March 26, 2002

"What most soccer movies lack...are players who use the lethal ancient arts of the Shaolin monks to bring great defeat to their foes." That doesn't apply to Shaolin Soccer, which is coming relatively soon to a theater near you. (US title: Kung Fu Soccer.)

posted by kirkaracha to soccer at 12:16 PM - 9 comments

A very over the top movie, you could order the dvd from a few months ago, i don't think they are selling it anymore though, due to the pending domestic release. If you like it check out God of Cookery as well. Is competitive cooking a sport? even if it's with kung fu?

posted by corpse at 12:30 PM on March 26, 2002

What's with changing the title to Kung Fu Soccer for the NA release? Don't they know that 'shaolin' has a much cooler connotation?

posted by garfield at 01:50 PM on March 26, 2002

oh man!! i've already seen this! It's fantastic! i've watched it 3 times now and each time i still laugh till its hard to breathe. i was going to post this last week but didn't get around to it. i hope its a big hit in the US. Even though i have seen it, i am still going to go to the theater to see it again. Great movie, one of my top five favorites of all time. Seriously.

posted by StarFucker at 02:08 PM on March 26, 2002

Oh crap!! I just read that they are moving the release date to 2003!!! What the fuck?! Releasing it before the World Cup would make more sense wouldn't it!?! Fuck, i gotta move out of this country!

posted by StarFucker at 02:15 PM on March 26, 2002

On a related note, what are other good football (soccer) movies? I liked When Saturday Comes, but can't think of any other non-US movie that was about Football. (I've heard about Soccer Dog, and The Olsen Twins soccer movie, but haven't seen any of 'em)

posted by riffola at 06:11 PM on March 26, 2002

I thought Mean Machine was great fun, but I'm obviously a proletarian philistine unable to appreciate higher culture.

posted by nedrichards at 06:41 PM on March 26, 2002

I think this is a pretty damn good soccer movie. I don't remember too much else, except when they break the guy's arm. Yeeowtch!

posted by grum@work at 08:51 PM on March 26, 2002

Oh yeah I'd totally forgotten about that one, thanks grum@work.

posted by riffola at 01:29 AM on March 27, 2002

I own Victory....great flick.

posted by StarFucker at 09:01 AM on March 27, 2002

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