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August 31, 2007

Jaguars Will Dump Leftwich, Rely on Garrard to Start: In a dramatic about face from all of the happy talk this preseason between Byron Leftwich and Coach Jack Del Rio, the Jacksonville Jaguars will drop their four-year starter and elevate David Garrard to the position. If anyone's looking for a gutsy, slow-footed, cannon-armed quarterback who takes more debilitating hits than the Black Knight on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Leftwich is available for trade until 4 p.m. Saturday.

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All-Ireland final weekend.: This Sunday sees Limerick take on Kilkenny in the hurling final. Kilkenny are favourites, without a doubt, but historically Limerick just edge it, with four wins and three losses against the Kilkenny Cats. With the demand for tickets so high the largest screen in Europe will be used in Limerick to broadcast the game on O'Connell St.
[Youtube vids: What is hurling? Part 1, 2, & 3]

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August 30, 2007

Greatest Rugby League Player Ever Comes Clean. : Sort of. Busted in London, Andrew Johns admits to years of recreational drug taking and playing Russian Roulette with sports drug testing agencies. And says club officials knew about it.

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Toronto Maple Leafs win championship!: .....years of playoff frustration ended for the Toronto Maple Leafs last night.

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Must be that time of year: NFL Pick'em and Survivor Leagues setup for SpoFi consumption

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A Pro Hockey Player, a Noise Label, a Dream Realized: Boyd Devereaux grows tired of the usual Nickelback and Bon Jovi pre-game pump up jams and begins surreptitious nightly excursions into the underground psych and noise scenes, which will lead him to found his own record label.

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Richard Jewell, 1962 - 2007: Hailed as the hero of the Atlanta Olympic bombing, then smeared as a suspect, Jewell's life was never the same after the controversy. When he passed away yesterday at the age of 44, he still had lawsuits pending against several media outlets, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, linked above.

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August 29, 2007

Third footballer dies from heart problems in 10 days.: What the ... ?!! ... Chaswe Nsofwa, a former Zambia international, collapsed and died of heart failure during a training session with his Israeli club side, Hapoel Beersheba. The tragedy came less than 24 hours after Clive Clarke, the Leicester City player on loan from Sunderland, suffered a heart attack during Tuesday's League Cup tie at Nottingham Forest. Clarke was recovering in hospital yesterday. On Tuesday afternoon ... Sevilla ... left-back, Antonio Puerta, had died after suffering "five cardio-respiratory stoppages". Little more than a week earlier Walsall's 16-year-old youth-team player Anton Reid inexplicably collapsed on the training ground and died.

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Fox College Football Pick 'Em League: I created a private pick 'em league for us:
League Name: SpoFi
Password: spofi

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Mourning in Seville: Thousands turned out for the memorial service for 22-year-old Antonio Puerta, a defender who died Tuesday after suffering a heart attack on the pitch. Spanish newspaper La Razon said, “the heart of football has stopped.” News24 has a brief history of recent soccer deaths; amazing how so many young adults, in peak physical condition, are felled by cardiac problems that go undetected by team doctors during physicals.

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Justin Gimelstob Leaves Tennis as One of the Greatest (Interviews): At the end of his final U.S. Open match, a three-set defeat at the hands of buddy Andy Roddick Tuesday night, retiring journeyman Justin Gimelstob, 30, grabbed a microphone and interviewed Roddick at center court in front of the crowd. "What do you think was the key to the match," he asked Roddick, pausing for effect, "besides you being way better than me?" The match also featured a Gimelstob rant in which he called the chair ump "unpatriotic" and was rewarded with four successive first serves.

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Liverpool play city rivals' theme song for first time in stadium.: Football rivalries were cast aside in honour of the 11-year-old Evertonian Rhys Jones, who was shot dead a week ago today in Croxteth Park. At the request of Liverpool supporters and following consultation between chief executive Rick Parry and the family of the murdered schoolboy, the Z-Cars theme synonymous with rivals Everton sounded for the first time inside this old stadium. Nice touch, Reds. I always thought the Reds fans had a touch of class.

