June 24, 2002

Germany v Korea is semifinal 1.: Who cares? ;-)

posted by worldcup2002 to soccer at 10:30 AM - 27 comments

Precisely. It's one of those "who would you marginally prefer to lose, if you could be arsed to care?" sort of matches.

posted by Miguel Cardoso at 10:52 AM on June 24, 2002

I want Germany to win. It would be a shame if Korea got any farther by cheating.

posted by insomnyuk at 11:12 AM on June 24, 2002

I'm just a casual fan, but I'm surprised that some people would adopt a "who cares?" attitude about a World Cup semifinal. Haven't I been told for years that the Cup is the biggest international sporting event in recorded human history? Surely some of that stature would rub off on a semifinal even the overrated team from your own country sucked big rocks and was dumped in the first round.

posted by rcade at 11:13 AM on June 24, 2002

Korea better not win again by having Germany get 3 goals called back because of stupid ass calls by the referee...thats all i'm sayin'

posted by StarFucker at 11:18 AM on June 24, 2002

rcade, I think the "who cares?" was a bit tongue in cheek. I'll be rooting for Germany, as my wife is German. Honestly, I think they will win the Cup, which will be a bit of a coup for a team not expected to qualify. Here's my prediction for final places (and if my prior predictions are any indication, you'd best get down to the betting shop and pick the exact opposite of whoever I picked): 1 Germany 2 Brazil 3 Korea 4 Turkey

posted by kafkaesque at 11:31 AM on June 24, 2002

This'll be a lot better than the Turkey vs Brazil game, of course. Let's go ze Germans! The South Korean kids on campus here are getting unbelievably cocky these days.

posted by Succa at 11:48 AM on June 24, 2002

Turkey Germany Brazil Korea

posted by mert at 11:56 AM on June 24, 2002

1.Brazil 2.Korea 3.Turkey 4.Germany

posted by Miguel Cardoso at 12:34 PM on June 24, 2002

kafkaesque, Miguel: My boyz. Thanks for "getting" the tongue-in-cheek insouciance captured in my rather glib comment. But really, who "could be arsed" (I love these English-isms, Miguel) about Germany or Brazil winning another World Cup? And yes, rcade, the World Cup is still the most important sporting event in the Wuuuuuuuurrrld, but that doesn't mean it can't suck. After England, the US and Senegal were knocked out, what's the point? I'm just being cheeky, so don't respond to this troll. ;-)

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:35 PM on June 24, 2002

My wife will not be happy with you, Mr Cardoso :)

posted by kafkaesque at 01:16 PM on June 24, 2002

It's very odd, I can't seem to find anyone who is actually bothered anymore. It's not because England have departed, they always get home in time to set the video for the later stages. I think it's because the overall quality has been poor. I am frankly bewildered at Germany getting this far, though they haven't exactly had a hard road to travel. Brazil are a shadow of their earlier glorious teams and the antics of Rivaldo and to a lesser extent Ronaldhino makes them distinctly unloveable. South Korea have had the temerity to move beyond romantic underdogs and that's a bit beyond the pale really. They have also been a little ungracious in victory and to a man have appalling haircuts. Turkey has to be my choice and that's a phrase I thought I would never utter. They played an absolute blinder against Brazil in the first round and were unlucky to lose. Hakan Sas looks real quality and players like Basturk are very exciting. Their keeper is a bit special too. The presence of Alpay ,a Villa player, makes it harder to support them but there you go. Sukur looks a sulky prim donna and past his best, but I think we may have seen the last of him. They are strong, have pace, and possess skill in all areas. It would also be a major surprise which would be in keeping with this world cup. I have talked myself into getting excited all over again. It would be lovely to see Turkey - Brazil final, with Turkey winning and Rivaldo having his face well and truly rubbed in it. I want to see that man reduced to tears. If Germany manage to win the thing, I shall open a vein.

posted by Fat Buddha at 01:58 PM on June 24, 2002

I adore the World Cup but even I wasn't that bothered when I learnt I was down for shift at work on Sunday. I want Turkey to win because of this

posted by Summer at 01:59 PM on June 24, 2002

hey, anything goes ..and has, right?: 1. Turkey 2. Korea 3. Germany 4. Brazil (with the standard but-I-won't-be-betting-on-it disclaimer)

posted by ShinyKnows at 02:11 PM on June 24, 2002

1. Brazil 2. Germany 3. Turkey 4. Korea Korea has gone too far. I think their luck has run out. Turkey could take this and is a better team than Germany but they are on the wrong side and will get knocked out by Brazil.

