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June 30, 2002

The 2002 All-Star Game teams have been announced.: But don't worry, if your player didn't make the cut, you may have a chance to make things right by voting for the 30th Man. How did your picks stack up and who are you taking as #30?

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Save the Chiefs!: A campaign to save the Johnstown Chiefs, the Pennsylvania hockey team sensationalized 25 years ago in the movie Slap Shot, has been launched by former NHL general manager Neil Smith. A city with rich hockey history, which most people only know as the Charlestown Chiefs, is in need of help!

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Brazil wins!!!: Just as it was predicted.

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June 29, 2002

The best assessment of this World Cup I've seen so far: from Paul Wilson of the Observer (of whom I know nothing). As it comes to an end how will we remember it. Was it a classic? Was it a dud? Somewhere in the middle? What do you think? Will things be different from now on? Do you have answers to some other questions? Chip in and make the World Cup last one more day before the normal everyday drudgery of life comes rushing back in ;)

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New season, new kits... Liverpool's is quite bad (what's with those cuffs?), Leeds' is okay I suppose, if a tad boring, and Newcastle's does the job fine. They're all disappointingly understated and tastefull really. Where are all the terrible, ugly and downright disgusting kits now?

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Anelka takes a potshot at Houllier.: Anelka blames Houllier for not signing him on permanently at Liverpool. Can't say I blame Anelka. He did a great job on the field for the Reds (my team!) and seemed to behave himself off the field as well (his reputation notwithstanding). But Houllier has signed Diouf of Senegal to take Anelka's spot.

And Anelka is off to Manchester City, who dominated the First Division on their way back to the Premier League. This is great for two reasons. First, it'll keep a talented striker in the EPL. Second, it'll really strengthen Manchester City, who are now coached by Kevin Keegan. I'll be rooting for them when they revive the Manchester derby with United. Go City!

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Presenting The All-Bastard Athletic Club, comprised of ballplayers possessed with monstrous élan, a flair for savagery on the playing field, or a ravening impact on the National Pastime. It is critical to understand: a Bastard is not a scumbag.

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Bhutan, Montserrat to meet in 'Other Final': Just before the World Cup champion is crowned Sunday, two tiny nations will play in this Himalayan kingdom for a different title: the world's worst team.

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NBA's international shopping spree bodes ill for black players: says the Times' Bill Rhoden. It had occured to me that this, if a real trend, would (literally) change the complexion of the game. Rhoden seems to see an element of racism in it, though I'm not entirely clear whether he thinks its intentional or unintentional.

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June 28, 2002

Slamball!: This might just be the only sport stupider than that underwater hockey thing. Still, I bet more than a few of us will be watching on August 3rd.

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New Yorker's Editor David Remnick on British Gentleman Lennox Lewis: "A few weeks before the fight, I visited Lewis at his training camp in the Poconos. I went twice, first with a passel of other reporters, and a second time alone....In training, Lewis, unlike Tyson, unlike many of the moderns, practices the Spartan code: work, celibacy, boredom, and games—chess, mainly. The maternal presence provides warmth but a certain added discipline, too. 'My mother grounds me,' Lewis told me later in the day. 'She still tells me to clean up my room.' Remnick also authored King of the World-Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero. Looks like he's angling for the book deal.

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With all eyes on Tim, will the other Brit sneak through?: Greg Rusedski, the transplanted Canuck, played a near-perfect match today against Andy Roddick and has been quietly going about his business. Now that there are no top seeds in the 4th round on the bottom half, what are the chances for an all-British final? (more. . .)

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First Heisman Trophy Winner passes away.: There is no ObitFilter, but I thought this should be mentioned here at least. The two things I really appreciate about Mr. Berwanger's story are that he never played pro football, and his aunt used the trophy for years as a doorstop. Very cool.

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FIFA's World Cup All-Stars! Is this the world's greatest team? Probably not (there's no Rio Ferdinand for a start) but at least they've recognised some of the real stars of the tournament such as El Hadji Diouf and Rustu Recber.

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I don't know whether to be angry or ashamed.: The world's biggest sporting event, and my local ABC affiliate decides not to show it live. It's not like I live somewhere in the sticks either; I live in Atlanta. Is anyone else (obviously limited to Americans) having the same problem? I guess I'll be brushing up on my Spanish for the Univision broadcast.

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Which Are The Most Unforgettable World Cup Moments Since 1966?: The Guardian's David Lacey has covered every World Cup since 1966. This one, the tenth, will be his last. His (somewhat contentious and anglo-centric)choice of highlights, as well as his elder-statesman thoughts on the present final, are still a delight to read.

