March 07, 2003

Vick gets a weapon at WR...: But is it the right guy? [more inside]

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Peerless Price had a good season last year, for sure, but he was playing with a Pro Bowl level receiver opposite him, who teams tended to focus more on. I thought Laverneus Coles would have been a better pick, as he had a very good season with less help to take attention away from him.

posted by bcb2k2 at 11:37 AM on March 07, 2003

Speaking as a Bills fan, I'm sorry to see Peerless go. Objectively, I doubt that he'll make much of an impact in Atlanta

posted by outside counsel at 02:31 PM on March 07, 2003

Any impact will be a positive impact. The only two questions we in Atlanta must ask ourselves about Peerless Price: 1. Will he catch more passes than he drops? 2. Will he catch more passes than Brian Finneran (see above)? Yes and Yes. With that in mind, I think he will make a big impact here (knowing all the while that he is no Jerry Rice, but thanking God all the time that he is no Shawn Jefferson).

posted by trox at 03:29 PM on March 07, 2003

I think that it's a good deal because what they did was get a pretty good, young, developped reciever for a low first-round pick in the draft, which is taking a chance that a young player will develop correctly. Ultimately, he's a good target and gives Vick something more than he had last year, which for the calibre of player that Vick is, will make the Falcons a significantly better team. It will also make players like Finneran better too, as he will attract attention and double coverages, giving Finneran a more man to man situation to work with. It might also stretch out the field a little bit, meaning more room for Vick to do what he does best. Ultimately, he's not going to be Terrell Owens, but with Vick at the helm, I don't think he has to be. I don't think that Atlanta was looking for a saviour reciever, I think they were looking for a consistent, developped reciever that can run, and Price is that. Thank God it's not Terry Glenn.

posted by therev at 05:43 PM on March 07, 2003

Thank God it's not Terry Glenn. Who's she?

posted by vito90 at 01:36 AM on March 08, 2003

I'm a Bills fan too, but I'm hopeful that the Bills can use their resulting draft-pick from this swap to get a real, impact player for the d-line. Too many times last year did I have to see the Bills' opposing ball carriers get four, five, six yards past the line of scrimmage before a Bills' defender even got a hand on the guy (or, in the case of Ricky Williams, forty or fifty yards). I also tired of watching opposing quarterbacks basking in the comfort of the Never-Collapsing Pocket. If the Bills get decent production out of Josh Reed -- say, 60-70 catches -- and whoever Jay Riemersma's replacement is, and if they get more sacks and a stiffer defense out of it, they'll be fine. And I think Price will supplement Michael Vick wonderfully. I just hope Dan Reeves doesn't do anything insane like saying, "OK, Michael, we've got you a top-flight receiver, so now you can stand in the pocket."

posted by Jaquandor at 03:35 PM on March 08, 2003

Good for both teams all around. Even playing NFL2k3 on my PS2 can tell me Vick needs a real receiver, and Price is at least good enough. From what I saw of Josh Reed last season, I think he should step in nicely. Probably a good fantasy pick in the later rounds. TO is still the best of course... :)

posted by swank6 at 06:09 PM on March 08, 2003

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