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Mussina or Kennedy?: Ian Kennedy AAA call-up and former USC trojan is set to replace 247 game winner Mike Mussina in the Yankees rotation

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FANTASY VUELTA A ESPANA 2007: While it isn't the Tour de France, the Vuelta a Espana is still one of the Grand Tours. Fantasy details inside.

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August 28, 2007

Pencilneck, this is your last chance!: Tired of having sand kicked in your virtual face? We all are. Why not do something about it? Stop sitting around waiting for your franchise to catch fire. Get off your butt and sit on the couch with the Virtual Madden Playbook. Based on the user testimonials, it's $27 well spent.

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August 27, 2007

Introducing, again, your Hornets.: Sometimes, it has been tough to believe in New Orleans. Yes, the Hornets have tried to entrench themselves in the community after two seasons in Oklahoma City. They brought home a multi-million-dollar business with more than 100 employees; they have done charity work and rebuilt 20 homes. All the while, they've been preaching that the Hornets are fuel for a post-Katrina revitalization. But then, just when they think they're as New Orleans as jazz, someone will say, "The Hornets are back?" Benjamin Hochman of The Times-Picayune takes a stern look at the seemingly monumental task the New Orleans Hornets are facing in their upcoming full-season return to Louisiana.

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Stroh's Lite: : The Houston Astros, mired in a pathetic 58 - 73 season just two years removed from a World Series appearance, fired Manager Phil Garner and General Manager Tim Purpura today. Things had gotten so bad that Purpura was actually booed during ceremonies honoring Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio. The good news in all this? Cecil Cooper is now a Major League Baseball Manager (and team president)! Coooooop!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 9: The Doctor's away but the CFL will play anyway. Make your picks inside.

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August 26, 2007

Spofi EPL fantasy footie: Week 4 results. A new leader at the top and significant swings most everywhere else. But it's early doors (as Ron Atkinson says).

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Hockey Night in Israel: a country where the national pastimes are politics, survival, religion, and conflict, sport was somehow the victor.

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August 25, 2007

Platini's first move: If a new UEFA committee he organized after taking office earlier this year approves, the winners of domestic Cups from sixteen nations will play two knockout rounds with the four survivors winning direct entry to the group stage of the Champions League. This is separate from their standing in the league table, though if a Cup winner already qualifies through an automatic spot the CL place goes to the next team in the table and not the Cup final loser. Michel Platini campaigned for the UEFA presidency on a platform of broadening the riches of the modern game and sees this as his first step.

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August 24, 2007

The Vintage Base Ball Federation: Vintage base ball is a fast growing sport (225 clubs from 32 states), which features amateur clubs adhering to the rules, uniforms, equipment and gentlemanly competitive play of baseball's 19th century roots.

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When Frank Williams loses his wallet he replaces his ID with a baseball card.: "He began life as an orphan abandoned in Seattle, grew up in foster homes and made it all the way to the top of professional baseball. And then it all disappeared in a bad marriage, alcoholism and a horrific car crash."

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Rugby - Fiji Style: 'Rugby is more important than anything except family' - a story from the islands of the Pacific, where the greatest Sevens players learned their trade.

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August 23, 2007

Kasey Keller signs for Fulham: Pretty soon the American takeover of Fulham Football Club will be complete.

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Tim Henman announces his retirement.: In 14 seasons as a pro he reached 6 grand slam semis (1 French, 4 Wimbledon, 1 US), 4 grand slam quarters (all Wimbledon), won 11 singles titles, 4 doubles titles, and an Olympic silver medal. He made more than $11 million in prize money and was in the top ten in the world for the best part of a decade, reaching as high as number 4 at one point. Not bad for the man who most casual tennis fans in Britain know best for not winning Wimbledon, especially in 2001 [YouTube]. [wiki]

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August 22, 2007

Texas 30 - Baltimore 3: ... wasn't an NFL preseason matchup but the rather the Rangers posting the highest major league run total in 110 years. I guess there is no mercy rule in the MLB.

