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June 30, 2003

Arena sets serious Gold Cup squad: Keller presumably is going to start in goal, otherwise why recall him from Europe. (Though why is Friedel not among the Euro-based players named?) McBride was missed in France, Kirovski was not an acceptable replacement and is left off. Claudio Reyna in his injury return. Donovan needs to show he gets up for the national team after Arena made some remarks last week. Brazil is coming to play as a special guest. Can the US repeat last year's victory?

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Overrated Jocks: This should be fun. ESPN's Jeff Merron has a list of all-time overrated jocks. I agree with his choices of Phil Rizzuto, Jose Canseco, Nolan Ryan, and honorable mention Dominique Wilkins, but what was he smoking to consider Pete Maravich, Pete Rose, OJ Simpson, and Sandy Koufax overrated?

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Will free agency correct itself in the NHL?: With the impending labor problems facing hockey after this season, many teams are willing to dump big stars with big contracts. Will the NHL get even more top-heavy as Detroit, Colorado and the other high rollers snap up the big contracts, or will the powerhouses just say no?

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Fifa Centennial celebration plans announced.: The highlight of the centennial events will be a re-run of the 1998 FIFA World Cup™ Final between France and Brazil at the Stade de France (St. Denis/Paris) on 20 May 2004. In the days before the match, FIFA will hold its centennial Congress and a final decision will be made on the host nation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. My local paper had it as a match of the last two World Cup champions, but whatever. Here's the official FIFA Centennial site, which includes a link to a page about "The 100" a photography book and travelling exhibition showing "the 100 most popular active and retired football players alive." What would you have FIFA do celebrate?

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'No' For MJ: So the Bucks will not be sold to Michael Jordan. One of the more interesting plotlines of the otherwise boring draft was whether MJ was really behind the Bucks' moves. I guess we know the answer to that now.

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June 29, 2003

Is giving up a leadoff walk worse than surrendering a leadoff single? Is the most important pitch the first strike? Does the leadoff man need speed? With all the credit that Bill James and Sabermetric analysis receive for the success of certain teams maybe we can examine some widely held baseball notions. Of course, it all depends on how you look at things...

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June 28, 2003

Move ova, Kournikova. Hello, Sharapova!: Sixteen-year-old wild-card entry Maria "Shrieker" Sharapova defeated 11th seed Jelena Dokic in straight sets in the third round of Wimbledon today. Maria has the long legs and model looks to compete with compatriot Kournikova, but looks like she may actually have something better: championship skills.

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Where is Patrick Dennehy?: One of Baylor University's (where I went) basketball players has been missing for about two weeks. Recently his Chevy Tahoe was found in Virginia Beach, VA. Local authorities are saying that even Dennehy's teammates are "potential suspects".

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Oceania loses World Cup place.: "At a meeting in Paris, FIFA decided extra teams would cause scheduling difficulties. It reneged on a decision to guarantee the region headed by Australia a place in Germany. Like before, the Oceania group winner must play off against a South American team. South America's soccer association had protested losing its playoff place, which would have left it with a maximum four teams at the next World Cup, and proposed adding four more entries to the tournament. As a compromise, it got its playoff back."

I'm glad that the tourney is not getting bigger, but this kind of leaves me with a bad taste in the mouth. What kind of a decision is this? Why promise Oceania a guaranteed place and then go back to where you were just because S. America complains (and uses a very clever tactic of providing an even worse solution)? Was this the best decision?

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The Boston Red Sox scored 10 runs before recording their first out in a 25-8 rout of the Florida Marlins, breaking a record set in 1948.

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June 27, 2003

Friday fun,: of a sort, I suppose. Knock the nippers over with a ball.

