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March 31, 2002

The UConn Women Are Perfect: Are they the greatest of all time? IMO yes they are, but I am biased.

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they were near mirror images on the floor.: yes, they sure were. and it was a great game. but the reason the terps are playing basketball on monday night while the jayhawks are just 'playing with themselves' is... (more inside)
nytimes link; backdoor is open, though.

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March 30, 2002

Good Knight!: Hoosiers win. As a former Indiana boy, I always picked the Hoosiers to go deep into the tournament. The last few years they've disappointed me time and time again. This year I decided to pick them to lose in the first round. Bummer. But I'm happy to see them in the finals anyway! Go Hoosiers! (I'm also happy for Mike Davis; I am not a big Bobby Knight fan.)

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Interesting take on Strahan,: from Len Pasquarelli. I almost always side with players over management but this guy has me thinking.

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March 29, 2002

"Would, for example, MLB and its teams exploit the Sept. 11 attacks on our nation to improve its bottom line? Sadly, revoltingly, the answer is yes."

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Should men coach women in collegiate sports? : (NY Times link, free and no-hassle registration required) This is an interesting issue and a very good article covering both sides. What do you think? How about, should women coach men in sports?

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March 28, 2002

2002 NFL Schedule released.: November 28th has been circled.

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Baseball has been using a rather cool technology to help coach their umps.: Some of the younger officials are excited about the new toy, but others seem to be a little scared that it might take over their jobs. If there was a system that would accurately call balls/strikes, should it be used in the umps place? Or should ump error always be part of the game? (NYTimes Link: username: sportsfilter/password: spofi)

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March 27, 2002

Rhodes arrested.: Indy's leading rusher beats his girlfriend. What esle is new? As a right of passage, you are not a real NFL ballplayer unless you beat your wife, girlfriend, or baby's mama. Can the public please stop supporting these scumbags. However if not for the NFL, the prison population would increase by about 1500.

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You hardly have any time at all: to submit your entries for the 2002 Hacking Mass competition. Predict the biggest stiff at each position around the diamond for the chance to win not-very fabulous prizes. (My only advice is take a long look at Jose Macias for your outfield.)

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Where does Shaq rank?: No question he'll be going to the Hall of Fame, but where does Shaq rank all-time? He's in my top five...

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Baseball Primer's Clutch Hit : and CBS SportsLine's Fantasy Sports are two of Time magazine's 50 Best Websites. Are these the best sports sites on the web (other than this one, of course)?

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Kevin Appier, currently earning $42 million in a four-year contract with the Anaheim Angels, has received $4,000 in federal farm subsidies since 1996. To see if your favorite athlete is on the government teat, visit the Farm Subsidy Database.

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March 26, 2002

Why doesn't anyone want Drew Bledsoe?: "Jim Miller and Danny Wuerffel have starting jobs and Bledsoe doesn't. If those decisions stand, the Bears and Redskins can forget about postseason success."

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Watch rugby highlights online?: [payment required, sorry]. Because I'm a sad fan I paid my £5 to watch highlights and listen to every away game via webradio. Obviously I go to as many matches as I can but sometimes that isn't possible and then the web is my saviour. How do you follow your team online?

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"What most soccer movies lack...are players who use the lethal ancient arts of the Shaolin monks to bring great defeat to their foes." That doesn't apply to Shaolin Soccer, which is coming relatively soon to a theater near you. (US title: Kung Fu Soccer.)

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The World Cup and Hooligans in Japan/S. Korea: Japan is worried about English hooligans. Some shopowners are taking out insurance in case things get really out of control. Some are planning on closing their stores for the whole month. I think they are over-reacting. This is the WORLD CUP PEOPLE! It wouldn't be the same WITHOUT hooligans!

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Lewis and Tyson will fight in Memphis: Good for Memphis...or DC?

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March 25, 2002

What's your "town hall" question for Bud Selig?: This will be the first public forum Budzilla has participated in since the threatened contraction 2 days after the World Series ended. How about the extortion of the fans in Kansas City? Submit questions March 26th after 2 P.M. ET.

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Is Scotty Pippen a Hall of Famer?: I think Scotty was a solid player in his prime, whose game fit perfectly with that of the man who was probably the best player of all time. Is having been Michael Jorden's caddy enough to get in?

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Now you too can own the jersey of your dreams.: Just a followup on the earlier post about the Fighting Whites; you can now buy Official Fighting Whites Gear.

