June 28, 2003

The Boston Red Sox scored 10 runs before recording their first out in a 25-8 rout of the Florida Marlins, breaking a record set in 1948.

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In a slightly related story, my co-ed softball team scored 18 straight runs (with no home runs or walks) after the first batter (our best hitter) flied out. Since it was in a tournament where run differential might be a tie-breaker for advancing to the quarter-finals, I didn't feel any shame in cheering on my team for more runs. However, if this had been a league game instead of the tournament, the 10-runs-in-an-inning mercy rule would have kicked in long ago. As for the above game, I'm kicking myself for benching Todd Walker in the SpoFi league.

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the funny thing is that the 3rd out in the first was on the basepaths, so really that inning could have gone even longer... Offense is fun.

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Yeah, and I went to see The Hulk instead of watching the smashing on TV (I caught the rebroadcast). I still don't get why the teams started throwing at each other. Some Florida reliver hit Ortiz right on the knee after the Olsen (the one effective Marlins pitcher in the game) got hit in the head. I don't think the two were related, but the Sox took offense. And then the Sox threw behind a Marlin and the benches cleared. I know the Marlins were upset with the Sox running up the score, but most of that happened after Ortiz got hit. And I don't understand Jack McKeon's complaint. The Sox are in a no-win situation. They can either run up the score by simply playing or they can take a base at a time, not tag up, etc. Either way pisses the other team off. Jack McKeon is too old to manage if he's going to cry about it and then say he knows Grady Little wouldn't do that. Sorry gramps: I don't want anyone telling guys like Bill Mueller and Trot Nixon they need to take it easy. So the Sox are in another beanball war with an awful team (see also: Baltimore, Tampa Bay). If things go according to form, someone on the Sox will be badly hurt today or tomorrow (see also: Nomar, Brian Daubach, respectively).

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Great game!

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"With a 16-run lead, I mean God, is your pitching that bad?" McKeon said. It seems to me someone who had to go through several throwers in the first inning alone should not be ragging on another team about pitching. Yep, looks like the Red Sox have another rivalry with another bad team. I am fully expecting the benches to be warned early in the game tonight and someone is going to get plunked... Hope Wake stays out of it, he's been banged around enough lately.

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Yup, my beloved Red Sox relief pitching is that bad. Tonight losing a game they led by 7 runs entering the 8th inning.

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