June 06, 2003

Big East schools sue to prevent Miami and BC from jumping ship to ACC shores.: If you can't beat then, sue them! It's no surprise that its come to this, and the only people that will benefit will be the lawyers trying the case.

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I looked really hard but couldn't find the sidebar article where the remaining Big East presidents declared they would never resort to pillaging the A10 or C-USA to fill the abandoned slots. I'm sure that press release will hit soon - or is there no honor among thieves?

posted by kloeprich at 12:48 PM on June 06, 2003

This obviously won't get anywhere, but the other schools have every right to be mad and sue over the money they've lost and will lose. But you're right, only the lawyers will make money. Though it sure would be cool to see a court rule in their favor. This Syracuse fan is still still hoping that one of the schools involved will step up and show some Big East Pride and say no. Or at least just look at the facts and see that the ACC's television contract projection is ludicrous and would never happen, and that they'd all end up losing money for several years. Plus they'd lose money on travel, lose fan interest and traveling fan base, lose natural rivalries, piss of coaches and players, etc. But that's all been mentioned 100 times before. Good piece by the infamous Bob Ryan in the Globe today about BC and how stupid it is for them to move...

posted by Bernreuther at 01:05 PM on June 06, 2003

Bernreuther, why do you think "This obviously won't get anywhere?" If the suing schools do have significant evidence to show that their expenditures were made based on statement by Miami and Boston, then (IANALBIPOOTV) there just might be enough of a case to win damages. Though I don't think the conference switch would be prevented. IAC, I don't see that this group will be able to make up the obviously hard feelings and continue on as a conference, that's surely out the door. Still, money has been known to heal some fairly serious hurts.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:46 PM on June 06, 2003

well, I was talking about preventing the switch. Monetary outlay isn't as important to me as keeping the conference together. Though I guess that's not really the goal.

posted by Bernreuther at 04:03 PM on June 06, 2003

only people that will benefit will be the lawyers trying the case Or Boston College stays in the Big East, and the Big East benefits. jasonbondshow, I'm sure you'd rather have the president of he Big East get a shot gun and go over to the president of Boston College and threaned him if Boston College goes to the ACC. Stop tolling about lawyers! The lawyers did not ask anyone sue, but are merely there to help both sides of this dispute fight for their rights.

posted by Bag Man at 01:37 PM on June 08, 2003

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