posted by vacapinta at 02:16 PM on June 24, 2002

My team's still in there, and hasn't played as badly as I expected before the tournament, so I'm keeping my brain switched off and praying for: Brazil Korea Turkey Germany

posted by liam at 02:38 PM on June 24, 2002

I've got Germany in the office pool, so that's who I'm rooting for. If I didn't have money riding on this, I'd be pulling for Turkey.

posted by maurice at 02:46 PM on June 24, 2002

My boyz. Thanks for "getting" the tongue-in-cheek insouciance captured in my rather glib comment. I knew you were kidding, worldcup2002. But I thought I detected genuine sad-sack disinterest from the pride of Lisbon.

posted by rcade at 03:28 PM on June 24, 2002

Hahaha, rcade. Don't go bullying Miguel now. He's got more embarrasment involved than we do. ;-) You guys are fun. I do enjoy the friendly joshing. btw, since it's just about the only combo that hasn't been listed here: Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Germany. Korea Team fighting!

posted by worldcup2002 at 03:38 PM on June 24, 2002

Kafkaesque: it could be worse. You could be - like me - Portuguese(out); Jewish(not the greatest sportsmen); have a mother who's English(out); an Italian ex-wife(who hates football but supports Peruggia since they criminally expelled the Korean guy); a German brother-in-law who wanted Senegal to win the World Cup and an Argentiniam best friend who's so sullen and depressed he wants Turkey to win so the whole 2002 World Cup will be considered a freak of nature. P.S. rcade: as usual, as explained above, you're on the button, damn you!

posted by Miguel Cardoso at 03:42 PM on June 24, 2002

I hope Turkey wins because I think Korea got to where they are with too much help, Ronaldo is a racist pig, and Germany beat the U.S.A. Go Turkey!

posted by insomnyuk at 04:32 PM on June 24, 2002

I'm pulling for Korea, and I want them to win by more than a goal in each game, and with no hint of controversy. That should be enough to quiet the conspiracists.

posted by grum@work at 04:38 PM on June 24, 2002

I'm pretty ambivalent about the remaining draw, though Armenian blood precludes me from supporting anything Turkish. To see Korea win convincingly and without scandal would be neat, I guess.

posted by skronk at 05:11 PM on June 24, 2002

Second that, grum. It appears to have taken a few days for mass media here in the host countries to get the message that's been rumbling across Europe, quietly since Portugal and much louder with Italy, that certain calls were beyond contraversial and that, just maybe, the fix is in, so to speak. Shock. Horror. In Asia, the Koreans (speaking now of the general culture of the place) are known for their pride, their obnoxious attitudes, their drinking, their fighting, and that dog thing (the bad haircuts, FB, are a Japanese import, actually). I have heard more than one Asian suggest that the Koreans are the Irish of the Orient (I've even heard one say that the Irish are the Koreans of Europe, but they'd probably take offense -- particularly with regard to the dog thing. And the haircuts). Sorry, the point is that the Koreans are now well aware, if they weren't before, that the world believes exactly what each of them wondered when they saw the replay of that line ref's call against Spain. This being the case, I think we can expect the Korean team will want to prove themselves now more than ever, and Kahn is right to expect that Germany will have to give a "superhuman" effort. Korea will run them ragged. That's my prediction, anyway... Korea Brazil Turkey Germany

posted by Bixby23 at 05:18 PM on June 24, 2002

I'm pulling for Korea, otherwise the guys I play raquetball with would kill me. I should root for Germany since I lived there for several years, aber Ich will leider nicht. Korea vs. Turkey, my prediction, given the way the Turks demolished Senegal.

posted by patrickje at 06:17 PM on June 24, 2002

Go Korea!

posted by Ben at 06:51 PM on June 24, 2002

I want Germany to win. Would be great to see a Germany vs. Brazil match.

posted by riffola at 08:16 PM on June 24, 2002

Damn! Oh well... I can't really say I'm too distraught, because the Germans suddenly decided to play well. I don't really know what happened to the team but they played as excellently now as they have played horribly in the past. Well... in the end it came down to one mistake, which is what usually happens in games this close. Funny though, because Ballack had been the worst player on the pitch (much as in the US game) but then suddenly he came out of nowhere and scored. And damn is Kahn good. Also Frings and Hamann, they were excellent. It was also obvious that Korea was hurting offensively being forced to play without Ahn until the 60th minute, but it was also obvious that he wasn't fully fit. Oh well, at least we get to see the Koreans play one more game. Which, by the way, I'll think will be against Brazil, if only because whenever Germany and Brazil have looked likely to meet each other in a game, something has happened to stop it. Also I think that the Turks have an excellent team, and Brazil will be a wounded team without Ronaldinho.

posted by Kattullus at 08:45 AM on June 25, 2002

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