March 23, 2003

NCAA Hockey Tournament Seedings.: Cornell is #1 in the country! (I still can't believe it!) But we got screwed sort of, because no conference matchups can happen in the first round, so the toughest 4 seed will be the opponent in Providence. That is going to make things a bit harder, but I really think they can get to the Frozen Four. Even though they dropped from the top spot (overall), I think Colorado College has to be the favorite here. Is this the first ever college hockey post?

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NCAA seeding committees blow chunks in general. Then again, the job is thankless and impossible to please everyone. In this instance, the no conference matchup rule must have had enough support overall to get passed. Doncha think?

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Don't be surprised to see more teams from the southeastern US get into NCAA Division 1 hockey. College club hockey is very popular in the south, and I would not be surprised to see the NCAA hockey tournament expended to 32 teams within ten years.

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it sure would be nice to see. Schools like Kentucky and Penn St have budgets that rival D1 programs. It's possible that like Syracuse, Title IX is what's keeping them back. I don't know any top tier SE teams but out west Arizona and Arizona State are usually very good as well.

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Colorado College? Please. Minnesota had their way with them in the WCHA Final Five this weekend! And CC might have to play Michigan, in Ann Arbor. Not an easy place to win. Here's to a repeat as National Champions! Go Gophers. My Frozen Four Predictions: Cornell BU Michigan Minnesota Another question is who will win the Hobey? LeNeveu or Sejna? (I posted after we won the title last season, so this is the second college hockey post ever!)

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Inside College Hockey Power Rankings ESPN's Frozen Four predictions Should be an exciting tournament.

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interesting picks by the ESPN bunch. Figures that there are 4 picking BU and 3 taking BC, ESPN has always been big Boston hockey bandwagoners. Minn and Michigan have huge advantages with the home ice in the regionals, but I hope that Maine is strong enough to still win their toughest "home" game ever... actually wait, I hate Maine. Go Blue! I'm basically nervous as hell about even getting out of the regional, but all the experts expect it, and I guess the two losses to Maine and OSU were without Lenny in net and were still close, so that is good for the confidence level. It's just hard for me to shake the inconsistent letdown-prone expectations that were there for all 4 years that I went there.... but if there's a year to do it, it's this year. Buffalo would almost be like home games in the Frozen Four. Now if only we had been sent to Worcester, which is an hour closer and a good 40 bucks cheaper... not sure if I can make it to Providence.

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The Cornel / Minnesota State - Mankato game could go either way. MSU has some very speedy forwards, Stephenson, Joseph and Abel, and a decent goalie who beat Minnesota by standing on his head. But MSU is also coming off a poor showing in the WCHA Final Five. I've got a deal for you. I'll cheer for Cornel, if you cheer for Minnesota! At least you can get tickets. The regionals in Minnesota have been sold out for a while, and our arena holds 11,000. Damn.

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Well, since I've never felt strongly one way or the other about Minn, my friend is a fan, and I hate UND and most everyone else out of the west, I'm all for it. Go Gophers! :) I hope all the #1s do it. I want to see Cornell get a shot at UNH to avenge last year.

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Go BU!

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Screw BU! :D Cornell still hates BU so much from before the ECAC split, that we kept that cheer, and just add the opposing team to it - Screw BU! Mankato too! This is great, as of this week we're out of the early year sports doldrums... march madness, hockey, then baseball starts, we're back in business...

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I don't watch hockey... but GO BU!!!!

posted by swank6 at 10:42 PM on March 24, 2003

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