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Strange that no one's talking about Kelly Kulick becoming the first woman to win a men's Professional Bowlers Association Tour title: Hello? America? This is the equivalent of "Man Gives Birth!" It's never happened in any ball sport in American history. Kulick, 32, should own Page 1...She beat 62 of the best male pros -- straight up -- in arguably the Tour's creamiest event, the Tournament of Champions. And she beat them like egg yolks. She beat Chris Barnes, the No. 1 bowler on the Tour, by 70 pins in the final!

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Unanimous choice for ACC player of the year: goes out on a limb in the Winston-Salem Journal by taking a stand against the Iraq invasion. Avoid the politics, if you prefer, and check the photo gallery for lots of admiring quotes about "the best all-around player hardly anybody ever mentions."

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MLB's Enos "Country" Slaughter, dead at 86,: is probably best remembered for one of baseball's 25 greatest moments: a "Mad Dash" that scored the tiebreaking run from first base in Game 7 of the 1946 World Series. The Hall of Famer was born just up the road in Roxboro, NC, but the Durham paper, whose sports editor actually discovered Slaughter in the early 1930s, had only a tiny obit today. Why? Perhaps it's those lingering accusations that Slaughter "attempted to influence the Cardinal players to go on strike to protest Jackie Robinson's presence on the Dodgers. Slaughter vehemently denied any involvement, as well as the commonly repeated charge (by Ken Burns, among others) that he intentionally spiked Robinson in an August 1947 game. The Miami Herald obit covers that incident thoroughly.

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Strange that no one's talking about Kelly Kulick becoming the first woman to win a men's Professional Bowlers Association Tour title

I fail to see how men enjoy any significant advantage over women

Huh. No assumed advantage from strength? In bowling? That's a reaction I didn't expect.

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Strange that no one's talking about Kelly Kulick becoming the first woman to win a men's Professional Bowlers Association Tour title

I still can't say "ball sport" without laughing, but hey, it is a ball sport, and a woman just destroyed the top men in it. Reilly's hyperbole is an overreaction, but the fact that almost no one's covered this seemed interesting. Oh, and grum@work, meant to link that brief "previously," thanks.

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Carolina Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup in Game 7

the play was ruled dead BEFORE the puck got in the crease because an Oiler player touched it But isn't that the mistake? Does touching the puck like that really count as possession? None of the announcers seemed to think so during the break and no one challenged that VP of officiating on the point directly.

posted by mediareport at 08:57 AM on June 20, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup in Game 7

As a city, and as fans, I hope they grow to deserve it. They had a kickass team all year and stayed away in droves. Well, to be fair, we did jump from 29th in the league in 2004 to 21st this year, "a near league-high 28 percent" increase. I'd hardly call that "staying away in droves." Brind'Amour has the right philosophical take, I think: "There's only a few markets in the NHL - Canada, maybe Philadelphia and New York - where they can be bad and still sell out. Everywhere else, it's about winning," captain Rod Brind'Amour said last week. "That's our main objective, to get the people back, and we were able to do that." I'm guilty of fair-weather playoffs fandom myself, not being much for pro sports generally (plus, there's no way I could afford to go to any regular season games), but after walking around cheering Raleigh-ites building bonfires in the street last night while cops on horses patrolled, I think this area is going to keep surprising the NHL with its enthusiasm. And the good news is that there's lots of room for growth in the state's fanbase, which is still very new to hockey; as that third link notes, Charlotte has barely been tapped at all.

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He played for Dean Smith,

Well, Roy called speculation about him leaving Kansas "a bunch of garbage" in the Raleigh paper today. The same paper's also raising questions (again) about the competency of UNC AD Dick Baddour: They remember that he waffled on whether to fire Torbush in 1999, waited a year, then fired him in 2000. They remember that he then failed to land Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer and ended up with John Bunting, a man who had no major-college head coaching experience but has generated solid support among fans and boosters despite a 3-9 record last season. More than that, they remember that when basketball coach Bill Guthridge retired in the summer of 2000, Baddour failed to land Kansas' Roy Williams and then went against the advice of retired coach Dean Smith by hiring Doherty.

posted by mediareport at 07:26 PM on April 03, 2003

MLB threatens to sue fan websites

Here's a more detailed USAToday story. MLB is actually complaining about photographs of players in uniforms as logo infringements. On non-profit fan sites? What a stretch. Seems to me someone could easily find a fair use commentary/criticism/non-profit exemption in there somewhere. I hope fan sites don't back down in the face of what seems like a standard unjustified corporate power grab. Yeah, real smart move. Also, here's some background from a December 1999 article about the four biggest U.S. pro sports suing over domains like, including this quote from MLB's Ethan Orlinsky: "This will be the first of many lawsuits."

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MLB's Enos "Country" Slaughter, dead at 86,

Just got back from the coffeeshop on the corner with the Durham paper in hand. It's actually front-page, above-the-fold news. Apologies to the Herald-Sun for jumping the gun and assuming their quick first story was it. Btw, his family sang 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game" as he died.

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