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38 year-old 7-footer Roy Tarpley wants to make a comeback after twice being booted from the NBA for violating the substance-abuse policy for cocaine violations (1991 and 1995). Reportedly he's been working out in Houston with former NBA coach John Lucas. Tarpley claims he has "unfinished business to do." The Mavericks still currently hold his rights and would presumably have first dibs on him if the NBA reinstated him. NBA officials haven't made a statement yet (at least that I've heard)

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Kidd Narrows The Field: So Jason Kidd has it down to four teams: the Spurs, the Nets, the Mavs (if they sign Zo) and the Nuggets (!). From the sound of things...say good-bye, NJ. He plans to visit Texas and make a decision by the middle of July.

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This time it counts...: I guess. I'm kind of against on the whole "winner gets homefield advantage at the Series" thing. I think it was a kneejerk reaction by Selig after the tie last year. Voting closes on Wednesday, July 2!

So who are you voting for? Who won't make to the ASG it but should?

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The fan who yelled "out" during the Rusedski-Roddick match at Wimbledon this week, leading Rusedski to lose the point, his composure, and the match, has outed himself. Zilioni Ivaldes, who was described as "a wanker" in Rusedski's on-court tirade, says he was trying to help the transplanted Brit defeat Roddick and has offered to pay his fine.

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June 26, 2003

How do you grade the 2003 NBA draft?: Enter your own grades and see what others think. I give the Cavs a B. LeBron sure, but Jason Kapono? They could have got Lampe, 3" taller and with a greater upside. What's up with that? Orlando did well to get a 2-way guard in Reece Gaines, the Lakers got what they needed at forward in Brian Cook, and New York should have a very strong frontcourt in a few years thanks to Michael Sweetney and Macoej Lampe(who surprisingly fell to the second round due to contract buyout confusion thanks to the FIBA), I give the Knicks an A.

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Tears of strife.: Does the race war continue in tennis? The view of one involved who thinks so. But, Serena rocks anyway ...

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"At first, it was unnoticeable, no more than an irritation, a slight burning sensation. But when he looked down and saw the red streaks, the 31-year-old Mill Valley resident knew something was wrong." SF Weekly unveils running's dirty little secret.

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Cameroon 's Marc-Vivien Foe dies after collapsing during Confederations Cup semi-final: An absolute tragedy, not just for fans of the Lions, Lyon, West Ham and Man City, but for the entire game. Deaths on the pitch (in this case, a suspected heart attack) are so rare, and as a result, all the more shocking. [more inside]

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Cubs' reliever Kyle Farnsworth has his suspension reduced.: Is there a reason almost every suspension handed out by MLB is reduced, even when the player is obviously at fault? Are they just looking for a little contrition from the guilty parties?

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Young Boys' Wankdorf erection woe.: This is really a very boring story on ESPN Soccernet. What really stood out (up?) for me was the raging full-on ... headline. And that ESPN let it go. It's really quite humorous once you contrast the mundanity of the story with the just awesome headline. Do you have any other brilliant sports headlines you can link to? (I want proof.)

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Dressed to the Nines: A History of the Baseball Uniform - This is a really well done site that's part of the Hall of Fame exhibit. It has a comprehensive database of all uniforms worn in major league play. Also some great anecdotes about Stargell stars, pillbox hats, and even a list of every armband worn by a team during a season and what it memorialized. Lots of good stuff here. via The Sports Frog

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June 25, 2003

Umpire Intimidation System: "Major League Baseball umpires are fighting the QuesTec Umpire Information System, a series of cameras that track each pitch and compare the machine's ruling with the ump's call." [system diagram]

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MNF's New Sideline Reporter: Lisa Guerrero of FOX Sports? What, are they going to add Tom Arnold to the booth next? I know we're not supposed to take sideline reporters seriously, but c'mon...

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Who's going to return Billy Beane's phone calls now?: After the success of Moneyball, will other GMs think twice before making any trades with the A's?

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Declare Williams'Contract Null and Void: Here is a hardcore stand on Williams' motorcycle accident.

