August 03, 2007

50 greatest sporting insults.: My personal favorite: 22. "What problems do you have, apart from being unemployed, a moron and a dork?" -- John McEnroe calls it how he sees it to a tennis spectator.

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Very much UK-centric, but still entertaining.

posted by mr_crash_davis at 11:56 PM on August 03, 2007

Those are excellent. Especially the Nick Hancock one about David Seaman. That's just brutal! Great list.

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All good, but I'm going to give it Viv Richards. Class man, class comeback.

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"Hey ref, can you get a yellow card for just thinking something?" "No, of course not." "Well I think you're a fucking idiot."

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"What problems do you have, apart from being unemployed, a moron and a dork?" He was actually talking to Tatum O'Neal.

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"Somebody compared him to Billy McNeil, but I donít remember Billy being crap." Fantastic.

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"Like an octopus falling out of a tree." David Feherty, the former Irish golfer, passes comment on Jim Furyk's swing. Apparently, my swing perfectly mimics Furyk's. I'd never realized.

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Eddie The Eagle's comment (#49) reminds me a bit of Dizzy Dean's unintentional self-insult. After being "beaned", Dean was given a precautionary examination. Upon leaving the hospital, he said, "They have X-Rayed my head and found nothing." Nice find, mr_c_d.

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Awesome link. Funny way to start the day. Here's an American NBA one, I hope I get it right, and it's a self mockery. Jerry Sichting once said "People say my name in the same sentence as Larry Bird all the time. They say, 'Jerry Sichting, he's no Larry Bird'."

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Or Bird's comment on entering the locker room before winning the first All Star 3 Point Shooting Contest: "Which one of you motherfuckers is coming in second?"

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"Like an octopus falling out of a tree." What Feherty said, I believe, was that the first time he saw Furyk swing a club, he thought an octopus had fallen out of a tree, but close enough. I nominate for the lifetime achievement award the old hockey standard when thanking an official for a job well done. "Nice job. Now go have another doughnut, ya fat pig."

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#3, still guaranteed to raise hackles in Irish footballing circles. Although my personal favourite is 43.

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Feherty nicked that. Peter Alliss was using that about Eamon Darcy's swing (scroll to the bottom for something approaching an idea of how it looked) years before Furyk appeared. In 1987, Darcy played Ben Crenshaw in the singles of the Ryder Cup (when Ben broke his putter). At one point, when Dary was about to tee off at the par three over the water - was it 14th? - on the BBC coverage the commentary went something like: Peter Alliss: "Now here's a swing you might not have seen... well, anything like it before. It's not what you'd teach your children, put it that way." Dave Marr: "That's true, Peter, but what's also true is that he's here, and there are a lot of Europeans still at home."

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Number 10 was my favourite BTW.

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#51 must have been, "He couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the c and the t." Thomas Henderson about Terry Bradshaw prior to Super Bowl 13.

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I personally like the hockey player, I can't remember who it was that asked Stu Grimson "Why'd your parents name you Stu, didn't they know how to spell stupid?"

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