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A story for the ages or the aged- the oldest player in college football debuts this September.: Gives a whole new meaning to fantasy football, a baby boomer re-living the glory days wants one more chance, and gets it.

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Drew Colors: "Bledsoe’s NFL legacy: all he really wanted was to be somewhere else."

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'Wild Bill' Hagy : dies at 68. The 'Roar from 34' is no more.

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Rawlings Announces All-Time Gold Glove Team: Previously discussed (in the voting stage) here.

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"Ninety percent of putts that are short don't go in." : A collection of the dumb sport quotes.

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NBA Player Eddie Griffin Identified as Crash Victim: Dental records were used to identify the driver of an SUV that burst into flames after crashing into a moving freight train in Houston last week as former NBA player Eddie Griffin, who was only 25 years old. A life full of promise, ended prematurely.

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The Fat Lady Ain't Singin', But the Bat Boy Is...: Former New York Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski recently told former United States Senator George Mitchell the names of players who purchased performance-enhancing drugs from him. According to Scott Schools, the U.S. attorney in San Francisco, Radomski admitted selling anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and amphetamines to "dozens of current and former major-league baseball players and associates, on teams throughout baseball."

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August 21, 2007

CBC has a Heidi moment for CFL fans: It was the CBC's version of the Heidi Game, though The Good Thief Game doesn't have quite the same ring.

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Steven Wells: How about pre-empting the bloggers' reaction to this latest blog before they've even read the darn thing?

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August 20, 2007

The "Why" behind Team USA's recent international woes. : However, the article fails to tackle the biggest question, does anyone in the States really care anymore?

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Michael Vick Admits to Dogfighting, Will Plead Guilty: The Falcons quarterback has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in his federal dogfighting case and will enter his guilty plea Monday, his attorney said today. No word yet on what sentence he might receive. Vick and his codefendants, who already reached deals, face up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

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Auntie Em! It's a twister! : Saturday's running of the 2007 Mount Washington Hillclimb, considered the toughest hillclimb in the sport of cycling, was cancelled due to weather.

"We have agonized over this decision," said Howie Wemyss, the general manager of the Mt. Washington Auto Road, noting that some of the volunteers staffing the finish area at the 6288-foot summit were being blown to the ground by the winds.

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The Little Engine That Could: Frank Keaney and the birth of the Fast Break, an excerpt from Bill Reynolds' book on Rhode Island basketball, Our Game: The Story of New England Basketball.
bugmenot for the Journal

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 9: Hopefully you watched the games this week, because they sure didn't help you any other way. The first bye week drastically cuts down point totals, but we'll be back to the regular four-game sked soon enough. Make your picks inside.

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Spofi EPL fantasy footie: Week 3 results. The beginning of season surge is complete and tselson maintains a wafer-thin margin at the top of the table.

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August 19, 2007

Stealing good ideas- (Video): even from the NHL. Now the NFL rips off the NHL Preseason Marketing Campaign. I guess copying is the greatest form of flattery although I think the NHL Productions are better. Especially the Ovechkin vs. Crosby Spot. It blows away this Bush vs Manning version. What say you?

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August 18, 2007

August 17, 2007

Branks leaving his boys: After 38 years, the London Knights are going to have to find someone else to do their laundry.

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August 15, 2007

Spofi EPL fantasy footie: Week two results. Tselson is unbeatable! And WC2002 is happy to have that first week behind him.

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Pollock's keen eye for talent made him an NHL legend: Canadiens won 9 Stanley Cups under guidance of brilliant G.M.

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No gay old time in Brazil: Judge in hot water after stating in ruling that homosexuals don't belong in soccer.