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Beckham, Schmeckham. Let's talk about the other trades that could go down because of the Well-Coiffed One's move. Will his erstwhile teammates McManaman (Man City or Everton?) and Geremi ('Boro? Man U?) return to EPL soccer? And in other transfers that have nothing to do with Becks: Spurs plonk down 6.5m pounds for 20-yr-old FC Porto striker Postiga (I didn't know they had the dough but they needed a striker, that's for sure). Is Kewell finally off to Arsenal? And finally, who will get the deal Dunn? (clap clap clap clap)

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Time for another ACC-Big East thread. ACC votes to add Miami and Virginia Tech only. Sort of a shock. Now... my thinking is that VT can decline this and return to a Big East without being labelled a traitor, and adding Louisville keeps the Big East in good shape, and actually improves the basketball. But losing the top 2 football dogs could be the end. Hopefully the drama will unfold in the next 2 days.

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June 24, 2003

"Officials fear for the health of Daniela Hantuchova as the Wimbledon tennis tournament starts," according to the New York Daily News. "She's being called the "Slovakian Skeleton."

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Jose Canseco is selling afternoons at his house to children for $2,500 (or $3,500 to bring an adult along). "Round trip limousine service from local airport included." Act now -- Canseco's free time may be running out.

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The Boss (of the Non-Yankee variety) Takes Over Fenway and several other MLB parks: Bruce Springsteen is launching another leg of his tour in early fall that includes many MLB ballparks as venues. For the first time in 91 years, Fenway will host a major rock concert. I'm a bit torn on the issue because... (more inside)

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"Bears football presented by Bank One.": Today's sign of the apocalypse.

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Tardis Tennis!: It's not flash friday, but who cares? A fun little game from the BBC.

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Del Bosque sacked!: One day after winning La Liga and after a season playing some of the best football the world has seen, the Real Madrid manager has been rewarded with the sack. It is ruthlesness like this, plus it's fascist history that make Real distinctly unloveable and gives its claims of being the greatest team in the world a sad and hollow ring. Good to see Mcnamanan celebrated in the right way by getting himself ratarsed and leaving himself "indisposed" the following day. Fergie for Real!

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13-year-old Michelle Wie youngest player ever to win an adult USGA event.: How long before this 5' 11", 300-yd-driving prodigy gives Annika a run for the money? (In two weeks, at the Women's U.S. Open.) How long before she kicks Vijay's ass? (Looks like he's already a fan.)
She's next in my "13-year-old prodigies to watch" list, after Freddy Adu.

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June 23, 2003

Giants lineup last Saturday was all blacks and Latinos.: "It shows how far baseball has come in the 56 years since Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby integrated the game that it took Felipe Alou six innings Saturday night to notice that he had penned a lineup, including the starting pitcher, composed entirely of Latin American and African American players. Longtime Giants watchers believe that was a first." An MLB first?

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During the Buick Classic this weekend, after a fan encouraged one of his putts to "keep rolling," Vijay Singh confronted the heckler and asked event security to throw the guy out.

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Just because lists are so much fun and rile up debate, Page 2 gives us the list of most overrated athletes.

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Lleyton Hewitt became the second Wimbledon champ in history to defend his title with a first-round loss, falling in four sets to the "Zagreb beanpole," 6-foot-10 unknown Ivo Karlovic. Hewitt, who is suing the ATP Tour for $1.5 million for defamation, claims someone tried to dupe him into refusing a drug test, and either lost or fired his coach, might be a tad distracted these days.

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Just when you think you have seen it all in the world of sports, the British triumph at toe wrestling. According to the the The World Toe Wrestling Organisation, each match is the best of three legs: right big toe, left big toe and right big toe again if a decider is needed.

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June 22, 2003

The WTA! We've got big hits!: At least that's what the ad people hope. The women seem fine with it, but is this the way to attract new followers? ( used for Williams pic -- rawr)

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Tampa Bay wins another pro football championship!: Like their NFL bretheren, the Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Storm are champions of the Arena Football League, having dispatched the Arizona Rattlers in today's ArenaBowl XVI. The 43-29 victory by the Storm gives them their fifth AFL title, the most of any team in the league. Head Coach Tim Marcum hoisted his seventh, his third in Tampa to go along with two each in Denver and Detroit.

