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Tug McGraw reportedly has brain tumor: SI online is reporting as of 1:49am today that Tug, who is working for the Philadelphia Phillies as a spring training pitching instructor, was hospitalized late last night. Latest updates on WFAN 660 AM in New York City are that McGraw, 58, has a brain tumor. This as of 11:50 EST. Wire stories have not been updated at this time with details on the tumor.

posted by djspicerack to baseball at 10:52 AM on March 14, 2003 - 1 comment

ESPN upgrades - and adds shelfball!: ESPN has finally had their msn hosted website upgraded, and their photos have come to life on the main page. They're adding a little bit of video to their title page and making it all seamless. But while they work on that, you can work on playing some shelfball - from their latest tv spots...

posted by djspicerack to culture at 10:09 AM on February 26, 2003 - 0 comments

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Dont' believe the hype!

I'm hitting up a decent party (around 30 regulars) with some stupid amount of food and alcohol. Now..... what jersey to wear. And, of course, after realizing that I have too many boxes in too many pools, trying to figure out if I won any loot.

posted by djspicerack at 11:38 AM on January 29, 2004

I just can't get enough of He Hate Me.

I don't think it's too long... I'm sure you could do it - that would look *good*.

posted by djspicerack at 11:36 AM on January 29, 2004

But was the motel a Hilton?

yerfatma, heard the same thing here... surprised we never heard about this five years ago - or is it only recently trendy to release such tapes...

posted by djspicerack at 11:34 AM on January 29, 2004

"...right now, if you were to ask me will there be hockey next season, I'd say absolutely not."

jerseygirl - hit me up too, if you would - I got one list from another friend and it was, let's say...partial... Thanks!

posted by djspicerack at 03:03 PM on January 19, 2004

Way to go Wild!

Succa - all good points - but I think Gaborik's demands are super out of line. I had posted about the salaries in his division from last year on my site earlier tonight... This is the reason we won't have a post-season this year, most likely... Or at least a beginning in October next year. Sucks.

posted by djspicerack at 08:20 PM on October 27, 2003

Larry Eustachy drinking

Eustachy just came out with a press conference stating that he is an alcoholic, and is currently seeking treatment for such. He has stated that he will not resign from his coaching post, and I'm guessing the school won't fire him as of now...

posted by djspicerack at 01:34 PM on April 30, 2003