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March 24, 2002

The heckling continues for Montgomerie.: The American golf fans are at it again. I know I'm going to catch flack for this, but this is embarrassing to golf everywhere. Montgomerie is a little gruff and pouts when playing bad, but don't all the weekend hacks out there. These fools have never seen Monty off the course. When he is in a good mood, he is the brighest and most engaging golfer of all. I'm not joking. He is open, outspoken, and likable. Golf is a gentlemans game, so take your moronic, drunken outbursts to the football stadium.

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The Stat-Head Revolution.: Geeks infiltrate baseball's front offices; conventional wisdom flees.

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March 23, 2002

Not worth millions, and he'll tell you so.: "And I'm not saying they are dumb to do this. But the joke I've had the last six years is, 'If they're dumb enough to pay me, I'm dumb enough to take it.' So, I'll take this. Because I hate it when athletes say it's not about the money. It is about the money. And right now I feel like Don King a little bit. Only in America."

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New York Times columnist Dave Anderson offers a suggestion to make NHL fans safer from errant pucks: double the height of the Plexiglass at each end.

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March 22, 2002

Scariest Game Ever: - buzkashi - this is a mix of polo and i don't know what.....any one know of something that can compete with this?

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The Heckledepot,: the only site dedicated to the artfully composed and loudly delivered insult.

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March 21, 2002

IU WINS! IU WINS!: For the first time in years, IU is proceeding to the Elite 8, knocking down the number one team in the country. The last time Indiana beat Duke in the tournament in 1987, they went all the way. Could it happen again?

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The Flyers just traded for a convicted rapist.: The Philadelphia Flyers decided they needed to add Billy Tibbetts, minor leaguer/part-time NHLer/goon/rapist/bb-shooter/cop threatener, to fuel there Stanley Cup Playoff run. Actually, he was about the only person in the league they could take back in exchange for the useless Kent Manderville and his bigger contract. People in Philadelphia are disgusted by the move, but the Flyers brass called Tibbetts' rape "consenual sex." Man, do they need to learn some public relations.

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Mookie Wilson: Truck-drivin' man.: The Mets cult hero, and current first base coach, drives an eighteen-wheeler in the off-season (though possibly not in Massachussets), using the handle "Professor". Any other pro athletes with unlikely hobbies?

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Tiger and Elin, sitting in a tree...: Tiger Woods is reportedly paired up with Elin Nordegren, who formerly nannied for Jesper Parnevik. Now, I don't speak/read Swedish, but good looks are universal. She's now a 'fotomodel' and her favorite TV show is SportsCenter.

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March 20, 2002

FIA introduce one-engine per weekend rule: from 2004 for Formula One™. Other rules include use of Head and Neck Protection System (HANS) will be compulsory in 2003, chasis design rules remain the same till the end of 2004, and rule about stalling on starts.

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Bud Selig's Wacky Math:
Baseball business critic Doug Pappas explains how Bud Selig might be screwing over more than the players, the fans, Congress and the media. Bud might be stepping on the very toes of the people who gave him the raise and contract extension: the owners.

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Fake one for the team.: How many players on the NBA's injured list are actually injured? Estimates say 1 in 3 may not be.

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March 19, 2002

Girl, 13, Dies After Being Hit by Puck at NHL Game: Since this happened in my home town of Columbus, Ohio I thought I'd bring this to everyone's attention. Supposedly this is the first time this has ever happened in an NHL game although the word is that it has happened before in minor league games. I apologize for the Yahoo link but the Toronto Globe and Mail and USA Today insist on posting her picture which I thought was in poor taste. Don't click on those links unless you want to have your heart broken. I think it's been awhile since something shook me up this much.

I hope the league does something to lessen the chances of this happening again. Scuttlebutt on the radio says that they probably won't change anything but when you have a new team in it's second season and it's just starting to get popular I think the last thing you want to do is scare the fans into staying home.

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Committed athlete or athlete that should be committed?: Colin McRae, World Rally Championship driver for Ford, isn't letting a badly damaged finger get in the way of winning.

According to the team, McRae has told them that if the finger becomes a problem and takes away from his chances to win a championship – he would consider having the finger amputated.

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It's all about the three.: The New York Times says three-pointers are the key to upsets in the NCAA tournament.

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March 18, 2002

The first major deal (Bure to the Rangers): before the trading deadline. Does it make the Rangers better? Or is Bure too one sided to help the team? What does Dallas look to trade for now? Are there any other major upcoming trades still brewing? To a hockey fan, the trading deadline is March Madness.

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Leave the gun, take the cannolis: compares sports figures to characters in The Godfather. So does part two. And the Vito Corleone of the sports world is…

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Brilliant or Ridiculous?!?: A family of six from the Northern Philadelphia suburbs are dropping everything -- work, school, even selling their home -- to go on a six month rock climbing journey across the country. If only my parents had thought of this ten years ago...