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Making Back His Keep:

Real Madrid, following a similar stunt last year with Ronaldo, will broadcast Beckham's three hour medical exam on pay per view nets worldwide. Cost for putting your company's logo directly behind him: a measly UK2M. Estimated time to recoup transfer fee: less than three years!

Question: Any SpoFites gonna cough up for this event? My answer: not in this lifetime. Guess I'm not as big a footy fan as I thought, even though I suffered through yesterday's embarassment against Brazil in Spanish.

(sorry, no pounds symbol on this keyboard)

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June 21, 2003

NHL coaching great Roger Neilson has passed away.: What with the flurry of picks (and possible trades) in today's NHL draft, hopefully coach Neilson's passing doesn't go unnoticed.

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The curse of Duke: Jay Williams pro career may be over after one season. Bobby Hurley, Grant Hill, Jay Williams ... it's getting kind of spooky. Is Duke cursed? If you had a kid with pro potential would you let them go to Duke?

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June 20, 2003

Arena League coach killed in car crash: ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- Arena Football League coach Fran Papasedero was killed in a crash after losing control of the car he was driving. The 34-year-old coach of the Orlando Predators was driving alone on a city street Thursday night when the car overturned several times, police said Friday. It was not immediately known if speeding, alcohol or drugs were involved, Lt. Charles Robinson said. He did not know if Papasedero was wearing a seat belt. Papasedero replaced Jay Gruden, the brother of Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden, as coach in 2001 when Gruden returned to play quarterback for the Predators. Papasedero was an assistant with Orlando for four seasons. ``I already miss him so much,'' Gruden said. ``He was a breath of fresh air whenever he walked into a room. He was the life of the party, always going to put a smile on everybody's face. That's going to be irreplaceable.''

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Joe Morgan is really bugging me.: When one of the chat questions involves a comment that Morgan made in a recent column, he gets defensive and claims that the questioner is trying to put words into his mouth. He then does it again at the end of the chat. In a previous chat he thinks Billy Beane wrote Moneyball, and is upset that Beane inserted too much of his own ego into the book. He's a decent color man but he comes across as uninformed and I'm not even sure he writes his own columns. Relevant excerpts inside.

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So how do you say "feeding frenzy" in french?: This morning's Journal de Montreal -- the biggest tabloid in Quebec; think the New York Post en francais -- reported Montreal Canadiens goalie Jose Theodore has friends who just happen to be Hells Angels.

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American League Pioneer and Tribe Great Larry Doby passed away Wednesday,: and though he was the first to break the color barrier in the AL, a seven-time All Star, and leader of the Indians during their glory days, he never received anywhere near the adulation of his peers, black or otherwise.

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Grant Hill, whose oft-injured ankle has become the Orlando Magic's Achilles heel, is already out for next season. As Florida Today reports, "since signing a seven-year, $92.88 million contract in August of 2000, Hill has played in just 47 of a possible 246 games."

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Are Fans Still Allowed To Boo?: More and more athletes are slamming fans for their booing. Even Sammy Sosa! Good column on when to boo and when not to boo, and some funny jokes after that rant. For example: "Cell phone maker Nextel has replaced R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. as the sponsor of NASCAR’s championship series. Racing officials also announced this week that brain had replaced lung as the Official Cancer of NASCAR…"

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June 19, 2003

EPL fixtures decided!: Only two months away from the new season folks. Aside from all the transfer talk, this is all we have to whet the appetite. Go on, who do you think is gonna win it? Who do you want to win it? Who's gonna be relegated? Who's gonna survive? Any rituals for the first game of the season?

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Allen Iverson and Kenyon Martin need to lose ‘thug’ image.: At least if they want to win a championship instead of the latest shoe contract. That’s what Gregg Easterbrook writes in his latest Tuesday Morning Quarterback. Agree or disagree?