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Baseball's Particle Accelerator: The new technology that will change statistical analysis forever.

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NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Pleads Guilty to Gambling Charges: This morning, the disgraced ref pled to conspiracy to engage in wire fraud and transmitting wagering information to other individuals and will cooperate with investigators. He bet on games he officiated and conspired with others to do the same, allegedly for members of organized crime. The charges bring up to 25 years in prison.

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August 14, 2007

The Smoking Gun Reveals Steelers Secrets!: "Touring rock stars and politicians alike could learn a few things from the Pittsburgh Steelers. When the football team hits the road, hotel personnel are presented with a 17-page document outlining the NFL squad's demands, from chapel services to chicken wings."

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 8: Nails, margins, dropped game-winning passes, spreads of eleven. It's the "mid"-season bye week coming up, so make half your usual picks inside.

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The Last Go Round: "I think we’re lucky as Pirates fans that we got to witness that Bonds, up close and personal for more than six years, three of them coming with him at the height of his prowess. And while it would have been nice if he’d stuck around a little longer, we’ll never have to live with the legacy of doubt that surrounded him in his later years."

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Ballplayer: , poet, musician, pitchman [youtube], quotable broadcaster, Phil Rizzuto passed today. He was the oldest living Hall of Famer whose Induction speech was unforgettable. He was also the baseball voice for generations of Yankees fans, and he will be sorely missed.

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August 13, 2007

Who's Now Pissed -- ESPN Viewers Hammer Network Over 'Buzz' Competition: "This is a command performance column -- the command having been issued by the hundreds of viewers who asked me to say something about the Who's Now segments that ran on SportsCenter throughout July. No single topic has ever drawn the volume and intensity of unsolicited complaints to either my or my predecessor's mailbox that this sports popularity contest has." -- ESPN ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber

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Beijing 2008:: Bring a mask.

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Owning a hockey team : is not good business -- or is it? With the recent change of ownership in Nashville and Tampa Bay one has to scratch his head over the amount of money those franchises commanded (Bill Davis doubled his investment by selling the Lighting). Here's an excellent analysis by Wes Goldstein of CBS Sportsline explaining why even with most teams bleeding money buyers are lining up for a chance to own a NHL Franchise.

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T: h i r t e e n
d o w n !
Five to go...

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August 12, 2007

Sharing 756 with the world: A one-act play about a man with a plan to save No. 756. A Sportsfilter column by wfrazerjr.

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Spofi EPL fantasy footie: Week one results.

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It's image, image, image Barry: “There’s a big difference between a court of law and the court of public opinion,” said Mike Paul, the president of MGP & Associates PR in New York. “I’m sure an attorney is telling him, ‘You can’t say you’re sorry or that you took steroids,’ but it’s the only thing that would repair his reputation.”

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Royal Reading Rule Reds.: Starting their sophomore season in the Premiership, Reading (managed by Steve Coppell, a former Man Utd star) held the reigning champions to a 0-0 draw. Against players whose individual transfer fees cost more than most of Reading's team put together. At Man Utd's stadium. After having one man sent off with 20 minutes remaining. Rah rah, Reading!

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August 11, 2007

A WHA mystery: where is the 'faux' Avco World Trophy?: In 1973, the New England Whalers had a three games to one lead over the Winnipeg Jets in the league's final series, but the night before the next game, someone from the WHA office realized that the league didn't have a trophy to present to the Whalers if New England was able to beat the Jets in the fifth game.

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Garcia Booted from PGA Championship for Incorrect Scorecard: Reinforcing golf's reputation as the only sport that tests your counting skills, Sergio Garcia was disqualified from the PGA Championship Saturday for signing a scorecard one shot lower than his actual round. "It's my fault for putting the wrong score in, but it's his fault for not checking," said playing partner Bo Weekly.

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Sharing 756 with the world: A one-act play about a man with a plan to save No. 756.