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Expos Acquire Colon.: For the first time in recent memory, the Expos acquired a big name player. I'm shocked. I mean, I guess it's pretty much their last chance to win before they get contracted/moved, but still. Good for them for not giving up. Now, the question is: Can the Expos make a postseason run?

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June 27, 2002

Well, we missed our chance.: For only $4300 each, the 534 members of SportsFilter could have owned a professional hockey team.  kooptroopl2 bought Anchorage Aces today using eBay's Buy It Now feature, days before the auction was scheduled to end.  Too bad too, I was really hoping to hear your ideas on what kind of new names we could have given the team.  The "Bashing Bloggers" maybe?  Here's the Anchorage Daily News article.

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Pierluigi Collina Superstar: Download your autographed photo. Now that he has been officially selected to officiate the Brazil-Germany final, watching him will make the game even more intriguing.

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O'Leary leaves Leeds.: By mutual consent according to the club. Balderdash obviously, but was it the rumoured selling of Ferdinand or the controversy over his book that has made him the first managerial "casualty" of a season that doesn't start for seven weeks? More important does anyone on Sportsfilter give a damn about Premiership football?

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June 26, 2002

Sampras, Agassi and Safin all lose at Wimbledon: The #2 (Agassi), 3 (Safin) and 6 (Sampras) seeds are all gone early. It's been two years without a tournament title for Sampras, and now a second round defeat at his favorite Grand Slam. Time for Pete to retire?

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World Cup fever strikes SW19?: With five seeds losing at Wimbledon today, including Safin, Sampras and Agassi, the men's singles draw is wide open. Throw in the fact that the upsets took place at the hands of unfancied qualifiers from countries with no real tennis tradition, are we seeing a demographic shift along the lines of the World Cup, where the gap between the best and the rest is narrowing; or is this simply the last hoorah from the stars of the 1990s?

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The NBA Draft.: It looks like both the Cavs and the Hornets are willing to trade Andre Miller and Baron Davis, respectively. Are you serious? My dream draft day move for the Pacers: trade Jamaal Tinsley, Austin Croshere, and Ron Mercer, as well as their draft pick, for Andre Miller or Baron Davis. Of course, that will never happen. Any reports from your team's headquarters? Any delusional wishes?

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So: Will it be Brazil or will it be Germany? : It's already being billed here in Portugal as a battle between South America and Middle Europe, between Catholicism and Protestantism; between Joie-de-vivre and Robotics; between the Third World and Globalization. Perhaps it's just a football game, though...

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Ferrari, Schumi, and Rubens fined US$1 million for Austrian GP.: The World Motor Sport Council held that Rubens Barrichello, Michael Schumacher and Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro were each guilty of failure to observe Article 170 of the Formula One Sporting Regulations. In other words the WMSC did decide to punish Ferrari and their drivers for their behaviour on the Austrian podium.

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June 25, 2002

Australia do it again.: Yet another sporting comeback from Australia A with a try scored in the last seconds. They did the same thing last week to win by 1 point and they've been doing it for years now. Just why do some nations and teams come back from the dead again and again? How do you create that sort of team spirit.

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Don't listen to Bud's crying: Jim Caple is right on. All this July 11 strike talk is ridiculous, and plays right into Bud Selig's hands - Baseball is as great as it's ever been, and I feel lucky to be alive to see it.

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Finally, somebody admits, "It's about the money":
Wang Zhizhi claims he's not going to defect to the United States in the latest piece on his situation with the NBA and Chinese Baksetball. But the best part of this story is the last quote when he discusses his NBA options as a restricted free agent and whether he'll return to the Mavs. Must be the language barrier or something...

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If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around, does it make a sound?: The same question could be asked about the NHL draft, which happened this weekend with little to no fan interest and minimal media coverage. Such is the fate of hockey, the least popular of the big four pro sports. Columbus picked Rick Nash, LW from the London Knights, number 1 in the draft. Probably more interesting is that Hasek is going to retire. Expect more interesting things to happen with trades, as the Red Wings shop for a new goaltender and coach, and the Leafs try to figure out what to do with Cujo.

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Brazil v Turkey.: Predictions anyone?

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Germany vs. Korea Republic.: Can't wait for the final now.

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June 24, 2002

Cops kick soccer fans out the door. : "We're not the grinches who stole the World Cup," said a San Francisco police captain. Yes, you are, says me.

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Vladimer Guerrero?: This article from ESPN magazine helps the sports fan get to know one of the best players in the game nobody knows. I've been to a few Expos games, and Guerrero is as much fun to watch as Ichiro, but he's stuck in Canada so nobody gets to see him. Rumor has it that Yankee GM Brian Cashman calls the Expos once a week to find out if he's available, and when Guerrero becomes a free agent Steinbrenner is going to do anything he has to do to sign him.