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June 18, 2003

Talk about adulation!: It seems David Beckham has quite an international following.

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England goalkeeper to play for Miami Dolphins?: David "Daffy" James, goalkeeper of recently-relegated West Ham, and occasional England keeper (as well as being famed for goofball goalie gaffes w/ those teams and Liverpool and Villa), will try out on June 24 for QB, WR and kicker positions. Is Ding-Dong David doing this because he doesn't want to play in the 2nd, erm, First Division, but nobody wants him in the EPL or England, for that matter? Will he pave a lucrative path for EPL retirees (and other unemployed Euro soccer pros)? Will we see a foreign "invasion" (as in the MLB and NBA) that may push player salaries down? Should I have posted this in Football? Two worlds collide!

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No way Jose!: With his dad stung by a year-long investigation, dubbed 'Operation Arbitre', there is little doubt of his guilt and that of his four sons. In addition, the list of allegations includes making death threats, which makes this one of the better scandals in recent memory.

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Saturday brings us the best available Heavyweight Title fight. Ouch. Scuttlebutt is that the next fight after Lewis/Klitchko will be Lewis/Roy Jones Jr. Then what? Am I going to have to keep watching my Ali-Frazier archives over and over? Please! Somebody save boxing!

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June 17, 2003

Draft Busts,: Hindsight is a funny thing. Who would you add to this list? Who's going to be a bust from this year's draft?

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Beckham: goes to Madrid. Real Madrid have payed between 18m and 22m pounds for David Beckham, who signs a reported 17.5m pound contract. The saga is over, let the thousands of column inches analysing the move begin. [more inside]

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Infant basketball prodigy signed by Reebok.: I know this is probably old hat to a lot of you but it just got mentioned on Radio 5 over here. I must say I sneered but now I've seen the videos I'm pretty bleeding impressed. Surely this must be the youngest ever "sportsperson" to sign an endorsement deal?

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Why are women's pro leagues struggling in the US? Because men don't care. No, because women don't care (NYT).

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Welcome to the Nextel Cup!???: It appears that Nextel is in line to sign a deal with NASCAR to become the official sponsor replacing RJR's Winston brand. According to the ESPN article NASCAR went looking for a new sponsor after RJR indicated it may need to pull out.

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"Racism is not freedom.": Over at the mothership, i_cola breaks down the history of racism in European football leagues.

When our heroine was called a "Paki" in Bend it Like Beckham, I assumed it was an outrage and an aberration, and the filmmakers clearly expected the audience to react that way as well. I assume that racism exists in South American and African football leagues as well, and it appears that it's being addressed, at least in Ireland, Slovakia [or], London, Hungary, Rome, and Brazil. Football Unites, Racism divides is a website designed to create a forum for some of these issues.

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Cubs lose! Cubs lose!: and this time it's in court! Remember when the Dodgers pulled a blitzkrieg into the Wrigley stands a few years ago over a purloined chapeau ? Here's the outcome.

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June 16, 2003

A letter to Roger Clemens: How the Hall should address the concerns of the Rocket

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Nothing like a good old-fashioned European football water polo riot.

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Come on, it wasn't that bad: At least if you are a true pro hoops fan, the Spurs-Nets series was okay. Admittedly there wasn't much for the casual fan to get into, but it was good hard-nosed basketball by the NBA's two best defensive teams. The Spurs were the better team, although not by as much as some predicted.

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Clemens threatens Hall of Fame boycott if he doesn't get his way.:
He wants to go in as a Yankee but conventional wisdom suggests the Hall will induct him with a Red Sox cap. Most statistical analysts agree that his HOF career was defined in Boston, but he insists his 5th Cy Young and two World Series Rings in New York say otherwise.

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Much love to Tim Duncan and the Spurs...: but the big story here really seems to be the breaking-up of the Nets after two Finals appearances in a row. Would Kidd be a good addition to the Spurs? If they add him, are we looking at a possible dynasty?

