March 07, 2002

What if You Could Put The 2000 Lakers vs The 83 Lakers: Well with this site you can do that. Answer all those what if questions in a matter of minutes. Could Pedro strikeout the Babe? you can get play by play too.

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That is just about the coolest thing ever. Even if the '91 Skins get their butts kicked by the '99 Rams... Does anyone remember a series on either HBO or ESPN about 10+ years ago that had a computer simulation of the best teams playing each other and they used archive footage for play by play?

posted by owillis at 05:14 PM on March 07, 2002

Incredible. Excellent post and site. The Chicago Bulls (95-96) crush the Los Angeles Lakers (99-00). Score: 87 to 63. Who's got next?

posted by jacknose at 05:52 PM on March 07, 2002

Ah, but those same '95 Bulls go down 111-103 to the '84 Celts in the first game, and 95-94 in the second.

posted by liam at 08:40 PM on March 07, 2002

I first saw this site thanks to the Boston Sports Guy a couple of years ago. The site works for me for two reasons: the 86 Sox beat the 86 Mets and no one beats the 86 Celts.

posted by yerfatma at 09:33 PM on March 07, 2002

Ooof, the 2000 Cincinnatti Bengals just beat the '78 Pittsburgh Steelers (only by 3, and they were at home, but still) Oh, and the Rams just slaughtered the Patriots, and the 2000 Ravens this is the coolest thing ever:) Owillis, I definitely remember that show, mainly because my girlfriend at the time started hitting me with her purse for beng such a geek because I couldn't tear myself away

posted by pastepotpete at 10:46 PM on March 07, 2002

This definitely needs some tweaking... The 2000-2001 Illinois basketball team is not a better team than the 1988-89 team, arguably the best team in school history, and the 88-89 team would not be soundly defeated by Duke from last year.

posted by gyc at 11:01 PM on March 07, 2002

2001 Grizzlies beat the 1996 Bulls, 80 to 69.

posted by gar at 02:50 AM on March 08, 2002

Grizzlies win? What the . . . I blame it on Steve Kerr. First, why is he clocking 44 minutes? And why are Harper and Kukoc only playing 4 minutes a piece? (Wow, I really am a geek.)

posted by jacknose at 06:26 AM on March 08, 2002

Well, there goes my work day. That site rocks. I'll keep trying that Rams/Redskins game for you Owillis, because I firmly believe that that '91 Skins team beats all comers. Oh, for the good old days. And they definitely need to adjust something if the '86 Sox are winning anything. They need to add a "karma" or "curse" feature that automatically adjusts the results out of their favor. Those Mets were a team destined to win and there will be no re-writing of history that can claim otherwise, or my name's not...

posted by 86 at 07:41 AM on March 08, 2002

Wow...good stuff. My 2001 Gators took out the 2001 Terrapins (a little intra-office competition) 88-84. 1999 Jaguars beat the 1999 Rams 36-30, wth Brunell throwing for 450 (!) yards and 3 TDs...I wish.

posted by bcb2k2 at 09:22 AM on March 08, 2002

The 1998 Minnesota Vikings crush the 1998 Atlanta Falcons 34-6 and go on to the Super Bowl!

posted by kirkaracha at 11:14 AM on March 08, 2002

Just for the record, The Montreal Expos won the (missing) World Series over the New York Yankees in 1994, 4 games to 2. They won mainly on the pitching performances of their stellar 4 man rotation (Fassero, Martinez, Hill, Henry each won one game). New York has the pop in the bats, but couldn't put up any pitching to match (except for Key, who won both games for the Yankees).

posted by grum@work at 11:42 AM on March 08, 2002

Hmmm... The 1962 Mets beat the 1932 Yankees?

posted by maurice at 11:55 AM on March 08, 2002

Well....the '97 Yankees beat the '86 Mets. And the '69 Mets too. Oh boy, my weekend is a mess now!

posted by PeteyStock at 03:32 PM on March 08, 2002

bah! no NHL. Would have been nice to see '84 Oilers vs '77 Canadiens.

posted by mkn at 10:12 PM on March 08, 2002

This is a great site! The only way I would improve it would be to offer more historical teams in the NCAA sims. The 1970-71 South Carolina Gamecocks were a basketball powerhouse but lost the ACC tournament after star player John Roche was lost to injury. In those days, only the conference tournament champion advanced to the NCCA playoffs. (which was 32 teams, IIRC) Several sports publications still ranked the Gamecocks 2nd in the nation after the tournament, only behind National Champion UCLA, and a few even implied that the Bruins would have their hands full if they had to play the Gamecocks. Now that would be a game to see!

posted by Wildcat3 at 09:40 AM on March 09, 2002

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