team and teammates to at least try to make it a little clearer why he or she is bailing on them? If this is a true family emergency, I think it can be excused. If not, then there's trouble in Trono.

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Tug McGraw reportedly has brain tumor: SI online is reporting as of 1:49am today that Tug, who is working for the Philadelphia Phillies as a spring training pitching instructor, was hospitalized late last night. Latest updates on WFAN 660 AM in New York City are that McGraw, 58, has a brain tumor. This as of 11:50 EST. Wire stories have not been updated at this time with details on the tumor.

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I don't know anything about cricket, but this is the greatest game report ever in any sport. Ahem. [Shamelessly plundered from mefi.]

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March 13, 2003

Steve Lavin just won't die.: And now the (male) March Madness really starts.

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LIVE: Battle of Britain! (805pm GMT/305pm EST).: It's Celtic (of Scotland, for you newbies) v Liverpool (England) in the UEFA Cup quarterfinal, first leg. Join Barry Glendenning from the Guardian as he takes the mickey out of the Scots and the Scousers. Anyone care to expound on the history and ties between these two clubs? Haggis and kilt jokes inside.

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March 12, 2003

Boston Sports Columnist Finishes August Piece on Late-Season Collapse: ...and other amazing articles at sportspickle.

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Under-17 team helped out by addition of... 13 year old?: I can't find the first piece I saw this in, but... is this kid for real? The other article said he was offered six figures by one of the european clubs when he was 11. That's nuts. C'mon... I know there are soccer nuts here. Give me the scoop :)

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Major League Baseball to offer live Internet telecasts.: Don't say I don't give you the baseball love. "MLB.TV is a service of MLB Advanced Media, which does Web business for Major League Baseball, and is offering season audio and video packages for $79.95, or pay-per-view options for $2.95 a game. For the season service, viewers will be able to log on to MLB.TV and get about 45 games a week ..."

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Cycling loses a rising star.: Andrei Kivilev becomes one of a very few cyclists to die in a race. This is bad news for many reasons, not least because the guy was turning into a legitimate Grand Tour contender. A sad day for the wheelmen.

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NFL requests the resignation of eight zebras.: This (NY Times) article notes that all of the refs are in their fifties or sixties and implies also that the NFL may have an issue with their weight. (Maybe they could hire this guy as a replacement since he's looking for work?) The refs asked to resign are not tied specifically to any bad calls over the season (were there any this year?) although mention is made of the Giant's missed field goal fiasco. So are these legitimate performance related firings or is something nefarious going on?

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March 11, 2003

The rise and quick fall of Kirby Puckett.: Kirby, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001, quietly stashed away many mistresses through out his baseball career. With the onset of glaucoma, he allegedly got worse, and more violent. Now he is being charged with sexually assulting a woman.

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Connecticut has lost, finally.: The longest winning streak in women's Division I history ended at 70 games Tuesday night. Villanova (No. 14 ESPN/USA Today; No. 18 Associated Press) handed No. 1 Connecticut its first loss since the end of the 2001 season, 52-48 for the championship of the Big East Conference tournament.

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March Madness.: Sure, we might be getting our war on, but I'll still be able to watch the tournament, right?
[New York Times link, yadda yadda yadda]

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Well, Amonte is gone to the Flyers, but I'm sure there's a few big trades left before today's 3pm NHL Trade Deadline. Who's improved the most so far? (My vote is for the Leafs.) And is Selanne really on the block?

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John Vanbiesbrouck checks his watch,: sees that he's in the sixties. The 1860's. Did the Beezer really play 20 years in the NHL without this side of him manifesting itself even once?

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The NBA's Global Game Plan: Time magazine looks at the NBA's building the league into a global brand.

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March 10, 2003

A reason to like or respect Bob Knight? After subpar season, Knight won't accept $250,000 salary. Have you ever heard of anything like this?

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Struggling Sunderland sack Sgt. Wilko and his assistant Steve Cotterill,: after only two wins in twenty games. Mick McCarthy and Brian Robson are apparently already in the frame for the hot seat at the Stadium of Light. But whoever they appoint, can they possibly save the Black Cats from relegation to Division One?

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Ernie Els loses to Tiger Woods' mojo.: Tiger skipped this past weekend's Dubai Desert Classic, fearing for his safety (I wish I could refuse $2 million to play golf). The first alternate, some "unheralded Dutchman", gets in and wins the durn thing, beating World #2 Els.

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Field hockey ain't just for girls.: I mean, you're talking about a hard-ass ball flying at you while you run around with shin-guards, a ballguard ("cup") and mouthpiece (and maybe even one padded glove) as protection. Other countries that have prominent national ice hockey teams (e.g., Russia, other Euro teams) also field men's teams internationally. Why is this not the case in the U.S.? How come it got relegated to a women's sport in the States? How come England keeps coming up with sports that India and Pakistan can humiliate it with?

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The candidates for the Basketball Hall of Fame were announced today,: and boy are my arms tired. No, wait. Parish is an obvious choice, but what about the rest of them? You can make an excellent case for Chick Hearn... but Johnny Most isn't in there. Worthy and DJ have been passed over before. Who deserves it, and who's gonna be passed over unfairly?

