June 14, 2002

What old geezers?: The Red Wings have won their 10th Stanley Cup to the surprise of no one. The only surprise came with the naming of Lidstrom as the Conn Smythe winner. But now the question remains: with Bowman stepping down, a possible Hasek retirement (we've heard that one before), and the further aging of the "geezers," can they defend the Cup next year?

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Who needs chick flicks when you have scenes like that? I got a little weepy myself, especially when Konstantinov came out to hold the Cup. Good show. I think they can repeat; if Hasek goes, I hope they either get Cujo or Byron Dafoe (not Belfour...please...I'm begging...). Hull will stay, Chelios should resign, and Luc may be headed to Anaheim (may want to be closer to family). Everyone has one more year left on thier contracts (Yzerman, Lidstrom, Fedorov, Shanny has a few years...). They will be back next year and be right up front; two years from now may be a different story. The coaching will be affected (how can it not be), but I think Dave Adams (currently assistant) has a good shot at the job. Can that Hasek dance like a chicken or what?

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Congrats to the Red Wings, and cheers to Scotty Bowman, but the Red Wings are going to have to sign a couple of big free agents if they wish to be competitive, and God help them find a replacement for Bowman. They will still be strong, but compared to this year, it will be a lot harder to assemble the same team. Just look at how old their star players are: Igor Larionov- 41 Chris Chelios- 40 Dominik Hasek, Steve Duchesne, Brett Hull, Steve Yzerman- 37 Luc Robitaille- 36 Fredrik Olausson- 35 Brendan Shanahan- 33 Sergei Fedorov, Nicklas Lidstrom- 32 Half of these guys could leave this year for retirement. Admittedly, Lidstrom and Fedorov will be around for 3-5 more years, but Detroit will certainly be looking for free agents. There are some big name free agents out there, many of which the Red Wings could afford if some of their older players retire, freeing up some cash (as if money is a problem, many of the players are willing to defer their salaries to bring in big named guys). Quality free agents include: Goalies: Curtis Joseph, Felix Potvin, Byron Dafoe (sorry, Belfour and Richter are winding down) Defensemen: Darius Kasparitis, Bryan Berard, Gary Suter Centers: Adam Oates, Bobby Holik, Andrew Cassels Wingers: Tony Amonte, Bill Guerin, Teemu Selanne, Ulf Dahlen, Scott Young The Red Wings will probably pick up a couple of these guys, trade for some stars, pick up a scorer or blueliner at the trade deadline, and with their mix of veterans and solid core of talented youngsters, they'll be able to contend for the cup once again, even without taking a 1st round draft pick.

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