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I'm sorry to have to do this here, but I feel as though it is related. This can turn into a general Fantasy Baseball thread after the original argument is made. What was wrong with the trade made earlier on that got vetoed by the commish?

posted by therev to navel gazing at 09:07 PM on April 20, 2003 - 30 comments

NHL bad boy Theoren Fleury may have pushed the Blackhawks too far.: The Blackhawks are said to be close to waiving Fleury, probably ending his up and down career. His on and off ice problems are well known by hockey enthusiasts, so this does not come as a huge surprise to most. I was puzzled, however, at the comment by one of the anonymous sources:

"They're trying to get rid of the $4.5 million for next year. I think it's bull. Look, they signed him. They made the mistake, this guy needs help, don't embarrass him. It's a hard situation, but he's a very troubled soul. Don't embarrass him so he goes off the deep end. They're just trying to get out of that money."

What's the verdict; when does the team get the right to step in and say they've had enough? Do they (ethically, of course) have any obligation to help their players through tough times?

posted by therev to general at 03:32 PM on March 08, 2003 - 2 comments

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Explanation is in the thread, I just happened to pop over here in case you had been discussing it here as well. I again apologize for the snaffoo however I decided it was best for a non-participating, no longer SpoFi member.

posted by therev at 01:14 PM on October 30, 2003

So I finally sign up for an account, and this happens. Get him!

posted by therev at 06:42 PM on October 23, 2003

The Hardest Working Man in Sports

I think he's been a very fantastic pitcher, one of the best of his generation...what a fitting ending to his career. Funny article too, thanks justgary.

posted by therev at 06:39 AM on October 23, 2003

Letters from the Nation

I'll admit, when threads start showing up about a subject every day (the Kobe threads, for example) I do get a wee bit annoyed at it, but I skip 'em rather than letting that be known because I realize that some other people seem to enjoy them. It takes all of a 1/4 mouse wheel turn to skip this thread and alot more effort to crap on it. In summation, let them have their dental plan. < / mr burns>

posted by therev at 03:21 PM on October 21, 2003

Succa, many a lunchhour has been spent on that game and many a dollar was won and lost in my school days. "Oh c'mon, the table is sticky, that's totally unfair! This game is rigged!"

posted by therev at 03:19 PM on October 21, 2003

We've Taken Antoine Walker and Improved Him

Yeah, but that isn't going to help against the Spurs or the Kings or the Lakers, who are pretty much what Cuban and Nelson are trying to figure out right now anyways. They can beat the Warriors and Clippers and Hawks by an average of 40 points, but playoffs are what matters, and to be competitive in the West, they need someone to play defense and get those rebounds. I'm kinda new to the NBA, but why does the game change so much in the playoffs? If a team can score 120 points in the regular season against the Lakers, what happens in the playoffs that prevents them from doing that? I've never quite understood that. Teams can play more defensively but so many skilled shooters to defend seems like it'd be hard to stop.

posted by therev at 04:12 PM on October 20, 2003

Boom Chakalaka is my team, btw.

posted by therev at 12:52 PM on October 20, 2003


posted by therev at 12:47 PM on October 20, 2003

We've Taken Antoine Walker and Improved Him

If Nelson plays Nowitzki at C and Walker at PF, is he not going to have a team that scores 110-120 points a night? If he does, there aren't more than a handful of teams that can match that type of scoring even against the worst defense. Perhaps he swings a deal down at the trade deadline for a top-line C but right now, I could see them just trying to shoot the lights out on anyone else.

posted by therev at 12:47 PM on October 20, 2003

Red Sox, Bruins & NESN Working for their fans

posted by therev at 12:14 PM on October 18, 2003

What might have been...

I agree jerseygirl, completely. Baseball has been fun the last couple of weeks; no talks about contracts, agents and millions of dollars; it's been about the game and I've loved it. Sadly, when the Red Sox and Cubs lost, it has gone back to where it was; people are talking about the payrolls of the two teams, etc, and it's a shame.

posted by therev at 10:24 AM on October 18, 2003

More Friday Fun.

Good lord, that's the most hideous drawing ever of a duck. I mean, I bet my 5 year old cousin could try to draw a cow and end up with something that looks more like a duck than that. Fun though, thanks.

posted by therev at 09:09 AM on October 18, 2003


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Some scientists are just crazy. Thanks for the link, it's neat!

posted by therev at 09:51 AM on October 17, 2003

Starphoquer, a meme is a in-house reference that starts off being funny and ends up being hated by all. If you read MeFi, think kittens, pancakes and Miguel.

posted by therev at 05:51 PM on October 16, 2003