June 30, 2003

'No' For MJ: So the Bucks will not be sold to Michael Jordan. One of the more interesting plotlines of the otherwise boring draft was whether MJ was really behind the Bucks' moves. I guess we know the answer to that now.

posted by pucksnsuds to basketball at 07:44 AM - 2 comments

From a purely business standpoint, the team looks like an awful investment. From a basketball standpoint, they're going nowhere fast too. What's the attraction? If I were MJ, I'd be concentrating on Charlotte now, where he could probably waltz into the GM spot and have the leeway to build a team from scratch. He doesn't get the same control as he would as an ownder, but its still nothing to sneeze at. Picking Ford is still a weird move, unless they know that Payton is going to bolt. But then why trade Cassell, who has been playing at close to All-star level for years? They could be left with an undersized rookie who can't shoot starting at PG - that team isn't going anywhere, no matter how good Des Mason gets.

posted by Cormac at 08:13 PM on June 30, 2003

No matter how bad the team may currently be, we here in Milwaukee are extremely pleased that MJ won't be coming to town to ruin things here like he did in Washington. Or, for that matter, moving the team out of Milwaukee, which was also rumoured... let him flex his fledgling wannabe MBA muscles somewhere else.

posted by evixir at 11:18 PM on June 30, 2003

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