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DiMaggio's streak a fraud?: Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak is said to be the mountain nobody can climb, the river nobody can swim, the door forever locked. And now come sad words for those who believe what DiMaggio did in 1941 is baseball's Holy Grail. C. David Stephan says the record is a fraud.

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Wimbledon gets all geeked-out.: They've got Live Scoreboard, Slamcam (webcams on main courts that you can manipulate), Netcam (live static images), SMS and WAP scores, Virtual tour (yawn), Downloads (yawn) and a live score toolbar.

Also, they've got the IBM Media Console (RealOne player reqd.) which provides live and archived video and radio streams of gameplay, commentaries and interviews. FREE.

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Kournikova.: Mmmm. Just got knocked out in the first round of Wimbledon. As usual. Part of her mystique. But, now, on to the tennis players: Who'll win it this time? World Cup? What World Cup?

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Germany v Korea is semifinal 1.: Who cares? ;-)

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Business as usual.: It seems that football's "great powers" always seem to blame anyone but themselves for losing (France being the solitary, laudable exception). As BBC's Andy Gray points out everyone needs a bit of luck to win the World Cup, but at least the Koreans have played honestly, and with integrity, unlike some other teams.

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June 23, 2002

Staying in College Hurts NBA Prospects: [New York Times; registration required] Some players that stay all four years in college are considered old in their early 20s and are being picked behind high school seniors.

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June 22, 2002

"Smug ``We knew it'' expressions: : Okay, we could have told you this team was good, but that would have spoiled a lot of the enjoyment" says Eoghan Sweeney, Chief Football Writer for the Korea Times. This prompts a question, is South Korea's success a fluke in this tournament, or are they an emerging power? Of the semifinalists they've had to go through the most difficult opponents, will they get further? What do you say?

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Darryl Kile found dead at 33; may he rest in peace.: He was found in his hotel room this morning. The cause of death is unknown.

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Are the next Korean Presidential elections and the FIFA refs favoritism of Korea linked?: Chung Mong-joon is the Korean Football Association president and co-chairman of the Korea World Cup Organizing Committee. He is also the FIFA vice president who has been agressively attacking the current FIFA president Blatter, the only Asian executive member to join the legal action against the FIFA chief. He wants to run for Korean Presidency in December. When asked about the December Korean presidential race: "The appearance of the Korean national soccer team in the World Cup finals will considerably affect the election." Mong-joon is also one of the three sons of the late founder of Korean powerhouse conglomerate Hyundai Group. Where will conspiracy theorists take this?

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Getting home the hard way: A Washington, DC, commuter has jogged home from every one of the 83 stations in the Metro public transit system.

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Turkey dominates : I thought this was a well played game, but I dont think they have a chance against the Brazilians. It seemed to me that Senegal opened really strong but then were taken off their game somehow.

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Spain robbed by linesman: All reports seem to be delighted for Korea but I'm absolutely fuming after seeing a perfectly legal goal disallowed. The decision was so bizarre I was thinking corruption must have something to do with it. Plus Spain were the better team. There should be an investigation.

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June 21, 2002

Variable ticket pricing: means you'll pay difference prices for the same seat depending on events at the ballpark, or which opponent is playing.

"'It will be bad in terms of revenue disparity, and it will be worse for Joe Sixpack,' [Washington State University economics professor Rod] Fort said. 'Because now the only game he can afford is against a crappy team.'"

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"They were better than us, which is the difference." Sven tells it as it is. Sorry, but I thought England at least deserved our own thread. Just woken up, drunk, and with tears running down my face. Portugal 2004 anyone?

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Perugia Backpedals Over Ahn.: It seems Perugia may be regretting its initial comments about Ahn in the wake of Italy's defeat at the World Cup.

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Football tackle leads to an assault charge : A 13-year-old football player came hard at the opposing team's quarterback, tackling him from the side and knocking him to the ground. What happened immediately afterward is in question, but the quarterback's arm was broken and the boy who made the tackle is charged with second-degree assault.

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Korea v Spain: and Senegal v Turkey. OK, no upsets in the first two quarterfinals. What about these two?

I think Korea will have a tougher time than Senegal, but it looks doable for both sides. I want upsets!

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Merry King Sepp's low blow. : [nyt reg req] "The refereeing has been the only negative aspect of this World Cup magnificently organized by two countries" Blatter said. Coward. You are supposed to stick up for your men, especially with the semis and finals coming up. This increases the odds of even worse officiating than there has been so far, although that's hard to believe.