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March 17, 2002

So you think your brackets are busted?: As one friend put it, 'my bracket looks like Berlin in 1945.' But you probably aren't the only one. The stats in the link are illuminating- relatively few people made some of the correct calls. (slightly more inside.)

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March 15, 2002

U.S. News and World Report picks America's Best College Sports Programs, including an honor roll of the top 20 programs (based on sanctions, gender equity, win/loss, number of sports offered, and graduation rate). What do you think of the criteria, and the list?

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If the NBA season ended today...: I would bet on the 5-8 seeds to beat the 1-4 seeds in the East (whether Charlotte or Miami faces the Nets). When has that ever happened? And the West - Blazers vs. Lakers in the first round ... again? A Utah vs. Sacramento rematch? (remember that incredible series two years ago?) Duncan vs. Garnett? When have the NBA playoffs ever been so compelling, top to bottom?

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Human hockey puck misses target: but might go home with millions anyway. This fan broke his leg during the entertainment between periods. He signed a waiver before the fun started, and ended up breaking his leg. Is he a victim or a wus? Would you sue?

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National Teams?: Looks like Poland has started a trend among National Soccer teams with the citizenship of Emanuelle Olisadebe. I don't know if this is a good thing. Players representing countries should at least have been born there, or have some kind of familial ties to the country they play for. Now Japan has 3 Brazilians playing for their National team! Whats up with that?!

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March 14, 2002

Stupid worthless non-sport's governing body to eat its young next month.: Idiots. Long have I strove to keep judged events out of the Olympics and in the hands of Disney where they belong. But since I'm just a grouchy dude with a computer, there's not much I can do.

Ice skating in circles whilst wearing lingerie is not a sport. A sport should not rely on a subjective measurement to determine its outcome - judges should be transparent.

Now darts - that should be an Olympic event. Hardly any rules, no disputes about the outcome, play in a pub with a beer in one hand. Darts!

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And so it begins.: Pepperdine, my surprise pick to reach the final eight, falls to Wake Forest. What was I thinking? Thankfully, Missouri prevailed. It's madness, I tell you, madness!

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Baseball to limit use of body armor. : And thank god for that! Many hitters like Barry Bonds or Mo Vaughn have become too comfortable with those enormous plastic elbow shields, eliminating the necessary emotional and physical costs of crowding the plate and upsetting the balance between pitcher and hitter.

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Celebrity Boxing recap. : Apparently wearing advertising body art is the key to victory.

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Look who's gearing up to buy another World Series...: "While baseball’s conflicted soul-searching goes on, everyone wrestling with debt limitations and labor showdowns and contraction candidates, the New York Yankees move along in their sunny, pinstriped parallel universe."

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March 13, 2002

WhatIfSports, the sports simulation site discussed recently, has teamed up with Major League Baseball to offer SimLeagues, a game where you draft any player from any season, set up your rotation and batting order and play 23 other teams in a full season.

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Wayne Carey resigns from The Kangeroos: Wayne Carey is a big sports star in Australia, although in recent years his career has been troubled by injury and some controversy. Can't say I respect the guy from a personality POV, although he by anyone's standards a phenomenal footballer.

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March 12, 2002

Mike Tyson gets DC boxing license: and will fight Lennox Lewis at DC's MCI Center on June 8. Is anyone surprised?

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Why no threads about octopush?: Also known as "Underwater Hockey," this sport is growing in both popularity and international attention. I think it would behoove us all to spend some more time learning about the sport and enjoying the sense of excitement a match fosters in young and old alike. ROCK!

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The National Hockey League Fans' Association: has been the best grassroots effort thus far to create a league-recognized committee for representing the viewpoints of NHL fans. They've come close to their membership goals, but as of this Saturday, they could be closing up shop. Is it worth saving?

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Not exactly the "team player" the New York Yankees like to have around: Ruben Rivera cut from the team after allegedly stealing Derek (Mr. Yankee) Jeter's glove to sell on memorabilia market.

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"Every Thang's Going To Be All White." : After failed attempts to persuade a local school to change its mascot, a group of American Indian Students in Colorado decided to offer a different perspective, naming its intramural hoops team "The Fighting Whities."

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March 11, 2002

Skip Bayless of the Mercury News rips Sammy Sosa : for his latest prima donna act involving Barry Bonds, reminding us once again of how much our impression of athletes as "good guys" or "prima donnas" is manufactured by the media.

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U.S. News & World Report is extending its collegiate rankings to athletic programs.: The magazine has a series of accompanying stories, including a good look at the roles of a modern AD, Ohio State's Andy Geiger.

