March 05, 2002

Poor little Darrell Russell: SF Chronicle says that Darrell Russell, friend of felons, accused rapist and X user is just "misled" and too "naive" for fame and riches. I say BALONEY. A 25 year old man, old enough to make 8.3 million, is old enough to know that raping a women who's passed out and taping it is WRONG. That taking illegal drugs while on probation probably isn't a good idea. I say that if he's found guilty of the rape, throw him in prison, cancel his contract, and let him rot.

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Right on aacheson. Why can't they just print the truth. This guy is scum. Maybe he was nice little boy in grade school. People change. These latcher-ons did not force him to do anything. He thought he could do anything and not face any repurcusions. The scary part is there are 100 D. Russell's in the NFL and no one seems to care or want to do anything about it. They can spin it into those snazzy "united way" commercials where Sam Adams is performing CPR, and hide the fact that there are many scary NFL players. Read "Pro and Cons: The Criminals who play in the NFL" to see who these people really are

posted by gov at 07:31 PM on March 05, 2002

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