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Is this a dynasty in the making?: I mentioned this before, but something about this article scared me. Serena vs. Venus in the Finals of Wimbledon, I understand...But, Serena & Venus in the Doubles Final of Wimbledon as well? Are they that damn good?

posted by BlueTrain to tennis at 08:10 PM on July 06, 2002 - 24 comments

I was randomly thinking the other day about SpoFi. I thought, why bother going to when I could come here for the scores and threads discussing issues. Why bother going to CNNSI when I could come here and get the latest scoops. Personally, I would like nothing more than to have SpoFi as my one-stop sports site. All the scores, some commentary, in addition to the columns that already exist would make this site very thorough. It it possible?

posted by BlueTrain to navel gazing at 03:53 PM on June 08, 2002 - 10 comments

Venus, Serena Williams and Capriati advance to Semis.: Is it just me, or has the focus of tennis today moved to the women's side? A few years ago, we had the heated Sampras/Agassi matchup, during which time Hingis dominated and made women's tennis more predictable. Have we reached a relative golden age for women?

posted by BlueTrain to tennis at 02:31 PM on June 04, 2002 - 11 comments

Did anyone expect: Sacramento to win in 5? Because I sure didn't...My question is this: Will Cuban break up the group this summer and are the Kings underrated?

posted by BlueTrain to basketball at 11:27 PM on May 13, 2002 - 10 comments

Wow, if that isn't a self-link, I don't know what is...

posted by BlueTrain to editorial policy at 03:09 PM on March 07, 2002 - 2 comments

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Knicks pursuing Van Exel?

Getting Zo to play for the Knicks is like Bird wearing a Laker jersey...even if it happens, Zo won't play with his heart.

posted by BlueTrain at 03:29 PM on August 08, 2002

Knicks pursuing Van Exel?

Thomas will help them beat Sacremento...he was damn incredible during the last 3-4 weeks of the regular season...djacobs, did you ever actually watch a Knicks game? Ward is a decent PG; definitely a worthy backup. The only problem is that Jackson is well past his prime and Childs/Ward are simply great backups, but not actual stars. Van Exel, in my opinion, would be a terrible addition to the already terrible Knicks. I just wish that they could buy out half of their existing contracts and get some decent players. Too bad no one is stupid enough to take on Houston or Spree. The Knicks got lucky that someone took Camby...fucking stooge, that player is.

posted by BlueTrain at 04:30 PM on August 07, 2002

OC = total of other's comments generated by your posts worldcup2002, once again I have to ask, do we need to quantify quality? A big debate over on MeFi has always been, "Does the number of comments in a given thread deem it better than one with very few?" And the resounding answer is, "No." An incredible essay detailing Jackie Robinson's struggles might not need comments because the link is so well written. Perhaps we'll all sit here in awe of such a literary wonder. On the other hand, I could easily link, as I have recently, to CNNSI and bring up a controversial subject, in my case the Williams sisters' supposed dynasty in tennis, and get 25 comments. I consider the former link better for the site, but the latter link better for community involvement. Who's to say which is better?

posted by BlueTrain at 10:34 PM on August 03, 2002

Is there really a need to quantify quality?

posted by BlueTrain at 08:46 AM on August 03, 2002

Cavs trade Miller for Clips Miles.

That sucks...I wanted to see Baron goto the Knicks, or a bigger name team. The Hornets will remain the dark horse for yet another year.

posted by BlueTrain at 01:25 PM on July 30, 2002

"I had to stop wearing my Iverson shirt as soon as I got this case."

but isn't this just a little conflict of interest? Why? Because he's a fan? It's not like they knew each other, ever met, or have any type of relationship. The judge is from Philly. He's a Sixer's fan and watched Iverson play. What's the conflict? I really want to know what the Philly DA expected to accomplish by adding about 30 charges. Was it pure media hype to see papers? A vendetta against Iverson for losing in the First Round? That's the real story.

posted by BlueTrain at 01:23 PM on July 30, 2002

The NBA institutes instant replay, as expected.

Is this meaningful, or just a response to a hot issue? Basically, it's one less thing Mark Cuban can bitch about. With all of his "independent researches" out there scouring the court, the NBA felt compelled to do the trendy thing and get instant replay. Bogus remedy to please the critics. What about the oft-miscalled issues that instant replay can't cover? Shhh! Instant replay sees all! Will we ever get instant replay for travelling calls and non-calls? Isn't the game slow enough as is?

posted by BlueTrain at 10:14 PM on July 29, 2002

Kournikova wins!

Which career, worldcup2002? According to most diehard tennis fans, Kournikova is a disgrace to the sport. She used her limited tennis ability to propel her modelling career.

posted by BlueTrain at 06:42 PM on July 24, 2002

Are the Knicks padding player's salaries?

Okay...but why? The Knicks are already COMPLETELY over the cap. Houston is the most overpaid basketball player in the league at the moment. They're probably just trying to keep the fans interested in the Knicks, who were an absolute disgrace this past season.

posted by BlueTrain at 06:40 PM on July 24, 2002

Golf game.

Not counting the 17th, I got 40...Take a guess as to what my score really is.

posted by BlueTrain at 04:59 PM on July 21, 2002

Yeah really...I demand that you bring back etiquette policing to the locker room. I want to see some towel snapping and bitch slapping. I like bitch slapping. Actually, I just like saying bitch slapping... I'll move along now...

posted by BlueTrain at 12:41 AM on June 25, 2002

Of course NBA Finals ratings are down...without U2

[off topic] U2 sucks. Hard. [/off topic] Ratings for this year's NBA Finals are down because no one wants to see Shaq and Kobe roll over the Nets, plain and simple. Kings/Lakers was the best series of the entire playoffs, with exception to the Nets/Pacers. No one expects the Nets to win, including the media, although sports analysts are being NBA whores by claiming that the Nets may surprise us all. What a load of crap.

posted by BlueTrain at 01:35 PM on June 07, 2002

Ten Reasons Why the Nets Will Win the 2002 NBA Finals.

So what do the Nets have to do to win the NBA Championship? Shaq must be eliminated, literally. The Nets have absolutely no answer for the big man, and will therefore be rolled over, probably in 5, but I'm hoping for a sweep. I hate the Lakers. I want them to just finish this up quickly so I can forget this past season.

posted by BlueTrain at 10:50 AM on June 06, 2002

I apologize if I seemed to imply anything. I was simply curious about the connection.

posted by BlueTrain at 02:25 PM on June 03, 2002

A compliment, but I'm still curious to know why...Does Matt know someone, or have some sort of clout, to bring about this recognition?

posted by BlueTrain at 01:19 PM on June 03, 2002