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Jim Harrick out as UGA head basketball coach.: The school has also decided to voluntarily remove itself from the SEC and NCAA Tournaments. This brings up the question: What was Harrick thinking in that interview with Dick Vitale last Tuesday? When he said the truth would come out, is this really what he meant?

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USA Today ranks the Ten Hardest Things to do in Sports.: Do you agree? What's missing? Bull Riding?

Tell you what though. I sure agree with #1!

And yes, Soccer got mad props! (Flash)

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L.A. Kings let a season ticket holder look at their books: In an unprecedented move, the Los Angeles Kings have let one of their season ticket holder check their books. Now that is a great idea!

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Jason Sehorn, cut by Giants,: but still as pretty a man as you'll ever see. I wasn't even aware he was still playing.

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Pacers have blown a huge lead in the east.: And we haven't talked NBA in a while. Playoffs aren't too far off. The Lakers seem to have squirmed their way in. Who're the favs in the East and West? Can anybody in the East beast the West in Seven? What's your take?

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March 09, 2003

Off with their heads....: ....which have indeed begun to fall at St. Bonaventure, home of the Bonnies who decided last week to forfeit their remaining two games this year after an eligibility scandal. The University President resigned, and the AD and head coach are on "Administrative Leave" (meaning, "We'll pay you while you update your resumes").

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EPL REPORT WEEK 30: Liverpool beat Bolton 2-0 in this week's only game. (Very brief report, bring your links inside!)

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Mr. Sanders, meet Mr. Douglas. Buster, this is Corrie.:
Wladimir Klitschko looked like "Glass Joe" from "Punch Out" as he got beaten rather badly in less than one and a quarter rounds. The man who did the damage? South African Corrie Sanders who had fought 3 rounds in the past 3 years. The "Next Big Thing" just became the "Last Big Bust".

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NASCAR's Rise: "Consider, 4 out of 5 NBA players are African American, 67 percent of NFL players are minorities, and last season, 23 percent of major league baseball players were born in Spanish-speaking countries (an increase of 40 percent from 1989). All of those sports, except football, are experiencing a dip in popularity. Meanwhile, the conspicuously white NASCAR is on an unprecedented run up the profit chart."

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March 08, 2003

NHL bad boy Theoren Fleury may have pushed the Blackhawks too far.: The Blackhawks are said to be close to waiving Fleury, probably ending his up and down career. His on and off ice problems are well known by hockey enthusiasts, so this does not come as a huge surprise to most. I was puzzled, however, at the comment by one of the anonymous sources:

"They're trying to get rid of the $4.5 million for next year. I think it's bull. Look, they signed him. They made the mistake, this guy needs help, don't embarrass him. It's a hard situation, but he's a very troubled soul. Don't embarrass him so he goes off the deep end. They're just trying to get out of that money."

What's the verdict; when does the team get the right to step in and say they've had enough? Do they (ethically, of course) have any obligation to help their players through tough times?

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The Onion for the sports fan. : I hope this hasn't been posted before, but I came across this site today. Here's two sample headlines to get you rolling:
"Red Sox Deal Cy Young Winner For Pakistani Cab Driver "
"For the Last Time I’m Not the ‘Jesus’ Kurt Warner," Curt Warner Says"

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99 is Gretzky, 23 is Jordan...but who is 32?:
Jim Brown? Magic Johnson? Sandy Koufax? Steve Carlton? Karl Malone? O.J.? This little Flash presentation lets you choose a number and see who the greatest player(s) were that wore that number. It seems to be very North American centric, but at least they got #10 right.

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March 07, 2003

"The New York Yankees Sodomize Orphaned Puppies -- We Adopt Them.": ESPN's Page 2 takes a shot at some catchy new slogans the MLB teams should adopt this season.

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Vick gets a weapon at WR...: But is it the right guy? [more inside]

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How does Barry Bonds hit a home run?:
A nice little flash presentation of one of the greatest hitters of our generation. Extra bonus: a frame by frame description of what you are seeing by one of the other greatest hitters of our generation, Tony Gwynn.

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March 06, 2003

EPL REPORT WEEK 29: Arsenal roll on with 2-0 win over Charlton (help me do this report, bring your links inside!)

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The Game of Their Lives.: Italy was knocked out by the Koreans in the World Cup. No, not in 2002. Think 1966. And no, it wasn't the South Koreans either. North Korea knocked out Italy 1-0 in England back in World Cup 1966. This is the movie about that famous victory. Lots more good info surrounding this upset in this SF Chronicle article. I did not know.

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March 05, 2003

Owen Nolan : was traded to the Leafs for Alyn McCauley, prospect Brad Boyes and a first round pick. Does this move Toronto to the top of the Eastern pile or do they still need a d-man to rise to those heights?

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Shitesports: - "shite soccer at it's best"
Warning: contains juvenile dumb stuff.