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Little chance of success?: The Red Sox picked a new manager today. Well, at least now they have one. Anybody think this will make a difference.

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The Myth of Hustle: Why Duke Will Win It All and the Dallas Mavericks Will Not

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He put the goal into goalie.: The Shark's Evgeni Nabokov joined the short ranks of goal scoring goalies tonight. He's half way to tieing the goal scoring record.

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March 10, 2002

Thank God for the First Amendment: A district judge ruled that boxers have a consitutional right to sell temporary tatoos on their backs during matches.

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March Madness is upon us.: Who is your favorite to win the whole thing? Any first round potential upsets stick out? Is your alma mater in the tourny? Of course I will be routing for mine, go Uconn.

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March 09, 2002

Akron high school basketball star LeBron James is the next "next Michael Jordan" with an SI cover, his own section in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, dozens of makeshift collectibles on EBay and every single NBA team requesting credentials to his games.

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March 08, 2002

Good Ol' Peyton Manning.: Many of you might know that Peyton has his own website (his latest journal entry reveals that he competed in the NFL Quarterback Challenge in Hawaii and that he also went to hear his buddy Kenny Chesney in concert). I'm wondering if you know of any other athletes that have their own website (worth checking out). By the way, Peyton does NOT mention his recent lawsuit against a New York sports memorabilia dealer.

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North Carolina schools know how to keep a rivalry going: Jim Rome and others are talking about pictures of University of North Carolina fraternity members having a ball with Duke basketball and football player Reggie Love after he passed out drunk at their house. Actually, two balls.

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March 07, 2002

ESPN is looking to expand their viewership with the networks' first original movie. The made for TV film "A Season on the Brink"  stars Brian Dennehy as the legendary and incendiary Indiana Hoosiers basketball coach Bobby Knight. With (parent company) Disney's back up, I think this will be a move in the right direction for the network as long as they keep the film projects original and relevant.

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What if You Could Put The 2000 Lakers vs The 83 Lakers: Well with this site you can do that. Answer all those what if questions in a matter of minutes. Could Pedro strikeout the Babe? you can get play by play too.

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Surfin' USA: Stories you might have missed from around the USA

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With the reports that Ricky Williams is about to be traded to the Dolphins, I can't figure out the reasoning of the Saints. Why give up a talented young running back who signed an idiotically cheap contract?

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March 06, 2002

Will changes in selection impact the tournament?: Has anybody else heard about this? I suspect it'll shake things up more than they think.

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Sir Charles Unchained.: Appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a slave breaking chains he says (among other things): "Every black kid thinks the only way he can be successful is through athletics. That is a terrible thing..."

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Be assured: the CAA will still have a Jeff Capel coaching.: Jeff the younger, the 27-year-old former Duke point guard, gets the top job at Virginia Commonwealth, where he was an assistant for one season. Capel also worked a season for his father (also named Jeff), the former coach at Old Dominion. Just in case you were worried that a former Duke guard wasn't going to go into coaching.

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What a letdown! You're a fan, you're excited, involved, rooting for the goal, and your sports hero just quits. Sometimes, it's just got to piss you off. But in Swingley's case, I'm just very very disappointed. How 'bout it folks, let's hear your stories of the "Big Letdown".

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How a Bunch of Independent Skateboarders Unionized and Won.: "[T]his is the story of how skateboarders, with the help of pro football players and inspired by women golfers, have taken on a a couple of major networks and are winning." A fascinating article in this week's Village Voice dealing with the convergence of skateboarding culture and corporate culture.

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Timeouts In Soccer!?!?: I don't like this a bit. I don't even like that they are considering it. One of the greatest things about soccer is the fact that there ARE no timeouts. Its non-stop action. There is no commercial every 3 minutes of playtime. Corporations will stop at nothing to get airtime. Some of the proponents of this idea say it has nothing to do with advertising....whatever. Thats exactly what its about. Soccer has been played this way for over 100 years. Don't tell me that athletes these days need more water breaks than they did years ago.

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Arena football on NBC: They lost the NFL and NBA, so I guess they need to show something besides the Olympics and NASCAR. I actually kind of like Arena, but it's not exactly heavy on the defense. Jerrah has his team, I'm just waiting for the DC franchise. Until then I'll pull for LA's team.

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March 05, 2002

Baghdad 2012: Whether you love or hate the Olympics, this article does not have a very positive ring to it.

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Goodbye to You!: So long Joe Kerrigan, and thanks for all the memories. We'll always have that late-season swoon in 2001 to remember each other by. I understand axing Duquette, and I know some star players (Pedro, Manny, raise your hands) didn't like Joe, but is this a good way to start an era? Grady Little/ Ken Macha, all your wishes came true. Sorry.

