June 27, 2003

38 year-old 7-footer Roy Tarpley wants to make a comeback after twice being booted from the NBA for violating the substance-abuse policy for cocaine violations (1991 and 1995). Reportedly he's been working out in Houston with former NBA coach John Lucas. Tarpley claims he has "unfinished business to do." The Mavericks still currently hold his rights and would presumably have first dibs on him if the NBA reinstated him. NBA officials haven't made a statement yet (at least that I've heard)

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Keep him out. Working with John Lucas...the irony

posted by pucksnsuds at 01:51 PM on June 27, 2003

It's not ironic for Lucas to be helping Tarpley. Before Lucas got back into coaching, he started the John Lucas Treatment Center to counsel athletes about their substance abuse problems, something that was informed by his own personal struggle to overcome them. He worked with Tarpley in the early '90s, as I recall. If Tarpley can show that he's clean, he should be reinstated. As a Mavs fan who has been burned several times by the guy, I'd love to see him come back for a season or two as a better end to his story. The fall of the '80s Mavericks, who reached as high as the current team did this past season, can be timed to the arrival of Tarpley, an amazingly talented player who could've been the cornerstone of the franchise for a decade.

posted by rcade at 02:58 PM on June 27, 2003

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