March 11, 2003

Well, Amonte is gone to the Flyers, but I'm sure there's a few big trades left before today's 3pm NHL Trade Deadline. Who's improved the most so far? (My vote is for the Leafs.) And is Selanne really on the block?

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I guy at another message board that I lurk around has put up a Web site that is completely up to date in regards to the wheeling and dealing. And what in the h-e-double hockey sticks was Detroit thinking with their deal with the Kings? Schneider for Avery, Kuznetsov, a 2003 1st round pick, and a 2004 2nd round pick. All that for Mathieu Schneider?! Yikes!

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Oh, and that posted site has no pop-ups, images, or nothing. Just text info.

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The deep Dallas team got much deeper with the additions of Stu Barnes and Lyle Odelein. Sure, they didn't make the same splash as Toronto did with Nolan or Philly did with Amonte, but I think they helped themselves as much, if not more. They're going to a really tough team to play against. TSN has a trade tracker up, but I like NoMich's link just as much.

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Or for even more up to date, you can listen to Fan590 -- Toronto's Sports Radio (click on Listen Live). And what is St.Louis doing getting Valeri Bure?? (the hockey fan in me is going to be excited for the next three hours -- lots of Leaf rumours in the mix now. Ricci??)

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And now Anson Carter traded to Rangers (courtesy of Fan590).

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Anson Carter to the Rangers for Cory Cross and Radek Dvorak? I was hoping the Rangers were done with this stuff. This keeps the Rangers' chances of knocking the Bruins or Isles out of the playoff race alive. Cory Cross never impressed me, and Devo has stunk for this year.

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Speaking as a Leaf fan: Cory Cross never impressed anyone.

posted by mkn at 11:17 AM on March 11, 2003

Ooooh, action from my Rangers. My quick two cents: Solid trade, though I think it's too little, too late. Devo worked his tail off for the Blushirts, but couldn't finish to save his life in the last three months. Dancin' Anson could fit nicely on Broadway. I wonder where he'll play? I doubt it will matter. Ranger fan mantra: We'll be good... next year.

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The Sens are looking dangerous, having just picked up ol' Smoky from LA. With Big Rob Ray and Varada in the mix, this team may just have become playoff material. And with Philly getting amonte, I can't even count how many players they have that scare me, though as a whole, they don't pack much punch. It'll be interesting to see the reunion of JR and Tony. The Leafs definitely need to go steal some more of someone else's payroll. Ricci I like. Though I'd prefer Jeff O'Neill. And St.Louis, you're dumb. That Van Ryn kid is pretty good, no? For Valerie? The name says it all! (it's not Pavel, plain and simple)

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Looks like everyone in the top 9 in both conferences has made a move in the last week, with the exception of Washington, Boston, Minnesota, Anaheim, and Vancouver (I think). I'm not shocked by the first four (especially the goddam Bruins), but I'll be surprised if Vancouver doesn't come out with something in the next 90 minutes.

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Having watched the 'Nucks about three times in the last week I've heard it said repeatedly that they are very happy with their club and they are not likely to be movers in the next hour plus. If anything, it'll be a minor move. Here's a story about Brian Burke, basically backing up what I've heard. Additionally, I don't understand why Washington is not adding a cog or two. They could use the help as they are top-heavy to say the least. Anaheim isn't going to contend so they should stay put. Boston needs something... anything. And Minnesota is young enough to stay put, take what they can get in the playoffs and come back next year even stronger.

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The Leafs definitely need to go steal some more of someone else's payroll. Ricci I like. Though I'd prefer Jeff O'Neill. Sorry garfield, but getting Jeff O'Neill will cost a team a lot; too much as a matter of fact. 'Canes GM Jim Rutherford has said in past interviews that he is building for the immediate future and that several players (O'Neill being one of them) are untouchable. And I agree with your sentiment about Valerie Bure. Methinks that St. Louis just wanted his celebrity, eye-candy wife in town. How else do you explain that trade? There is clearly something awful in the water available only to Western Conference GMs. Detroit way overpaid for Schneider, St. Louis deals for Valerie Bure, and Colorado sends a kid with craploads of talent to Carolina for the on-ice spectator (this year anyway) known as Bates Battaglia. I love trade deadline day! In any sport, but it seems to be more entertaining in the NHL.

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Gilmour has supposedly agreed to a deal with the Leafs!

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There is no excitement on deadline day in the NBA and NFL. Their salary caps absolutely crush any chance of more than one semi-major deal being done. MLB has an okay history of deadline deals, but most of the real earth shakers are usually done in the offseason during the GM winter meetings in (insert warm spot here). But the NHL prides itself in the excitement of the trading deadline. All three of the national sports stations in Canada are dedicating up to 6 hours of coverage this afternoon. And they need to do it as there is usually a flurry of trades on this date. Last year it was 17. The year before, 17 again. The year before that, 21 deals were made. In general, if you're an NHL GM and didn't make a deal of any sort, you are looked on rather poorly by your fans.

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NoMich, it was wishful thinking but thanks for the info. I couldn't agree with Rutherford more. Housley to the Leafs. And possibly Gilmour. This bud is green with joy!

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NoMich, thanks for that link above. I used it all day, without a single pause or refresh problem (TSN got crazy after a while). Be sure to thank your buddy.

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I'm another fan of the NoMich link. That guy hasn't been wrong once and I haven't had to wait for the site to load or wade through other crap to get the info I need. Thanks.