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Poor little Darrell Russell: SF Chronicle says that Darrell Russell, friend of felons, accused rapist and X user is just "misled" and too "naive" for fame and riches. I say BALONEY. A 25 year old man, old enough to make 8.3 million, is old enough to know that raping a women who's passed out and taping it is WRONG. That taking illegal drugs while on probation probably isn't a good idea. I say that if he's found guilty of the rape, throw him in prison, cancel his contract, and let him rot.

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Mighty Girl,: one of my favorite webloggers, has some good first-hand posts from the SLC Olympics. Check out the entries below 2.23.02 for a few good laughs.

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By accident today I found Johnny Roadtrip, a web site for travelers who want to see sporting events while out of town. You can see what's happening while you're in a city, get ticket and travel information for major events, and for real long-term planning, view NFL schedules through 2009.

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Chucky Brown: NBA Traveler: My buddy & I were languishing at another Raptor home loss when we tried to determine who the most traveled active NBA player was. We tossed out Chris Gatling, Tony Massenburg & Jim Jackson but we weren't even close. And check out the teams that have come out on the short end of the Chucky Brown Karma.

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March 04, 2002

On Being a Punching Bag: The new NBA guidelines for not fighting

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Elvis Has Left The Building, I Mean Field.: Elvis Grbac is retiring instead of moving his family again. Is Elvis just wimping out, or is he the new poster child for family values?

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Look Out For Uconn.: Uconn has been dissed all year by the pollsters, but after they win the Big East Tourney, and get a number two ranking in the tourney, no one will be ignoring them. Uconns RPI ranking is 11, and they were not ranked for most of the season. If you are looking for a bandwagon to jump on folks there is plenty of room on the Uconn express.

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I can't believe we let the 40th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game pass without note. It's a feat without equal, never to be repeated again. Check that link out for game audio, stats, and the history behind it (legend has it that Wilt hitched a ride back to NYC from the players on the opposing team).

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SF Giants' 2B Jeff Kent breaks his wrist at a self-serve car wash,: and the vicious cycle of athletes injuring themselves in stupid ways endures. What are your favorite stupid injury sports memories?

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So what's your draft strategy?: Do you try to move up to the first round and get that stud quarterback you'll build the franchise around (Peyton Manning) or do you take advantage of that star struck owner who's willing to give up his lower round picks for a higher choice? Then you could end up with the next Terrell Davis at a lower round cost. Or a really good "special teams" player.

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March 02, 2002

Schumi wins: in an action packed Aussie GP. The biggest surprise is that Minardi scores 2 points in the first race!

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NHL Third Jerseys. : There are some nice ones, and some truly hideous ones. Is this a trend worth keeping around? Does it bring anything beneficial to the team, or is it just a blatant cash grab?

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Nolan Richardson's contract has been bought out: after he claimed he was treated differently due to his race. Seems to me that it's not so much a racial issue as a story about how quickly we forget a coach's record during one sub-par season -- and who can blame Richardson for lashing out?

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NBA Coach of the Month.: When Bird retired as the coach of the Pacers, I was enamored at the idea of having Isaiah as the new coach. I knew very little of Rick Carlisle, except the kudos that Bird was giving him. Now, I still like Zeke, but I'm beginning to wonder what Carlisle would have done with the Pacers. He seems to be coaching a pretty mediocre team with great success. With all the talk about pro players needing to respect their coaches, how has "low-profile" Carlisle gotten his team to respond?

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March 01, 2002

NBC Sports has their super-premature NFL preseason picks (warning: annoying popup window), including an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl. Isn't this ridiculously soon?

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Is it March already? Ah, yes, the madness begins. Here's CBS SportsLines projection of the field of 65 (last year they nailed 64 out of 65 schools invited); it includes a nice explanation for the inclusion of each team. And here's their projection of the seeds.

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Jessie Armstead joins Redskins.: Now you have Armstead and Arrington, not a bad combo I think... Reidel Anthony signed as well.

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Olympic medalist Johann Muehlegg and his Demons, er Aliens: "A triple gold medallist who was kicked out of the Winter Olympics for failing a drugs test claims he is being told what to do by aliens. Cross-country skier Johann Muehlegg said the mysterious beings have had a profound effect on his life. "I have seen them," he declared, before insisting he had not taken any drugs. German-born Muehlegg, 31, defected to Spain in 1999 - apparently on the instructions of the aliens." (via BBC Sport)

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Heinze?: Reed Low, I don't know how you did it. 57 PIMs. I wish I saw that brawl. He got thebook thrown at him. Is that an individual record for most PIMs in a game?

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