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June 14, 2003

Posh on Geography and Economics: This article, reporting a "speech" given by Mrs. Beckham, from The Age is just too funny! Sample:

Los Angeles, a near neighbour to the west of the United States, has been the latest country we have visited on our fact-finding tour. The economy here is based on the production of talk shows and the currency is the Platinum Visa.

Plus, The Age is also reporting that Kewell may not be so close to an Anfield move, either staying at Leeds or be the real target of Barcelona. Or maybe Arsenal. Uh 0h. but nice for Harry to be so wanted.

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June 13, 2003

Sports eXchange is like a stock market for sports fans.: (tour). You make trades based on your predicted outcomes of sporting events, and win "eXchange dollars," which can only be used in USA Today auctions. NewsFutures is the company behind the technology. [via Edward Tufte]

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US sending five-man team to sheep-shearing Olympics.: At the World Shearing Championship in Edinburgh, "(c)ompetitors must be able to shear six sheep in under five minutes. Judges look for speed and precision. The shearing device has to stay flat on the sheep during shearing, and the animals can't get cuts or blemishes." The Americans will have to battle not only their competitors but a 13-year championship history that consists almost exclusively of Aussies and Kiwis, except for two Scots, one Lesothoan and a South African. I wish them the baaaa-st of luck. (Hey, it's Friday, and I couldn't pass this one up.)

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June 12, 2003

Tom Watson: is having a great first round at The Open. What a story this would make if he could pull off a good tournament, considering everything his caddy is going through.

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Barret Robbins talks about going AWOL ...: Oakland has him back in the fold, but it has been made clear that the Raider players will decide whether he sticks around or not. Could you have Robbins on your team after he bailed before the biggest game of your life?

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Steve Phillips FINALLY fired.: What the hell took them so long? How long do you have to stay in last place? Can we bring in someone that knows what they are doing now, and not someone who likes overpaying for players past their prime?

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World Cup sites finalized.: Your stadiums are: Lincoln Financial field in Philly, RFK in DC, Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Columbus Crew Stadium, PGE Park in women's soccer hotbed Portland, and--yes--the Home Depot Center is still hosting the finale. Portland is such a great choice, and Philly gets some games because East Rutherford does whatever the Giants say. Which means I am ten minutes from the World Cup. Coooool.

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A great interview with Bill James.: Calling Hal and Grum and any other sabermetricians.

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June 11, 2003

SIX PITCHER COMBINED NO HITTER FOR HOUSTON!!: For the first time ever, the first 6 pitcher no hitter! The Yankees are hitless for the first time in 44 years.

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So, it's Euro 2004 qualifier time again. All over Europe, journalists are summing up 90 mins of goalmouth action in brief spurts of text. England vs Slovakia is well covered, Northern Ireland vs Spain isn't. But El Mundo (translation) is giving it quite a go. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡HUUUUUYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! (and it's still 0-0!)

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Say it ain't so!: How could this every be a problem? She's a shrieker, what are you going to do about it? Well, apparently there is a 'hinderance' rule that can result in a loss of a point, which in this case could've been enacted to force Sharapova to stop her 'excessive grunting.' I say 'Boo WTA! Don't you know where your bread is buttered?'

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Women's World Cup finale moved to Home Depot Center.: Man, I don't know about this. On the one hand, it's great to have these brand-new soccer-only stadiums, it's a good showcase for the game as it becomes the--what?--sixth or seventh most popular American pro sport. On the other hand, it's the freaking World Cup; there's no reason in the world why you should limit yourself to 27,000 people when 90,000 could show up. Except for the craven business reasons mentioned in the article above.

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June 10, 2003

Howard to ManU, but why?: Apparently Manchester are negotiating with MLS for the rights to GK Tim Howard, no news there. However, US coach Bruce Arena has commented on the possibility by saying that if he does not get on the field with the first team it will stunt his growth and probably prevent him from having a shot at the US starting spot for the 2006 World Cup. If so, and ManU hasn't given him some indication of their plans, why would Howard go?

