March 06, 2003

The Game of Their Lives.: Italy was knocked out by the Koreans in the World Cup. No, not in 2002. Think 1966. And no, it wasn't the South Koreans either. North Korea knocked out Italy 1-0 in England back in World Cup 1966. This is the movie about that famous victory. Lots more good info surrounding this upset in this SF Chronicle article. I did not know.

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For a moment, I thought this link described a book about another huge world cup upset. Both are bound to be interesting stories, though I'm a bit surprised the would have the same title.

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Hey, Iíve got that movie! Er, wait, thatís "The Shame of their Wives". Still a good flick, though.

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Samsonov: Is it a porno?

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You can hear interviews with Walter Bahr of the USA and Roy Bentley of England, who both played on that fateful day in 1950 here. Requires Real Player, sorry. We wuz robbed by the way. Err, we are going slightly off the subject here guys.

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squealy, you Brummy Bog Bandit! This insult brought to you courtesy of shitesports.

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From squealy's article: "Finally, the North Koreans were allowed to visit, on condition that their national anthem was not played." What the hell is that about? Why would playing a national anthem be considered a "bad thing"? Cold War and all that, but it still must have seemed a bit ridiculous back then to make this ruling.

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Is this really a movie? Can i rent it?

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grum: Here's what the SF Chronicle article said:

England, shocked that North Korea made the finals, considered banning the flags and anthems of all participants to stifle any show of Communist pride. North Korean flags aplenty were waved -- but not by North Korean fans, who were not allowed to travel abroad. To the chagrin of the British government, the Koreans were embraced by the citizens of the Middlesbrough, the English city to which they were assigned for training. Accustomed to their lowly club team being the underdog, local fans adopted the Koreans as their own, packing team practices and crowding the team's hotel for autographs. ... ... Italy, needing only a draw to advance, was packed with stars and one of the favorites of the Cup, but the Italians never recovered when their captain went down in the 34th minute, injured while trying to take out a Korean player with a tackle. At that time, international rules did not allow for substitutions, so Italy had to play with 10 men the rest of the match. In the 41st minute, striker Pak Do Ik made the Italians pay with a rocket into the net from the right of the box. Several tough saves by goalkeeper Ri Chan Myong made the result stand. "They haven't cheered Middlesbrough like this for years!" exclaimed the BBC announcer of the fans.
Brilliant. As for you, SF: It's a fackin' movie, click the fackin' link, you shite! Lazy kant! And if you're in San Francisco this week, you can fackin' watch the movie at the SF International Asian American Festival. Looks like you just missed two showings in Chicago last night and the night before (click the link and scroll down, you lazy shite). Fackin' fack!

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