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The Fans Strike Back?: or Attack of the Clones?
MLB FAN STRIKE is scheduled to take place on JULY 11, 2002, and is to include all scheduled games in all cities on that date. The purpose of the strike is to send a message to both the Players and the Owners that we are FED UP with the labor problems in Baseball!

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USA v Germany by the numbers.: Germany (W-D-L-GF-GA 3-1-0-12-1) tower over the US (2-1-1-6-6). They have the players with the most goals (Klose = 5) and assists (Ballack = 4). They're also up there in tackles and fouls.

For the US, Brad Friedel stands out as the keeper with the most penalties saved (2). Other achievements are spread more evenly throughout the team.

If the US plays as tightly as they did against Mexico, and shut down Ballack and Klose, Americans may be doing their own crazy dance in the streets tomorrow.

Game on in about six hours. Get ready to cheer your lungs out. And, oh, get your post-match joy and hand-wringing right here.

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Will England v Brazil be repeat of 1970 first round tie?:

"The match had it all, as Brazil offered up some of the finest sleight-of-foot ever seen, while England moved the ball around the pitch with clinical accuracy and efficiency."

Pele unbelievably denied by Gordon Banks but ultimately, both sides finally separated by a golden goal: "... Tostao eluded two men on the left before laying the ball into the box to Pele. The maestro then controlled, lulled his defender to sleep and poked the ball calmly into the path of the onrushing Jairzinho who hammered it past a now lordly Banks."

The match starts in an hour and a half. Get your scores and post-match commentary and analysis right here.

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June 20, 2002

Sportswriters can't be relied on to cover athletes because they have to kiss ass to continue getting access, according to this Washington City Paper story, which documents Michael Wilbon's passionate 20-year love affair with Michael Jordan.

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Tony Kornheiser brings out the bandwagon again! : "Isn't it just like the French to go out early and leave it up to us to beat the Germans?"

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Steroids are good for baseball!: A former head of the MLB Players' Union suggests that the owners have nothing to gain by eliminating steroids from baseball and that they are simply "moral-grandstanding."

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Italian soccer club Perugia fires South Korea's Ahn Jung-hwan for knocking out Italy.: This was posted earlier today in comments by etagloh. I thought I should post it here because I don't think there's been anything of this kind ever. Is this the ultimate in sour grapes? Would Ahn have gone back to Italy anyway? And, finally, I say, wtf?

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June 19, 2002

Which Footballer Are You?: Come on guys, somebody had to lower the tone of this place! Besides, the questions are amusing and the results are not totally off the mark.

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Futbolero: The Academic Soccer Site.: For the heady soccer aficionado.

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Maybe FIFA can stop cheating the players and fans: "How do you choose the referees for such an event? The referees who have been selected have been involved in the top matches in their confederations and their performances have been highly rated over a period." Yet Italy-Korea's star Byron Moreno was suspended last year for six games (in spanish scroll down) by his national federation for disgraceful officiating. PS He's already been shipped back to Quito.

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Longtime St. Louis Cardinals and NFL radio broadcaster Jack Buck has died at age 77.

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I love that the NY POST headlines are allcaps on the Yahoo! portal.

This is the second time this season that a Met will be punished for missing an opposing batter. Earlier in the year, Pedro Astacio was fined for throwing a pitch high and tight to Barry Bonds. Of course, Clemens was not fined last week after he hit Bonds when he said he intended to.

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World Cup a 'disaster', apparently.: So says the cover of Newsweek, at least, making a big hoot about the admittedly shambolic ticketing arrangements in Korea and Japan, and extrapolating it into an indictment of the tournament. Funny thing is that the rest of Newsweek's coverage is much more in keeping with the real mood. A football-hating editor, a desparate search for a contrarian angle, or a classic print-journalism troll?

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June 18, 2002

Mets win!! Mets win!! I mean...: Cyclones win!! Cyclones win!! That's second best.

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You know that Macy Gray song -- "I've Commited Murder?": Another rumor flying around Chicago last weekend had the Suns trying to work out an elaborate three-team trade that would eventually land them Heat power forward Brian Grant. The deal has since been printed in several forms but the principals involved included Grant to the Suns, Anfernee Hardaway and the Heat's No. 10 pick to the Blazers and starting guard Damon Stoudamire, reserve forward Zach Randolph and the Blazers' No. 21 pick to the Heat."

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Italy cries foul!: After losing to Korea 2-1, Italian politicians, newscasters, and just about everyone else is crying "Conspiracy!" and even going so far as to suggest that somebody paid off the Ecuadoran referee to basically fix the match. So, is there something here? Or are the Italians just poor losers?

