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Explanation is in the thread, I just happened to pop over here in case you had been discussing it here as well. I again apologize for the snaffoo however I decided it was best for a non-participating, no longer SpoFi member.

posted by therev at 01:14 PM on October 30, 2003

So I finally sign up for an account, and this happens. Get him!

posted by therev at 06:42 PM on October 23, 2003

Boom Chakalaka is my team, btw.

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posted by therev at 10:06 AM on October 17, 2003

Starphoquer, a meme is a in-house reference that starts off being funny and ends up being hated by all. If you read MeFi, think kittens, pancakes and Miguel.

posted by therev at 05:51 PM on October 16, 2003

Oh, and if you want to drop him a line, he has a valid address on the SportsFanMagazine website. As does his boss, oddly enough... Okay, that's mean, I'll stop.

posted by therev at 03:12 PM on October 16, 2003

We oughta meme him. The worst of all the punishments.

posted by therev at 03:06 PM on October 16, 2003

WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE KITTENS? I say ban him, ban his children, ban his grandchildren and ban me for talking about him as a lesson that we don't take this sort of thing lightly!

posted by therev at 01:45 PM on October 16, 2003

serenity now, insanity later. Heh, good episode.

posted by therev at 10:37 AM on October 16, 2003

Don't playa hate, congratulate!

posted by therev at 10:17 AM on October 16, 2003

For us out here in the east cost (Atlantic Time), that's going to start really late...perhaps it's another "let the computer draft" team for me : )

posted by therev at 05:18 PM on October 15, 2003

"Team Whiter Than Jesus" Mark Madsen, Bryant "Big Country" Reeves, Shawn Bradley, etc.

posted by therev at 08:39 PM on October 14, 2003

You yanks just gotta be fighting, don't you? Who you calling a yank, eh?

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Welcome to the wild world of jbou as commish! Everything is CRAZY ALL OF THE TIME!

posted by therev at 10:57 AM on October 11, 2003

"Oh Garfield, how are you going to eat all that lasagna?"

posted by therev at 06:41 PM on August 25, 2003

What's a Nubian?

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posted by therev at 12:21 AM on August 23, 2003

Maybe it was all just one big tease! Man, I hate that sooooooooooooooooooooo much!

posted by therev at 10:55 AM on August 10, 2003

All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us? Well, one let in a lot of soft goals for the Flyers.

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77. "We are the Knights who say... NI! "

posted by therev at 08:42 PM on August 08, 2003

Yeah, me and JackBootedThugs are the only two jockeying for a coveted position. Oh wait, you mean at the top!

posted by therev at 10:03 AM on August 08, 2003

Q. You know what has 2 thumbs and sucks? A. ME

posted by therev at 05:10 PM on August 01, 2003

Sorry, bracket should read "quotation". That is all.

posted by therev at 05:05 PM on August 01, 2003

I'm not accusing you of being an idiot, but have you tried the link without the bracket? I'd assume it's a quotation rendering error in Opera, but I'm just an idiot. So, in summation, you aren't an idiot, I'm an idiot, and everyone should be using Mozilla.

posted by therev at 05:04 PM on August 01, 2003

Running back, that is.

posted by therev at 06:05 PM on July 29, 2003

Shannon Sharpe is washed up, man. I think all the teams look really good on paper. It'll be injuries that win this league, I think. I like the fact that the computer drafted both Terrell Owens and Hines Ward for me. Doing that pre-draft ranking really paid off. 2 recievers with over 100 catches last year and big touchdown guys. Oh yeah, and Steve Smith and Brian Finneran. I just wish I had a good, workhorse back out there.

posted by therev at 05:35 PM on July 29, 2003

This will become a problem as the number of fantasy sport leagues increase...everyone likes a weekly update, however the baseball one got pushed off the front page 2 days later, so there was no chance to heckle each other.

posted by therev at 02:11 PM on July 27, 2003

Please refrain from tasting the knob. Wasn't that a Jeremy Irons line?

posted by therev at 09:47 PM on July 22, 2003

Oh boy, what I could have posted here.

posted by therev at 07:13 PM on July 22, 2003

I've also got a Russ Ortiz for someone who wants to part with a good bat.

posted by therev at 12:43 PM on July 22, 2003

"I bent my wookie." Oh, yeah, let's see some wfrazerjr action as the commish and I'm in.

posted by therev at 12:40 PM on July 22, 2003

Ralph: "Daddy, I'm scared. Too scared to even wet my pants." Chief Wiggum: "Just relax and it'll come, son."

posted by therev at 07:52 PM on July 21, 2003

"So the doctor says I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there."

posted by therev at 09:36 PM on July 20, 2003

if you keep your sniping up I just might veto your trade out of spite Bravo. Proved me right again!

posted by therev at 04:38 PM on July 19, 2003

Like I said the trade can go through if you all vote ok, I voted ok. But that's not what you said. You threatened to veto the trade without anyone else agreeing with you that the trade should be nixed. Example: I'm not giving it a fucking break, the trade is way too one sided, and I might just veto it. posted by jbou at 1:38 PM PST on July 19 That's where I have to problem, jbou. You make these decisions to threaten to veto whichever trades you don't like instead of suggesting that we discuss it. You want another example? - I'm thinking of killing the Bernie for Delgado trade posted by jbou at 5:28 PM PST on April 22 You didn't consult, you threatened. Then, when the community called you on it, you backed off and said that it was up to everyone else. Whether or not you are serious when you threaten to veto is irrelevent; there are a lot better ways to show your displeasure for a trade than playing your commish card; catfish did it well earlier in this thread. I don't see anyone else rushing to setup fantasy leagues for everyone to participate in. I don't think you have to worry about that anymore. Someone will certainly offer now.