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Can she beat the pacific?: In 2005 Roz Savage became the first solo woman to compete in the Atlantic Rowing Race. She started from the Canary islands to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. She did all of this alone and unsupported. She finally arrived in Antigua on 13th March 2006, 103 days later. Now she is set to launch on Sunday from northern California on her quest to row across the Pacific, Solo.

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August 10, 2007

School's in for Oilers charity: Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation to contribute $20 to $30 Million to reconstruct inner-city high school and build residence for students living on the streets.

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The Age of Discovery is over.: What are eight Tour de France wins worth? Not much, it seems, in the current climate: Team Discovery is set to disband at the end of the year when its sponsorship deal ends, and directeur sportif Johan Bruyneel will retire from pro cycling.

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He's back.: Some are calling him "The Natural." Some are calling him the next Ruth. While the doubters were eating crow, all eyes were on Rick Ankiel's glorious return last night, and he did not disappoint.

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Holy frijoles! There's a fantasy football draft tomorrow morning?: Snuck up quick. Are we leaving as scheduled? (H2H league)

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August 09, 2007

Casualty of gridiron warfare: Argo great Nykoluk bears scars of long career.

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Premier League team previews.: The BBC (ok, ok, it's just Mark Lawrenson's poorly-written short thoughts) forecasts team prospects ahead of the 2007-08 kickoff this Saturday. Also see previews from Soccernet and the Guardian (poorly-organized but worth a read).

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Premier League Predictions Thread: What team will finish top of the table? What teams will be relegated? What team will be scandalized by an amateur porn video? The season starts Saturday. (Details inside).

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Making of a Chinese bad boy: On Yi Jianlian's attempts to get out of being drafted to the Milwaukee Bucks. Disclaimer: I know nothing about basketball, buy Jonathan Ansfield is one of the best journos writing about China today.

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Rowdy 'Redneck Games' Irk Neighbors: There have been more than a few athletes accused of doping over the years - but the competitors at the "Texas Redneck Games" might just be dopes.

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August 08, 2007

Dalembert welcomed to Team Canada: Every new Canadian brings a set of skills with them when they gain citizenship, but it's not too often those skills revolve around shot blocking, rebounding, and the ability to run a basketball floor like a 7 foot gazelle.

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A Duck's plea: leave our livers alone: Watch out, Scott Neidermeyer's in a fowl mood.

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Serving up a scandal: In the wake of suspicious betting patterns in a match in which Nikolay Davydenko retired with a foot injury, top doubles player Bob Bryan says a number of top ATP players have been contacted about throwing matches.

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Mets Fan Emerges with Bonds Home Run Ball: "They were pushing grandmothers to the floor," said Susan Kitchens, sitting near the place Barry Bonds' historic home run landed Tuesday night and ignited a mad scramble of pushing, shoving and other bad sportsmanship. When it was over, Matt Murphy, a 26-year-old visiting Mets fan who bought his ticket that day, walked away with a ball worth an estimated half-million.

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Stromtroopers break up the Alliance.: Alliance for "Beijing-style cursing" from the terraces at Beijing Guoan's home matches that is. Another sad day for sporting tradition.

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August 07, 2007


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Got it. Got it. Got it. Holy...:
You can keep your Daisuke Matsuzaka rookie card and your ARod special insert cards. One lucky guy was blessed to find this relic!

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Tuesday Morning Quarterback returns!: Our long national nightmare is nearly over.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 7: Another week in which the only obvious victors are the CFL schedule makers. Lots of compelling matchups that could go either way. Make your picks inside.

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Year of The Rat Revisited: Like it's 1996 all over again.

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August 06, 2007

Barry Bonds by the Numbers.: A SportsFilter column looking at how Barry Bonds' home runs compare to his National League contemporaries over the course of his career.

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Barry Bonds by the Numbers: Looking at how Barry Bonds home runs compare to his National League contemporaries over the course of his career.