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NY/NJ to Texas...Van Gundy takes over Rockets: I'm having trouble comprehending Bill Parcells as coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Jeff Van Gundy as coach of the Houston Rockets. What's going on here?

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Tulane doesn't Wave bye-bye ...: but how long before someone steps up to the plate and nails the BCS with an anti-trust suit? If the Green Wave, which was 8-5 and a bowl winner last season, got this close, who else is about to pull the plug?

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Beckham to Barcelona!: United agreed to undisclosed terms, and now it's up to Becks. More from Sky News and Manchester United.

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June 09, 2003

Giguere wins Conn Smythe playoff MVP trophy:: And the New Jersey fans show about as much class as Celtics' fans when they booed him during the announcement. For that little display I hope the Devils never win another Stanley Cup. Incidentally he's the first losing player to win the award since Ron Hextall in 1987.

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Davis Love III has had a rough month......: should be an interesting side note for this weeks Open championship.

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Anna K cries, and don't we have anything better to do?: As a media member, this kind of stuff sickens me. Does anyone else think we go a bit too far in trying to make something out of nothing sometimes?

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June 08, 2003

Two stalwarts of the indoor football wars will meet in ArenaBowl XVII: Arizona upset San Jose today in a typical high-scoring game, while Tampa Bay knocked off archrival Orlando in the Sunshine state showdown. While the caliber of play isn't quite up to snuff with the NFL, you must admit you rarely see a boring arena football game.

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June 07, 2003

Is there anything better than a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals?: Well, come Monday, we'll have Game 7 between the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and the New Jersey Devils. Anaheim beat the Devils 5-2 in Game 6 to force a decisive game in New Jersey.

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Clemens denied again.: I know he's gonna get it sooner or later, but today's game was a gem with the Cubs coming out on top. I also realize I'm just a bitter Sox fan and my prejudice holds no water, so why not let my buddy the Sportsguy sum it up.

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Chicago Cubs first baseman Hee Seop Choi was taken off in an ambulance Saturday after colliding with Kerry Wood while chasing a pop fly. Choi was knocked unconcious when he fell and hit his head on the third base line.

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June 06, 2003

Big East schools sue to prevent Miami and BC from jumping ship to ACC shores.: If you can't beat then, sue them! It's no surprise that its come to this, and the only people that will benefit will be the lawyers trying the case.

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A Little Humility, Please: NBA Player Profile

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Pedro is running his mouth again,: this time it's about racism in the Sosa situation. This is the 2nd time it's come up that I have seen, the first being Jose Canseco. And while Pedro has more credibility in my eyes, being a bit more obviously Latino, I still think that's a bunch of crap. I seem to recall that McGwire DID have a controversy back in the day, and it was a big deal, and it DID get an Outside the Lines special made. In fact, I'd say the controversy over andro lasted longer than the Sammy situation, which has fizzled already (though partly due to how he handled it).

He also has a selfish bone to pick, not surprisingly, making sure to note that he was screwed in an MVP race and also in last year's Cy Young, which he lost to the deserving Barry Zito. Way to twist the words of Gammons, an obvious Boston homer. Now shut up and go back to the DL.

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History of Tour de France: , long, rambling, yet fascinating, like the race itself.

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Neuheisel's job on the line?: Anyone else think we're going a little too far here? Although, I'm sure Gary Barnett is smiling somewhere.

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Mario Lemieux : feels betrayed because no one is willing to fork over the $270 million needed to build the Penguins a new stadium. Betrayed.

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June 05, 2003

A Women's Grand Slam Final without one of the William's sisters is like fishing without drinking. But Justine Henin will face her Belgian countrywoman Kim Clijsters for the French Open title.

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June 04, 2003

More EPL transfer turmoil!: Arsenal and England goalie David Seaman moves to Manchester City on 1-yr deal! Beckham to Barthelona? Ireland international and Ipswich captain Matt Holland to Portsmouth, and former Spurs striker Teddy Sheringham to join him?