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England v Brazil: and US v Germany kick off the quarterfinals tonight (US time). These are probably the games of the tournament. Although my picks are with the favorites (Brazil and Germany), my heart is with England and the US. Who do you favor? And, for those of us in the "unlucky" timezones, what's your stay-awake strategy? (Naturally, you'll be watching both games.)

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June 17, 2002

Japan v Turkey: and Korea v Italy kick off the second half of the Round of 16. My fantasy picks are for Japan and Italy.

However, can both hosts make it through? More importantly, can Korea overcome Italy? I don't mind getting the wrong pick on that one.

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The $250 million skate punk. : From extreme sports to extreme payoff. How many pairs of vans can you buy with $10 Million?

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Give Tiger Some Love.: After all, we are Tiger Woods. (The link points to an interview after his U.S. Open victory via The course and weather were hellacious, which made the tournament a joy to watch. I think from now on all golf tournaments should be played in the storm.

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Figo proposed a draw: in the South Korea match. This article is from a Russian newspaper, so it's gotta be true, right?

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Germany getting computer help: "Sports Analytics has been beaming via satellite daily packages of details on opposing teams and players to Germany coach Rudi Voeller in South Korea and Japan." What other technologies are changing the way this beautiful sport is played.

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June 16, 2002

Wiffle ball goes big time: The Atlantic tells you more than you probably want to know about Wiffle Ball, including the physics, the origins of the name, and the United States Perforated Plastic Baseball Association.

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US v Mexico: and Brazil v Belgium are next. Can the US pull it off? Will the Brazilian beat continue?

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How are you following the World Cup?: I've been at work for a lot of the games, so I've had to use the web to keep up with things. The Guardian's minute-by-minute coverage is the best by far. I've linked to their Senegal-Sweden coverage as an example.

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!: Camara scores an incredible goal off the post in the 104th minute of this tense and well-played 2-1 Senegal win over Sweden (he scored both goals for Senegal in this game). Now this was an exciting match! Senegal faces either Japan or Turkey next, pending the outcome of that match- who should they expect to face? How far can they really go?

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June 15, 2002

Senegal v Sweden: and Spain v Ireland are the next games in the round of 16.

I've picked Senegal and Spain to win. I hope I'm wrong on the second one. Can the Irish do it?

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June 14, 2002

England v Denmark: and Germany v Paraguay start the Round of 16 tonight (US time). I wanna see Germany lose to a Chilavert free kick, and England go through on a bucketful of goals (Owen, Heskey, Fowler, Becks). I'm going to have to wake up at 4am for the England game, so it better be good. ;-)

Will my dreams come true?

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Senegalese beats.: Dig that crazy rythmn in this crazy world cup. I love that Senegal has gone through, not only because it is yet another one in the eye for the French. They seem to lack the cynicism of Cameroon and the arrogance of Nigeria. Plus Birmingham have signed their captain. There is a fantastic article in The Guardian on the impact this little world cup adventure has had on Senegal. I recommend it because it applies to many nations , even England. The point being, if you are aware of the world only in terms of the world series and regard this world cup as a quaint European ritual, it might give you some sense of its truly global importance. Great read anyway, in and of itself. Sengalese news for what it's worth.

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What old geezers?: The Red Wings have won their 10th Stanley Cup to the surprise of no one. The only surprise came with the naming of Lidstrom as the Conn Smythe winner. But now the question remains: with Bowman stepping down, a possible Hasek retirement (we've heard that one before), and the further aging of the "geezers," can they defend the Cup next year?

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A South Korean fan has killed himself so he can help his country's World Cup team as a ghost, according to Reuters.

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U.S. moves on despite 3-1 loss to Poland in which they gave up two goals in the first five minutes. The quotes from's live game chat tell the story of the start: "For those of you have just joined us, the States conceded two fairly ridiculous early goals."

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70 Greatest Washington Redskins: (70 because it's the 70th year of the franchise).

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June 13, 2002

"Ryan Leaf will take it slow in Seattle," ESPN's John Clayton writes in a schmaltzy story. Of course he will. Slow is Leaf's only speed.

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The bookies: call the last ones through to the Round of 16: US and Portugal.

On current form, a US win seems more likely than a Portugal win. The US only need a draw against Poland, whereas Portugal must beat S. Korea. Koreans have the advantages of current form (top of table, unbeaten), homeground advantage, and historical precedent (no host country has failed to reach the second round). Portugal has the return of form (4-0 against Poland) and key players (Sousa and Xavier) driving them.

Will the odds hold out or will Korea prevail? (my call: US and Korea)

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Lakers win the Championship.: At this point, does anyone even give a crap? A team with Shaq and Kobe would have to TRY to lose. Let's get some retirements, career-ending injuries, or trades to make NBA basketball interesting again.