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The Seattle Times has launched a sports weblog: around local statewide basketball. From the URL (, perhaps it's just the beginning of their sports-weblog empire.

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Down time.: Relegation and promotion are phenomena that US pro sports will never witness. With nine or ten weeks left in the EPL season, at least five teams are battling to avoid becoming the unlucky three to drop to the First Division next season. Conversely, there are a bevy of First Division teams fighting to take their places.

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"Dallas Mavericks All-Star forward Dirk Nowitzki was called 'Irk' in his rookie season. Why? Because he had no 'D.'" One of the examples from a story on trash talk in basketball.

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Today's Florida Times-Union profiles long-distance runner Jim Deupree, who enters races "by proxy" from prison. "He outruns people's capacity to care for him," says former Runner's World writer Hal Hogdon, one of many journalists and race officials to correspond with him over the years.

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Is Syracuse for real?: (warning: Orange Alum '94) They've won 9 of 10 and are 21-4 overall this season. Their ranking has climbed steadily from "also receiving votes" to #12. That warrants a 4 or 5 seed at worst in the tourney. Geez, even Boeheim is getting respect. Again, I ask, is Syracuse for real? Or will the bandwagon breakdown as soon as I jump on it?

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When last we left the Augusta National situation, a Klansman had announced plans to protest in support of the National druing next month's Masters tournament. This column by Gwen Knapp of the SF Chronicle has some of the best comments about Hootie Johnson's duck-hook into controversy with his 'point of a bayonet' comment. (unfortunately, you need to scroll down to Paragraph 4 "Dear Ms. Demeanor" to begin) {more inside}

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March 04, 2003

NFL flirts with L.A. again.: Seems like the Chargers exercised their escape clause with Qualcomm Stadium, and the same old folks in L.A. are trying to woo them north. Never mind that people in Los Angeles could either care less about NFL football or root for an out-of-town team.

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We forfeit.: The players on the Men's Basketball team at St. Bonaventure have decided, in the wake of an eligibility scandal, to forfeit their remaining games this year. (My father teaches math at St. Bona. Yes, that's completely irrelevant to the story. But still...)

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Chris Chelios names the biggest divers in the league: as the NHL cracks down on diving. The Red Wings' defenseman, never one to hold his tongue, names Paul Kariya, Peter Forsberg and Ron Francis as the biggest divers in the league.

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March 03, 2003

According to former player Bimbo Coles, the Cleveland Cavaliers are tanking games: in order to increase their chances of getting the #1 overall draft choice (which will definitely be LeBron James).

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I hope he didn't file the papers.: Sergei Federov finally confirms what had been rumored forever — that he and Anna K were more than just an item. While I'm sorry for Sergei that it didn't work (think I have a shot with Anna?), I wonder: what's the best sports couple ever? My vote: Stefie Graf and Andre Agassi, of course. I've already bought the IPO on their child.

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Live: Midlands Derby - Aston Villa v Birmingham - the sequel (8pm GMT/3pm EST).: As a tribute to SpoFi's very own Fat Buddha (Birmingham fan) and BigCalm (Villa fan), I once again bring you this torrid tie. Birmingham celebrated their return to the EPL earlier this season with a 3-0 drubbing of Villa, that included the infamous Enckelman Error. This match takes on added urgency as Birmingham battles a quick return to the First Division. Can Birmingham complete the "double" by beating city rivals Aston Villa at Villa Park? Or will Dion Dublin and Villa break their neighbor's hearts? It's the BBC's really boring text commentary but it was the best I could find online.

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Either you're with us, or...: Karl Malone says Kevin Garnett and Shaq O' Neal have a duty to represent the US in the Olympics. Does he have a point? You'd think Shaq might get a bit of pressure from his Army father to be a good patriot... But to be honest, I'd rather we went back to amateurs anyway.

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March 02, 2003

Roy Jones Jr. makes boxing history: Although Jones has long been acclaimed as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the business, and perhaps in history, he's always lacked the publicity and the spoils of the heavyweights. Last night, fighting at a 33lb disadvantage, the 34-year-old former middleweight and light-heavyweight champion claimed the WBA heavyweight belt against John Ruiz with a masterclass in boxing. A fight with Lennox Lewis is in the distance; what's certain is that Roy Jones will no longer be 'the best boxer you've never heard of'. Is it a sad reflection that boxing's brightest spark has had to enter the murky world of the heavyweights in order to make a name for himself, or is Jones's move the best thing to happen to the division in decades?

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Talking Balls!: Radio commentary gone mad. Fun clips from local commentary of UK soccer matches, courtesy of BBC Five Live.

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March 01, 2003

Existential catch-up: The Washington Post checks in on the Harlem Globetrotters, who are making a bid to be taken seriously, despite an unprecedented six-game losing streak against college teams that included losses to Vanderbilt, Maryland, Mississippi State, Connecticut, Central Connecticut, and Ohio State. Despite all that, the Globetrotters recently recorded their 21,000th win. It hasn't always been an easy ride; sure, they went 8985-1 during 1971-1996, but they had a distastrous 1941-1942, going 135-18.

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