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Wayne Gretzky says he'll break his no-oldtimers-game rule for the planned outdoor Nov. 22 game in Edmonton. The Great One also has a remedy for the NHL's goal decline: "We've got to get the goaltending equipment back to the size it was in the '70s and '80s. When you have a picnic table guarding the net it's pretty hard to score."

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I want to be a baseball fan again: The reasons why I'm not interested in the game I loved as a kid.

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Take your mind off Sammy for a while and kick it old school while checking out logos from now-defunct sports leagues. My favorite: The NASL's New England Tea Men. Not to be confused with the Jacksonville Tea Men.

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June 03, 2003

What happens when you've got a very stacked squad competing late into the Summer for a championship? You get a Confederation's Cup sans Ronaldo and Zidane. Kind of an interesting follow-up to this loosely related thread about profit sharing between the clubs and FIFA. What happens when the big stars are sitting out of the Int'l tourneys to play club ball instead? The economist in me says that FIFA's profits will sink.

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Blue Jays going with a 4-man rotation for the month of June;: then again, maybe they're not. There's been a fair amount of discussion on the subject, but the last team to experiment was the 1995 KC Royals. It seems that every year more and more emphasis is placed on the scientific approach to baseball, and the SABR nerds seem to favor the 4-man rotation. Will a team really give it a try? If so, will it go over better than the closer by committee?

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Worst. Mascot. Ever.: Don't complain about your local mascot until you see the new Montgomery, Alabama AA baseball team, the Montomery Biscuits!

Tom Dickson and Sherrie Myers, the baseball owners that created the nationally recognized Lansing Lugnuts, chose the winning name from more than 3,000 entries submitted in a local name the team contest. The winning contest entry was submitted by Montgomery resident John (Tripp) Vickers. Mr. Vickers’ reason for choosing the name Biscuits was clear when he wrote in his entry "It’s playful and fun, plus who doesn’t like Biscuits? All Alabamians like ‘em."
According to this local article, the merchandise is selling surprisingly well. (via Dreama in #mefi)

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"The last time the teams played each other in the postseason was 1976,: when Julius Erving's Nets defeated George Gervin's Spurs in seven games in the ABA semifinals. Game 7 was played on April 24, 1976. The next day, Tim Duncan was born." This year's NBA Finals is the first-ever Finals matchup between former ABA teams. I hope they use the red, white, and blue basketball.

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June 02, 2003

A downright unAmerican national pastime.: Imagine a business organised as follows. The number of firms is fixed. New entrants are banned. The head of the business can threaten to close down a couple of enterprises to restrict supplies. This is possible because the activity is exempt from anti-trust law (the largest markets, such as New York and Los Angeles, have just two suppliers; most have local monopolies). Certain classes of employees are indentured servants. Rich firms pay a marginal tax of 34% of revenues to poor ones. And the government helps build the lavish corporate headquarters. The Economist takes on baseball in a pretty interesting article.

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SPORTS CLICHE: | A site dedicated to sports cliches. All athletes are required to read the list and remember it by heart, so that their words can become effectively meaningless. In this regard, Rasheed Wallace is my hero for subversively exposing the meaninglessness of post-game interviews.

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Another rockin' little mini-golf game.: The sequel to the great original. Your task, should you choose to accept it, it to beat my lunchtime score of 52 (-18).

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Could 60 teams secede from the NCAA?: A slippery slope argument saying that this would be the next logical step for the new super conferences and their increasing greed.

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June 01, 2003

The soft goal to end all soft goals?: The Mighty Ducks got their first win against the Devils, in the fashion they've won a lot of their playoff games so far: in overtime and getting all the lucky breaks. Does Ozolinsh's fluke goal signal the return of the Disney magic, and the beginning of true series, or is this just a bump in the road to the Devils' coronation?

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Dennis Rodman:: In a weird 'where are they now' profile. (ny times link)

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