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June 12, 2002

Thinking About Soccer. Thinking Real Hard.: Thinking about how Americans don't get soccer, and why

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Realigning college leagues.: This year, the NFL realignment goes into effect. follows suit with their opinion of the eight leagues that D-1A college football should align itself into.

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Five of the top six World Cup teams are out or in danger of being knocked out.: France (1) and Argentina (2) are out. Only Brazil (joint 2) have qualified. Italy (6) vs Mexico (7) tonight, with Croatia (21) poised to pounce on either's misfortune. Portugal (5) vs a very tough S. Korea (40, and top of group D) tomorrow, likely to lose its place to USA (13). Has there ever been a World Cup this bottom-heavy? Can Italy and Portugal survive?

Note: These are overall FIFA rankings. Colombia (4) did not qualify for the World Cup.

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WNBA players threaten to strike next season : -- this would be disasterous for the NBA and their attempts to diversify their basketball product (see WNBA, NBDL, Hoop-It-Up, potential NBA Europe). In an era of niche programming, women's basketball has found a foothold with young girls around North America. The question is: can a niche product survive when it is primarily sold in the sport mega-markets of the U.S.?

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Report: Schumacher to be stripped of Austrian title.: Schumacher's Ferrari teammate Rubens Barrichello would be awarded the grand prix title, based on the order from team boss Jean Todt to slow down on the final straight and let Schumacher pass Barrichello to help the German's bid for a fifth world title.

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June 11, 2002

The oddschecker: is heavily in favor of England beating Nigeria. Just found this doohickey, hosted by yahoo! btw, if you want to get a jump on your bets for the new season of the Premier League, check out these odds.

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Being an openly gay athlete: takes balls (sorry). What is it about professional sports that makes it so hard for homosexuals to come out of the closet in our day and age - when other celebrities are coming out in droves? Also, what sports figures do you think are hiding something?

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"Apart from the tango and football, there are few things in Argentina at the moment to pin our hopes on. ... Poverty is good for nothing, except for playing football.": Is this the thinking that will spur Argentina to a win, and progress to the second round? Or will it be yet another addition to the recent spate of Argentinian disappointments? Who escapes from the Group of Death?

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Ball was to blame says Butterfingers. But then again, in qualifying.

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Why sports journalism sucks.: In fact, investigation with stories such as this is sometimes actively discouraged because sports editors don't want to kill the golden goose that gives them so much space and status. It's also much easier and more fun to celebrate than debunk. That's why, in part, sports reporters are often seen as second-raters - unserious journalists covering unserious events. It's also in part why, in quality papers especially, sports sections are seen as mostly simple-minded stats and scores, a necessary but not status part of the paper. The news bosses, whatever their Walter Mitty fantasies of playing center field, generally see sports as beneath them, and leave sports sections to their own devices.

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Yao Ming or Ow Ming? Which will it be?: Houston begins negotiations with the Chinese for Yao. Meanwhile, Wang ZhiZhi has dropped out of sight and blown off commitments to the Chinese national team in favour of NBA summer league play. So would you risk a first round pick on international negotiations with a government and league that can break an agreement with little or no legal recourse?

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Best. Siblings. Ever.: Ranked #1 and #2 in the world, Venus (21 yrs. old) and Serena (20 yrs. old) Williams may dominate women's tennis for the next decade (at least this article seems to suggest the possibility). Are they the best siblings to ever play professional sports? Or for that matter, do they represent the best bloodline in professional sports? Can you think of any better family duo (father-son, father-daughter, brother-sister, mother-son, mother-daughter, brother-brother, etc.)? A year-old BBC article mentions a few sibling rivalries.

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Defending champs France bounced in the first round,: losing all three matches without ever scoring a single goal- unless I'm mistaken, something that's never happened before (Brazil left with one win in '66, the closest I can think of). In related news, rookie sensation Senegal falters in the second half but still advances as the runner-up in Group A with an exciting 3-3 draw over Uruguay, despite that faked dive by the Uruguayan in the late minutes to set up the tying penalty kick.

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June 10, 2002

'Roids and Wrestling: Been there, done that:
The athletes of pro wrestling (and yes, they are amazing athletes) had a ridiculous steroid problem in the 80s, when guys' muscles were literally tearing their own skin from their skeletons. And now guys like Davey Boy Smith (one of the famed British Bulldogs) are dropping dead before they are 40. He's not the only one. And if baseball really has the problem that Canseco and Caminiti say it does, the sport should expect similar casualties.