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Does Bonds have a mechanical advantage?: Michael Witte provides a pretty interesting analysis of the possible impact of Barry Bonds' elbow armor apparatus, and how it might benefit his swing.

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The best running backs in C.F.L. history: See how they run.

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Moose on the loose.

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300:: Another milestone reached.

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August 05, 2007

Baseball making a comeback: in Canada. Registrations are up all across the country. Here are short bios on some of the most important figures in the renaisance.

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Legendary coach and general manager Scotty Bowman : is strongly considering joining the Maple Leafs in an advisory role. The question is as a mentor to GM John Ferguson Jr. and Head Coach Paul Maurice or does this portend a major shake-up in the Leafs organization?

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August 04, 2007


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NFL Sets Limits on Web Content:: The camel attempts to stick his nose into the tent. After MLB tried to limit the use of statistics in fantasy leagues, now the NFL wants to limit the content that newspapers may use on their web sports coverage. Will they get away with it? How far will this go? (Posted to "football" only because there's no category for "media".)

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Spofi Fantasy EPL Barclay's Premiership launches Saturday the 11th.: So, interested parties have one more week to join. Also, wondering about the identities of several people that have joined (see inside)...

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August 03, 2007

50 greatest sporting insults.: My personal favorite: 22. "What problems do you have, apart from being unemployed, a moron and a dork?" -- John McEnroe calls it how he sees it to a tennis spectator.

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Bivariate Baseball Score Plots...?: OK...I came across this unbelievable baseball data crunching site. I don't have the faintest idea how one might use it. But surely, one might. And then one might tell me how I would apply it.

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August 02, 2007

Crazy 8s: The White Sox and Yankees each score eight runs in the second inning, the second time in the history of baseball that both teams scored at least eight runs in an inning. Clemens gave up eight runs and nine hits in 1 2/3 innings. Garland gave up eight runs and nine hits in 1 1/3 innings. Jermaine Dye had a good day (2 homers, 2 doubles).

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Long Distance Coaching is the Wave of the Future: "I'm not so sure that's not the better way to do it, and I've debated that," he said. "You can see so much more, you can do things," he said. "I tried not to interfere with the guys upstairs because they know what they're doing. But, every once in awhile, I'd drop a little note to them and say, 'Hope to get this,' or 'That corner's playing awfully tight.' "You're really a cheerleader most of the time down on the sideline. ... I enjoyed being upstairs, I really did. I sat down, had a nice time, had a cup of coffee. I felt like a newspaper guy. I was even able to watch television."

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Yours for only $1 billion dollars!!: The Yankees can be yours for only $1 billion dollars (of course the price could jump to $4.5 if you throw in the optional but lucrative YES network).

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August 01, 2007

We bid you a fond Adu.: MLS brokers a transfer of Freddy Adu to Portuguese club Benfica worth $2 Mill. with a percentage on any future transfers in the backend.

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Politically correct baseball - : the first, second and third basemen became "base persons," the batboy was the "bat person" for the night and the shortstop turned into the "vertically challenged stop."

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Sumo Yokozuna Suspended for Playing Soccer: For the first time in the sport's 2,000-year history, a sumo grand champion has been banned from a tournament. While on leave from official duties due to elbow and back injuries, yokozuna Asashoryu played a charity soccer match back home in Mongolia and video footage showed up on Japanese television. "Dressed in a tight-fitting 'Rooney' England T-shirt, he showed no sign of discomfort as he skipped tackles, made diving headers and scored off a pass," the Guardian reports.

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Fantasy Tour 2007: In amongst all the scandal, there was actually a race in there somewhere. So congratulations to qbert72, the winner of the inaugural fantasy Tour de France!

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Former racing champ loses driving license: Three-time Formula One champion Nelson Piquet began taking a driving education course on Monday in Brazil after having his license revoked for racking up too many traffic violations, local media reported.

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