June 16, 2003

Much love to Tim Duncan and the Spurs...: but the big story here really seems to be the breaking-up of the Nets after two Finals appearances in a row. Would Kidd be a good addition to the Spurs? If they add him, are we looking at a possible dynasty?

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Wilbon rips into K-Mart. (WashPost, minor reg. req'd.) Always surprising when Wilbon is able to write a column without mentioning his personal lord and savior Michael Jordan.

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Would Kidd be a good addition to the Spurs? Kidd would be a good addition to pretty much any team in the NBA, but if the Spurs sign him at the cost of Tony Parker, then I think they're making a huge mistake. Parker showed that he's a phenom during the play-offs and pretty much went toe-to-toe with Kidd, often getting the better of him. Plus, he's only 21 (which means he'll be around for a long time, if he stays healthy) and, for the time being, can demand a lot less money than Kidd can. Spurs with Parker vs. Spurs with Kidd? Maybe better with Kidd for the next two years, but they've got one hell of a team right now, and probably will for longer if they stick with Tony.

posted by Ufez Jones at 09:04 AM on June 16, 2003

So don't sign him at the cost of Parker. Parker's good, but he's not Jason Kidd. If Parker can handle being the backup point guard while learning from the best point guard in the NBA, then you have the foundation of a dynasty that will last even after Kidd starts slowing down. The real odd man out is Speedy Claxton.

posted by Bryant at 10:33 AM on June 16, 2003

I agree with Ufez. While Parker's youth and inexperience showed during the season, and especially the playoffs, there is no doubt that he should be starting next year. Maybe having Parker at the 2-guard and Kidd at the point would work, but Duncan would have to stay in the low post most of the time, unless you wanted all three quarterbacks away from the basket. Parker's shot and speed actualy make him a dangerous shooting guard. In any case, Duncan works best when he has some room to maneuver and can either face the basket or stay far enough away to pivot. He needs another good big man to help move bodies and pull down rebounds. Jermaine O'Neal I think would be ideal for that task, with Ginobili, Parker, Claxton (if they re-sign him), and Jackson rotating in the backcourt. Of course, I would shed no tears if Kidd comes in, but they would still need a big body to allow Duncan to continue as primarily a power forward. (In any case, as a life-long Spurs and David Robinson fan, I am grinning from ear-to-ear. The future looks damn good.)

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Congrats to the Spurs and Robinson. No one touch Jermaine O'Neal. He stays with the Pacers. But I agree that the Spurs should spend their money on someone else. Kidd is great, but a point guard is not a need at the moment. (Of course, the Pacers could use a point guard . . .)

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He definitely needs another big man, I just don't know that it needs to be O'Neal. Brad Miller strikes me as a decent possibility.

posted by Bryant at 12:40 PM on June 16, 2003

Olowokandi. I'm telling ya. He's a 12 and 9 guy already. Put this guy on a good team with a good coach and a chance to reinvent himself, and he's practically a sure thing for 18 and 12 every night.

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Olowokandi hasn't got the right makeup. If he gets upset, if he doesn't get a lot of touches, he's going to tank, just like he did for the clippers. He's a bad seed that would ruin any teams chemistry.

posted by corpse at 07:44 AM on June 17, 2003

I wouldn't call Olowokandi a bad seed, but he's definitely an average player. Good players find ways to succeed even in bad situations (I'm think of Elton Brand). But give him a break, Corpse: everyone tanks for the Clippers.

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Playing for the Clippers is the same as being Cinderella. You might get all pretty and rich somday, but you're gonna have to go do it somewhere else. Here's an excellent ESPN.com article on the man, the tightwad Donald Sterling. http://espn.go.com/nba/s/2003/0417/1540659.html

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