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The US Open : starts this week. Who do you like? (Besides Tiger. I'll pick a dark horse - Scott McCarron.) It's being held at a public golf course for the first time, and the pros seem to think it's going to be a real test. It'll be a treat to see the best field in golf play a course few of them have any real experience with ('cept for the guys from Lon Guyland, of course). Nice to watch the pros struggle for par for a change. Can Mickelson win the big one? Can Monty? Can Goosen repeat? Can anyone stop Tiger?

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World Cup math: Ireland must win by two goals against Saudi Arabia.: Ireland must win against Saudi Arabia by at least two goals to guarantee entry to the second round, regardless of the Cameroon v Germany (go Cameroon!) result. Why two goals? Because, if the Cameroon v Germany game ends in a tie, and Ireland win by only one goal, then Cameroon and Ireland will have equal goal difference.* They will have to compare how many goals they scored to decide who goes through. If they also come out equal on that point, they'll have to draw lots. That's a fate worse than sudden death penalties or just plain getting knocked out.

Also, Ireland getting through would kill a lot of the Roy Keane second-guessing, no? On the strength of their draws against the top two teams in their group, Ireland couldn't ask for a better opportunity to secure their place in the round of 16.

* All other scenarios are covered in the linked article, so don't tire yourself out doing the calculations. ;-)

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Does anyone see anything odd about this quote?:

"They have learned a lot in Europe as nearly all their players are based in France, but at the same time they have the speed and physical strength of the Africans," Pua said. "They are a very strong side."
It strikes me as odd.

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Four pints equal one point.: msacheson stays up late to watch the World Cup US-S. Korea match.

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June 09, 2002

Group D clash of upset "titans": US v S Korea.: The two teams expected to be last in their group are top of the table. Winner of this one automatically qualifies (I worked out the permutations), a draw isn't bad but leaves the group wide open for the final games. Who wins? I pick the US. Or will it be a draw? Who takes it? Who's team play reigns supreme?

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Tyson gets knocked the fug out.: I thought Tyson won the first round, and Lewis' penchant for holding was on display for all to see tonight, but there's no question the better fighter won. Lennox made Mike look like pizza dough. So, what remains for both fighters? Lewis has nothing left to prove, and Tyson has nowhere to go. Is this it? Is the heavyweight division officially irrelevant?

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They can't win them all in overtime.: Carolina loses to Detroit in the 3rd overtime. Can they come back? Have they shown that they aren't the pushovers we all thought them to be? Does anyone else think Erik Cole look just like a garden gnome with his playoff beard? So many questions.

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June 07, 2002

Big Sports Weekend: The Stanley Cup, the World Cup, NBA Finals, French Open finals, Tyson vs. Lewis, and the final leg of the Triple Crown. What are you going to watch?

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Memphis is a fight town: ion of this weekend's Lewis-Tyson fight, the Memphis Commercial Appeal ranks the city's five greatest fights (and Elvis vs. a gas station attendant is only fourth).

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Hockey ratings are up, for now: With the recent hype over the Olympics, hockey has getten more national attention in the US, but will the way the Stanley Cup Finals are being officiated (20 penalties called in last night's game) cause people to lose interest?

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Of course NBA Finals ratings are down...without U2:
The AP is reporting that Game 1 of the NBA Finals is down in ratings 15% from last year's LA-Philly Game 1. But they neglected to mention that the halftime show last year was a live cut in to the U2 concert in Boston (an amazing show, by the way, that I went to on crutches). In a related story, the Patriots Super Bowl Champions video has been widely reported as the greatest-selling sports video of all time. Hmm....could it be because they included U2's outstanding halftime performance on the DVD? You've got to think that the legions of U2 fans spiked Game 1's ratings last June, and drove up sales of the Patriots video as well.

The point? Sports championships, by themselves, may not be enough these days to draw the big ratings TV and league execs want. And what can the NFL do to top this year's halftime show?

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Jose Canseco admits to using steroids.
: He also says he's going to "name names" of other players that used it, some of which are still in baseball today. His book won't be coming out for a while yet, so let the speculation begin...

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England beat Argentina....: and I can't take it anymore ! COME ON ENGLAND !!!!

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June 06, 2002

Manchester United Hire Carlos Queiroz, Their First Foreign Coach: Being Portuguese and having lived in Manchester for eight years I find it interesting and exciting that Fergie has chosen Queiroz as his new assistant manager. Especially since Sir Alex is supposed to retire in a year's time and Queiroz's contract is for three years. Mancunians are notoriously non-xenophobic and welcoming, but I wonder if the Old Trafford mystique won't be ruined by Queiroz's old European ways. I mean, even his slightly loony opinions are being lampooned on Man United's web site, even as we speak...