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Many big moves today, and the Blues picked up former Wing and Islander Chris Osgood, which will help them, despite the soft goals he gives up. Philly's Amonte acquisition is big, but I can't help but see another first round exit again. Since no one else is mentioning it, the Wings go Schneider, mere hours after Matt scored on the Wings in a 3-2 loss. I like this trade, though the Wings did give up Avery (nice little undrafted agitator who has been living above Brett Hull's garage), Kuznetzov (great size, clumsy as an ox) and a few picks.

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All three of the national sports stations in Canada are dedicating up to 6 hours of coverage this afternoon. Another reason why I want to move to Canada.

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NoMich: Tell your buddy that Berezin was on Chicago, not Montreal. It's an understandable mistake as he's been on 4 teams the past 3 years. Otherwise, the web page was the "click of choice" for everyone in my office. I hope the bandwidth costs are covered. :)

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The Leafs are finally making a run for it, eh? Nolan, Housley, Gilmour, and ESPN was reporting Wesley as well when I was watching soccer today....

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Totally nuts. A couple of the trades really hit me out of nowhere. For example, I don't get the Osgood trade. The Isles NEED him for a playoff run. I like DiPietro, but we're talking about the playoffs here, and Osgood's the one with the Cup ring. St. Loo made away with a steal. Anson Carter deal. How the Rangers think this will help them make the playoffs is beyond me, but the Oilers wouldn't have been able to afford him anyway. Still, I expected him to go somewhere else. The Smolinski pickup surprised me, and it's a good deal, although I wonder where the cash is coming from. Gilmour is a great grab for the Leafs, Housley less so but it's still an upgrade from Aki Berg. I agree with NoMich about the Schneider deal; the Wings gave up way too much. I suppose they just wanted to show their fans they're serious about repeating this year, but if there's any team that needs to hang on to its young players, it's Detroit. Anaheim made out pretty well. Sergei Berezin finds yet another home. Good to see Iginla stay put in Calgary, even if nobody else did. He's the cornerstone. Was very surprised not to see Zhitnik or Satan moved from the Sabres. This trade deadline really underscored the gaping canyon between the haves and the have-nots though. Pittsburgh dumped pretty much everyone, as did Buffalo, and to lesser extents, Carolina and San Jose. The playoffs are gonna be great this year, but I hope at the end of it, the league can restore a little parity.

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25 deals today, is that right?

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25 trades or waiver wire pickups involving 48 players and 18 draft picks and 30 teams. (Plus one appearance by the most traded player in NHL history, Future Considerations. His cousin, Player Tobe Namedlater, plays professional baseball.) Yes, every single team in the NHL did SOMETHING today. Some were buyers, some were sellers and some were simply getting caught up in the action and did a deal for the sake of doing a deal (I'm looking at you Minnesota!). The single biggest day of trading in NHL history, and probably professional sports history.

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Not true. Columbus didn't do anything... er, *today*. Someone made a good point on the Fan590. In the past, a team needs a defensemen; another needs a forward: they make a trade. A good player for a good player. A great player for a great player. Two good players for a great player. etc etc. Trades, more or less, were seen as good for *both* teams. But looking at the trades this year, perhaps two (at the most) can be seen as being fair. Virtually every trade was one sided... and that really says a lot for the current shape of the NHL. And it is likely that next year will be even more busy; especially with the pending labour issues and what they will mean for contracts/teams/etc. Crazy. Still can't figure out that Oilers deal, though.

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and Osgood's the one with the Cup ring. It's widely accepted in many hockey circles that the '98 Cup was won not because of Osgood, but despite him. Allowing goals in overtime from center ice in crucial playoff games in the Conference Finals? Why do you think he was put on freaking waivers? His pathetic work ethic alone was resonsible for Roenick signing with the Flyers. Jeremy was out with Ken Holland, and were set to sign a deal in the morning after dinner. He gets a call from Phillly at the hotel, take it or leave it kind of deal, and he takes it, specifically citing Osgood as one of the reasons why he did so. Shortly after hearing this from JR, Holland finally wisened up and acquired Hasek, and the rest is history. I agree with NoMich about the Schneider deal; the Wings gave up way too much. I suppose they just wanted to show their fans they're serious about repeating this year, but if there's any team that needs to hang on to its young players, it's Detroit. Again, I couldn't disagree more. What many don't realize is that Detroit has done a great job with their picks, due to a great scouting staff. I mean, Zetterberg was picked 210th overall in the freaking 4th round, and the kid just got rookie of the month honors, and is a good bet for the Calder. Sundin called him the next Peter Forsberg during the Olympics, when they were teammates. Pavel Datsyuk was drafted 171st overall, Detroits fourth pick, in 1998, and that kid was a solid contributor to the Cup run last year. The Wings have an underrated farm system, and a few kids that are going to turn heads coming up. Already rookie Bykov is a top four d-man (though not after this deal), and he was drafted in the 8th round, 258th overall. Grigorenko is That kid Avery that was dealt will be missed, but agitators are a dime a dozen, and the kid was undrafted, for the love of god, and signed as a free agent. The picks hurt a bit, but not nearly as much as some are making it out to be. As for Kuznetzov, well, he's a bigger, clumsier Larry Murphy. Addition through subtraction. Schneider is easily the best d-man moved, I believe. He effectively neutralized Sergei Fedorov during the first round of the playoffs in 2000, he was the Kings best d man during that series. Adding an All Star to Lidstrom and Chelios can't be wrong.

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Just so you don't think I'm making up that Roenick story.

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(oops, finishing that Grigorenko thought...)

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