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Three weeks into the season and look who's in 1st Place.: That's right, the Twins and les Expos. Not exactly the plan Budlite and Co. dreamed up. It's a long season and no one expects life to imitate Disney. Can you contract two winning teams, or are we going to have to buy a team?

posted by hysdavid to baseball at 04:57 PM on April 21, 2002 - 4 comments

What's your "town hall" question for Bud Selig?: This will be the first public forum Budzilla has participated in since the threatened contraction 2 days after the World Series ended. How about the extortion of the fans in Kansas City? Submit questions March 26th after 2 P.M. ET.

posted by hysdavid to baseball at 07:49 PM on March 25, 2002 - 14 comments

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[this is good]

posted by hysdavid at 02:31 PM on December 13, 2002

The NBA's Donnie Brasco

[this is good]

posted by hysdavid at 05:59 PM on November 17, 2002

[this is good]

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Or this for IE users.

posted by hysdavid at 07:56 PM on August 19, 2002

Let's Go Strike!

Since we're going with the paper of record. Did anyone catch Bill Rhoden's defense of the players position?

posted by hysdavid at 06:30 AM on August 18, 2002

Bowden must go,

Self-rightous writer alert.

posted by hysdavid at 03:05 PM on August 02, 2002

I loved living near the first baseball field in Long Island

Hey! Ever heard the story about the 3 greatest villains of the 20th century? (scroll down)

posted by hysdavid at 04:55 PM on July 18, 2002

Darryl Kile found dead at 33; may he rest in peace.

Shocking news. How's this scenario sound? The Cardinals rebound from this and play into the post season. I had been pulling for an all contraction fall classic between the Expos and Twins. The Expos are a lost cause though. So how about a replay of the 1987 World Series with the Cardinals raising the trophy in late October?

posted by hysdavid at 11:41 AM on June 23, 2002

The World Cup of 1958 never happened!

Ummm ... read the comments. This is an elaborate troll by the Swedish Government. Curious. I'm trying to imagine the U.S. government pulling a similar stunt involving sport.

posted by hysdavid at 02:13 PM on May 28, 2002

Baseball's desperation grows - Sleepovers the latest attempt to lure fans.

Sounds just like the minor-league promotion you'd expect from Chicago's other team. I'd love to camp on the field. Is this the end of a homestand? Could be rough on the field. The local Single-A team does this sort of promotion for the Boy Scouts at no additional cost. Humph.

posted by hysdavid at 01:53 PM on May 28, 2002

Washington Warriors?

I missed this one entirely. The City Paper does good work. Man, that would be great if The Danny changed the name. Ever see the Chris Rock routine on this? Equating the Redskin name to the New York Niggers. It sure raised my conciousness.

posted by hysdavid at 04:10 PM on May 10, 2002

Bleacher-Bum Cone ready to start "Yankees Suck!" chant at Fenway...

Cone a Yankee? Remember the old Star Trek episode with the wandering satellite with a bad attitude? "I am Nomad". Without resorting to looking him up, I remember him as a Met, Royal, Blue Jay, Yankee, and Red Sox.The tour is cool though. I'd ask him about Cal's last game, which he started. I'd avoid the '86 series considering where I was though!

posted by hysdavid at 11:49 AM on April 11, 2002

Baseball has been using a rather cool technology to help coach their umps.

This is a great idea. Why not use the tools available to check the skills of the men given the final authority on the field? I see this as a training and evaluation tool. The next step is a membership here for some of the more Eric Gregg-like umpires!

posted by hysdavid at 04:11 PM on March 28, 2002

Baseball Primer's Clutch Hit

I use Baseball Newsstand for all my surfing needs.

posted by hysdavid at 04:13 PM on March 27, 2002

What's your "town hall" question for Bud Selig?

Ooops, bad syntax. Post questions/comments here anytime. But if you want to participate in the "town hall", MLB isn't accepting questions until after 2 P.M. ET tomorrow. Sheesh, can 'ya tell it's my 1st post?

posted by hysdavid at 08:07 PM on March 25, 2002