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Tyson fit as a butchers dog,: apparently. If it's true we could be in for an absolute classic on Saturday night. Despite serious ethical misgivings about boxing I might be tempted to shell out for ppv for the first time. There are a couple of good, if irritatingly written articles at the HBO site. Lewis seems calmness itself and claims he is seeking only for respect and dignity. Talking of which, this article is old but good, and puts things in a little perspective.

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This quote strikes me as odd::

From the start, the French pressed with purpose, dominating possession. The Uruguayans, meanwhile (as is their seeming birthright) were spiteful and negative; content to attack on the fast break.
Does it strike anyone else as odd? BTW, I've decided that Guardian Unlimited UK has the best World Cup coverage.

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Ten Reasons Why the Nets Will Win the 2002 NBA Finals.: Okay, so they looked awful last night, but let us not lose hope that the Nets will show up and compete. BTW, Joe Netsfan is a brilliant New Jersey Nets fan site. If you're going to build a fan site, it should look and work like this (clean design, fresh content, informative, and entertaining).

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Owen wants Heskey moved back to usual position.: Michael Owen wants his Liverpool strike partner moved back alongside him, just as they play in the Premiership. I'm thinking anything that'll take the game to Argentina is good. Especially after Mr. "Hand of God" Maradona's latest bit of mouthing off. What do you think? Any other England strike combinations in mind?

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June 05, 2002

Now every team at the World Cup has played. Thoughts so far?: Senegal beating the holders & USA beating Portugal will rank as the shocks but what about the refs, star players, donkeys, fustrations, surprises and so on?

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EMBRACING THE WORLD CUP:: Nationalism, globalism, money, or television? Four characters in search of an author seek to persuade David Hayes of the true meaning of soccer's global festival.

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Nader urges NBA to review officiating: Consumer advocate Ralph Nader and the League of Fans, a sports-industry watchdog, sent a letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern on Tuesday urging a review of the officiating in the aftermath of the "notorious" refereeing in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals between the Kings and the Lakers in L.A.

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Oh my gosh. Now this is an upset.: The BBC has already called the US win over Portugal one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history.

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June 04, 2002

Venus, Serena Williams and Capriati advance to Semis.: Is it just me, or has the focus of tennis today moved to the women's side? A few years ago, we had the heated Sampras/Agassi matchup, during which time Hingis dominated and made women's tennis more predictable. Have we reached a relative golden age for women?

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June 03, 2002

Faking Injury.: We see a lot of "flopping" in the NBA, but they are amateurs (think Waiting for Guffman) compared to soccer/football players of the World Cup. Is it all part of the game?

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Is it time for a new category? Enter the Cyberathlete Professional League: for "athletes" with fast fingers and a lot of time to spare. suggests that the league is on the "verge" of going primetime (via Shift).

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June 02, 2002

"Look, kid, the match was over before it started anyway...": JAWOC officials deny 8-month-old Canadian baby entry to Sapporo stadium for the Germany-Saudi Arabia World Cup match. Mom claims she was informed that infants would be allowed in for free. Guess not. In other news, the ticket fiasco continues...

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"I'm going to play aggressive. If they call (Game 7) like they're supposed to call it, the outcome will be the same it was (on Friday). You've got to foul me to stop me. Period." -- Shaquille O'Neal, promising to do a bang-up job when the Western Conference decides tonight which team will cut down the Nets.

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June 01, 2002

LogoServer: is "a collection of team logos of mostly minor league, semi-pro, and obscure teams from a variety of sports," including Danish Australian League Football teams and the Venezuela Winter League. [via xBlog]

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Spectacles like this make me not want to go to baseball games:
A tale of when sports promotion and greed collide.
[more inside]

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Hansie Cronjie: ex captain of South Africa at cricket died today in a plane crash, the third high profile cricketer to reach a premature and tragic end recently. Cronjie of course will now be lionised. He was banned for life recently for providing information to bookies, not only from playing but from participating in the game at all, even as a commentator. He had been a fantastic captain and had led South Africa to some remarkable victories, but no matter; he was dead meat as far as the cricket authorities were concerned. An appeal brought no leniency. He admitted everything, was a stand up guy, didn't flinch from the truth. Now his life ban has been served. He's dead. I wish he could have been shown a bit more compassion when he was alive.

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It was over before it started.: Are the Wings that good? Was Roy that bad? Do the Canes have a avalanche's chance in hell?

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What's the difference between the WWF and NBA? :

The WWF admits that it's fixed. And its refs are better.

Honestly, I love the NBA, but tonight's officiating was ridiculous. How does Kobe get away with a forearm shiver to the face directly in front of the ref?? Was Triple H distracting him from outside the ring? Did he get laid out with a steel chair?

But what about Boston? (more inside)

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