posted by therev at 04:37 PM on July 19, 2003

IMHO jersey is getting over on you all because she's a charmer. I really, really hope that comment wasn't gender based, I really do.

posted by therev at 02:23 PM on July 19, 2003

I think that we should push for a new commish next year, this is ridiculous. I'm not even joining the football pool for the sole reason that jbou is the commisioner and we've seen how that affects a league. This is getting really, really old. If you don't like the trade, vote against it, but stop threatening to veto trades you don't like. I'd also like to point out that grum is doing better than you are, jbou, so I really question your ability to look down on grum's decision making, just as it would be ridiculous for me to tell you that your decision making skills are wrong. So lay off, jbou. It's not your decision to make.

posted by therev at 02:08 PM on July 19, 2003

Perhaps a whomever wins this year gets homefield adv--, uh, gets to be the commish next season. Oh sure, now you tell me ;-) I also would like to take this time to thank corpse for showing everyone how bad I've truly been with his nifty tables. Kudos corpse!

posted by therev at 05:08 PM on July 04, 2003

With all due respect, I think the commissioning has been terrible since the beginning. I had to fight my way through every trade I made. One was vetoed; I remember another that was just vetoed because the commish didn't like it. I thought we had dealt with this issue already too. Not on SpoFi, but in the comments on the fantasy baseball site. Of course, jbou's been playing by his own rules from day 1. And just so you know, I don't blame my poor performance on any of this...I just suck, that's all.

posted by therev at 04:40 PM on July 03, 2003

I'll trade you teams corpse ;-)

posted by therev at 05:20 PM on June 20, 2003

"Yes Manny, those pants do make you look fat."

posted by therev at 02:43 PM on June 03, 2003

my has stunk = my pitching has stunk. Judge yourself accordingly.

posted by therev at 03:24 PM on June 01, 2003

I personally think defensive players should be recognized in Fantasy ball leagues. Making errors can absolutely kill your team and I think that fantasy baseball never recognizes how crucial good defense is. My team is collectively achieving about 3 hits and 1 run per day over the last week. Everyone is in a slump and my has stunk. I've watched Wakefield, Thomson and Valdes all blow large leads and wins this week. I'd be depressed if, you know, I didn't have a real life too.

posted by therev at 03:24 PM on June 01, 2003

I like this idea. Count me in.

posted by therev at 12:52 PM on June 01, 2003

I don't like that our hitting stats are so heavily weighted towards "getting hits" or "driving in runs". Man, if this thing was all about striking out and hitting into double plays, Pat Burrell would be winning all by himself! ;-)

posted by therev at 05:03 PM on May 31, 2003

Oh, and I suck as well. That is all.

posted by therev at 01:30 PM on May 31, 2003

Does anyone else not like the K/9 stat? I'd rather a guy who throws 220 innings and strikes out 165 than a guy who throws 150 innings and strikes out 150. Total strikeouts, that's a much better stat, IMHO.

posted by therev at 01:30 PM on May 31, 2003

I proposed a trade to JackBootedThugs and it sat unanswered for 4 days. I think that time might be standing pat : )

posted by therev at 01:48 PM on May 30, 2003

Walks + Hits / Innings Pitched

posted by therev at 11:18 AM on May 30, 2003

Yup. That trade's looking better for you every day : ) Way to swindle!

posted by therev at 09:46 PM on May 26, 2003

Bernie Williams.

posted by therev at 12:46 PM on May 26, 2003

I like the constant trading, personally. So far, I've certainly been getting the short end of the stick, but I think I'm starting to realize how I should have played this from the beginning and will be better off for next year's league. Ultimately, if Torii and Pat Burrell come up with the numbers they are capable of, I'll be a lot better off, but with Bernie out for 6 weeks, I definitely am in trouble.

posted by therev at 11:52 AM on May 24, 2003

Thanks, rcade!

posted by therev at 01:56 PM on May 05, 2003

I'd also like to point out that if you do vote no on this trade, be prepared for my backlash against the move later on if Hunter gets hot later and puts up the kind of numbers he has averaged the last 2 years. I've been a hardcore baseball fan for about 14 out of the 20 years of my life, I like to think I can spot a trend or two an swing a deal for a player that might heat up, so give me that chance please. This constant "you're wrong to make that trade and we should stop it" attitude is really leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth at this point.

posted by therev at 02:58 PM on May 04, 2003

It's only May, eh? There are a lot of slow starters in the league, I'm playing a hunch that Hunter is one of them. Tomko is a terrible starter, I feel. Pierre steals bases and that is it. Torii is a 30-30 threat. How is that so lopsided?

posted by therev at 02:46 PM on May 04, 2003

Where is our commish? I think that there has been a trade waiting to go through for several days, and I'm in on one that was just set to go yesterday. I want my Torii Hunter! I like the activity in the league too. Great time so far!

posted by therev at 09:44 AM on May 03, 2003